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  1. Psycho that is a beautiful car us old uns like me and shortpaul do appreciate a nice car but do something with that front valence. I no you want keep it to it's originality but you have evidence in photos
  2. Young people will not be able to buy a house pay a pension and buy a 40k electric car will never happen
  3. Also have a guy at work who owns a 13 plate bmw i3 free road tax ALL new one's are £500 because they are over 40k unless bmw have moved the goal posts
  4. Don't panic won't happen. Electric cars are quick but not for very long . BMW i8 fully charged and you rag it 17 miles what good is that Tesla winter is here every thing switch on lights heater radio they will all be waiting in a queue on the motorway to charge up . And we have charging points in the streets cables everywhere trip hazards health @ safety will have field day . And when the green party realise how do we dispose of all these batteries will be like nuclear waste
  5. pintopete58

    Nismo wheels

    Depending on how many brews you've had
  6. pintopete58

    Nismo wheels

    You couldn't of said it any better bry
  7. Do you still own this van and did you buy it off a guy In leicester
  8. Hi bud 323 / 324 is fine when your measuring do you measure off the 100mm line
  9. One day we will get to have a chat in person KEEP SAFE ALL
  10. Paul your always welcome and to me your always young
  11. Dave you sound like boris just get to the point
  12. Just for you young dudes out there it's the black van / pickup next to the red chevy stepsid pickup
  13. Go for it just done mine but mine only does -1000 miles year. Oil is manufactured by tesco and they put Asda's badge on it HAHAHA. Don't worry any oil is better than no oil
  14. I grew up with this type of motor shame you never got any pictures of the econoline





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