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  1. What an incredible collection!
  2. Hi, I’m after a pair of drivers door hinges. Can I also confirm that adjustment is provided by the bottom hinge only? Thanks in anticipation, CJ
  3. I’ve been watching the Juiceboxforyou vlogs in Japan. Also Sammit. Both feature Bosozoku and Kanjo. Incredible footage. Sammit features regular Daikoku meets and ‘nostalgic car event’ - well worth a watch. The old JDM cars are incredible.
  4. Wow what an incredible thread to catch up on. Cracking little car and no doubt a sound investment. Love the restoration work you’re undertaking. With regards to colour, I think I’m leaning towards the yellow, it has a warmer hue to it. Having said that, the green and blue are well suited. Would love an old Datsun....they’re all so expensive now!
  5. Fab. Look forward to catching up 😁
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else running Akebono’s on a 350 has had to remove the brakes and adapter for one reason or another? I had to over the weekend to fit a replacement suspension knuckle. Anyway, upon doing so, the thread within the calliper adapter began to strip; the bolt kindly decided to bring the thread with it. Thankfully I noticed and managed to address the issue. Has anyone else experienced this and which adapters do you have? I am going to have to replace mine as I can foresee an issue in the future. To clarify I purchased my kit fr
  7. Lovely!! Don’t suppose you have a build thread?!
  8. Hi, Purchased what I thought was an oem wing but the shut line is a little “gappy” with the bonnet. After inspection I can see that it was made in Taiwan. To prevent this from happening again, do I look for a specific stamp / part number? If so where? Thanks Chris
  9. They look to be in excellent condition?
  10. Hi Alex, I’ll take one of these. I also need the complete knuckle/spindle assembly. Please could you drop me a price. Thank you
  11. Thanks guys. I’ll drop @ZMANALEX a line, he seems to have everything.
  12. I want to replace my rusty braces/straps beneath the car. They appear to hold covers in place. Anyone know what the technical term is for each item? Searching online is proving difficult. Thanks
  13. Wow. Just wow!! What an incredible build. Such dedication, hats off to you sir!
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