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  1. That was what we noticed in the edit but thought I’d leave it in for shits & giggles ha
  2. Hey guys, done a little video with a good mate of mine on the build of my 350 twin turbo. Give it a look & subscribe to his channel for future updates & more great vids! Any feedback or comments for either of us also appreciated
  3. Hi all Ive got a twin turbo z and I have had the throttle controller for the last few years anyways it’s now decided to pack up & through a fault up, if I unplug it it’s fine. Anyways my question is it worth replacing it ? It feels slower/less responsive but then I’m not sure if that’s my mind playing tricks or not. All info I read originally was that it made no actual difference on 0-60 times. id anyone has an opinion or answer either way be good. Thanks
  4. Had the old girl cleaned up today with a quick machine polish to get rid of a few swirls
  5. Not sure if it’s changed much now but a while ago they were looking at replacing the de ecu with a jap spec one which could have multiple maps. I think mark at abbey was looking into it so that maybe a option I was planing on for when my engine gets forged.
  6. I also live in norfolk & a fellow de owner, unfortunately the 350z can only be mapped by specialists having the uprev license & software independent little guys can’t touch it! I had mine mapped at horsham developments & can highly recommend them!
  7. I’ve sorted it now, borrowed a snap on code reader & it flagged up left & right pre tensioners. Stripped car out and soldered in a couple more resistors & hey presto the lights gone off, now just to see if I can re centre the steering wheel to get rid of the vdc esp lights Ha
  8. Ahh ok imagined probably would be the case after airbag resistor didn’t do it. Don’t suppose you know the plug ? From memory theirs 3 plugs under my seat a yellow one (airbag) a small white one with 2 wires and a big fat one ha
  9. Completely removed factory belts, bases, seatbelts etc no trace of original left just the plugs on the loom that they would have plugged into remain
  10. I don’t run seat belts I’ve got harnesses so could that be why ? Do I need to put resistors in them too ?
  11. I’ve done the turn key on off scenario 5 times, I also put it into diagnosis mode and it came back with 1 long flash and 3 faster ones if that relates to a code ? Im going to pop to my mates garage this evening and hook it up to obd and see if comes up with a different code
  12. Hi all have fitted bucket seats ages ago and the 2.2ohm resistor in each side as per a guide on here. Anyways it’s not mot time and it needs to be turned off. I have done the reset & yet it still flashes. All soldering joints check out, multimeter comes back with 2.2 on the reading. Any ideas what could be up ? Was all fine on old seats before fitting buckets ha any help appreciated thanks.
  13. Hi all in need of s little help/advice. When I pull away the car judders and then the esp & vdc lights come on and drives as normal. I think that the steering angle sensor needs to be reset as a while ago the column was removed from the rack & im guessing has been turnt very slightly as the wheel is now at the 1/2 o clock position as opposed to 12 o clock. Can the sensor be reset/recalibrated with basic diagnostics or a cable to purchase and download the Nissan consult software ?? any help appreciated & thanks in advance.
  14. You will need to make a new manifold per side, no chance modifying existing ones as mainly they are cast so near on impossible to weld unless you brase & secondly won’t flow as well. The main thing that worry’s me about your build is you are already considering £150 turbos?! You want a decent set of Garrett B.B. or similar turbos for efficiency. These alone will sting you close on the end of £2k. If you buy second hand you can send them off for a refurb but If your worried about price do not take on this build as it isn’t cheap & if you do cheap out it will just be a waste of time re doing stuff. I speak from experience I tried to cheap out on hoses & clamps and in the end just cost me more time re doing them and the danger the oil hose was going to split or leaking.
  15. I have done pretty much what your saying although I started with a JWT LHD twin turbo kit from the states. The only bits bits I was able to use was the turbos, intercooler basically. All the piping was custom, manifolds custom, fuel lines, exhaust, oil lines, coolant lines, fuel pump, bigger sump etc etc its a lot & I mean a lot of work it took me 3months of 6hours a night on and off there is a reason why garages charge the Earth because the labour you put in will be ridiculous. also on cost the little parts mount up it’s the jic fittings that surprise you the most ha but if you do undertake it good luck and you will enjoy it in the end I’m now running 420bhp safely touch wood for the past 3years.
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