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  1. SOLD... sniff.... waahhhhh...!! But she has gone to a good home. Hopefully there will be a purple princess build project appear at some point
  2. He gets it on Thursday. We had dual carriage way fun, and tells me he is very pleased. Got a bargain too Now I can tie me kangaroo down sport.
  3. Deposit taken, ready for collection. Provisionally sold (sorry other chaps).
  4. Yep, legend. Knew he was suffering from more problems and a lung transplant as he stepped away from actively being at races last year, but his ill-health has finally caught up to him. Amazing - 70 is a good age considering what he fought through.
  5. Still for sale. I am open to offers if you have the money ready in your bank account Other tempting items in my car are.. a complete OEM toolkit (I used the jack recently when I changed oils, as my trolley jack is in Oz) a shiny unused space saver spare wheel and tyre a nice Z encrusted thick boot mat (the cat fur is free) and of course a big box of receipts, certificates etc, a leather binder and pristine user manual.
  6. PM Received. All good, thanks For a smaller cute girly car, MX5 RF perhaps? I am trying to persuade my wife to get a red one for the mountain roads in Oz (she is a long term Mazda fan), but she has set her heart on a Toyota GT86/BRZ in white.
  7. I am feeling generous.. and will send you the connector for free if you like or you can PayPal postage if you want, unless you want some dampers to go with it (see my fuel bits sale ad that my pump was on). Mine is from my FairladyZ/350z so no doubt about it being correct. It came from doing this to the old fuel pipe when I upgraded my fuel return system to the epic stage 2 CJM system - which replaced the main pipe with AN and a fatter hose. OEM quick link and insert can be seen here.. followed by AN couplings install.. Involved a lot of wallowing around under the car to get to this (all on axle stands and ramps) I would recommend just replacing the insert to have done with it, and not modding the OEM pipe as you can have all sorts of drama upgrading your pipes due to the way they are stubborn with access. Also, my AN fitted pipe was part of the greater system in the CJ kit, so it all had to come off to replace ALL of the fuel system right up to injectors and back. Not sure you would want to mod a standard fuel line to be AN for the sake of it Pics circa 2015. Gotta love excuses for pics.
  8. I think Ava wants the plastic insert in the quick connector to the fuel bucket - not the pump (which I supplied). I have a quick connector from a chopped off fuel pipe (fuel bucket end) if needed, which has the plastic retaining insert in it and could be cannibalised. The other method with CJ’s conversion AN fitting would require you to put a AN fitting on the end of the fuel pipe. Ava PM me too if you like.
  9. Can I play the “show us your charger” game too? Here is mine.. belt sits exactly in the middle of the big cog and is perfectly at the end of the s/c cog. V3SCi not V2 however. Spacers as shown but no washers. Belt is original supplied with the Vortech kit. The (lightly tensioned) tensioner has a small bit of tolerance between the pulley flanges and the sides of the belt. Taken in my garage so flash lighting is a bit weird.
  10. Price dropped to £8250 Just to show engine emissions health and Fast Intentions HFC compatibility with MOT, here are my car’s emissions figures. OEM cats previously and Fast Intention HFC since 08/2014, also supercharger went live 11/2014, so S/C+HFC MOT dates 2015 onward. This shows HFC and supercharged tuning performance during stoichiometric testing continues to be spot on. No issues with getting it through the emissions MOT what so ever.
  11. Injectors sold. Dampers, MAF, rails, airbox/filter still for sale.
  12. Any interest? I have dropped the prices - some big items as I want my lounge back
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