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  1. Hi im after a complete airbox with velocity stack inside i think there off a late 2005 or 2006 and can be posted thanks. I dont have a factory airbox thats why im after the complete airbox. Have put a picture up its the one on the right.
  2. Lex300

    Battery change

    Main battery the workshop manual just says lower the windows but not sure if I'm supposed to lower all the way down.
  3. Hi can someone confirm when changing the battery i need to drop the passenger and drivers windows down . Do the windows need to be right down? . And after the battery has been changed does the windows need resetting or will they be fine as they move when the door is opened and closed slightly. Thanks
  4. Lex300

    Brembo paint

    Does anyone know where i get get some brembo touch up paint. Ive read back on some posts from 2014 saying humbrol 54 . I brought some of this in fact 3 tins from different places thinking i must have a bad batch. And the colour is nowhere near unless humbrol have changed the colour. The picture is a google image with the caliper and has the correct or close too colour saying humbrol 54 im not sure how old the picture is of the caliper . The paint i got all three tins of humbrol met 54 is a yellow greeny gold brass ive mixed it up a lot still not even close. Any help appreciated.
  5. Its normally white grease you sometimes get with the bushes. Just grease the inside of the bushes . Ive found some on ebay. Or search poly bush grease. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142461380863
  6. Could be banana arms ive read people having issues with noises . Regarding your pro sway bar bushes did you put any white grease around the sway bar or inside the bushes before you fitted them. If not the anti roll bar could be moving on dry bushes causing the squeek. My brother had this issue when he fitted new poly bushes on the anti roll bar put some white grease inside the bushes stopped the noise.
  7. Yes sorry bought the 350z . It was early hours this morning when i posted this falling asleep lol.
  8. My other run around and now bought the 350z did have a mk4 supra gutted i sold it so cheap with the prices now
  9. Thanks for the input zman i will leave that idea then . I did find a nice one in the states a saikou michi catch can kit for the 350
  10. Ah ok i just seen them on cars thats all
  11. Has any one used this type are they anygood .
  12. davey where did you get yours from ive been looking at baffled cans but cannot find one with a gauge level.
  13. So am i best just to run one catch can any recommendations i was looking at the compact mishimoto ones. A lot of tuning videos and usa guys run option one as they said its stops the oil going into the engine and causing messed up fuel to air mix buring with oil and the oil can cause engine knock with oil going into the cylinders.. its only what ive been finding on the web. So i just making sure i buy the right set up. Thanks
  14. Hi guys looking at some advice on oil catch cans . Ive read around the forum and on youtube and there seems to be a few options in set ups and some agree and disagree opinions on set ups I want to put a setup on my car just to prevent oil collecting in the plenum and to stop if any oil consumption. 1.I seen one set up on youtube with pcv valve deleted then both pipes going to a vented catch can and blocking the plenum and intake off. And his findings was no oil in plenum and very low oil consumption. 2.Ive read on the forums here one having two closed baffl
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