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  1. Haha. Buy them a shed . If you don't ask you don't get . Good luck .
  2. I've just given an out side cover away. Sorry But I rent a garage and I use old carpet on the floor and walls and I've bought some bed sheets off ebay just to drop over. If you can get hold of a garage you don't need a cover as the guys have said covers blow in the wind trap everything and scratch it .Good luck and keep the faith
  3. Hi Hp especially not long back it was only 3.3 % or save up for 3 years
  4. That's Martin's datsun that's up for sale
  5. Well if you get the job sorted this weekend you'll be available for the meet next weekend the 18th?
  6. Looking good. Mines a 2010 convertable 105k needed new discs & pads wiring sorting on the roof and I've just had front end re painted. Now changed exhaust to a invidia wheels seats & put a plate on it
  7. I paid 8k but I new it had issues? . Has yours
  8. Blimey Paul you'll have to pull your self away from the TV and come to a few meets. All that pop and crisps your eating
  9. Hi Paul if I remember you gave away a better zed than this to the trade for 5k. I know it was to get the Last nismo so in your case happy days
  10. Will it be another classic or more modern
  11. Glwts what a beautiful car. Euro millions tonight haha I wish
  12. Martin is your Datsun sss up for sale . I've just spotted it on ebay
  13. Hi bud leicester LE5 4LR. I would say it's a good run just to have a look. Cheers
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