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  1. Hello - I believe these are the ‘Fast Road’ versions. Think they call them ‘Drift Max’ nower days! Thanks
  2. Bought a few years ago, restored and not used. £65 + Shipping or Collection from Southam (CV47)
  3. Great condition, never used just test fitted. £50 + Shipping or Collection from Southam
  4. Great work as usual Chris. Keep the great content going
  5. I never knew I’d enjoy watching an old fogie in his shed banging pieces of metal around so much!! Keep up the great work Chris, giving me some great entertainment during lockdown.
  6. @ZMANALEXAlex. Do you have any rear upper control arms not on the hubs and with a decent condition ball joint? thanks
  7. Nice to see the engine coming along nicely Martin.
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