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  1. +1. I'm not a fan of the "bulge" in the HR bonnet, much prefer the lines of the DE bonnet as I think they suit the car more, but I think we're definitely in the minority
  2. Glad to hear you've got it back together, hopefully you can start actually enjoying it now Shame you've had to do such a big job so early into your ownership but at least you've got peace of mind that it's done now!
  3. Jack94

    350z servicing

    Depends what you're after... If you want to be overcharged and reccomended a load of repairs (that don't actually need doing) then go to a main dealer. If you want top quality work done from honest, trustworthy guys at a fair price then go to Horsham. I've used them every year since I've had my zed and always been thoroughly pleased with their work.
  4. If the seller told you that for definite I'd try sending them a PM to organise a return/refund? If you can't sort it out between yourselves then get the admins involved.
  5. Yep. I think the only way to code the headunit to a new car is to contact Clarion? That's what I've heard anyway.
  6. Jack94

    380RS pedal.

    Torqen? https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/interior/1651-350z-nissan-oem-nismo-380rs-gas-acceleration-pedal-18016-ab000.html
  7. Jack94

    Braking Bad

    Glad your issue is now sorted It's not just zed related though, hubs should always be properly cleaned up before fitting new discs, or else you're asking for brake judder. The fact that garages like PTA can't even replace brakes correctly or diagnose something simple like runout are the reason I always take my zed to a reputable specialist Good of them to give you a refund though!
  8. +1 for CTEK, it's what we use at work and I have the MXS 5.0 for at home use with my zed/motorbike.
  9. Personal preference of course but I wouldn't bother getting your current wheels refurbed. If you want to stay OEM then the standard Rays would be a great upgrade. They're cheap, light, strong (forged) and look great.
  10. Firstly, congrats on your purchase and welcome to the forum Whilst it's probably one of the lowest mileage zeds in the country I'm sorry but I wouldn't say it's particularly "rare". To me it looks like a completely standard car except its an import, has the Nismo V1 spoiler (can't tell whether that's genuine or replica) and a nice exhaust. It's a decent spec but not top of the line because it doesn't have audio controls on the steering wheel, satnav, cruise control or RAYS alloys. In terms of value I'd guess maybe a little higher than Alex has
  11. I should be on commission Congrats autorune and commiserations inspiral
  12. Yeah I meant service history, I'm always dubious of any motor that doesn't have a paperwork trail to show its been well maintained, especially something that's 17 years old. It looks fairly standard and tidy in the ad so that's good, but with no warranty whatsoever it's definitely a risk. Like you've said though, if you're happy knowing that you may have to sink a fair bit of money in to get it running properly and can get it for a really low price then go for it. Personally I'm not a gambling man so would rather something like this- It needs some TLC cos
  13. Since the steering wheel you have fitted doesn't have an airbag (unlike the OEM one) there must be a resistor wired into the connector to stop the SRS light coming on? No idea why your horn isn't working but my guess would be that whilst checking that you've disturbed the resistor, which has caused the warning light to come on. Similarly there should be a resistor wired into the seat connectors if the originals had airbags but I doubt that's the issue if you haven't been anywhere near them.
  14. Have you got a link to the ad? The engine in that video doesn't sound healthy to me, plus if it doesn't have much history it's a major gamble and could end up very costly. By all means go for it if you're happy with the risk but personally I wouldn't pay anywhere near 4k. I take it the dealer isn't offering any warranty? If it truly is just a cheap and easy fix such as a fuel damper or crank sensor then surely they would do it themselves and sell car for a higher price..
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