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  1. Cheers, will give them a call. Most places are only interested in doing the alignment and not fitting the bolts. True, happy to pay for a quality job. The only price I've had so far for both is £480 off Suspension Secrets which seems a lot
  2. Great thanks, will do! Suspension Secrets have just responded to say they can only do the full job but 250 + Vat for an alignment seems a bit OTT
  3. Hi, I need SPC toe bolts fitting and an alignment but struggling to find anyone willing to do it... I've tried; TDI North - Declined to fit the bolts Demon Tweeks - Same as above Wheel Alignment Ball Joint Centre - Same as above Hunter Steering & Suspension Centre - Same as above Suspension Secrets - £150+Vat to fit the bolts but the only alignment they offer is £250+Vat. I am awaiting response if they will just do the bolts If anyone has any recommendations it would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Thanks Alex. Struggling to find an informed geo shop in North West
  5. Appreciate the reply as always. Is it easy to tell if I'm running the stock rear spring? I just know car has HKS Hypermax coilovers. Some toe arms mentioned I needed true coilovers but the Driftworks one didn't so assumed they would be a straight swop from stock. They do look expensive 😮 Just buying toe bolts would be ideal cost wise if that would give enough movement. He mentioned when he got one sorted it threw the other out so assumed I would need lockouts to stop this? Cheers
  6. If you have any recommendations it would be appreciated. Don't want to go too mad price wise. What is the difference between toe arms and toe traction arms?
  7. Thanks Alex. I just got Tarmac Sports branded ones. Thought they would be better than ones from eBay
  8. Thanks Alex. Is this the adjustable toe arms I need? From Google HKS Hypermax don't appear to be true coilovers. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/driftworks-nissan-350z-z33-03-rear-traction-arms-v2-black-edition.html
  9. Thanks Alex, do the lock out kits require drilling? Tarmac sports ones need true coilovers and not sure if I have them or not? 🤔! Auction sheets says HKS Hypermax.
  10. I got adjustable rear camber arms fitted and just tried to get it aligned but they couldn't get the rear toe back in spec He said when he got one side sorted it would throw the other out and wasn't enough adjustment. I'm not 100% sure he knew what he was doing.. Should I have also got lockout toe bolts or adjustable toe arms? Pic of alignment is attached. He didn't charge and never adjusted the front so assume that wont be a problem when the rear is sorted. Cheers
  11. Thanks Davey, will do!
  12. Thanks Alex, really appreciate it Don't want to go too expensive so SPC looks good. Are these easy enough for any garage to fit?
  13. Thanks Alex. I don't think anything was seized, just don't think he was aware a small amount of movement was possible. Yeah was thinking I might need adjustable arms. What ones would you recommend? Was going to take it into Kwik Fit tomorrow to see if they can adjust the camber but sounds like it might be a waste of money until I fit adjustable arms Cheers
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