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  1. Hi All, Has anyone used future motorsports for buying parts? Their prices seem very competitive but can’t find much history/discussions on them! (Looking to buy pistons, rods etc from them) Thanks
  2. I am starting an NA build on my DE engine so am seeing if anyone has the following before I buy new. High conpression pistons forged rods cams - Tomei 272 or similar updates valve springs Thanks
  3. Rob, how do you find the drive now? Does the car feel a lot more responsive than when it was stock? Also did you not have any issues with valve contact as I have read anything over 11.3mm means you may have valve to piston contact?
  4. adamc

    NA Build

    Thank you again. Rods are on the list, might throw a wanted thread up to see what people have before I buy new. I will create a project thread once it all begins
  5. adamc

    NA Build

    Wow - thank you for your replies, much more detail than I was expecting. I have had a good read of your both your projects and have certainly learnt a thing or two. It looks like I am going to have to tweak my plan slightly and move away from the 3.7Loption. 350butcher - as you say I am not too hung up on numbers, my main plan is to make the car a bit more lively and exciting. I plan to keep the de motor but thinking of going high compression pistons to help with the power and give me more camshaft options, some nice exhaust manifolds and either forged rods or arp rod bolts to help future proof the engine.
  6. adamc

    NA Build

    I don’t think I have seen that, have you got a link? what spec/power are you running?
  7. adamc

    NA Build

    I will be shortly starting my NA build. Before we go any further I am fully aware the reward, £ per hp isn’t anywhere near FI however, I am not trying to build a 400-500hp car. I already have a fast, fun, turbo car and very much enjoy the NA drivability of the 350z on track so have decided to go the NA route. 300whp would be perfect IMO. My plan is the following, built from a stock vq35de engine: vq37 crank vq37 forged rods cosworth high compression pistons (11:1) cams (unsure which yet) Uprated valve springs plus all the usual bolt on mods including exhaust manifolds oil cooler etc. not sure on sump options yet (any advise?) One of my questions is what cams would people recommend, Tomei 272 (high/low?) or some JWT or something else? I have done a fair amount of searching and reading however can’t find many people doing the ‘poor mans stroker’ option to make it a 3.7L, any reasons behind this other than cost? Thanks
  8. Hello everyone I recently bought myself a 2003 350z, picked it up for a good price and have plans to up the power with a N/A build later this year. I took it on track a few weeks ago and was surprised at how good it was out of the box on track (had heard a lot of negative things about them on track). Had a great day with it and since decided to make it into a good fun weekend/track toy. (Hopefully a 3.7L)



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