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  1. Hey do you still have the engine cover for sale? 

  2. Have to make sure things get there safely, and keep the UK packaging tape manufacturers in business 😂 Thank you though 👍
  3. I recently posted a set of Rays with tyres, was £40 with Paisley Freight. Packaging materials cost me about £20 because I had to buy boxes for the insurance to be in effect. I also had to 'customise' the boxes to make them fit and packing took about 2 hours in total.
  4. Hi mate, sorry only just seen this, had a mental week at work..... Sent you a pm
  5. They are RTS disks bought from Tarmac a few years ago. Looks like price has gone down a bit now they are £318 now for front and rears. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/rts-performance-350z-02-08-front-brake-discs.html
  6. Engine now removed and ready to ship/be collected
  7. Thanks mate, it is indeed the coupe one.
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