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  1. This is insane. So much talant
  2. Hey, thanks for watching the videos yeah 1 of 2 now in the country but I think there is a black one in Ireland now.
  3. At last a nice sunny day in Scotland to get her out for some fresh air
  4. Good work on the cats Andy. I've still got all this to look forward too
  5. Same here. Loving the progress and the ideas you have
  6. That looks awesome. Did you post cure it to withstand the temps?
  7. Awesome mate. I hope to have one just like that one day
  8. Your wooden Jigs are as impressive as the fibreglass So are you making molds of all parts so you can make extra parts should you damage anything while driving it?
  9. Foam Friend lol. That's some work you are doing. Ive completed my molds for the wide body arches but still to do the front and rear bumper. Takes so much time when you are just doing it for an hour or so each night. Paul
  10. Yes yes yes. Love this. Been doing some simalir work with a custom wide body.
  11. Just watched on netflix the last few nights, dirt, asphalt burning and overdrive. All pretty different but good enough. Paul
  12. That wasn't yesterday. I wish I could remember it more clearly. Nice seeing the video again though
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