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  1. Been kickihg about a while. Item 1 Miltek Y Pipe, in need of at least one new flexi £30 or sensible offer. Item 2 centre console plastics with blower controls and gauge pods painted ford electric orange. (Focus ST Orange) £50 or sensible offer. Collection from Huddersfield. Extra pictures can be supplied. Will post if required at buyers risk and buyer to cover postage. Thanks
  2. SteveW

    New Wings

    Well, as the car is now 14 years old rot has set in on one of the wings and the price to repair it is around 200 to 250 (cut out and new metal). But I'm thinking maybe just buy a new wing, Eurocarparts sell them and this weekend they have 35% off so they are only 88. Has anyone any experience of the fit of these wings? If not any other suggestions aside from eBay for a used OE one? Thanks Steve
  3. I had a non res which was ok on standard cats....a bit too raspy at times. I sold it after fitting decats because for me it was too droney and raspy. Now have a Miltek which is Bob on for a daily driver.
  4. Hi Just wondered if H-Dev offer a forum discount. In the Market for some new OEM Banana Arms and they look to be the only forum trader who sell them. Edit....actually just seen torqen do them too. I just wasn't looking hard enough.... Cheers Steve
  5. Thanks both. Alex value your opinion a lot I'll stick with original plan for OE. Cheers
  6. Seen as it is now possible to get non OE banana arms. Mine need doing....if money was no object what would people prefer to choose? OE, Moog or Dorman. I had budgeted for OE and current ones have done 14 years with plenty of trackdays but reading Moog reviews for non zed parts I'm now Not sure if I should save the 250 for other work that needs doing and go Moog. Thoughts?
  7. So standard cats went on today and it's passed. Found a friendly tester for next year so the HFC will be going back on soon.
  8. Sorry, just missed out mate, deposit taken about 20 mins ago. Will let you know if anything changes.
  9. It was heated up, massively. So hot in fact that you could feel the heat through the transmission tunnel trim inside the car I.e. It felt hot to touch. Ran car at high idle for about 15 minutes then took out for a blast and straight back n the tester. Still failed. Will be checking substrate when swap oe cats over.
  10. The cat does the job, it's a high flow cat. No manufacture guarantees you will pass the emission regulations in all countries in the world with most saying that they are for off road use. You can try to find a friendly MOT tester like everyone else does, even with test pipes Yes of course, however, it kind of defeats the point of even making them. If they won't pass an emissions test in a lot of cases and you need a friendly mot tester then you may as well just go full decat and be done with it. I won't bother with HFC's in future and just go full decat, lesson learnt.
  11. Yeah I think that's gonna be the best bet, swap each year. Just annoying when you pay so much for an HFC that isn't really up to the job.
  12. Having a garage clear out and this is up for sale. Good condition, was on the car for about 10,000miles. Only selling as I came by a Miltek at a crazy price. No issues with it at all. I also had the tips and outlet pipes spot welded to the rear box following reports of the tips dropping off so that's not an issue with this one. Would rather collection but will post however, I will accept no responsibility for it getting damaged in transit. Based in Huddersfield near the M62 if anyone wants to collect. £220 + postage.
  13. Anyone else ever have this issue with the Motordyne HFC? Tried everything at the test place, couldn't get the Carbon Monoxide below 0.6% the limit is 0.2% for fast idle test. I've only had the HFC on ten months so now got to put the standard cats back for the test this time. Ball ache. Just wondering if this is a normal with the Motordyne HFC? A mate runs Berks HFCs and his goes through everytime. Maybe time to have the UpRev tweaked?





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