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  1. 4 times I've been over late seventies through to late eighties detroit Chicago & ohio mainly to motor City when it actually was ,not anymore. Great place & people
  2. Very nice which part of North America
  3. Hi guys I think it's to do with the car climate at the minute mk1 are not every bodies cup of tea for a couple of k more you can have v2 Just sit tight and wait ✋
  4. There's a black nismo on ebay 24k 29000 miles cat n he says he's got receipts pictures of damage
  5. Davey what a meet great day it was nice to see my old 350 thanks davey for wonderful day it's shame I'm on holiday on 28th bank holiday weekend
  6. Yes i would say yes it's a nismo even has nismo on the clocks which is always a good sign. Be alot of trouble to change it all
  7. Well done mate relief at last
  8. Paul get in touch with the seller and see if he'll give you the buyers info no harm done
  9. Hi Andy. Don't start going all desperate. You'll end up with 5k . Remove previous
  10. Cheers bud . Last time I was in Surrey 3 months ago it took me 4 1/2 hours 2 get home m25 you can keep it
  11. Is your car an everydayer . If so then things are so different to garage queen's like mine. And shortpaul so a grand on tyers is a waste of money. Sorry Paul
  12. Haha I wondered when you'd pop your head through the clouds. No a fence ment
  13. So true . Nothing else needs to be said
  14. All types of tyers in this country are good. They are all stamped with approval. If you drive like a **** . So What goes around comes around.
  15. Carful Paul are you an arsonist haha
  16. A bit like when you go to Silverstone coppers on every corner
  17. I think what he's saying is you've advertised the meet on that day with details of your route. So the old bill will be out in force WAITING
  18. I've forgot my funny number plate will be on for Sunday
  19. Cheers mate. I've only seen it from underneath for the last few weeks. Now its happy days
  20. Hi davey. It's about ready to make It's maiden voyage . Can you stick me down please I'm really looking forward to this please weather stay nice . C u all Sunday
  21. pintopete58

    Paint shop

    Just picked my zed up from paint shop had A post both wings bonnet & bumper done looking good for Gaydon
  22. Well I did have a case full of them and now I've missed placed . old age . Hope it all comes good
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