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  1. Will be interested to hear your thoughts about the Cayman. I'm in a similar situation- got 35k which I'm tempted to spend on a new car and get rid of the zed. Ideally I'd like something manual with a V8, which really limits options and keeps bringing me back to mustangs. Also been considering an R8 but the maintenance costs scare me a bit.
  2. Can't say I've ever heard of gravity performance so I'd imagine it would be a bit of a gamble. I think Scorpion are in the same sort of price range and @HEADPHONES has one fitted to his, so might be able to provide some insight?
  3. I've got a polished up OEM plenum with motordyne MREV2 lower manifold & motordyne 5/16th plenum spacer on my revup. I did quite a lot of research at the time (a few years ago) and this combo seemed to be proven the most effective for gains. In regards to plenum spaces and clearance issues, up to 5/16th works absolutely fine as long as the kit comes with spacers for the strut brace, anything over that and you have to leave it off otherwise it'll hit the bonnet. In terms of gains I'd probably expect somewhere between 20-30bhp when combined with a high flow air filter, full exhaust system (including cats) & uprev.
  4. Jack94


    The exhaust gases usually smell a bit due to high flow cats not filtering as well as standard ones, but as above, it shouldn't be stinking of petrol unless unburnt fuel is getting in there. You could take the car for an uprev to get it tuned properly and the post-cat O2 sensors turned off to get rid of the EML for good.
  5. Is the rest of your exhaust oem at the moment? But yeah I'd definitely reccomend a remap if you do go down the HFC route to get the best gains, and also turn off the post cat O2 sensors to eliminate the risk of them triggering the EML.
  6. Sounds like the perfect excuse to upgrade to HFCs. Cheaper than oem & decent power gains, what's not to love 😁 (unless you really don't want any increase in exhaust volume).
  7. Jack94

    First Mods

    This ^^. Totally agree that you should take a little time to get used to the car first because it'll all be new to you, but once you've got a good idea of what you're happy with/want to improve then personally I'd smash out the mods as fast as funds allow.
  8. Jack94

    First Mods

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase. A plenum spacer is a good idea if the engine is a DE, seeing as you've already got an aftermarket cat-back exhaust then the only other bolt on mod is HFCs or decats really. An induction system will add a bit of noise and engine bay bling but won't actually give any gains. You can get the car remapped (Uprev) but best to do this last once you've got all other performance mods in place. In addition to brake fluid and coolant as Azurez33 mentioned I'd also reccomend fresh gearbox & diff oil.
  9. If you're just looking for a comfortable, cheap to run commuter then I don't think the 370z is for you. I use my 350z as a daily all year round and it's not the most sensible choice, but it does put a big grin on my face every time I drive it.
  10. That one you linked is actually being sold by an owner on here funnily enough- I think even the most expensive 370z (Nismo) was just under 40k new, so you shouldn't have to worry about the extra payment anyway.
  11. Welcome to the forum. As above, the 370z engine has never changed, but in 2017 the tax brackets did. Pre 2017 it was banded purely based on CO2/km, the 370z was band L & the XKR was band M (the highest). Whereas now after the first year every vehicle is charged the same (unless the emmisons are zero, in which case its still free). Also if the list price is over 40k you have to pay a supplement for the first 5 years. 20-25pmg is easily achievable, and I'd expect other running costs like servicing, parts etc to be a fair bit cheaper than you're paying now.
  12. New and used vehicle prices are crazy at the moment so it’s hard to judge really. All due to the global semiconductor shortage. Manufacturers are struggling to build enough cars, which drives up demand in the secondhand market.
  13. Shouldn’t cause any adverse effects other than that less ground clearance obviously.
  14. I have the exact same symptom at the moment, last time the car was at H-Dev they confirmed that sadly it is radiator leaking. I’ve ordered an all aluminium Koyo one along with a silicone hose kit which they’re gonna fit for me in a couple of weeks.
  15. Not sure this is possible with the 370z because of the way the system works. @cs2000 is probably the man to ask.
  16. How about a proper pipe cutter? That's what I used when I had to repair my oem system and it was dead easy. They're a great tool, not expensive and leave a really nice clean/straight cut.
  17. Agreed, a must for single exit systems imo 👌
  18. Great review, thanks for the writeup I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while.
  19. Still not the best photo Judging by the size/shape of the backbox I'd still guess Miltek, it's a lot larger than most other aftermarket systems (which is why it's a bit quieter).
  20. To be able to tell for sure you need a picture from under the car really, but I agree the tailpipes look like Miltek to me.
  21. My god that is absolutely beautiful, I can't even explain how jealous I am.
  22. I have an invidia gemini on my 350z and can't reccomend it enough. Lovely tone without being abnoxiously loud (even with HFCs) and brilliant quality. Miltek is a good shout and probably around the same price point, their stuff is usually very well made although I've heard it's not much louder than OEM. Ark and Stillen are great options too, but a bit more expensive as you say. Japspeed is cheap and cheerful, you get what you pay for so it's never going to be amazing (probably won't fit properly and drone a lot). Lastly I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about Cobra, some people seem to love them but I've also seen a lot of posts about issues with welds, rust, rattling, drone etc. I imagine the "cotton reels" are probably mass dampers, aftermarket systems probably just have no need for them.
  23. Just seen the thread for the meet, looks great! I really need to get myself organised and start coming along to some
  24. Just went past a convoy of assorted zeds coming off the Shell garage roundabout near Chipping Norton, I was in my 350z
  25. What's a tax disc? Nice looking bit of kit but I think you may have trouble finding a buyer seeing as these things have been redundant since 2015.
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