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  1. So I washed and waxed the car today. Used dodo juice shampoo followed by autoglym uhd wax. I was happy with the results, a pic is attached I definitely need to clay and polish the car though, at least it looks good in pics for now.
  2. Thanks for the reply @ilogikal1 Sounds like I'll just be using the UHD wax next time I wax the car and won't bother with the jetseal in that case as that seems to always take me forever to apply and remove! Thanks for the heads up about the shampoo - I'll give it to my mum to use on her car, I just saw it as a freebie in all honesty
  3. Halfords currently have a sale which means you can get the newer autoglym UHD WAX (which is supposed to be one of the best) along with UHD shampoo for £36.75. It comes in a nice carry bag/case also. The products are full size, and the wax alone is around £55 when full price. Link: https://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=165671&productId=1492038&storeId=10001 I couldn't resist and have bought it! Anyone used it before and/or have any tips for getting the best out of it? Can I use it on top of a sealant (I have jetseal 109)? And if I do will it add anything?
  4. I went to Horsham Developments yesterday to get my clutch slave, line and fluid changed along with gearbox and diff oils. Was done quickly and efficiently with friendly staff and at a great price. Literally can't go wrong! Car feels better to drive now - gearchanges are much smoother and the clutch seems to grip better (no longer get a clutch burn smell when driving hard, and no more sticky clutch!). Thanks for the great work guys!
  5. I saw a silver 370z on the M1 today as I was driving towards London,wondering if it was anyone on here. Would have been around 9.30 - 10pmnot too far from London. I waved, I was in a grey 350z roadster. There was also an black audi S3 that was alongside too.
  6. Saw a Blue 350z on Grant Road in Clapham Junction in London about an hour or so ago. Member on here by any chance?
  7. Amazing! I am definitely ordering that - thanks for the link
  8. I detailed my previous car (up to a point anyway). I have yet to do it on the Zed. What I would be/will be doing is the following: - hand wash using two bucket method - use fall out remover and iron ex to get rid of contaminants in the paintwork and wheels - use a clay bar to get the paint completely clean and remove contaminants further - hand polish the car (I'll be doing this by hand as I don't have a da polisher) - wax/seal the car - use tyre shine and seal the alloy wheels also This is just what I'm planning to do, but obv there is loads more that you could do!
  9. This looks so good! I don't have a machine polish sadly but will be taking the tips off and redoing by hand later in the year. Hopefully with them off the car it will be easier to clean them properly and get them closer to how shiny yours are!
  10. So I thought I'd have a go at cleaning the exhaust tips today as they've looked horrendously dirty since I bought the car. (Maybe they were never polished by the previous owner? Seems like the kind of thing that could definitely be easily forgotten about.) I initially though they were too far gone and was thinking of buying new tips but read some forums that said they could probably be saved, so thought I'd have an initial go at it. I used wire wool and autosol (both of which came to the princely sum of £10). I didn't have the tools with me to remove the tips so had to do it in situ. I'll remove them later in the year and give them a more thorough clean. Pic attached of before and after. It wasn't too difficult and spent around 30-40 minutes. I initially used wire wool, then applied autosol and used a cloth to remove and then repeated the whole process another two times. They are obviously not 100%, but so much better than they were!
  11. Rikz2004

    Mps4 set for £478

    Approx £425 for all 4 ps4 fitted from formula one Autocentres after £50 cashback from Michelin! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2353519-michelin-pilot-sport-4s-car-tyres-10535-f1-autocentres-3200072
  12. I saw this earlier on the Hukd website. I've bought two front tyres, absolute bargain at these prices!
  13. This is the rise for brand new cars I think. The increase for a revup 350z will be £15 I believe.
  14. I'm definitely up for a meet up. Can organise something if others are interested? How about a breakfast meet on Sunday 24th March?
  15. Just wanted to add, I cleaned the maf at the same time (although pretty sure that didn't make much of a difference). I felt cleaning the TB made a noticeable difference to how the car ran.



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