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  1. Hi. I'll take the rear lights, do they come with the bulbs and harness?
  2. Welcome back Lexx. Great tribute to the Legend Martin. Paul
  3. I get more soon. Its in having the bumpers freshened up along with the roof, mirrors and rear wing sprayed silver again as a previous owner had the painted dark grey. Which does look nice but I want it as oem as possible.
  4. A good bunch of us Scottish guys are on the Facebook Zcotland group.
  5. The arch extensions are just part of the nismo body kits. On the 350z at least they are stuck on to the original arches so no real benifit apart from styling. I think the 370z is the same but not had one so I can't say for sure.
  6. Hi and welcome. I have it's brother here in the UK Very rare sight indeed Paul
  7. P15UL T

    Spare wheel

    I have a spare from a 350z convertible that I think fits the 370z (maybe zmanalex) can confirm this. Will sell it for £100 delivered within the UK Thanks Paul
  8. Haha. I love my garage but I'd prefer Alex's set up that's for sure. I'll get there
  9. These are my wheels. Happy to do a deal if anyone's interested
  10. I'm plodding away with my current build. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrfLd2UR4NDcLGjGFaTIqQ
  11. If I end up breaking the convertible I have for sale then I'll have a set available
  12. If I end up breaking the convertible I have for sale then I'll have a set available
  13. They are a excellent upgrade over the DE ones. About £800 a set used.





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