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  1. Took a while to get my one but happy with what he did ! Nice guy to chat to as well, I tried to persuade him to do a bolt in roll cage too as I don't think there are many easy options.
  2. Ah did h-dev build your engine? I remember Jez telling me someone else was having an N/A de build, as I saw a bunch of familiar boxes with nice bits inside Sorry for swaying off topic guys!
  3. Ah great, I must have misunderstood what Jez meant then. Saves me a little bit of cash if it's not required in that case
  4. Granted I'm some way off from even starting my car up yet (the engine is in pieces in my living room)... However i was advised to run an O2 wideband sensor like an AEM 30-4110, well my machinists was recommended something, and I vaguely remember Jez saying something about my OEM one isn't accurate when he was mapping it last time. My car is an 04 DE, I'll double check with the vin/ecu number to see if it's wideband or narrow. Lastly, my PPE long tubes have two bungs per side, and when I was running the car before I was just using their extension cables that relocated th
  5. I'd like to grab the swirl pot, and look forward to seeing what other bits they come up with too. However, just got to ask, have you got your dyno sheet/build thread ?
  6. Definitely interested in one of these, is there a 350z-uk.com discount available?
  7. James, the only important thing here is how much money are you thinking about spending? And are you doing the work or paying someone else? That's the most important part. And just in case... Because I'm just in the process of putting my engine back together with cams/pistons/lth/ported heads etc etc I did my build in a weird way check my posts or look at 350Butcher's build thread (granted HR but still similar). And the figures being put out there are hubs if I'm reading that right, a little different from WHP. And with NA I really
  8. Glad everything is pretty much sorted with this ! Prior to dismantling my engine I had also done a similar thing with the intake (although my filter is by the crash bar). If the car is sitting I think you'll just have the slightly higher intake temp until it's moving. I also wrapped my PPE headers and have some flexible heat-shield stuff that I'll put over them once my engine is built. Actually hoping to finally pick up my heads today ! (9 months later!!!)
  9. I don't like those pads personally, I've had fade on the road with them. I prefer to have 2 sets of pads, 1 for the track and one for the road. I'm using AD08R, Hawk DCT-70's (bit too brutal, will try 60's another time) for track and I put street pads on for the obvious. Look at your rear pads if you're using ABS, I just pull the fuse for now but will do the same thing 350Butcher did with his ABS unit when I can. See this thread: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/110772-fast-roadtrack-350z-hr-build/?do=findComment&comment=1818908
  10. Just in case, although I'm looking at a new rep option, if someone is selling please PM.
  11. Ahhh now that makes sense ! Oh I already fitted and used the cams last year (so all cool), just that now I'm in full rebuild mode. You could say my timing was out Nice one, looking forward to seeing how you develop it. My one is going a bit slow at the moment but hoping to have the bottom end back very soon.
  12. How did you end up discovering they required different timing ? I know the duration of your ones are much higher than my C8's.
  13. They can't force you to destroy your own property.
  14. Hey there. Oh it's changed a lot since then, it's more track focused now so I went a different route. They were good for the road. I guess it depends on your budget. You might be able to get some coilovers that'll offer a but more choice in ride comfort. As I've no idea what price they would be now.
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