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  1. For anyone else finding this one day - the cause was that the casing of each side of the motor was not realigned exactly as i took it apart. rotating either side slightly resulted in the motor turning the opposite way. Mark both sides of the motor housing with something before you disassemble so it's easy to align it correctly later. 👍
  2. if the sensor is reading 90 or less it's strange it almost makes it seem like the guage. the fans dont kick in until 95 and even then my DE guage, like most others, will still be showing just under horizontal
  3. yeah I've seen low batt voltage or health wreak havoc on mechanical gauges a few times on different cars
  4. Thanks for the quick replies guys. It is a strange one. Further to your comments I've been reading up on the ability to do this to a DC motor and as far as I can tell without changing the polarity by switching POS neg wires or rewinding the coils it shouldn't be possible. To refurb all I did was separate motor, free and sand the brushes, put the motor halves back together in the same alignment as previous! Unlike what appears to be a US version of the fan motors, the input wires are hidden on mine (ours?) by a black shroud so impossible to replace by mistake. Any more ideas from anyone welcome!
  5. Radiator fan motors wouldn't work without a tap from a spanner so I refurbed both motor's brushes (stuck) as per guide. Went well in terms of both now starting at 95 degrees coolant and when air con is on. Whether a new development or not, upon re-installation, i found both fans spin anti-clockwise, taking hot engine bay air and pushing it out the front of the car. I thought I had made a wiring mistake but the connector clips wouldn't allow that even if I wanted to. I thought I had mounted the fans incorrectly but base mounts and wiring loom are all correct. What could this possibly be?
  6. Thanks again Phil and for all the detailing tips!

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      Feel free to make comment on my build thread about how tidy you thought the car was... ;)


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