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  1. Taken today on my huawei mate 20 pro after washing the car and waxing yesterday (autoglym ultra HD wax)
  2. Probably cheaper to just buy an economical run around and keep the Zed as a weekend car.
  3. For me coming from a BMW 3 series (E46 coupe) I've personally found people treat you much nicer with the 350z compared to the BMW! The only exception is the odd boy racer in an audi s3 etc trying to race you but that would be any fast-ish car tbh. On the flip side I've had positive reactions from some super car drivers (lambo's etc) due to the nice exhaust note of the 350z (mines has a cobra cat back exhaust).
  4. This is so annoying. I usually use cruise control on the motorway at around 65 and will stay in the first lane unless I need to overtake. When someone does this to me I'll pull back in behind them and wait until the slow down again and then back into the middle lane to overtake and repeat until they stop being an idiot. I find this usually works pretty quickly as they get bored of this game especially if you choose not to engage in their stupidity.
  5. @Paul K I've seen your car in the flesh and had a chat with you at Ace Cafe earlier this year. The drop on your car looks great along with your wheel's which look amazing!
  6. That's why I was tempted in all honesty as the ARB's are rated so highly. The spring rates etc looked decent too and they have a lifetime warranty. But the resounding forum advice to go with tein s tech has swayed me to do just that rather than giving in to my curiosity!
  7. So my order of the whiteline springs got cancelled due to being out of stock so I'm actually still in the market for springs. I'm looking at buying them next month so unless anyone has opinions of the whiteline springs by then I will probably now go with Tein S. They've been tried and tested as has been said in conjunction with the bilstein b6 dampers that I've already bought. All the pictures in this thread of cars with them on look great and have the perfect amount of lowering!
  8. So I've bought these springs and will report back once I get them fitted (along with the bilstein b6's). Coincidentally they have been fitted to a 350z on the Road and Race YouTube channel, link below if anyone is interested:
  9. Thanks, will do and I'll search the forum for teins as well and have a read. Maybe I'll be the Guinea pig for the whiteline springs!
  10. Fair enough, I guess most people (myself included) incorrectly assume it will affect insurance premiums as you're asked about it on some popular insurance websites. If you can't get the windscreen sorted, just fix the other bits that you can and take some nice pictures in better light. If it were me trying to sell the car, I'd get a windscreen from someone breaking a car and get it replaced. I think it would be much easier to sell without a cracked windscreen and you'd probably get more money for it. You could ask a mate to take some nice pictures for you if you're having difficulties. Or maybe another forum member would be willing to help out if you're close to them. Blurry pictures to me would make me think the car bodywork is in poor condition and the seller is trying to hide that.
  11. I've read conflicting things around the tein s tech springs, and eibach are a bit too big a drop for me (don't want to scrape or have to get adjustable camber arms etc). Whiteline seem decent and the drop is in between the two, just wondering if anyone from here has used them or knows if they're any good?
  12. Has anyone used these? Or got any views to how good they are on a 350z roadster?
  13. That seems pretty cheap for a hr 350z, if this was available when I bought mine I would have probably considered it. The things that would put me off it would be that you have mentioned a crack in the windscreen, but looking through your pictures I can't find any picture of it. In all honesty, a cracked windscreen would put me off because it would give me the assumption that the previous owner hasn't taken care of their car. Also as far as I'm aware, if the new owner claimed it on their insurance it would affect their premiums going forward as it still needs to be declared when getting new insurance/renewing (I may be wrong about this). Looking through your pictures, there seems to be a key mark on a door and a scrape one a door too? Don't know if that's because the pictures aren't very clear. Neither of these are mentioned in the advert. Also, the majority of your pictures are taken in the dark and poor quality, with some of them being blurry. I'd probably retake them in better lighting conditions. If I were trying to sell it, I'd get the windscreen sorted, see what I can do about the damage and then take some decent pictures in better light.
  14. I'd probably go straight to good quality 10w-50. That's shitty that the previous owner didn't mention anything. From this thread it sounds like they've stitched you up



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