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  1. Jack94

    Invidia Flexi pipe

    Your system must be quite old? I think the gemini has been revised now and the Y pipe pieces don't have a flexi joint anymore. You might struggle to find a replacement because I don't think you can buy individual pieces separately and you can't use a normal aftermarket Y pipe (like stillen) because it's a true dual. Maybe you could get them cut out and a straight bit of pipe welded in?
  2. Veilside V3 maybe? https://www.carbon-addiction.com/index.php/product/nissan-350z-veilside-v3-style-carbon-rear-spoiler/
  3. Sure I'll have a look for it when I get a chance, although I've just moved house so god knows where it is
  4. I've had them fitted about a year now and they went through an MOT absolutely fine in April. Can't remember the figures, @Adrian@TORQEN can probably give you more info on the cats themselves.
  5. Fingers crossed! but if not then at least that's the perfect excuse for an Uprev
  6. Hmm tricky, really unfortunate situation to be in. @cob1980 I totally feel for you, with any high end parts I'd also expect them to fit without any issues. Buying parts in advance because they're on sale is something I've done in the past too but storing them past the warranty expiry date is the risk you take I guess. It sounds like Adrian has done as much to help you as he can and the ball is out of his court now, hopefully Ark will sort this out for you as a gesture of good will but due to the fact they're now used I doubt it. I totally understand where you're coming from in the fact they've only been on for 30 mins and your mechanic thought they'd be alright but if there were fitment issues ideally you should have taken photos, refitted the old cats and contacted Ark. Sure this is a ballache because you've wasted your time, but from Ark's perspective now they only have your word to prove they've only been on the car for 1 day not 14 months. If they decide not to do anything about it I guess your options are to cut & re-weld them so they fit properly or sell them on and buy some alternate ones.
  7. Gotta be worth a go grinding the heatshields off to see if that cures your issue. If it doesn't then sounds like the perfect opportunity to upgrade to some high flow cats I've got torqen ones (£419) and can't fault them.
  8. Change out the headunit for one from this century?
  9. If you're replacing the entire exhaust system (except headers) with aftermarket parts but only want a 25% increase in noise/no drone you might struggle, most will be significantly louder. If you're going FI then I wouldn't bother with HFCs (that will ultimately fail), I'd save up for some decent test pipes (resonated ones to kill the drone) and just find a "friendly" MOT tester. In terms of cat back systems I'd probably look into the miltek, it's known to be only slightly louder than oem with standard cats (more so with decats) but a much nicer tone.
  10. Jack94

    350z exhaust

    You trying to start arguments coming on here and asking a question like that? Like Daisyduke has said, that's a massive question and you need to be a bit more specific on your requirements. Mainly what's your budget and how do you want it to sound? I went for the invidia gemini because it fits all my needs plus it's tried and tested by loads of guys on here so knew the quality, fitment etc would be spot on.
  11. Jack94

    Cooling fans

    Do both fans work on both speeds when you apply 12v directly to them?
  12. Now managed to source the fluid caps from Tarmacsportz, still after a dipstick cover
  13. What a beautiful example GLWTS!
  14. Nope won't fit unfortunately. There is one in the 370z parts for sale section though..
  15. If you disconnect your battery your alarm won't work? Which if your car does get stolen I bet your insurance company wouldn't be happy about. Also what's to stop them from just popping the bonnet and putting the lead back on? If you're going to do it (I wouldn't) then at least remove the negative lead completely.



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