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  1. Jack94

    Zs in JLR?

    Just replied to your PM mate
  2. Jack94

    Zs in JLR?

    I'm at Gaydon and have a silver rev-up with Nismo kit
  3. Jack94

    Standard stereo to bose

    The oem Bose unit isn't great to be honest and is extremely outdated, you'd be better off upgrading to something aftermarket.
  4. Jack94

    To DeCAT or not to DeCAT

    Why not get the gains and keep your car MOT friendly with some HFCs, best of both worlds Personally if I was a potential buyer decats would put me off because I don't know any friendly testers so would have to factor in the cost of sourcing some cats & swapping them over then back again come MOT time.
  5. Jack94

    Buying tyres from online marketplaces

    I've bought tyres from various online sites over the years and never had a problem. It's always a good idea though when buying anything online to make sure it's a trusted site that you either know or has good reviews.
  6. Jack94

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    Guess it depends on your personal preference really but for most people the oem exhaust is too quiet and doesn't do the lovely V6 justice. There's a few different options really- - Swap the back box out for a set of short tails (resonated or not). - Replace the whole system with a cat-back exhaust, there's loads of different ones about that offer different volumes/tones. - Replace the oem cats with either high flow sports cats or decats I've got a set of Torqen high flow cats and an invidia gemini cat-back exhaust on my 350 which is just right for me, really sings when you open up the throttle but not stupidly loud when cruising around
  7. Jack94

    Retro fitting cruise control

    I'm pretty sure Torqen sell a kit for this so guessing it can be done. Probably best to talk to @Adrian@TORQEN
  8. Jack94

    cheap coil overs

    If you use ebay-special coilovers you can expect them to not fit properly, be terrible quality, give awful ride, not last long etc. Same goes for any type of part really. Also if I ever went to view a car and saw it had cheap nasty aftermarket parts it'd put me right off because it's an indication the seller probably doesn't really care for it and you don't know what else they've skimped on. By all means go for something cheaper than oem (some Nissan parts are ridiculously expensive) but go for a reputable brand like Tein as you've already mentioned.
  9. Jack94

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    So much want and I've actually got approval from the missus surprisingly Just wish I had a van and you weren't so far away!
  10. Jack94


  11. Jack94

    Facelift steering wheel controls

    Thanks but that's a bit less than what I'm after.
  12. Jack94

    Upper Control Arm - replace both?

    If you replaced it with something aftermarket such as an adjustable one or one with a polybush then yes replace them in pairs to keep the car even. If you replaced it with oem then there's no harm in leaving the other side so long as it's in good condition. I think a lot of people replace stuff like that in pairs just because you've already got all the tools etc ready and it's likely if one has failed the other isn't far behind.
  13. Jack94

    What can I get for my budget

    Rust on the rear arches is one of the main things I'd avoid if you can. Front wings aren't so bad because they're cheap/replaceable but the rear is part of the body so can be very expensive if rust has to be cut out and new plate welded in.