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  1. This is where I'm going wrong in life I'm to honest
  2. How can you receive a trophy on face value
  3. Was that At Warwick motor museum by any chance Davy
  4. So you haven't turned the wheels around to hide the imperfection then dave
  5. It came as a bare unit what you see is what I've done
  6. It came from a guy in Irland not perfect but not far off and great for the money
  7. I wish I had as much money as you guys. Still a few thousand miles left in them
  8. If its only minor cracks will not fail mot. Get the tyers removed and rims cleaned
  9. Don't be so soft haha . Just have the tyers refitted leaking on the rims that's all
  10. In my 4th year of ownership nearly sold it . So pleased I didn't
  11. Just a few bits I've been doing in the last few months
  12. Just a few bits I've been doing in the last few months
  13. Nissanman your wheels are safe
  14. Yes got her out for 3 days this week . Took her work What a ball loved it





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