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  1. Can I get some details and photos please? I have gt4 wheels in black
  2. I have a Richbrook universal aerial. I bought it to replace mine a couple of years ago but ended up blanking it since I don't listen to the radio. It's about 12cm long. This one: https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/richbrook-short-anti-theft-roof-aerial-r-b6600-69/ It's still in the package. Can do it £10 delivered
  3. Hey guys, Looking for a drivers side front wing in g41 black for my HR. Live in Watford but work all around London and sometimes Portsmouth and Cambridge!
  4. Interested in the Kazz 2way lsd... Also, I bought Eibach antiroll bars of someone and organised my own courier as I wouldn't have been able to collect. Cost me circa £25 for next day delivery
  5. This was posted on one of Facebook pages last week. Apparently the reg does check out as an HR, so it's most likely had a front end smash and repaired on the cheap. The company are also very dubious/scammy
  6. @Adrian@TORQEN has the sale ended? I was going to buy the Injen dual cold air intake in black for my HR but it's gone back to full price?
  7. Hey guys, So my HR has the built-in sat nav and since I have a double din headunit with android auto it is totally useless to me. Now I know finding someone who's selling the cubby and console cluster is like rocking horse @*!#, but there is a guy who's wanting to take his HR back to standard and is willing to swap his consoles cluster (with the cubby) over for OEM. His has been dipped (if I don't like the design, I can just change it later). So his (i'm assuming) didn't have sat nav from factory. Now, I've spoken to him about it and he's keen to do it. But
  8. Hi guys, Needing a front bumper and drivers front wing in G41 "ebisu" black for my HR. In as good condition as possible! Wing must have no dents! Based in Watford, travel into London often and sometimes Portsmouth...
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