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  1. front wing - drivers side *reduced*

  2. header / exhaust manifold - suggestions

    Hi all, Whilst clutch and flywheel are being done i'll be looking to swap out the headers as access will be good. Any recommends, don't want to buy poor quality nor do I want to be ridiculous.. I've seen DC stainless and Tomei. The thing that leans me towards Tomei is that it looks as though you get everything in the kit, inc. a heat shield to suit the new headers. Any advice...? Thanks.
  3. Front wing, drivers side for sale. Collection from Watford Hertfordshire or buyer arranges parcel service. Box size for parcel services 116 x 62 x 57cm, circa 10kg. I paid £5 for collection via parcel force business. Originally purchase via Zmanalex off the forum. Price £70 PM me to confirm sale, first come first served. I will respond to messages normally at the end of the day due to work commitments. Any Qs bop me a message
  4. GT4 the beginning.. [phase2.5]

    Not much has happened of late... Window tint, front end respray, ceramic coating. Next up dateless plate, wheel change.. Crude wheel mock up >
  5. test pic

    href=https://www.flickr.com/photos/157346134@N02/shares/n84Y6Y <a data-flickr-embed="true" data-context="true" &nbsp;href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/157346134@N02/35957769150/in/datetaken/" title="AdobePhotoshopExpress_b62c3f5ea86f4f15ba607ef00b91dc27"><img src="https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4396/35957769150_4ac0c4f38b_z.jpg" width="640" height="361" alt="AdobePhotoshopExpress_b62c3f5ea86f4f15ba607ef00b91dc27"></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  6. How to - Wiper Removal / Delete

    Nice little video here: https://blacktop.racing/btr-wiper-motor-and-arm-delete-kit-for-nissan-350z/#product-videos
  7. ***[FS]*** 350z Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 rear cans - small dent

    Hi Adrian, So this is just for the Y-pipe and back section of the system.. not the middle sections and tail pipes..?
  8. Man meal

    Dirty fry up for the hangover, I haven't mastered cooking for one though..
  9. Front end respray cost

    It depends on the level of workmanship.. but i'd say 800 cheap, 2000 expensive.. so seems about right to me..
  10. Big Thanks to Sky!

    Another thumbs up for SKY... Renewed today as beat my renewal, Chris Knotts wouldn't budge.. they also seemed to know what they were talking about.. rather than some who ask how many seats etc..
  11. failed to stop collision - she's back

    Own pocket..
  12. failed to stop collision - she's back

    She's back.. I can highly recommend BMC bodyshop in Kings Langley if anyone is looking in this area.. speak to Shane. They were good with communication, pondered to my ocd needs and the work seems to be of very good quality. They sent someone to my house to pull the dent out so i didn't wreck my tyre as it was touching the wing. She's had a new wing and full front end respray with the bodyshop and the geo all checked at wheels in motion in Chesham. On top of that they corrected my headlights and painted my wipers for free! Next step will be to redo the ceramic coating to the paintwork after a month once it has fully cured. And the best thing, I have wheels for the Christmas break.
  13. Panel collection service

    Thanks Rob...
  14. Panel collection service

    Anyone recommend a reputable company for collection/delivery of a front wing.. Thanks.