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  1. Just tried this and thankfully opened on the 2nd try. Drove around for half an hour with it open and then closed it again. Thanks so much for the advice, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks will try. I'm not sure how charged it is but I guess it could be a bit low (as I've hardly been driving the car due to lockdown). It's a fairly new battery (less than 2 years old). Whats the best way to charge it without having a charger? Driving around for a bit?
  3. Hi all, Tried to open my roof today for the first time this year and it wouldn't open at all. After a few tries opening and closing it's got to the point where it will open almost all the way but get stuck at the point it's trying to compress the roof to then close the flap/lid thing on the rear (so essentially the last bit of opening the roof). Does anyone have any suggestions to fix or know what the issue is?
  4. Washed my car last weekend (Sunday 1st December) and tried out Meguiars hybrid ceramic wax. Beading pic from today attached.
  5. I had this same issue after cleaning my throttle body and thought I had done it correctly once the car was warmed up but turns out one of the things hadn't worked. I re-did them and not had any issues since (6 months). I personally would take the car for a drive until its fully up to temp and try them again a few times until I'm satisfied that they've been done correctly.
  6. I believe some of the pedal dance things need to be done once the car is warm. If you do this correctly, it should fix it. From memory it's the throttle position reset you need to do once car is warm but maybe someone else can confirm.
  7. It's also worth noting it's not a GT, so has no cruise control, doesn't have bose audio and doesn't have electric, heated leather seats. Not sure if there are other differences between the gt and non-gt, maybe someone else can advise? It is a revup too so could have high oil usage, that would definitely be something to check.
  8. Looking at the video it looks like there is damage to the rear bumper and drivers side wing. Also the more worrying thing is what looks like a flashing slip indicator light. I would probably avoid that one and spend more tbh. Just a wing and bumper would probably end up costing in excess of £500 fitted. This along with the flashing slip indicator light (not sure what this means, maybe someone else can help) and the high mileage would put me off. But it's probably worth going and you may even get a bargain, just make sure you go in with your eyes wide open!
  9. I think people get a bit annoyed when someone's asked for advice but then not followed the advice given. Please remember that they're just trying to help you at the end of the day, it's not like they have anything to gain from you buying tyres of a certain brand. Also, you have to remember that this is a forum for a performance car, most people (myself included) don't really see the point of getting a performance car if you're not going to stretch it's legs at least occasionally. The michelin ps4 are better than what you've ordered (I changed over to them from some mid range tyres the person had put on my car before I bought it). However, as others have said as long as you drive within yours and the cars/tyres limits the tyres you have ordered should be fine (they certainly don't look like they're ditch finders).
  10. Taken today on my huawei mate 20 pro after washing the car and waxing yesterday (autoglym ultra HD wax)
  11. Probably cheaper to just buy an economical run around and keep the Zed as a weekend car.
  12. For me coming from a BMW 3 series (E46 coupe) I've personally found people treat you much nicer with the 350z compared to the BMW! The only exception is the odd boy racer in an audi s3 etc trying to race you but that would be any fast-ish car tbh. On the flip side I've had positive reactions from some super car drivers (lambo's etc) due to the nice exhaust note of the 350z (mines has a cobra cat back exhaust).
  13. This is so annoying. I usually use cruise control on the motorway at around 65 and will stay in the first lane unless I need to overtake. When someone does this to me I'll pull back in behind them and wait until the slow down again and then back into the middle lane to overtake and repeat until they stop being an idiot. I find this usually works pretty quickly as they get bored of this game especially if you choose not to engage in their stupidity.





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