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  1. Hi couger store in leicester on queens road
  2. Yes Great day met a great bunch of guys and i think should do this over the next couple months
  3. Hi i'm in leicester as well
  4. I have a pair of rear drilled &grooved disc forsale on the forum. I have these discs on my 350
  5. If you go bigger on your tyer wall you need smaller wheels . if you go smaller side wall you go bigger wheels. If you just go bigger every thing your speedo will out and you get readings on your dash
  6. Weathers good for sunday not raining till 5 ish see you all sunday
  7. Good call that . I'm up for gate hangs well
  8. Hi mate sorry that no body is responding i'm in spain at the mo so pm me in two weeks time and we can do a mini meet were in leicester are you
  9. I'm on holiday from sunday for 2 weeks so i will leave this to you guys have a goodun
  10. How about this saturday 29th do it about 9am before hobby horse gets bizzzzie
  11. Sorry mate don't go there egg shape pistons



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