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  1. Sorry, only just logged on, been super busy with work, replied to your PM. Yes mate, these are still available. Again sorry for very late reply.
  2. No problem mate. Bit of an odd one, it seemed to possibly linked to unapproved posts but not sure.
  3. Sorry just seen this been on holiday. Sent you a PM
  4. Cut them out with a dremel and many cutting disks. Pain in the arse to do but fixed the buzzing.
  5. So on the 350z Miltek the tail pipes have resonators/silencers in them. The resonator is basically a smaller diameter pipe with perforation s and sound deadening in. It gives a conical look to the tailpipe which I didn't really like and when one started buzzing they had to go. Removing them makes the oulet look like this Hope this makes sense. I thought they looked better. Made no difference to the noise except for the removal of the annoying buzzing.





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