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  1. I'm finding this thread really interesting, loving all the work you're doing to the car straight away. It is making me want a mini to scratch that supercharger itch though, I'd love to supercharge the Zed but something tells me that'd be considerably more expensive
  2. At the moment my zed is still on its OEM clutch /flywheel but I've got one of these stage 1 kits ready to go on later this year- https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/clutch-and-drivetrain/xtreme-clutch-nissan-350z-z33-vq35de-engine-clutches.html I know Xtreme are really popular and well rated, not sure about the 2 options you've linked. At a guess I'd say the flywheels are pretty similar but the clutch in the JWT kit is uprated hense why its more expensive. I'm sure @buster or @Tarmac@TarmacSportz will be able to give you more info. Also might be worth having a look on Torqen's site or speaking to @Adrian@TORQEN
  3. Maybe they put a cheap nasty one in before like you say then, but yeah you won't go far wrong with exedy/luk. Single mass flywheels do increase performance (they're far lighter which allows the car to rev much more freely), they also tend to be cheaper and last much longer than a dual mass. The main trade off for all this is increased NVH (usually in the form of gearbox "chatter" at idle). On the other hand dual masses tend to be more expensive and wear out quickly (it's usually recommended you change it everytime you change the clutch) but they're far quiter. So really it all comes down to whether you could tolerate a bit of extra noise for the increased performance or not. Also most of the clutches in aftermarket kits are uprated, so they can handle more power and abuse but will make the pedal a bit harder, so it's worth thinking about whether this would be a benefit or hindrance to you.
  4. That's what the cars came out the factory with so if you're after something comfortable for daily driving that'll do the job well. I take it you've looked into/aren't interested in any single mass flywheel options?
  5. I agree everyone's gotta start somewhere, but you shouldn't be adjusting things on the car if you have no idea what you're doing, that could end badly. You should either research beforehand (pretty sure you can find anything worth knowing about Z's on here) or ask/take it to someone who knows what they're doing
  6. Jheez this thread is worrying if it's for real In the future if anyone tells you to copperslip your discs to stop brake squeal please DON'T DO IT
  7. It looks/sounds very clean but I agree with the guys that it's overpriced. Don't let the window issue put you off, that can probably just be fixed by resetting the motor. Also the headlights on every 350z are likely to be cloudy by now unless they've been restored (which is cheap & easy to do). Given that the wheels could do with a refurb to be perfect I'd say it's worth around 8k.
  8. You're right it's not absolutely necessary but it's advisable, to save having to mess around with it again a few months down the line like you're now finding out
  9. I'd be wary taking advice from whoever told you that in the future, they obviously don't know what they're on about. They're prone to failing and like Alex has said, the parts don't cost much so it makes total sense replacing them whilst it's all apart.
  10. Did you change the slave cylinder at the same time as the clutch/flywheel? They're prone to failing and cause the pedal to stick down.
  11. I'm sure I read somewhere that the HR and 370z exhausts are interchangable. Could be wrong but I'm sure @Adrian@TORQEN or @Tarmac@TarmacSportz will be able to confirm.
  12. It's usually just the brushes seizing that causes the motor failure, pretty easy to fix yourself with a few basic tools https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/69810-how-to-repairfix-your-cooling-fan-motors-youtube-vid/
  13. I don't know much about the tanabe or blitz but the Ark, injen and invidia are all great shouts in terms of quality and performance, much more so than the cobra you currently have. In terms of sound I'd expect them to all be fairly similar (going by the size of the resonators), but I think the Ark has more of a unique sound due to the helmholtz chambers (which are also meant to reduce drone). If loudness is one of your biggest concerns have you considered the miltek system? It's only slightly louder than oem so sounds a bit tame with oem cats but with the art pipes it might be a nice balance for you. I've got the invidia gemini paired with HFCs and absolutely love it. The quality is fantastic, it sounds great and it's perfect volume for me.
  14. Try firing a PM to @ZMANALEX, he's probably your best bet.



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