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  1. Painful to see, but what a testimony to the car that it drove home!
  2. 350Z are very common enthusiast cars, most things you would ever want to do are covered either through guides on the forum, or YouTube videos. Get yourself a halfords advanced socket set on sale, and away you go.
  3. Awesome. Is the best place to follow along in progress & your development on your Instagram?
  4. Wow this car is getting some serious bits thrown at it!
  5. Interesting interesting, couple of things to look at then! thanks chaps.
  6. Hi all / Before I start removing bits thought I’d ask here in the hope someone can save me some time! At 5k +when accelerating hard the entire car buzzes and vibrates. The same way in every gear. It has some drivetrain mods, and I imagine they all are contributing, but wondered if one in particular is known to introduce lots of NVH? Lightened single pass flywheel Z1 Solid Subframe Inserts Torque Solution Gearbox Mounts Poly diff bushings (these were originally solid, I’d changed them to poly). This is my second 350Z, the first was a standard road car, so I know what they’re like stock. Ultimately it’s a track car, so it’s not the end of the world, I’m just curious if anyone else has any input. Many thanks -
  7. https://youtu.be/BDopTaAb8HA
  8. Few winter updates on this one as I continue to get it 100% right for my first year of trackday / road trip enjoyment with it. Blackfriday came and went, so picked up some final bits which were on my list. Installed a Torqen plenum spacer, and gave a good excuse to get everything inside squeaky clean. And spark plugs ‘while I’m in there’, they’ve probably been done recently but at least now all consumables have been replaced by me. Then imported / installed a SteeringSolutions so I can mount and retain the cruise control controls. Really smart product. I then spent some time like this, fiddling to get the clutch positioning adjusted - Horrible. Then some nice things arrived - Obviously Enkei RPF1s, 18x9.5 ET15, so square set up with 265/35 NS2Rs on all four corners, up from the 225/245 standard and allow me to rotate front and rear. Will really increase the neutrality of the car and I’m really looking forward to having a play with it all on track oh, and I fitted some facelift rear tail lights, which I’ve just remembered when looking at this pic. Bad picture, but centre caps arrived and fitted. Another little job I’ve been meaning to do is to fit heated elements to the Buddy Club bucket seats, which has the wiring and switches is already there is very easy. Every track car should have heated seats, right? Perfect! Think that’s about it for now - Off to Horsham Developments at the end of the month to get suspension / engine fettled and then get booking as many track days as possible! Cheers all -
  9. Just to let everyone know the spacers are now sold. Just LED rear lights remaining. Will update original posting.
  10. Hello. Torqen S Spacers - SOLD. 2 x 20mm, 2 x 25mm. A must for those with Rays, perfect sizes for getting the Rays filling out those arches. Only used for 500 miles or so, until Black Friday came around and I spent far too much money on some Enkeis. Covered in copper slip but otherwise as new. Set of facelift 350Z LED rear lights. Had these kicking around for a while - Annoyingly got damaged in storage & a move. One is properly cracked in multiple places, one has a chip on the bottom edge. See pictures. £150 posted. Or located in GL6 area if you are able to collect. Many thanks, Ryan
  11. Turned your radio off? I have a similar sounding electrical whine which goes away with the radio off. edit - Just realised you could hear it outside the car, and stationary. Not going to be the electrical issue then. From the rear of the car eliminates belt tensioners etc seemingly too.
  12. Wow what a nightmare.
  13. Did a similar ish thing - 350’s are such great value for money and punch well beyond their weight. Great platform for a drive to - do trackday - drive back do it all package.
  14. How does it compare to your old 350Z? Appreciate that’s a big question.
  15. Thanks! Compared with the 240Z everything is so easy to source, fit (and not insanely expensive). It’s most of the enjoyment of building a project car, with less of the downsides. Having an issue and being able to find 10 tutorials immediately on YouTube is the dream too!
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