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  1. Toying with the idea of selling, wondered if there would be any interest via here..?
  2. what condition bud..? any condensation..?
  3. As far as I'm aware... - made for LHD market, therefore projector points the wrong way.. could be an M.O.T failure - orange daylight running lights, not keen - general messing swapping over ballasts etc although that's not really an issue
  4. Wanted pair of headlights for 2005GT onwards.. in decent condition.. enough to not go down the Depo route which has it's own flaws.. Thanks.
  5. Thank you.. whatever you can manage will be great..
  6. Adrian has firmed today that these are instructed as RHD.. @PPod do you have pics showing them off, i.e. sidelights and main lights..?
  7. Thanks for the info PPod.. I was chatting to Zworks over in the states as I was flirting with custom DEPO lights with Angel eyes and the top side LED changed from orange to white (assume your are orange on sidelights..?). The part number for the Depo lights sold here are for LHD models only... so when you say adjusted.. do you mean that the side adjustment has been maxed out to move over slightly..? Have you had an MOT yet...? Zworks stated that if I was going to get the lights made he would make a custom bracket and projector to suit RHD beam pattern. Just don't want to go down the route of replacing/upgrading headlights only to be an MOT failure and/or not light the road as intended..
  8. Hi Gents, Looking at these but have more questions than I have the confidence to click buy at the mo.. can anyone help with some feedback on some of these snippets I have found floating around the internet... (model 2005 GT4) - They are designed for LHD therefore light adjustment will not be right for UK roads - I've read people having grief about the indicators repeating too quickly due to LED people seem to be snipping a blue wire on the unit!?? Whaaat! How come, why etc.. - Also read that people say you need to transfer the cover from OEM unit otherwise they will leak! (obviously ballast is swapped over with new seals, assume this is the plastic twist off cover..) don't want to spend out if these are highly likely to suffer from moisture ingress..! - As stated need to buy side light and indicator bulbs for LED - does that effect the workings with lower voltage..? Or just make sure you buy decent bulbs with the regulator thingies built in..? - Bulbs: - HD use exisiting from old lamp or buy new if so desired - options for higher output without upgraded ballast? - High beam use old or replace with LED? - bulb type - Low beam replace with LED as stated - D2S bulb - Indicator replace with LED as stated - 3157 bulb Any info gents, greatly appreciated. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/lights/1927-350z-depo-blacked-out-bi-xenon-projector-headlight-set-315-1162pxush2.html
  9. Thanks again Phil and for all the detailing tips!

    1. mr_smith126
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      Feel free to make comment on my build thread about how tidy you thought the car was... ;)


  10. Sold, nice to meet you Richard. Good luck with the works. Edited: please follow for sale rules
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