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  1. davey your a great bloke but you Don't know what you're talking about.
  2. Thanks Alex. It's not mine and this one has a faulty roof . Some people
  3. That poor bloke you robbed. Now he's stuck with your old zed tut. I think I'm up for a 500 mile trip.
  4. Started yesterday removing seats to next project. The right seats for right car watch this space. Payco check my grammar cheers
  5. Is this the the damaged nismo on ebay 17plate for 10.750
  6. I have a complete centre console no switches or dials but I want to sell as complete unit. I can take more pictures tomorrow .it will include the hole centre console £200
  7. I'd want to check the roof out they all go wrong eventually poor design or shall we say wiring two thin and snaps
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