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  1. The gentleman that bought the car seemed to be a car enthusiast and certainly spoke about taking care of it so it’s gone to a good home thankfully 🙂
  2. I was genuinely so sad to see it being driven away, was upsetting to see someone else driving ‘my’ car 😢😂
  3. Car is now sold (through auto trader for anyone interested). Really sad to see it go, and going to miss this community! Please lock mods.
  4. I’ve had a think about how much I’d be willing to accept for the car, and it’s only fair that I’m transparent with my fellow forum members (I guess this may make it more attractive to people who dislike any haggling) - I will accept £5,250 for the car from a forum member. Happy to have video calls etc or add any videos to show the condition of the car, (the bodywork is in very good condition for the age).
  5. Yeah that’s true, the markets probably just slow at the minute.
  6. Do we think this is overpriced? I’ve not really hand much contact other than low ballers/dreamers on Facebook!
  7. Thanks mate - thought someone would have snapped it up by now if I’m honest! I’m only selling as need a family car, otherwise would have kept it 😢
  8. Price drop £6000 - not sure how I can edit the thread title or update my first post!
  9. Thanks for the advice mate. Got a whole load of “you’ve been in an accident and are owed compensation” type calls after putting my number on gumtree 😂 Only had lowball offers so far, hopefully get some offers closer to asking!
  10. I’ve put it up on Facebook marketplace and auto trader this week, and gumtree just now 🙂
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