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  1. Hi all can you put me on the list please paid cheers
  2. My 15 plate fiesta zetec sport is staying at 1.75 a month
  3. New petrol cars are green . How many petrol cars do you see smoking
  4. I no a guy who bought a brand new 370 last march / april he had nissan import it because no 370 gt available in uk and he told me 1800 first year 140 after that happy days
  5. I think new 370z as of last april are 1800 first year after that 140 so all of you that own one before that date will always pay through the knose . Not good in another year for the old 370z if your thinking of selling
  6. Do you think some poor bloke will buy this . I do think this was up forsale on ebay showing a damaged dash
  7. I bet airbags gone off covering the damage what do you guys think. Can one of you guys google the reg and find out if it's been damaged
  8. Hi just go on ebay they are all the same you 'll get 5 or 10 for a couple of quid. You do need the tool to remove them properly
  9. I no these are left hand drive but whats up with a c5 or c6 corvette
  10. The zed was in puerto del carmen
  11. Weather for this time of year has been great. enjoy



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