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  1. Just in case, although I'm looking at a new rep option, if someone is selling please PM.
  2. Ahhh now that makes sense ! Oh I already fitted and used the cams last year (so all cool), just that now I'm in full rebuild mode. You could say my timing was out Nice one, looking forward to seeing how you develop it. My one is going a bit slow at the moment but hoping to have the bottom end back very soon.
  3. How did you end up discovering they required different timing ? I know the duration of your ones are much higher than my C8's.
  4. They can't force you to destroy your own property.
  5. Hey there. Oh it's changed a lot since then, it's more track focused now so I went a different route. They were good for the road. I guess it depends on your budget. You might be able to get some coilovers that'll offer a but more choice in ride comfort. As I've no idea what price they would be now.
  6. Maybe they can walk to China and let those guys know, via India fristly.
  7. This is very cool btw, and ties in a wee bit:
  8. Is the 'ghost cam' for a lumpy idle ?
  9. Thanks for letting me know ! The only problem I have is that the machinists I'm using don't have a line bore machine. So it would be easier for me to use the standard oem bolts if I have problems with the ARP main studs. They didn't say I would, just that it has a chance. Yes that's right the C8's (I've been using them since Feb) but I was having some issues with my car's power dropping off, after a initially good dyno. Looking at the main bearings, something got in there and caused some damage! The valve seats also had some pitting from particles of grid coming through the intake at some point (most likely on my old intake setup). If I get a chance this weekend I'll start my thread too, although the photo's at the moment will just be the dismantling point
  10. That would be excellent to know, as they aren't particularly cheap Our builds are quite similar, I'm also using the same pistons but Manley connecting rods, JWT cams/springs but yours is more fruity in comparison ! Did you use ACL's 'race' bearings or the standard ones ?
  11. Ah glad you posted again as all of my stuff is currently at the machinists ! With your ARP main studs, did you have any crank bore distortion ? Or did they line bore it for them ? I have the ARP studs as well, and it's something I can't find any info on regarding our block if it typically causes some clearance issues or not.
  12. Everything in my shopping basket, and some nice new front upper camber arms
  13. I have an Milwaukee right angled impact ratchet thingy for tight spaces: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BBQRN99/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And for most jobs I've been using a Kielder 1/2 drive impact wrench, a few on amazon have complained but I use my one nearly every weekend since Jan 2017 ! Kielder KWT-002-03 Also they offer a service for £40 https://www.kielder.co/collections/spares/products/fixed-price-repair-service-kwt-012-impact-wrench Top tip - no matter what you buy, always get 2 batteries ! I'm impressed with both but do look at the warranty you get. I really like Kielder for offering a 3 year warranty and the servicing which in the UK
  14. Fantastic stuff ! I shall get my thread going too, a few little bits and bobs should arrive today
  15. Dont forget to keep taking and uploading photos as you go along!





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