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  1. Great deal for someone considering this system is nearly £1400 new, GLWTS
  2. 1. Just drain the old fuel out and put some fresh in, it'll be fine. 2. Considering how cheap some oil and a filter is I'd probably change it just for peace of mind. 3. Get yourself a battery charger/reconditioner (like CTEK), that'll tell you what state the battery is in. If its been standing for that long I wouldn't be surprised if it needs replacing, but you never know. 4. If you're taking the pump out anyway then yeah just stick a pipe into the tank and syphon the old fuel out (baring in mind it's a saddle shaped tank so be sure to empty both sides). 5. Off the top of my head the only other thing I can of is the tyres. The pressures will most likely be very low (unless you pumped them up to max before storage). Also given how long its been standing without moving at all they may have flat spots on the bottom. Hope that helps & good luck getting her back on the road
  3. If you're happy with the sound you've got and just want a bit more volume then HFCs are a great shout, they'll free up a few extra bhp too. Sports cats of any brand seem to be a bit hit and miss with emissions, but if you get them hot before test and have a fairly "friendly" tester you should be fine. The only fault they'll throw up is the CEL due to more pollutants getting through the system. Again it can be hit and miss whether this happens but you're better off getting the car remapped and the rear O2 sensors turned off. It makes absolutely no difference to how the car runs and eliminates this problem. Changing to a regular aftermarket Y pipe probably won't make any difference in terms of sound/volume but might help the system flow a little better.
  4. Jack94

    VQ35DE oil grade?

    Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-30
  5. I was debating getting a CAI for a while, but after having to drive on flooded roads this week I'm glad I decided against the idea
  6. I've had a pair of these in for a couple of years and still going strong- ttps://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333275515931 They're pretty quick and easy to change if you turn the wheels on full lock and take a few of the arch liner fixings out? This gives you enough room to get your hand in to the back of the cluster.
  7. Surprising it's 294bhp if it's 2005, how high does it rev? 6.5 or 7k?
  8. It depends what you mean by best? Performance, looking, sounding etc. A lot of people swap to a decent CAI (such as stillen) simply for the engine bay bling or because they want extra induction noise so if that's what your after then crack on. However as the guys have said, if you're after performance gains just stick with the standard setup and get yourself a couple of decent drop in filters.
  9. Just tried getting a quote for my 350z out of curiosity and got the same message sadly
  10. Looks like a great idea, very smart My Zed doesn't have a cubby, but if it did I'd definitely buy one. As for price I'd say £20 including postage would be fair.
  11. Jack94

    50mm spacers

    Have you measured the spacers to double check they are actually the same size?
  12. From personal experience I've only ever had Torqen HFCs which I rate really well because they were a perfect fit to my invidia system, seem really good quality, decent price and got me through an MOT no problem. There's loads of other reputable brands out there though such as ark, invidia, cobra, berk etc.
  13. If you're happy with the noise and just want a bit more volume have you considered swapping out the oem cats for HFCs? If you've already got an aftermarket system then changing it to another one will give negligible gains if any, whereas HFCs should make a noticeable difference.
  14. 1. Try and find some second hand either on here or somewhere else, I dread to think how much nissan charge for them new 2. Don't listen to whoever reccomended that to you, japspeed are renowned for their poor quality. If you're going for HFCs go for a better quality brand, they'll be quieter than decats but louder than oem cats. 3. Yes the invidia will be quieter than the cobra but still might be too loud for your taste with the decats, probably a good idea to see if there's anyone local to you with a similar setup and go for a listen first.



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