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  1. Hi My 2006 350z has recently started blowing cold air whilst idle and even when moving it wasn’t as hot as it used to be. Today at the end of a 30 minute drive the fans came on and didn’t go off, the stock temp gauge moved to the middle but my aftermarket temp gauge was at c85 and normally fans don’t kick in until 95. Other things which maybe related; Squeal from the engine bay (sounds like belts) Aftermarket oil temperature gauge has been bouncing but when settled reads normal 6/7 months ago it has a new radiator, cap, hoses and thermostat Any help would be appreciated Kev
  2. Thanks Coz, I appreciate the reply I will remove this weekend and see if I can see anything
  3. Hi, Sorry for the noob questions but I want to replace my cone filter. Do I just unscrew the existing one at the end and screw the new one on? Also how to I figure out the size, measure the intake? Thank you!
  4. Thanks Olly. Yeah probably do what you said but just found out my Greddy oil cooler hoses are leaking so will put that to top of the list
  5. Thanks Paul. Do I need to make any modifications to put the original back? Car has some expensive mods so surprised they would have changed it if original is better unless it was just for sound?
  6. Thanks Jack appreciate the reply. Yeah happy enough with it at the moment and car is definitely on the loud side. Can I just replace it with any cone filter or does it need to be a HPI one?
  7. To be honest I haven’t as I have zero knowledge on so any suggestion would be appreciated! Kev
  8. Hi, I want to replace the air filter on my 06 JDM as it has been on since my purchase (3 years ago) and not sure when it was originally installed. It’s an API brand but can only find replacements in Japan. Do I need to use the same brand? I can’t tell if it’s a cotton or stainless? I’ve attached some pictures Thank you in advance! Kev
  9. It’s definitely not standard as paint code for car is silver 😂
  10. Will get into body shop and full respray it just want to make it less obvious for now
  11. Hi My 350 is a Japanese import with non standard colour and a Weber Sports body kit and I have a little bumper damage. I’m after a touch up pen as a temporary measure but how can I find the correct paint? It’s a small amount of damage and will be temporarily so roughly similar will be ok for now. I’ve attached a picture of anyone can guess 🤣 Thank you
  12. Hi, I bought this code reader for my 2006 JDM import; ANCEL JP700 JOBD OBD2 Japanese Car Scanner, JDM Automotive Code Reader Check Engine Light OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool for Toyota Nissan Honda Mazda Subaru Vehicle Diagnosis On JOBD I get a fault code U1001 Can Comm Circuit but when I use the JOBD option it says no fault codes… I don’t have issues (other than faulty oil pressure gauge/wiring) Any ideas why it’s only showing up on one option and what is it? Cheers
  13. Hi, Can anyone recommend a garage in the North West that knows their way around a 350? I believe TDI has closed permanently Cheers
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