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  1. Everything in my shopping basket, and some nice new front upper camber arms
  2. I have an Milwaukee right angled impact ratchet thingy for tight spaces: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BBQRN99/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And for most jobs I've been using a Kielder 1/2 drive impact wrench, a few on amazon have complained but I use my one nearly every weekend since Jan 2017 ! Kielder KWT-002-03 Also they offer a service for £40 https://www.kielder.co/collections/spares/products/fixed-price-repair-service-kwt-012-impact-wrench Top tip - no matter what you buy, always get 2 batteries ! I'm impressed with both but do look at the warranty you get. I really like Kielder for offering a 3 year warranty and the servicing which in the UK
  3. Fantastic stuff ! I shall get my thread going too, a few little bits and bobs should arrive today
  4. Dont forget to keep taking and uploading photos as you go along!
  5. Be very careful with that engine. The bearings suck !!!
  6. I'm not selling or buying but I'd go to a Cayman S for that rough price range. Depends what you want it for?
  7. Heh good to have the contrast with the Z ! It's my fathers old Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin, hopefully it starts up and works. It'll be good for winter driving, just to get to the gym and see family. I should be good to start around the end of the month, all being well !
  8. I'll be pulling my one apart soon too, just need to collect a 2nd car next weekend (hopefully) to run around whilst this happens. So there are at least 3 n/a builds happening on the forum now
  9. Definitely get some pics of the new place up mate, it's looking great !
  10. Not a full set but I have front wheels with 1 week old MPS4 , and worn but legal rear tyres (not rear wheels unfortunately): https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/124037-350z-bits-and-pieces-for-sale-tyresdecatscams/
  11. Nice one, I'm ordering my last bits and pieces too very, very soon! Would you be able to PM or post up you compression/leak down results ?
  12. I'm on a replacement set (as per review you probably saw), no issues with the updated/revised seals they did (I think it's v3/2018 design). I do check fairly regularly due to what happened with the old set. I initially had the v2 design and had signs of weeping on the front right shock, and it was definitely knackered. However they were fantastic with support and sorting out the other set. Also as mentioned a plethora of times, I have metal/spherical bushings so I find it to be fairly harsh on the surrey roads (which are generally in terrible conditions) but that's not the fault of the GT1's. They do a decent enough job of smoothing things out, and would be nice on oem or hard race rubber bushings I'd imagine. I like them, and have no desire of upgrading as the next step up is more than double I think (like 350Butchers - which are amazing).
  13. I can't read it aside from the first paragraph and that was enough.
  14. Yep, he did say that the dyno figures that out, and you can go see the difference it calculates. As to how accurate it is, we're not totally sure. However, yes it's quite a difference in conditions! (more so for humidity iirc) I guess technically the C8's fit and work but like all aftermarket cams, not optimally out of the box. I didn't expect the difference to be quite like this, granted the rings clearly aren't helping eh. Thank you for taking a look
  15. Yep still stock fuel pump and injectors (I do plan on changing injectors but wasn't sure about pump). I was initially thinking that the timing could have been out by 1 tooth as someone on the US forum had the same problem, and almost same parts. They had it on the ex cam chains (no sensor for exhaust unfortunately on DE).



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