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  1. Hi davey sorry mate brake one has gone I have the battery one but the clips broke
  2. I'll take some better pictures later. It's just a bit dusty
  3. There's a great bit of history in these pictures. I know a couple of them are still good to go.
  4. Hi all 350z owners I'm giving away these parts . Brake fluid cover is great battery cover has clip broken but might look better than the one you've got plus centre console gear lever surround with a bit of damage that you can swop for the original I hope this helps someone cheers all. More stuff to come but this will be forsale Cheers Pete
  5. Hi Paul have you been saving up your pocket money for this event. It's been a while.
  6. Come guys this is stupid. Do you really want me to put a title to it ?
  7. Hi bud have you not spotted 2067 black nismo 13000 mile 26k . This was my perfect buy good luck mate auto trader
  8. Hopefully you get to go both ways. You'll need more than a bucket. High Paul i hope you're keeping well
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