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  1. Jack94

    de-cat ecu reset ?

    If the decats can accommodate O2 sensors you can try re-fitting them with some spacers, but the only guaranteed way is to get the car remapped to turn them off.
  2. From what I understand after a quick look on here (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)... Our cars have 2 washer tanks, 1 each side behind the front bumper. The RH one has 2 pumps- for the front/rear screens & the LH one has 1 pump- for the headlight washers. I'm which case you could either have a blockage in the pipe or the pump motor might be dead. To test the motor just put 12V to it, and to test if the pipe is clear just try blowing some air through it with an airline.
  3. True there's a lot of cowboys out there, which is why I said take it to a reputable independent, not just any old one Totally agree that it's about trust, I just have yet to find a trustworthy main dealer
  4. I agree with your point @coldel that servicing is very basic work that any half competent mechanic should be able to do without problems, but the bonus driven pay-scale of main dealerships means they're always rushing so are more likely to make mistakes or miss things. Also sure you might only take your car in for a service, but this could end up highlighting additional (not so straight-forward) work that needs doing, personally I'd rather be somewhere where I can trust them to do whatever needs doing no matter the complexity. I'm not saying that a car with a FMDSH wouldn't be as good a car, I just think if you can get a better service for a cheaper price why wouldn't you.
  5. If there were 2 cars for sale, identical except the service history- one from a main dealer and one from a reputable independent specialist, then yes I would.
  6. True it may command more money with some buyers, but I'd argue that having a full independent specialist service history would command just as much from other (more informed) buyers. Plus you have peace of mind during your ownership that you're getting an honest, professional service apposed to a rushed job and people trying to overcharge you for parts/services that you don't necessarily need.
  7. Totally agree with you @Bunning, I've never understood why people get so hung up on having a full dealer service history
  8. This might be a crazy idea.. But how about taking the car to someone who actually knows what they're doing and won't rip you off, like Abbey motorsport or Horsham Developments?
  9. Jack94

    Boot divider 350z

    Fair enough just thought it was worth a mention. Good luck with your hunt!
  10. Jack94

    Boot divider 350z

    If you can't find an OEM one there's someone on here who makes his own-
  11. Yeah I tried new OEM springs with rubber washers in the past but it didn't work sadly, which I'm guessing might be because of the weight of the spoiler.
  12. My springs have arrived now and I fitted them last night (5 min job). I went with the complete ones and first impressions are that they're well made, look professional and are bloody strong! My tailgate now clears the latch with one press of the button eventhough it's got a Nismo V1 spoiler on, and it still closes just as easy. All in all a simple but effective product that allows you to open the tailgate one-handed
  13. Good to see you on on the forum. I ordered a set last week, will post my findings on here once they arrive
  14. Agreed, if you're not bothered about a noise or power increase HFCs might cause more hassle than they're worth. To guarantee you won't get the warning light pop up you'd need a remap to turn the rear O2 sensors off (£400), plus you'll always have the worry of passing the emissions test unless you know a "friendly" tester. @ZMANALEX might have some second hand oem cats available.
  15. Yup right one is the wrong way round & left one is correct, very common mistake.





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