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  1. I've heard many bad reviews of these things. I really don't think I'd take the risk for a little faster revving. Supposedly if you have a lightened flywheel they're not too bad, but on a stock dual mass supposedly they effect the harmonics of the crank
  2. Hello everybody First off I hope this is in the correct section. I have a 3 part question! 1. Wobbly crank, is it normal? The car squeels on start up which I suspect to be a bad tensioner that I have pictured, could this have caused excessive wear in the crank pulley rubber? Does it look excessive worn to you? 2. Is it worth replacing anything else whilst I fit a new Crank pulley? Main seal perhaps? 3. Does anybody know if a Revup pulley will fit my 04 DE? Found one on ebay but its from an 06, and I don't fancy corteco's £140 for a new one. @ZMA
  3. Have you any good condition DE Power steering pumps? I think the bearings has gone in mine as it squeels on start up
  4. Hi mate I'm only in Rochdale could I come and view this next weekend? Been looking for a pre face Nismo lip for ages and I really like the look of yours but I'm away on holiday until Wednesday so I can leave a deposit of needs be, cheers
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