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  1. I'm starting to love my jap auto nismo after owning numerous manual 350z's It feels faster due the the 5 speed box and different diff.... Maybe all in the mind lol Such a clean example Ewen. So much car for little money. Good luck with the sale. Paul
  2. P15UL T

    Face lift bonnet

    Hi. I have one for sale for £300 but it would have to be collection only as I'm pretty sure the couriors would manage to damage it. Paul
  3. Finished it last night. Really enjoyed it. Hope they make another one....and ditch that shitty ufc commentator guy.
  4. Yeah. Absolutely loving it. Would be amazing to be able to have a go. Not that I have the skills required lol.
  5. Hi. I'm sure I have a rev up steering rack available. I'll check tomorrow for you. You can pm me and I'll give you my mobile number for a quicker response time. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi guys. I have a nismo exhaust for sale. Only looking for £650+ postage as it needs a little welding work due to the car it was on being lowered. Not sure how to upload photos here as it use to be photo bucket but I don't have that anymore. Pm me and I can send pictures etc via WhatsApp or messenger. Y pipe Centre pipe Rear box Thansk Paul
  7. Cheers Irfan. It was my wee guys birthday today so been busy
  8. Incredible. Looking forward to following this. A YouTube channel isn’t a bad shout Paul
  9. I’ve saw this in the flesh at Scottish modified. A very stunning and clean car. Good luck with the sale Paul
  10. Hi. I have a set from a Rev up engine car. £120 posted within the uk thanks paul
  11. I’m looking to find the owner to ask about the car. Spotted at Blair Drummond Safari Park on Sunday 21st cheers Paul
  12. Will be stripped in the coming weeks to make way for build number 4 ! :0
  13. Welcome on board. Down in kilmarnock myself. Paul
  14. Pm’ you beefy as I’m starting to part out my car including the supercharger kit cheers Paul
  15. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. I’ll be starting my LS3 build in the new year so I’m happy to learn by your mistakes Paul
  16. Hulk Buster finished and ready to part out to make way for 350z build number 4 the colour was a custom mix candy red
  17. Pm’d you on Facebook mark





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