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  1. Welcome! Car looks nice, and sounds like it's already got some nice mods mate
  2. Thanks mate, will definitely be coming to you to buy these when I plan to do this job!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I've read about the cam cover issue, will probably have to replace them in the next year or so when I have some spare cash as it's not too bad at the moment (and I read that it's not an urgent thing to do unless the spark plug Wells are filling up, which mine are not). I always use tesco momentum 99 Ron so all good on the fuel front. Any idea why it would be running lean? Those spark plugs did seem fairly loose/a bit too easy to take out so I guess it could be that? Glad to hear I shouldn't be worried!
  4. I changed the spark plugs and coil packs on my car today, the car is running much smoother and this has removed flat spots. One of the coil packs failed just before Xmas so have swapped them all for new ones and thought may as well change the spark plugs whilst I was at it (they were last changed approx 2 years/18k miles ago). I've attached a pic of the old spark plugs. The 3 on the right side (passenger side) are a bit oily and the tips have a white deposit (the 3 on the driver side were fine). Also worth noting that it was cylinder 5 misfiring which is the spark plug on the top left (one that is not oily). Should I be worried at all?
  5. I'm not sure of the answer to your question, but mines had this when I bought it (the previous owner didn't even notice it, so who knows how long it actually had the issue for). I had it fixed aafter around 6ish months of owning the car I think. It's been completely fine since then, so doesn't seem like it did any long term damage.
  6. Ridiculously high priced for what it is, much better alternatives at that price point. As someone else said, 370z nismo's are cheaper!
  7. Welcome, car looks really nice mate I own a roadster too, although a 350z - love being able to put the roof down in summer!
  8. The only time I had this (the lights would come on every journey and then would go off every time I switched the car off and would come on again once I started driving), it was an issue with the throttle position/accelerator pedals. I did have a loss of power too though. I did the various resets using a guide on here and YouTube (you have to do some of these with the engine up to temp) and it's been fine ever since.
  9. Good point, completely forgot about pushchair - you can tell I don't have kids yet!
  10. Porsche 911 996 carrera 4s?
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