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  1. Hi Andy I'm only up the road just don't leave it too long haha
  2. Cheers. Just spotted I've missed carbon B post and the new polished strut brace will edit tomorrow
  3. Hi all I have loads of top stuff for sale some bits I would like to be picked up Number plate £800 Carbon slam panel & engine cover £160 Polished plenum & dress up bolts £170 Blue Hydro carbon dipped brake & battery cover £50 Blue stitched flat bottomed Steering wheel £400 Carbon dipped all over mirrors £250 Carbon dipped B post covers £80 Carbon dipped door handles £150 Carbon dipped cill covers £100 Carbon dipped interior handles £120 Led rear lights £200 Fiberglass cills require fitting & paint £100 A pair o
  4. Yes it does because if it goes a stray during towing and strikes someone
  6. Hi bud I don't blame you just a bit cheeky by me glwys cheers
  7. Hi bud £100 cash can pickup Thursday evening? Cheers Pete
  8. 24 is very good when I had my c5 corvette that did 30 on a run and think when you've ironed a few things out it could improve . What a great colour. We spoke at ace in June I'm the one that had the blue 350 with carbon dipped mirrors
  9. Normally if you have got insurance on your every day er it's cheap too do but if your trying to insure as a first timer good luck. And you've got an HR . You should of bought my De.
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