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  1. Yeah they look like the oem ones to me. I know you can pick up genuine RHD ones on ebay for about £70, not sure about LHD though... Maybe in the USA?
  2. I tend to use quite a lot of autoglym, dodo juice and bilt hamber products, but to be fair I normally just do some research when I'm looking to buy a new type of product and go with what people reckon is the "best". If you go on detailingworld.co.uk there's guides on there for anything to do with cleaning a car plus product reviews for pretty much everything out there.
  3. Nightmare, sorry to hear that mate. Fire a private message to @ZMANALEX, he might be able to identify exactly what's needed and will probably have most of the parts.
  4. Yeah the oem looking rolled tips and the true dual layout were 2 of the main things that swung me towards the gemini
  5. The oem exhaust on mine lasted 10 years before it gave up in 2017 (at the common place where the back box joins to the midpipe). I repaired it, then in 2018 had the whole system replaced with an invidia gemini and Torqen HFCs which I'm hoping will last many more years.
  6. It depends how well the car has been cared for by its past owners really. When I first buy a car I usually give it a really thorough wash and decontamination then single stage paint correction (if needed) and finally a sealant/wax to protect your hard work. After that any future wash will be much easier and quicker because the car will be in a much better state before you start plus you can skip certain stages like headphones has mentioned.
  7. You don't really wipe the product off, it seems to break down as you rub it into the lense (similar to how scratch remover paste works on paintwork). The product info says "Formulated with OEM acrylic resins to help prevent oxidation and cloudiness from reoccurring" so will be interesting to see how it lasts. I'd also assume a proper UV resistant coating would be more durable so we'll see! But yeah my plan is to keep them topped up with wax each time I wash the car.
  8. Yeah I'm not sure I'd trust myself with some sandpaper on a drill unless the headlights were off the car.. Same reason I've never tried using a da polisher I still masked the paintwork up just to be safe seeing as the compound must be at least midly abrasive, but it was super easy to avoid getting any on the bodywork.
  9. I gave this stuff a try yesterday- https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/turtlewax-headlight-cleaner-and-sealant-300ml-552777401?gclid=CjwKCAiA4Y7yBRB8EiwADV1hacHksPB-4iLQkoYzjSLXayFMpAN0-BrYPMIuh9NS7YrWPM88apWUDBoCBg0QAvD_BwE I'm pretty impressed with the results, not sure how long the lights will stay nice and clear but considering it only took half an hour to do both (by hand) I won't mind having to to re-apply every now and again.
  10. Personally I'd go down the portable garage route if you can, never been a fan of outdoor covers because unless the car is immaculately clean any dirt will rub around with the wind and cause damage to the paint like you've mentioned.
  11. Jack94

    Twisting Gear Nob

    Yep you've got it, the knob is threaded on so worth just giving it a tighten first. If it keeps coming loose in the future might be worth taking it off, putting a drop of loctite on the threads then putting it back on. Just don't use too much or else it'll never budge again
  12. Jack94

    My 911

    First world problem right there Wish I could afford to run another car other than the zed, let alone 2
  13. I feel your pain, I don't think Ive ever had a reasonable renewal quote. Insurance companies seem to rely on you not giving it much thought and chance charging whatever they feel like. It's sad because if they actually offered competitive renewal prices people would be much more likely to show loyalty to one company
  14. Oooh tempting, who was this re-trimmed by?





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