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  1. I've got the gemini paired with Torqen HFCs and I find the sound perfect for me personally. It's not overly loud that it's antisocial, or deafening when you're cruising but it has a lovely roar to it when you put your foot down. Whereabouts are you based?
  2. You could try a Y pipe which has an interchangeable section so you can easily swap between a straight pipe and an extra 200 cell cat as needed? 2 companies I know that do that sort of thing are Motordyne and Torqen so might be worth giving @Adrian@TORQEN a shout. Other than that all HFCs I've heard of seem to be hit and miss, think it's just the risk you take sadly.
  3. Assuming the tyres on both sets of wheels are similar brand/condition, I think if you swapped to a standard set of 18" Rays (in average condition) then £1000 your way would be fair. I've seen LMGT4s up for over £1500 and standard rays (which are still a very good wheel) for well under £500. If you do decide to sell/trade them then personally I wouldn't bother with a refurb, because the buyer may want to change the colour/finish anyway. As for the numberplate this is just a guess, but £250-£500?
  4. Ah right fair enough, so there will have been a few that were registered in the month or so before the change came into effect. Good luck with the hunt OP but I imagine that will be pretty hard to find, personally I'd worry more about finding a decent example than the extra tax cost.
  5. Jack94

    MOT decibel limit

    If you tuck the bumper it can suit a single exit. If they're the only 2 you're torn between I wouldn't entertain the idea of Cobra, they're not in the same league in terms of quality.
  6. Jack94

    370z B Pillar trims

    For any used OEM parts probably worth firing @ZMANALEX a PM.
  7. Asymmetric 3's (which have been superceded by the 5's now), same sizes as Shezza
  8. I'm running Goodyear Eagle F1s on my 19" LMGT4s at the moment. Most people on here seem to rave about Mitchelin Pilot sports (which I've never had) so I'll probably try them out next time.
  9. Had mine coming up to 3 and a half years. Also the longest I've owned any car, still puts a big grin on my face every time I drive it
  10. Unless you notice your aircon isn't blowing very cold I wouldn't ever bother with an "air con service" personally. Over the years refrigerant will gradually escape and need topping up but other than that nothing should need any attention. No idea which pipe is which because I've never actually looked under the bonnet of a 370z But they should be different sizes so will only go on one way. You can try phoning Nissan although I'm not sure they'll care much, maybe just take your car somewhere with more competent mechanics next time
  11. Yep your instincts are right, they're caps for the service ports in the aircon pipes. L for low and H for high (pressure). They should just screw back on, only concern is what else did the people who serviced your car forget to put back on.
  12. Jack94

    carbon dash kits

    Dashboard overlay kits look cheap and tacky imo. All the interior trim pieces come out pretty easily so personally I'd either spray/dye them or get them hydrodipped if you fancy a different finish.
  13. I use my 350z (DE Rev-up) as a daily and its one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned and a pleasure to drive. As with any 10+ year old car you've gotta expect the odd perishable (battery, suspension bushes, exhaust etc) to need replacing, but other than that I think the only thing I've had fail was the radiator fans (which were easy to replace/refurb). If you decide to go for a HR check if it's had the oil gallery gaskets replaced, if not they will need doing as some point which costs the best part of a grand. Whichever spec you decide to go for they're all great cars, just make sure you get a well looked after, rust free example and you can't go wrong
  14. Last time I swapped the brakes on my zed I went for oem Brembo discs/pads because I wasn't sure what the previous owner fitted and I only use the car as a daily (plus the odd spirited drive). For £300 all round they're not bad, but next time I think I'll spend more and go for something like Stoptech, hawk or DBA that'll hopefully give me a bit more stopping power and less dust.





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