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  1. P15UL T

    Spare wheel

    I have a spare from a 350z convertible that I think fits the 370z (maybe zmanalex) can confirm this. Will sell it for £100 delivered within the UK Thanks Paul
  2. Haha. I love my garage but I'd prefer Alex's set up that's for sure. I'll get there
  3. These are my wheels. Happy to do a deal if anyone's interested
  4. I'm plodding away with my current build. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrfLd2UR4NDcLGjGFaTIqQ
  5. If I end up breaking the convertible I have for sale then I'll have a set available
  6. If I end up breaking the convertible I have for sale then I'll have a set available
  7. They are a excellent upgrade over the DE ones. About £800 a set used.
  8. I would love these seats if I had the funds. Need to sell my HR Gearbox and nismo wheels first though :0 Paul
  9. Thanks Alex. I'll give it a few weeks and if it dosnt sell I'll break her. Got buyers lined up for the quick selling parts. If I had a buyer for the engine I'd just break it just now. Paul
  10. 2007 350z HR convertible £5250 I bought this car for the summer but due to current circumstances and being self employed I need to sell it on to get my money back. I have new oil and filter to do on it before the new buyer takes it. The car runs as you'd expect, oil pressure is as it should be and no leaks from the engine or gearbox. Sounds great with the exhaust upgrades. Being the HR it has the strongest engine and gearbox of all the 350z variants. My plan was to fix the small external issues before the summer to get the car perfect but I've reduced the price to reflect the work still needing done. 84000 miles Mot til Dec 2020 Facelift headlights and led rear lights HR 313BHP Engine Cd009 gearbox Brembo brakes Decats (unknown brand) Miktec y pipe Toyo sports centre and backbox Newly refurbed rays alloys Eibach lowering springs Adjustable rear drop links Japspeed Adjustable rear tow arms Grooved brake discs Bad points Passenger side front arch rusty ( I'll include a replacement that would just need painted) Front arch liners slightly worn Drivers seat has a small hole Roof has a small tear on both sides( probably repairable or a new roof cover costs £450 (£650 supplied and fitted) Rear bumper has patch of paint missing. £5250 I have videos of the car running and sounds of the exhaust. Plus a video walk around Thanks for looking Paul
  11. Yes ill still have one for my manual car, just wondered if I should have bought 2 lol.
  12. Stick my name on the list :). Any idea if they work on the jdm auto 350z? Thanks Paul
  13. I'm starting to love my jap auto nismo after owning numerous manual 350z's It feels faster due the the 5 speed box and different diff.... Maybe all in the mind lol Such a clean example Ewen. So much car for little money. Good luck with the sale. Paul





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