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  1. I think it's well worth the upgrade not that expensive either compared to going "proper" BBK like AP or Stoptech. I had issues with fading after a few sessions on track (this depends on the track obviously!) - Mine have been mostly a lot of corners and heavy braking etc. Though I'm pumping a bit more power then standard also put strain on the brakes. Though braking technique is also a reason, might need some work if you have brake fade with proper pads, discs, lines, fluid on Brembo. For me they just got to hot and as a result faded. the bigger sizes of the akebonos really help, only had a chance of one proper track session since I fitted them but really enjoyed them and zero fade! If staying brembo I'd look at some sort of brake ducts to keep the temps down.
  2. andlid

    Forged Engine?

    Guy in SE blew his engine on a newly bought Z , got a second hand one and that blew at startup... so currently he's looking for second hand forged block or parts to build his own, anyone ? Cheers Mr A.
  3. Eh Cameron just stated UK are leaving the Union... didnt think hed actually state that today
  4. just a note, 5 times the amount of British people have applied for a Swedish passport in a week. whats that all about? do they think a wall is going to be built around your country or what?
  5. http://video.consilium.europa.eu/en/webcast/963af034-a087-472a-8176-4acf4e5f8748 my guess is that UK wont call for the exit article...
  6. http://video.consilium.europa.eu/en/webcasts
  7. If UK want EU market access they will have to pay for it, Norway pays more then a membership fee and its per capita so could be pricey, only thing is that EU want UK market access too so maybe its a golden opportunity. Think EUs attitude will be a painful swift exit to mark an example what happens if more countries think about leaving. Think its absurd that some bank institutions already has plans to move jobs from the financial centres abroad, using brexit as a scapegoat to lower cost.
  8. Not actually the financial hysteria I thought it would be... (yet) Historical fun it is
  9. I would like to see UK leave actually just to see what happens since nobody really knows the effect it will have. Stay in the EU is a "safe" bet since you know already whats what. If you guys decide to leave I foresee madness on the financial markets, only due to nobody really know the ripple effects this might or might not have.
  10. Would be cool to see what happens if you guys leave I know that Sweden would be affected tradewise with yourselves but maybe just maybe we wouldnt have these caravan people coming here every summer setting up camps everywhere destroying nature and wrecking peoples homes... I do think UK would take a huge hit on trade in general with the US and Europe, pending when Trump becomes the next president maybe it will all change, you think? I also think the financial sector will become very turbulent which is not always a great idea and could have adverse economical effects both in and outside of the UK. Think that it could actually start another world recession! Which we're on the brink of anyway. Go vote and lets see what happens I looked my mortgages in for two years hoping it will all be over by then.
  11. You guys actually think its a clever move to leave?
  12. andlid

    DC Molyslip,

    Just buy from there on line shop. I sent you the link. I tried, halted at the checkout stating they will mail me regarding shipping quote to Sweden... never did so I sent them a mail via their webshop and didnt get a reply there either. Did get it now though via Amazon, far cheaper too btw. So happy out
  13. andlid

    DC Molyslip,

    zero response from Clark motorsport, best start looking at other options
  14. andlid

    DC Molyslip,

    Cheers dude, asked Clark Motor sport for a shipping quote but seems to be stuck for a few days , maybe they have problems finding sweden on the map? Whereabouts in Sweden are you? Join the Facebook page "350Z Sverige" !
  15. andlid

    DC Molyslip,

    That wouldnt have worked since I wasnt sure that was the one
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