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  1. When I had my jag valet key would let them in to start and move but no access to glove box and boot
  2. I'm in Sheffield. I think I might have to look for uk spec one now. It's going to cost a bit to put it how I want it but love the car. 

  3. By the way guys I do work for the NHS . My other half does as well she had her jab last Tuesday and they only ask basic questions and if you say no to them all in it goes
  4. I never wanted the jab but her indoors has given me so much $%^t I'm booked in tomorrow 12 noon . But I have heard it's glorified flu jab
  5. It's like a clock you start at 3 o'clock & rewind to 5 two 3 or 5 past 3
  6. I did say with upmost respect Paul
  7. Being a fellow bench joiner/ carpenter&joiner I can really appreciate how long these jigs can take to make. Being old and decrepit the best I can do is a Mason's mytre on a kitchen worktop .will watch this with upmost respect. Keep it coming
  8. Yes a garage door were the front window is perfect
  9. I suppose salt air off the sea melts the snow but rots your car . Keep it garage paul
  10. No . and no snow in leicester. Your gunner get it bad on the west side paul Haha
  11. I agree in some ways it's just the salt that does me . And the only reason they put salt down is so they can get the tax from the working man
  12. I think midwest have a red 370 gt 17 plate with 10500 miles and only £ 140 year tax it's just under 20k
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