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  1. That looks like the OEM lip which I believe was fitted on all UK spec zeds so no need to declare to insurance.
  2. Get a photo up and I'm sure one of us will be able to help identify it
  3. In that case sounds like it's not AC oil, guessing it must be dripping down from somewhere else
  4. AC systems do have a small amount of oil in so that could be a possibility.. What colour is it? Not 100% sure on our cars but usually refrigerant oil is luminous green (so it can be easily seen with a UV light).
  5. There's an easy solution to that- get rid of the centre caps because they aren't Rays wheels
  6. I'd probably leave it as is because I doubt you'll get the money back (clutch change will cost you nearly 1k if you use oem parts). It wouldn't put me off buying the car as long it had £500 or so knocked off to go towards the cost, plus it gives the new owner the perfect chance to upgrade to a SMF and aftermarket clutch if they want to.
  7. I like to tell myself V power is better than momentum but to be honest the main reason I use it is because both petrol stations are about the same distance away from me but Tesco is always rammed whereas Shell is always quiet. So I can either spend about 20 mins queuing for a pump or 5 mins in and out using fill up & go, which makes the slightly higher price worth it for me.
  8. Yeah can't say I'm very impressed with the new Shell Go+. The member rewards (which weren't much in the first place) seem to have been cut back quite a lot. On the plus side though Shell have taken over the energy company I'm with (First Utility) and I now get 3% off fuel.
  9. Good find indeed, although I think to get the auto function you have to swap the passenger side switch too?
  10. The standard DE can't run multiple maps but the Rev-up and HR can as long as you have the cruise control buttons.
  11. Not an answer to your question but might be helpful- the fan motors on our cars are really prone to failing due to carbon build up on the brushes. By all means check the wiring but it's probably them that's the cause of your issue. It's pretty simple to remove the fan shroud and motors, then you can either replace them or refurb them yourself (pretty straightforward and there's a DIY thread on here somewhere).
  12. Jack94


    I was very sceptical of the partial wrap idea but gotta admit it actually looks really cool. Great choice of wheels, ties it all in nicely and the polished lip helps them not get lost in the tyres!
  13. A lightened flywheel lets the engine rev more freely but gives a bit more 'chatter' than a DMF so it depends whether you can tolerate the increased noise. Also SMFs tend to be cheaper and don't wear as easily. As far as clutches go you might as well stick with OEM unless you're planning on tracking the car or running a lot more power than standard through it. If you do decide to go for a SMF I think this kit is pretty popular and really well rated- https://h-dev.co.uk/product/nissan-350z-z33-de-xtreme-clutch-single-organic-kit-inc-smf-kni25525-1a/?v=79cba1185463 I've got the same one for my zed but haven't fitted it yet.



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