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  1. Just noticed it's my first green 350z build you've used for the picture of the V2 wing on the site good old days back in 2006
  2. Oh I soo wish I could get this. Thought by now my 350z nismo would have sold but looks like the damn fuel prices have stagnated the market
  3. This is coming along so good. I feel like jumping on a plane, chapping your door just to shake your hand. True master at work 😍
  4. Welcome on board. Can find me on insta @imagine_build_race Paul
  5. If you don't know about these cars please read on. I've been in the 350z community since 2005 and have owned many 350's, 370z and a GTR in that time. There was only about 1500 of these cars built in Japan. They were not available in the UK. They have the 3.5L HR engine in them. These Nismo versions were sent to the Autech factory and had extra strengthening carried out, extra seam welds and reinforcement in key areas. They have the nismo v3 body kit Forged rays alloys which are 18" fronts and 19"rears. Yamaha suspension damper with nismo springs Nismo exhaust system Brembo brakes Yamaha front and rear chassis damper bars behind front bumper and below rear strut tower. Nismo gauge cluster The interior is slightly different to the standard 350z. It has grey with red stitching on the seats, door cards and steering wheel. This model is even Rarer due to having the auto tiptronic gearbox. It also has been fitted with carbon fibre paddles in Japan to make gear changing more fun. Car currently has 36000 miles on it. I've just had it fully resprayed in the original factory colour. A previous owner had someone roll into the rear of him and replaced the rear bumper with a fibreglass version. This wasn't fitting of the car so I bought a genuine v3 bumper and had it professionally fitted. While doing this we notice the metal skin under the bumper was dented in so I have it removed and a new piece welded in to keep it all perfect even the bits you don't see. I have all pictures to show the work carried out by the body shop. The car also had the spoiler, roof, mirrors painted dark grey which did look nice but I wanted to return it to a more factory look. Bumper, bonnet and roof had some stone chips so I ended up just getting the full car done in the factory paint so now it's perfect. The car has being mapped using Uprev by Chris at Dynatune in East Kilbride making 276whp so 317bhp. The car is totally standard apart from Torqen high flow cats and modified rear back box for more noise. An up to date pioneer stereo and I've replaced to rubber intake pipes to silicone as the rubbers ones started to crack. I've also replaced the gallery gaskets which are weak on all the early HR engine cars. These cars are only going up in value now and getting harder to find in Japan. Last one I seen with this mileage was £25k plus import fees, tax and vat. In America there are now selling for $40,000 for low mileage ones. A great car to invest in and enjoy as well. £25000
  6. hi. i have a 2007 facelift bumper from a convertible. it currently has a carbon fibre lip on it as well. It's black. Pretty sure it not damaged but I'll get a better look at it for you if interested. Send me private message and I'll get your phone number for sending pictures. Thanks Paul
  7. My silver nismo is up for sale just now for £25000, currently they are about £30k to get one from Japan to the UK with low mileage. And in America they are about $40,000 according to the nismo Members pages. The 380RS is pretty hard to gauge now as I've not seen one for sale for about 6 months. Last one I saw was around £45,000
  8. My Instagram is imagine_build_race and YouTube https://youtube.com/imaginebuildrace
  9. Here's the link to Gary's one
  10. No one 380rs and one version Nismo which is the same chassis and spec and the 380rs but with the standard HR engine.
  11. I have one here in kilmarnock Scotland and my friend Gary has one up in Aberdeen. He was the first one to get his about 5 years ago I think.
  12. I did hear rumours that there was a 3rd in the UK. Heard it maybe went to Ireland. Would be nice to get in touch with the owner. Paul
  13. It could be oil getting into he spark plug /coil pack via a worn rubber seal. Zmanalex has Replacment valve covers that lots of the guys have bought and fitted. Worth pulling the spark plugs to check them. Paul
  14. Hoping to be in the market for a v1 370z nismo later this year. Need to sell my v3 nismo 350z first though. Hoping to get an advert put together later this week. Only one in the country and they are shooting up in value in Japan and America so it'll be a good time for me to sell. Doubt your 370z will be for sale for long though. Paul
  15. P15UL T


    That's great to know. I'm in Ayrshire too, Kilmarnock Paul
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