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  1. Hi do you want one or not
  2. That's good timing mick when the mirrors arrive you can get them on in between rear end work . And get some pictures up
  3. Hi I do have one of these cap & strap £20 delivered
  4. Hi bud there's no cam belts It's chains Drive belts yes between rad and front of engine
  5. Only put 3 pictures got 4 and half the info has gone anyway Front 9.5 with 245 x 35 x 19 with + 23 off set
  6. I had works wheels on my 350 10.5 rear with 275 x 35 x 19 tyers with + 30 off set
  7. I started off with the centre console then it blossom from there
  8. And there is a lot of sanding / prepping to get the finish you want The guy who did mine prepped everything
  9. Dipped is the best way to go I had most of my interior done & external b post door handles & mirrors
  10. I wasn't sluring you . And It wasn't aimed at any individual . God it's getting like the covid jab.
  11. How about 2010 370z convertable. New discs & pads last week. Passed mot yesterday just needs a bit of paint
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