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  1. Ok, presumed the OEM would be noticeably lighter as I understood that Work wheels are known to be heavy (apparently). Ultimately I require a new set of wheels. Fancied some works, although these look nice. Profile could cause me issues
  2. How does the weight compare to the Works?
  3. I need to replace one as it’s bent. Do we know if they are universal. Presuming so as I cannot specify OSR? Thanks
  4. As above, used please. Thanks
  5. Nice wheels. Interested. Did you fit the spacer to clear the Akebono’s? Intrigued as I run them on my 350. Achilles tyres, are they a budget tyre? Thanks
  6. Ceejay29

    EBC USR Rotors

    Hi Guys, I need to replace a broken disc (akebono) and am considering replacing all discs and pads. Stoptech are a little pricey. EBC USR on the other hand could be within budget. Does anyone have experience with USR? Wondering if they are any good. Fast road use only with Red/Yellow stuff pads. Thanks
  7. Hi, what width are the front and do you know the offsets? Out of interest; How come you have mixed the tyres? Thanks
  8. I could do with some struts Alex, could you PM me a price. Thanks
  9. Problem is that it is shared on an online database; photobucket. I do not expect a royalty, simply frustrated that they are using it for their own financial gain. The part isn’t even their product.
  10. I have just come across a photograph of my car on a random companies website advertising a part that wasn’t even purchased from them. It has been doctored to remove the Tarmac Sportz decals. Cheeky feckers! I can only presume that they obtained it from here! Should I be annoyed or is it a complement?
  11. Ceejay29

    Mishimoto rad

    Very interesting! Have always wanted to improve cooling and considered Mishimoto the way to go!
  12. I find it slightly concerning. Worse than OEM, surely not?! Do you have the fan/shrouds also?





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