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  1. Hey old timer. I still pop in here from time to time. My zeditus never went away and currently have 4x 350z's here
  2. It hung around the low side of 15 when hot since I got it. It only gets driven half a dozen times a year so I just kept an eye on it. Just decided that day enough was enough I suppose and spat the gaskets out. Hoping to finish putting everying back together tomorrow so fingers crossed.
  3. Was about 5 psi when I got in the car after filling up. Was only my way to get mapped so lucky it happened when it did. Had been fine the week before when I had it out. Usually only went as low as 14ish once heated up.
  4. Building the car back up over the next few nights. Gaskets were fooked
  5. I'm hoping to do mine tomorrow. The parts cost about £150-£200 from Z1 motorsports. I know a few folk that have managed it themselves so I'm hoping it's not too complicated. Just need to remove a whole load of parts. Paul
  6. This is insane. So much talant
  7. Hey, thanks for watching the videos yeah 1 of 2 now in the country but I think there is a black one in Ireland now.
  8. At last a nice sunny day in Scotland to get her out for some fresh air
  9. Good work on the cats Andy. I've still got all this to look forward too
  10. Same here. Loving the progress and the ideas you have
  11. That looks awesome. Did you post cure it to withstand the temps?
  12. Awesome mate. I hope to have one just like that one day
  13. Your wooden Jigs are as impressive as the fibreglass So are you making molds of all parts so you can make extra parts should you damage anything while driving it?
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