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  1. I prefer the yellow they come in and personally think they have much more road presence than the others in your list!
  2. I'd be up for this if it's a weekend when I'm in Leicester
  3. And just to add another option, I'd look at the megane rs also - seems very cheap for the performance and is probably more fun/better to drive than most on your original list.
  4. The golf is supposed to be the most fun out of all of those cars and would be the one I'd go for. If I was in the market I'd definitely test drive them all and make a decision based on that. I personally would also be looking at the scirocco r but I think they stopped being made a while back. As Ekona has said though, all of them are pretty much standard cars with little to no road presence that have undergone performance upgrades.
  5. I got Horsham Developments to do mines, they were a pretty good price too. If you are going to diy I think people recommend the Nissan oem oils and also remember to remove the fill plug before draining!
  6. It could also be a late registered pre facelift I guess? What engine is it? And is the interior the pre facelift or the facelift?
  7. I'd be interested to see the longevity to be honest. So far it looks/sounds good!
  8. I don't disagree with any of your points in all honesty, and you're right I haven't tried that tyre on a z. It's more that the tyres were the 1 thing the OP changed which lead to a very different (possibly subjective) driving feel so changing back to michelin will most likely resolve the issue. There's also the other thing that mpss aren't really normal Road tyres and more like track tyres which probably doesn't help! I could be missing out on the best tyres for my car as you said, but I'm happy with the mps4 and would rather go with what I know as would many others (also as you said!). Will be looking out for updates on this thread anyway to see if there were any other issues with the car
  9. I think the ones that are used on ferrari's and mclarens will be designed specifically for those cars and will be a different compound to standard p zeros. I have taken tyre reviews and forum advice (not from this forum) as gospel before on tyres and was massively disappointed, so I would respectfully disagree (once bitten, twice shy and all that). There's is also the fact that a great tyre for 1 person could be a bad tyre for the next as a lot of it is down to driving style and subjective feel. I get that OP's issues could be down to worn suspension parts, but with all things being equal and when the only thing being changed is the tyres it would lead me to the obvious conclusion. That is not to say that OP doesn't have worn suspension components and that is being highlighted by the change in tyre.
  10. I think this is due to the size and car the tyre is being tested on. Some tyres work really well on lighter fwd cars, but stick them on a heavy rwd car and they're mediocre for example. And also some tyres work really well in some sizes but not so good in others. This is probably partly the reason why michelin PS4S only come in 19 and above and they have the PS4 for 18 and below. I get that tyre reviews are supposed to be objective etc etc, but unless they've been tested on the car that you own, they can only be used to inform your decision. Either way, I've never personally rated pirellis from my own experience and wouldn't put them on my 350z, but obv everyone's own experiences will be different. You're also comparing how they perform on a fwd hatchback and then saying they should be just as good on a rwd coupe, which is a big claim. I'd be interested to know what your theory is for why the OP is experiencing the issues he currently has? I've got michelin ps4 on the front and Bridgestone's on the rear. I have never experienced any issues like the OP has and I drive pretty fast sometimes, so it can't be an inherent issue with mixing tyres. I replaced the fronts before they were even half worn as when I bought the car it came with some mid range fronts, and even with those on the car didn't behave the way the op is describing!
  11. P zeros are shite unfortunately and I am not surprised with your issues. I would never put this tyre on my 350z and I'm pretty sure your issues are down to these tyres being rubbish. I have different tyres on the rear vs the front, and the only time I notice is when I really push in the rain and/or try to get the back end out. In normal driving (even a bit fast) it is completely unnoticeable and never had any issues where the car felt unsafe to drive. Put this down to a lesson learnt and check tyre reviews or ask for advice rather than taking recommendations from someone who is trying to sell you something in the future. You can't put a price on your safety and in all honesty even if you lose £100 - 150 on the sale of the tyres, it is a small price to pay even compared to a small car accident with no injury.
  12. To be fair I have used turtle wax back in the day and it wasn't too bad from memory. But that was long before I ever got into "detailing" and at that point I didn't even know what swirl marks were I would probably fit into the group of people that has used their products before and would be reluctant to use again but I can't deny at the price point and for their target market they are decent. They may produce some decent stuff now, I'll keep an eye out on forensic detailing and who knows maybe even test something of theirs in the future
  13. It was a great meet, thanks for organising @Payco It was nice to meet some other Zed owners and I will definitely attend more in the future. @coldel your car looks so good in the flesh as do many others, just reminds me that I definitely need to sort some bits on mine to get it looking decent!
  14. You realise millenials is a term covering anyone born from 1981-1996. Some millenials are 38 years old and I'm pretty sure most millenials do not fit your stereotype. The general summary of *some* people in today's society I agree with, however I don't think it's that dissimilar to previous generations. It's just that now credit is so much more readily available. I feel for the YouTuber as I follow him on YouTube and he seems like a decent guy and produces great content. I think he has made a mistake and probably does realise that but at the same time it's all too easy for people in today's society to fall into that trap as credit is too easily available and there is not much/any education around finance. I have the view that he's bought the car and made modifications to it to produce content without realising the ramifications and possible fallout from this. Hopefully he finds a way to get himself out of the hole and doesn't resort to anything like crowd funding as others have suggested he might do.
  15. I saw forensic detailing's video on YouTube earlier, it almost seems too good to be true! I then read through some of the comments on YouTube and some suggest it's not very easy to apply which put me off purchasing.



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