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  1. I have the same Nismo bodykit and changed mine a few years ago, it's dead easy. I didn't remove the wheel just put the steering on full lock and removed a few of the arch liner clips (which all came out in one piece thankfully), then you can squeeze your hand up there. I'm pretty sure it's the bulb I've circled that's the sidelight. I went with Philips LEDs mainly because I wanted a white light that better matched the OEM xenons.
  2. I thought our zeds have an 80 litre tank? But yeah I think the gauge on most cars reads a little low, probably to make it harder for people to run out of fuel
  3. Considering the fuel cap and owners manual both state that the car needs to be run on minimum 98 RON fuel and all super unleaded is E5, there's no question really...
  4. Have you asked @ZMANALEX?
  5. Why not just refurb your oem motors? They usually only fail due to carbon build up which is extremely simple to fix, and it's not difficult to remove the fan shroud. I did this a few years ago and they've been absolutely fine ever since.
  6. Are DI filters really that good? If so I might have to give one a try..
  7. I have the mini hand-held version which I mainly use just for the wheels and any other small areas I can't get a drying cloth into. It's very powerful for the size of it!
  8. Definitely sounds like a misfire, in which case the cat is probably getting red hot because the unburnt fuel is getting into it. As you've said, my first point of call would be to check the coils/plugs. If the CEL comes back then get a code reader on it.
  9. Check the front arches too, the wings are prone to rust, but that's much easier to sort because you can simply bolt a new panel on. It looks like a lot of cars weak points (cooling fan motors, clutch slave cylinder, W brace, kidney brackets, boot struts) have already been addressed so that's good. Also the MPSS tyres are a nice bonus and the facelift headlights are an expensive upgrade. The original DE engine is the most bulletproof of the 3 variants really (it doesn't suffer from high oil consumption like some Rev-up's do or oil gallery gasket failure that all HR's e
  10. Exactly my thoughts when I was looking to replace mine too. I didn't really want to spend 1k+ on an exhaust but I couldn't be arsed with something that didn't fit well or would need replacing again after a few years. I went with the invidia gemini and torqen high flow cats in the end. Perfect fit, great sound, and brilliant long lasting quality
  11. Looks like a well cared for and reasonably priced example to me. As Willsy has said, sorting out the rust won't be cheap but sadly I think it's getting harder and harder to find a perfectly rust-free example these days and even then you'll pay a massive premium for one that's been stored inside and only ever seen summer months.
  12. Fair enough. Sadly cheap and premium rarely go together
  13. Seen this? https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/127944-toyosports-stainless-steel-cat-back-exhaust-system-for-sale/
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