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  1. Bought stock 8 years ago, wont be getting rid anytime soon
  2. Ozzy225


    I purchased the "projectLouvreZ" ones from on this forum, the quality was excellent and fitment was spot on. I fitted them at home using "No More Nails" double sided tape 4 years ago. I made sure all the surfaces were adequately prepped before hand. 4 Years on and numerous track days later, I've never had a problem with them.
  3. Back when we could actually go for a drive
  4. No photos i'm afraid, not due home for another 2 weeks either other wise i would have gone out and taken some. This is the only pic I could find online showing something similar to what i used, I'm pretty sure the one I have is the one provided from Vortech with the kit. but my set up is second hand so could be wrong.
  5. Had the same issue and turned out to be the brake switch. Would come in at random times. Some times nothing for a couple of days and then some times a couple of times per day. After some tests I realized that they only came on when i was braking. I removed the and sprayed some cleaner on the switch, exercised it a few times whilst it was out and its been trouble free for the last 18 months. Think its worth doing anyway as its only a 10 minute job, even if its just to eliminate the switch from your fault finding
  6. I'm running my feed from a T piece at the oil pressure sensor. My return I've got going back to a tap in point on my aam competition pan spacer. Really didn't want to drill the block. I've had no issues with this set up, although I've only been charged less than a month I don't think I got any photos, but will double check once I'm at my desk
  7. Torqen sell them, bought one only a few weeks back
  8. I've just installed them, must admit I haven't noticed any difference in noise over the stock units, however I did change them during my supercharger build so have been enjoying all the new boosted noises rather than listening to the fans. In all my research I didn't hear any thing bad about them being too loud, so i think you'll be ok.
  9. Cheers for the reply's guys, adding the additional washer solved all my issues so thanks again @Keyser . I did order a 70 tooth belt, that turned out to be far to small, who knew 5 teeth would make such a difference. I still may and try and get a smaller belt made up as I still max out the idler pulley, but now there's zero movement and its not fouling anything I may just see how it gets on. Cheers again
  10. Thanks for that Keyser, was struggling to find any answers with my google searches. Ill get a washer fitted first thing tomorrow and order the 70 cog belt from Torqen and see how that goes. You confused me with the different tensioner pulleys there. The pulleys were still installed as to when Paul was running it all on his Zed, So i'm presuming there in the correct positions
  11. Thanks Keyser, Photo above and below
  12. Hey Guys, I have just installed a V2 supercharger on the Zed (from Paul's Hulkbuster build on here). Everything is great except i'm getting belt movement on the 32 tooth jackshaft pulley and 28 tooth supercharger pulley. At idle the belt is ok, but on increased rpm it moves and protrudes to and over the pulley edge, even slightly fouling the charger itself, then moves back central when it falls back to idle. I'm running the 75 cog belt which i believe is correct for non-revup set up which i am. how ever the idler tensioner pulley is maxed out and there is still a lot of play in the belt. Anyone had this issue? Is it a case of buying and trying a new belt? there's so much slack i was tempted to even buy the revup 70 cog belt. any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Oz
  13. Cheers ZMANALEX, I've actually just found the replacements on Torqens website now too





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