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  1. The only time I had this (the lights would come on every journey and then would go off every time I switched the car off and would come on again once I started driving), it was an issue with the throttle position/accelerator pedals. I did have a loss of power too though. I did the various resets using a guide on here and YouTube (you have to do some of these with the engine up to temp) and it's been fine ever since.
  2. Good point, completely forgot about pushchair - you can tell I don't have kids yet!
  3. Porsche 911 996 carrera 4s?
  4. Update on this. Just got my car back from the repair place. The bumper fitment is 100% better. Whilst it's probably not factory perfect, it's certainly much better and good enough (aka isn't noticeable/doesn't annoy me when I look at the car). Having had a quick look in the sun, the paintwork on the bonnet and wing are now free of flat spots from what I can see. The bumper has a couple of light flat spots near the bottom of the bumper but these aren't noticeable and can only be seen if you start looking for them. I'm planning to polish my car in the next couple of months so not too bothered about the couple of unnoticeable flat spots left as I can probably polish them out. Certainly glad I sent it back and has definitely made a difference to the quality of the job/was definitely worthwhile. Whilst it isn't perfect, I'm fairly happy with the result, and definitely happy I got them to do some remedial repairs
  5. The car was just picked up now. The guy picking it up was really friendly and agreed that it shouldn't have gone out like this. He confirmed they will address the bumper fitment issue and go over all the paint work they have done and polish any flat spots. I'm not sure he knew what I meant by holograms, but I guess many people wouldn't. If it comes back with everything else sorted and only holograms remaining, I'll be happy. I'll attempt addressing the holograms myself as was planning to polish the paintwork to try and get rid of any small swirl marks at some point anyway. Fingers crossed that it's all sorted!
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I've alreeady spoken to the bodyshop and they're picking the car up on Tuesday, it all seemed civil on the phone. I will definitely be pointing out the areas I have noticed so they know exactly what the issues are. I'm hoping it won't have to get to a 3rd time, or devolve into a battle to try and get it up to standard so crossing my fingers for now. I did originally enquire about taking it to somewhere of my choice, but the insurance made the point that if you take it to a place of your choice and they don't do a good job, it then becomes your problem to sort out with the bodyshop (insurance won't get involved). I'll have to see how it goes but hopefully it will all be rectified without having to escalate things. From my perspective, if the issues are rectified then it will be a positive experience. No-ones perfect, and everyone/every company makes mistakes - it's how they deal with them and put things right that matters.
  7. Thanks - just wanted to check what others think is reasonable, to make sure I'm not asking for something ridiculous!
  8. Hi all, I had a car accident in March (the 3rd party went through a red light at a crossroad). Following the accident (due to covid), I only had my car repaired recently. It required a new bumper + paint, a small bit of the bonnet painting and a bit of the wing painting to colour match. I've received my car back and it looks like their are some parts on the wing that were sanded down but haven't been polished properly, some orange peel and holograms on the front bumper that was brand new and painted by them, and the bumper doesn't align properly with the wings (it's slightly "in" compared with the wings). There's also what I can only describe as a slight bend? on part of the bumper that fixes to the front slam panel underneath the bonnet. I have contacted the repairer to give them the opportunity to fix the above issues. I guess my question is, what sort of quality of repair should I expect from the insurance? Obviously alignment of the bumper, random bits that haven't been polished and look flat and orange peel are obvious and need to be fixed by anyone's standards really. Is expecting the front bumper to be free of holograms reasonable?





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