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  1. Nope . Is spot on iv'e had v8s and my Z is one of best cars i have owned
  2. Mines sorn till april so any time after that for me
  3. Yes your right but are cars are garage queens because all that salt that arrives on our roads is not good for any zed
  4. Mine's 55 plate de with 35k will try and and take some pic's tomorrow
  5. Coat hanger slide down the glass and try to hook up the bar that goes to the pull handle i don't no if this is possible on a 350 but worth ago
  6. Open to offers sitting in my shed so make me an offer
  7. Hi rob got mine today great bit of kit well worth the money and abit more
  8. Had my zed insurance with classic in 2017 & 18 and in the past with other cars will go back next year for aquote
  9. Hi mate will take battery & brake covers can you give price wth dilivery cheers
  10. Just filled my 350 at tescos £68 v power and took it for a burn who CARES
  11. pintopete58

    Next Project

    Is this the model they did on wheeler dealers
  12. Just think when you get your electric car should be fun not
  13. pintopete58

    Tein springs

    Thats why i went with that setup





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