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  1. Will be interested to hear your thoughts on these. Next time the pads on my 350 need changing I'm going to look for something with more bite and less dust than the standard Brembos.
  2. Sounds like the scratch is just in the clearcoat luckily, so should be fixable. I've always been too scared to try a proper dual action polisher on my own paintwork, but had good results from G3 scratch remover (applied by hand with one of their waffle pads).
  3. Looks like lacquer peel to me. The fact that this tends to happen much quicker on diamond cut rims is part of the reason why I chose to get my LMGT4's completely powder coated. Guess it'll require a refurb to fix, seeing as they're standard silver it should be easy for someone to match against the other 3 if the others don't need doing? Unless you can just get the lacquer removed and re-done, but I'm not sure if that's a thing
  4. Not technically a car but.. . the new toy to replace my ZXR400
  5. Sounds like you've got the basic breathing mods covered, maybe get a decent drop in filter to go with the later airbox. Also if your zed is a DE I wouldn't bother with the MREV2 plenum, it's only worthwhile on the rev-up engine.
  6. Strange you've had this issue, I've had them fitted to my 350z for a few months now and haven't noticed any flexing/bending. Maybe it's only a problem on the 370z
  7. Personally I'd never trust ebay unbranded car parts. If you don't want to pay for genuine Nissan parts (fair enough) then I'd at least get something that's tried and tested from a reputable brand and seller- https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan/nissan-350z/moog-nissan-350z-03-09-replacement-compression-arm-banana-arms.html
  8. I can vouch for these, here's the original thread-
  9. Definitely try an oem sensor first, very common for aftermarket sensors to cause issues rather than solve them.
  10. I don't have any experience with Cobra but I'd thoroughly reccomended the Invidia Gemini. Lovely subtle sound and great quality
  11. I'd reccomend turtle wax headlight cleaner & sealant, made a big improvement on my 350z headlights. Heres a photo comparing the before and after-
  12. Very true any gain is a gain, but for the cost of a CAI I'm pretty sure the benefit over decent drop in filters is negligible
  13. In that case I'd bet 90% of that gain is due to the map not the CAI
  14. I'm sorry but there is absolutely no chance you'd get anywhere near 30bhp gain from a CAI, 3bhp maybe
  15. If you're happy with your current exhaust setup then personally I'd just leave it alone and get the remap, sure you might get 10bhp or so more from HFCs but it's not worth making the car overly loud. Sure you could pair the HFCs with a completely new, quieter system (like the gemini) but then you're talking £1500 for a small gain, not exactly value for money.
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