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  1. Is it possible that too much fluid could cause this error? As in brake fluid or PS fluid being too high? How easy is it to check wheel speed sensors?
  2. Cheers dude. was wondering if I can use some electrical cleaner on the brake pedal switch perhaps, make sure all is ok on that. I really can’t remember when the light came on, I know I was in traffic but whether or not it was after pressing the brakes or accelerating I’m not sure. If I can replicate the issue again then hopefully I’ll narrow it down. Hope it’s not ABS actuator as I believe these are expensive? And I’d want a diag to confirm that before spending big money on one. switch could be an easy target if it happens again though. Assume the car is still safe to drive if it happens again, want to go to JDMCombe - just probably won’t have ESP or traction until it’s sorted!
  3. Hey folks, as as per the title, on the way home today, whilst in traffic, the 350 decided to illuminate the ABS, ESP and traction control lights on my dash. These remained on for the rest of the journey, which is approx 24 miles of motorway. When I got home, I plugged into my WiFi code reader which gave no errors. Restarting the car several times showed no lights for 4 of the 5 restarts, but on 1 attempt they did show up again. i have checked brake fluid, and it’s near if not bang on the max marker, may even be slightly higher? i checked power steering fluid, and clutch fluid reservoir too - again both on max. Brake lights appeared to be operating with the pedal as expected - ie not jammed on or off. Bank 1 camshaft position sensor has been replaced recently - maybe 300-400 miles ago. Car starts fine with no issues. This also generated an EML which this time around I don’t have. Everything else with the car seems fine. what else should / can I check? Presumably only a consult diagnostic can get the data off the other modules, but don’t want to pay dealer for something I could diagnose myself. Any my other fluids, or sensors I can check? How do I locate the wheel speed sensors - presumably there is one on each of the 4 wheels to check over? Thanks!
  4. Similar route to me then - was planning on meeting another friend or two at Chievely services..
  5. great, thanks! I’ve ordered a set now, so fingers crossed I’ll manage to fit them in myself.
  6. Too cheap! New owner will be well pleased I’m sure!
  7. You have! Just seen the post why are you selling them?
  8. Hey folks, With the usual 350Z cooling fan issues, mine now only run on full speed, which means failure is probably imminent. I want to sort them, and have been considering the Mishimoto fan shroud on 2 counts - a) the cost and b) fitting into my engine bay. The latter is unique to my car - with the APS TT setup I have hard intercooler pipes and turbo pipes that get in the way meaning that removal of the OEM unit is virtually impossible without removing a lot more than I’m comfortable with. I’m not convinced it’d pull down from under the car either, so my cunning plan was to perhaps cut the existing shroud out whist in situ, and then slide the Mishimoto in its place. Theory is that the Mishi is much thinner and I’m hopeful would fit in the gap from above. Downside of this - the fans are noisy and single speed only. That said, I’ve seen a video online and from what I can tell they aren’t much noisier than the OEM fans when on full speed, which my car currently does anyway (having no low speed) So, does anyone have any other feedback ref the Mishimoto fan shroud? Anything else I should take into account? My plan would be then to clean the OEM fans and sell them back on to recoup some of the expense. But I wouldn’t be able to convert back to OEM at a later date without buying another plastic shroud. Thoughts or suggestions? Are the mishi really that loud and not recommended? cheers!
  9. Any convoys being planned from Hampshire?? I’ll be heading up from Basingstoke...
  10. Luca - are you still running the OEM radiator cooling fans?
  11. Hey! Good to know there’s other similar cars out there ill be honest, and the regreasing of the DV was piece of mind, but it hasn’t made any difference really. I think I’ve got used to the noise and succumbed to the fact that it does it and it’s “normal”. I just cannot predict when it does or doesn’t do it, seems to be pretty random!
  12. Month 16: April 2019 Completed This Month: #tumbleweed Total spent: £0 So a late update, but with good reason - there isn't one! Last month killed the finances, so nothing done bar drive the car. I am pleased to say there have been no other repeat issues, so getting a few miles under the belt. Have a few car shows lined up this year now, and a few other plans afoot for May onward



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