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  1. Haha how do you know the price?
  2. Great thank you, I will contact them for the size
  3. Cheers, another picture attached
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me what front nose/bumper this is? Trying to figure out how much longer it makes the car from standard Cheers
  5. Hi, Does the Jdm spec Fairlady Z have the Rev up Engine like the UK models? If so which models and years? Thank you Kev
  6. Hi, Is it possible to register a fresh Import (2004/2005 model) so it gets the cheaper tax? Cheers Kev
  7. Hi, I'm looking at getting a fresh Jap Import to try ensure it will be rust free. It's likely to be 2003 to 2005. Are the rusting doors / arches / sills a common problem? Cheers
  8. Thanks Graham, will make sure mine definitely is!
  9. Thanks Graham. Thats great they are pretty close to me, will definitely call him. If you don't mind telling me, how much did you pay and what grade was it? Did they sort everything out and you just collected from them? Cheers
  10. Thanks Graham When was your registrated in the UK?
  11. Good point! Maybe it was just imports registered between 06 and 07 that were a problem as the tax shot up to over £550 that year (according to parkers anyway)
  12. Thanks Steve Happy with that but read that DVLA seem to go on date of registration in the UK rather than manufacture and apply higher tax bracket if car was imported after 2006. Heard some scary figures of 400 or 500 mentioned! Looking at getting fresh import ideally
  13. Hi, Can anyone confirm what the road tax will be a pre 2006 Jdm import will be? It has been imported this year. Apologies if already covered but could only find very old threads Cheers
  14. Thank you! Will definitely look into that, would rather go car shopping than sightseeing haha



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