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  1. I thought I was until trying to get up from under my 350 after changing oil
  2. You could still make it happen in a different location. Just done 5 nights on the east coast got back today it's all aload of crap I no it's not but it's out of control people don't give a flying f$%^
  3. I got my buying head on and bought a de happy day's
  4. It's funny because a guy on here has just sold his 350 after 15 years and bought a 911 think so let's wait and see what his thoughts are
  5. And this is why it's one of the best forums. Looking over shoulder for shortpaul
  6. That's right you like what you like .c5 corvette loved it but I've had my 350 longer funny world
  7. Do your history on the engine cayman have a very poor engine build so in my eyes do you buy the badge or the quality. This is fun
  8. As with alot of cars the zed is so underrated better than boxster & cayman
  9. Well you don't fix something that's not broken
  10. Would you want to pay higher tax bracket for a DE or is it the lower tax bracket ?
  11. Hi everyone hope all is well just won't to no how many LTRS of oil does a DE 350 hold





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