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  1. Welcome. A nice looking nismo fab colour
  2. You have a very tidy cab there mate
  3. Thanks Martin great day great people & great Weather .it was worth the 4 1/2 hour round trip cheers
  4. You should put them in a drawer and wait
  5. Very few people will get off . People with more money than sense might win first time. 101 mph let us no how he gets on
  6. A ban is 30 mph over any speed limit like 60 in a 30 100 in 70
  7. Big six get kicked out and Leicester winning the league every year happy days 😊
  8. That looks like the lacquer peeling
  9. When I get to your age that might be the case . All this twaddle is still going on
  10. Unless you live next to the Russians . All Proper gander
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