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  1. Thank you! I replaced the sender initially with; VDO Pressure Sender 10 Bar 1/8NPT with Low Warning 0.8 Bar Which didn't solve issue so want to change wiring and gauge now. Would Aem be suitable for the above? Cheers
  2. Hi, My aftermarket oil pressure gauge needs replacing. I ordered the Glowshift from Torqen but apparently out of stock and waiting for them from the USA. I have it booked in next week with auto electrician to fit (along with new Stereo). Can anyone recommend a similar priced one? I know Greedy and Defi are recommended but a bit out of budget! Ideally want it to come with new sensor and wiring Cheers
  3. Yes, thank you both for your replies
  4. I will have a look, I was just after some pointers to where the likely places are that it could have been turned off/disconnected. Cheers
  5. Thank you but I don't want the ability to switch it off and on like the video I just want it on permanently. I am not sure how the abs/TC were turned off in the first place. I've been driving it for 7 months without but I'll end up needing one day haha Cheers
  6. Thank you, will mention that to mechanic but definitely no extra button anywhere
  7. Hi, The ABS and Traction control are disabled on my 350z. I was unaware of this when purchasing...... The lights have been blanked out on the dash and handbrake light won't go off. It was discovered by my auto electrician when trying to resolve this (handbrake light is now blanked out as temporary measure). I suspect it's for track/drifting purposes and not to hide a fault going by other mods the car has. How do I turn them both back on? Its going in for service soon and then to auto electricians to fit a new stereo so ideally want to get them to do it at the same time
  8. Yeah that was the main reason I went for a fresh import. It was getting rust proofed in the pictures so hopefully stays that way for a long time!
  9. Thank you, didn't realise it was in a casing! Will see if I can get someone to look at it, hopefully it's a straight swop to a standard diff. Yeah think the diff cooler is quite expensive so will likely take that off when switching the diff.
  10. Hi I imported a 350z last year and apparently it has a 3 way hydraulic diff... My mechanic thinks it's for drifting but didn't know anymore than that. I want to change the oil but no idea what I should use. It's also my daily so not sure it's a good thing to have or if I should swop it out for a standard one. It locks at low speeds (assume that's what it's supposed to do) and clunks when turning at slow speed. I've attached some pictures, is it possible to identify it from them? Thank you in advance Kev
  11. Thanks Ekona & Bobby. I probably have 2/3 inches head space and the roll bar is padded where I could hit it! Will have a look at specialists in the North West who might be able to fit them for me
  12. I never thought of the roll cage being dangerous so harness seems the way to go as not wearing a helmet going to work lol. Was thinking of Takata ones (only because I know they are not cheap). Would I need a harness bar? I hope they are genuine, has all the bride rails etc! I bought the car from Japan at auction and was listed as having bride seats and also has some expensive mods so can't imagine anything is fake Cheers
  13. Thanks Ekona. I should have said I only use the car for normal road use and it will never be tracked. Just concerned I could hit my steering wheel and if I can make it safer for my passenger then it's worth doing. I would get someone professional to fit it. I am not sure where my head sits to be honest but will check (I'm 5.10 ish). Cheers
  14. Hi, After a bit of advice if fitting a harness would be safer than seat belts for driver and passenger. My car has roll cage, bride seats and a non air bag steering wheel. I don't want to fit just for style. Also I assume I would need a harness bar? Cheers
  15. Hi, Tried to get a reverse camera installed using my existing sat nav screen but auto electrician says he can't find any input... The manual does seem to indicate it was an option! Has anyone else had it done? Just want to check before I change my stereo to one with a screen Cheers
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