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  1. Standard 350z fan shroud, with OEM motors. fully working, motors refurbed not long ago. Can send video to demonstrate operation at both speeds as have a test rig on my bench. willing to sell motors separately if required, ie saving on postage.. £SOLD
  2. Willing to listen to sensible offers before it goes on eBay.
  3. Hey, sorry only just seen this response. Let me work out a postage cost and I’ll come back to you. cheers!
  4. Brand New, never used Mishimoto 350Z fan shroud. Bought as a replacement for a friends car before he sold it, but he decided to refurb his OEM fans instead. These are circa £200 new. SOLD
  5. 370z Genuine Nissan indoor car cover. This also fits the 350z perfectly, as per photos on my old DE car. excellent condition, used for 4 months only in a warm, dry garage. Carry bag is a bit dusty on outside but not the car cover itself. No holes have been cut for aerial etc - the aerial was instead removed from the car. Very expensive (and rare) new. looking for £120 collected, or plus postage. located in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  6. No thanks - My plans have now changed so please do allocate to the next in queue.
  7. Month 18: June 2019 Completed This Month: Fit forum window sticker Sell Original DE Headlights Refurb a pair of NIssan fan motors Cleaned underside of bonnet! Total profit - £140 Not much progress this month, for various reasons really! The main reason is that I'm actually thinking of selling the 350Z now - for some reason I've recently really had a hankering for a Westfield or something along those lines. It's been listed on Facebay, but I've yet to commit to listing it on here or ebay/PH. I love the 350z, but I don't think there is much more I'd do to the car but I'm sure a new owner could take her to the next level! Back on track - yes, I've fitted a 350Z-uk forum window sticker, and I sold my old DE headlights as after fitting the HR equivalents I don't think I'd ever return it back. So this put some well needed finances back in the bank I've also picked up some dead 350Z radiator fan motors. I acquired these to refurb and familiarise myself with the process, and was planning on keeping these as spares. However, with the Mishimotos to fit (Which I'll do after "Simply Jap" show in July) I'll probably just sell them on to someone who can use them. The refurb process wasn't too hard, and I dressed the brushes, cleaned the commutators and motor internals and reassembled. Now not only do both motors work, they work on both speeds. I also hooked up a bench test-rig using some server PSUs I had lying around to test them without needing to fit to a car. Finally, after attending JDMCombe, I realised how filthy the underside of my bonnet was. So a bit of elbow grease and it's cleaned up nicely. A touch of paint on the bonnet catch and it's done. Photos
  8. Please remove me from the list - as mentioned above I’m on a different club stand this year. Thanks and I’ll probably see some of you there anyway!
  9. EzeePzee

    Flip key

    If I remember rightly, its a cr2016 battery that’s needed. What size is the battery in yours? There are several revisions of the Nissan key, with different PCBs internal. I suppose it’s possible that there was a variation on battery too. They should all be 3v (check this) and the battery numbers just refer to diameter and thickness. (In this case 20=20mm diameter and 16= 1.6mm thick) Sometimes batteries are doubled up - is 2 x cr2016 = 1 x cr2032.
  10. Bottom two wires (yellow and black) on the connectors are ground. The green and blue wires are positive 12v - one connected is slow speed and both connected is fast speed.
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