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  1. You'd have to check pipe diameter to see whether they're compatible with the oem system, but they definitely wouldn't be MOT friendly seeing as they remove the cats.
  2. Sounds like the banana arm? Common failure on our cars- https://h-dev.co.uk/product/genuine-nissan-350z-compression-banana-arm-bush/?v=79cba1185463 Another option would be just to replace the whole arm because the ball joint on the other end can also become a problem- https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan/nissan-350z/moog-nissan-350z-03-09-replacement-compression-arm-banana-arms.html
  3. If it helps at all here's a photo of mine with the 50mm Nismo nuts
  4. If you're not happy with the rasp from HFCS I wouldn't reccomend decats, that'll just make it worse. Also you'll probably then need a remap to turn off the rear sensors and cure the engine management light. You could try gojng back to oem cats then replacing the back box with a pair of short tails. They're a popular choice and you can get resonated or non resonated depending on what sort of volume you're after. As Payco has said, you could just go all out and replace the whole oem system with an aftermarket one. That'd probably be my choice because there's loads to choose from depending on your needs/budget that are far superior in looks/performance/weight/sound compared to oem. If you're sure you don't want to get rid of the nismo exhaust you could look into opening up and gutting one of the silencers such as the back box. Not sure if this has been done before or how it would sound but it's the only way to make it louder other than HFCS/decats.
  5. Jack94

    Fitting brake lines

    Horsham Developments? According to their website they charge £240 for braided lines fitting & fluid bleed.
  6. Jack94

    Bonnet Damper

    I've got a very similar looking set from Tarmac Sportz and can't fault them. The install couldn't be simpler as nothing needs to be modified. They've been on the car about 2 years now and they still look/work great.
  7. I've got 2 Milwaukee ones (1/2" & 3/8") , they weren't cheap but they're absolutely brilliant. The 3/8" one will tackle anything M8 or below and the 1/2" is ideal for the bigger stuff (like when removing subframes etc). All my friends at work have similar impact wrenches of various makes (makita, ryobi, dewalt etc) but the Milwaukee is by far the most powerful & lightest. I think it's like with most things really, you get what you pay for. I decided to pay the premium because I use them everyday, whereas if it was just for at home on the odd weekend job I probably would've bought a cheaper one.
  8. Jack94

    Invidia Flexi pipe

    Your system must be quite old? I think the gemini has been revised now and the Y pipe pieces don't have a flexi joint anymore. You might struggle to find a replacement because I don't think you can buy individual pieces separately and you can't use a normal aftermarket Y pipe (like stillen) because it's a true dual. Maybe you could get them cut out and a straight bit of pipe welded in?
  9. Veilside V3 maybe? https://www.carbon-addiction.com/index.php/product/nissan-350z-veilside-v3-style-carbon-rear-spoiler/
  10. Sure I'll have a look for it when I get a chance, although I've just moved house so god knows where it is
  11. I've had them fitted about a year now and they went through an MOT absolutely fine in April. Can't remember the figures, @Adrian@TORQEN can probably give you more info on the cats themselves.
  12. Fingers crossed! but if not then at least that's the perfect excuse for an Uprev
  13. Hmm tricky, really unfortunate situation to be in. @cob1980 I totally feel for you, with any high end parts I'd also expect them to fit without any issues. Buying parts in advance because they're on sale is something I've done in the past too but storing them past the warranty expiry date is the risk you take I guess. It sounds like Adrian has done as much to help you as he can and the ball is out of his court now, hopefully Ark will sort this out for you as a gesture of good will but due to the fact they're now used I doubt it. I totally understand where you're coming from in the fact they've only been on for 30 mins and your mechanic thought they'd be alright but if there were fitment issues ideally you should have taken photos, refitted the old cats and contacted Ark. Sure this is a ballache because you've wasted your time, but from Ark's perspective now they only have your word to prove they've only been on the car for 1 day not 14 months. If they decide not to do anything about it I guess your options are to cut & re-weld them so they fit properly or sell them on and buy some alternate ones.
  14. Gotta be worth a go grinding the heatshields off to see if that cures your issue. If it doesn't then sounds like the perfect opportunity to upgrade to some high flow cats I've got torqen ones (£419) and can't fault them.
  15. Change out the headunit for one from this century?



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