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  1. @Adrian@TORQEN has the sale ended? I was going to buy the Injen dual cold air intake in black for my HR but it's gone back to full price?
  2. Hey guys, So my HR has the built-in sat nav and since I have a double din headunit with android auto it is totally useless to me. Now I know finding someone who's selling the cubby and console cluster is like rocking horse @*!#, but there is a guy who's wanting to take his HR back to standard and is willing to swap his consoles cluster (with the cubby) over for OEM. His has been dipped (if I don't like the design, I can just change it later). So his (i'm assuming) didn't have sat nav from factory. Now, I've spoken to him about it and he's keen to do it. But obviously on the condition that the swap itself is fairly easy and fairly straightforward. So my question is, do HR's with no sat nav from factory have the plugs, etc, built in already and it's just plug and play or is it quite a bit more involved? Are they coded to the car like the headunits? I know with the dvd behind the driver's seat is a bit more involved in terms of actually fitting it on since you have to take several panels off, but what about the sat nav? Does anyone know?
  3. Hi guys, Needing a front bumper and drivers front wing in G41 "ebisu" black for my HR. In as good condition as possible! Wing must have no dents! Based in Watford, travel into London often and sometimes Portsmouth...
  4. Hi, Are these just for looks? I think I've seen others (stillen?) that says it helps with cooling or something?
  5. As title suggests, I'm looking for a drivers front wing in ebisu G41 black. I've got the HR model Based in Watford but work all over London and sometimes near Portsmouth. Going to be up in Manchester this weekend and next weekend if that helps so I can collect from there! Needs to be in perfect condition!
  6. 1. alfa_owner (2x)2. craigmdennis3. StuZGT4. baileydom5. Kryptek496. Jack94 7. PabloVC
  7. Ah that's a shame. I'll just hold out until an HR one comes up. Ta.
  8. Same as the HR? I have the cubby but just need the top section to fit it so I can remove the sat nav...
  9. From memory, there's like a standard letter that you fill in some blanks and send it off. Some people ignore it and they eventually go away. But you'll get a few letters. Got one for staying at a services on the m6 for like 10 minutes too long. Never paid it.
  10. You don't have to pay it. http://www.pepipoo.com There's a section all about parking fines. I've never paid a fine from private parking companies. Council ones you do. So worth checking which one it is but fairly you'll be alright. Website above will be the place to go for any advice, etc. Used them before for fines on my bike.
  11. Hey guys! Meant to post before but looking at joining the convoy if that's cool! I'm in Witney so would meet you guys at Cherwell valley services. Would be mega to actually meet some of you (briefly) before getting there for the stand!
  12. My TS roof spoiler Is holding up well. Been in the sun several days!
  13. Hey guys , I unfortunately need a drivers side wing mirror and at least drivers side brake light but preferably both. Ideally the wing mirror in g41 black but I can respray it if there's nothing else. Both asap, it's my daily... Based in Watford



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