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  1. Sold! Left on its merry way to Budapest yesterday!. Thanks for the interest
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132596462488 I know I've spelt it wrong but eBay won't let me change it lol
  3. Guys she's on eBay now. 2850 buy it now just want it shifted. Bought a z4 for a summer toy but I'm building a nice deposit for a house too!!
  4. For sale my 350z 2004 GT – Kruro Black Where do I start, the car is my daily workhorse and has been a great drive! It’s got 150k on the shell but the engine was fully rebuilt back last May and has done 16k miles since. Why am I selling it? I’ve had it for 4 years now (longest I’ve ever owned a car) and I just fancy a change! I’ll start with the good bits! Full SS Exhaust system including decats Rota grids (curbed badly) With brand spanking new nankang NS-20’s and by new I mean I aint even fit them yet! Pioneer stereo with full steering wheel controls Induction kit Lightened SM flywheel Its black on black red brembos lowered slightly on teins Engine rebuild and gearbox rebuild Cant think of anything else off the top of my head if I do I’ll add it! Right now to the bad points and why its so cheap. So I bought this car 4 years back for 5k, on the way home the clutch went :/ and when I got home, I realised it needed brakes and tyres all round. All of this was done (another 2k on parts tyres etc!) I upgrading the flywheel whilst doing the clutch and fitted new brakes all round and tyres (4 years back) Then, 8 months later, the bottom end shat itself. 4.5k later it was back on the road with a full rebuild! Now, as I’ve said, I use it as a daily workhorse and I have pretty much ran it into the ground, the front pads could do with replacing. The driver’s side window doesn’t go down anymore and the fuel gauge is fine until it gets to half tank, then it’s just a lucky guess as to how much fuel you have! The body work isn’t the greatest and some small rust has started to appear on the rear arch, The lightened flywheel as you will know if you’ve had one before has a pretty loud chatter at idle! I’m more than happy for anyone to come and view the car test drive with proof of insurance and show me the money. Link to rebuild - https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/104807-brads-full-engine-rebuild-done-in-running-mot-passed/ Anyway, if I think of anything else to ad I will! Pictures show rays on the front, new tyres currently being fitted to the car so using them as a temp. but has all 4 rotas! Price - £3500 ovno.
  5. Cars starting to look amazing! Good job with the eagle style brakes, took me and my dad so much effort to do the discs and pads on his in the end we dropped the whole rear axle and refurbed everything whilst it was off lol, you gonna be ready for the london to brighton jag run lol
  6. Why not get one there then lol? this is well worth 25+ postage, i remember when people where snapping these up for a lot more!
  7. I been away for a while but i used to organise a kind of monthly meet at bluewater, im essex side of the bridge but it seems a good focus point and nice drive for the essexey people lol! I'll get one going again for next month! other than that im not far and i'm around lakeside/southend most of the time!
  8. Guess who's backkkk! this thread still going lol?
  9. Not so show off moment. Could of had mine for nothing lol
  10. match the clay bar to the detailer? When we all went to the meguiars cleaning day thing, the guy who worked there told us all clay bars are made in the same factory with just different labels lol
  11. I may still pop down in the afternoon if i get back from the airport quick! but don't hold a space for me lol
  12. Do it yourself if you know how to use a rachet and socket set lol done mine with a hand from a few members!
  13. Sorry to be a bummer, but i cant make this. i didnt even realise i had put my name on the list until dunks messaged me! im on an airport run but with 2 passengers otherwise id take the zed and head straight down! i may still head down in the afternoon to take a look but i wont be able to get there before 3pm. Sorry peeps!
  14. Typical i had a set up for 200 quid for 6 months. Sold a month or so ago! The guy might re sell them again ill message him he oly wanted them for a track day!
  15. Ive got 265 all round on 10j all round. Didnt notice the slightest bit of difference from the rays and i hoon it everywhere. Never lost the back dry or wet!
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