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  1. Hi people, 04 UK 350z key fob stopped working this afternoon, have changed the battery and still nothing! Manually locks / unlocks fine via the door slot but alarm goes off until ignition is turned on. Will not lock or unlock remotely (so it can't be the buttons themselves) any common issues or easy / not overly expensive replacement fob options anyone knows of? Thanks in advance!
  2. Got the guy to chop off the old flexi and weld on a new one and it flew through emissions with no problems Good suggestion though i'll have a look for these braces you speak of!
  3. Hi guys, had my 350 in for its MOT yesterday... all fine apart from it failed on the lambda test reading. The mechanic said that he tested for 15 minutes straight and the lambda reading was just fluctuating everywhere. Upon investigation I've found that the flexi on the passenger side of the cobra Y pipe looks like its been scraping on speed bumps and is basically shot and leaking exhaust gasses. Has anyone else had problems like this? And has anyone got any ideas how I can stop this from happening again? The only thing that comes to mind is mount some kind of metal plate over the flex
  4. Thanks for the suggestion stu ill look grinspeed up, only 30 mins away from me!
  5. Yeah my first thought was that they probably just cant be arsed doing it... but the garage in question are supposedly a 'reputable' and well reccomended garage on these forums! I dont mind paying to have a professional job done I just refuse to be ripped off and charged double
  6. Hi all, Can anyone reccomend a garage in the north west who wont rip me off for a clutch + flywheel replacement (labour only) on my 350? I wont name any names but I recently got a quote from a garage I have used before who are fairly local to me and was quoted £570... Seems very steep to me! Any help / suggestions would be appreciated! Jay
  7. After a new gear knob, got my heart set on the black Nismo knob part number C2865-1EA01 https://goo.gl/images/CX5JJy Anywhere in the UK that stocks these? I've had a good search and the only ones I can find are either in Japan or USA!
  8. smijay


  9. Just want to say a big thanks to Ian for the plenum spacer! These are cheaper than any other decent spacers out there (cheap crappy plastic ebay spacers dont count) It fitted perfectly and was a fairly straightforward install with the correct tools, also looks amazing and shiny! Ian himself is a credit to this forum, he'll always get back to you really quickly if you have any questions and has the patience of a saint! Really knows his stuff! Thanks again Ian
  10. Hey, yeah! Bought them off you guys but my dad already had ordered me a pair elsewhere and had them put away as a 'surprise present' The look on his face was good though when i showed him the set i bought off you guys without him knowing... Oops... but as far as 'presents' go these are amazing Thanks!
  11. Revised to £330 as they are taking up space in garage, no offers
  12. Im the guy selling them purchased from torquen myself around 2 weeks ago now, reduced to £330 to get them gone outta my garage! At this price, these wont be around for long
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