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  1. Car sold and collected - mods please lock thread 👍
  2. Provisionally Sold Pending Payment........ Again 😄
  3. Yes hopefully mate. I JUST DONT WANT HER TO GO 😭
  4. Well that was a bummer, the buyer ran into some insurance issue so can no longer proceed with the purchase. I've relisted it on here again as for sale but please make sure you check your insurance carefully before committing to buying the car. I'm gutted for him but also a little bit happy as atleast I get a little more time with her now!
  5. Right then, seems my Zed sold a hell of a lot faster than I thought I would, which leaves me with a relatively small amount of time in which to replace it! Wonder what people in a similar situation to me have gone for after their Zeds, things I need to factor in are: * £20K - 25K * 4 Doors * 4 Seats * Decent Boot * Same speed / power as a Zed minimum - shouldn't be too hard in this day and age! * Nice modern day cabin At the moment I keep looking at "Zee GermanZ" as they seem to be ticking all the boxes, but just thought I'd see wha
  6. Indeed they are. I don't think I'll ever get over selling this. I was genuinely gutted when he text saying he would have it, which is a stupid thing to say I know but I really do love the car!
  7. Provisionally Sold Pending Payment ### NOW BACK UP FOR SALE AS OF 29/4/2021 - BUYER UNFORTUNATELY RAN INTO SOME INSURANCE ISSUES ###
  8. Thanks mate. I will genuinely be upset to see her go but I know she needs to be driven not just sat on the drive looking pretty. I'll defo stay in the community and whilst a GTR is nice I'm afraid that firstly they are too expensive and secondly im a zed man all day so I'll hopefully be back with another in a few years once the kids are a bit bigger.
  9. I actually have no idea what's Coming next. Got a few things lined up to view but undecided at the mo!
  10. Hi guys, I've listed my car over the weekend in the for sale section but it's still showing as pending, I just wanted to check if it was OK or if I need to amend it to get it visable? I appreciate your all busy outside of this forum but thought I'd check incase I've done something wrong. 🙂
  11. Sad update - car is now up for sale HERE After baby number 2 arrived in sept 2020 I definitely need to look at something with more seats and doors!
  12. I have been debating doing this for months, but now I have 2 children to ferry around I've decided that it's time to pass by beloved Zed on to a new owner. I really don't want to do this, but deep down I know it's the right thing to do. I haven't listed this on Autotrader or Facebook as I would love for it to go to a real Zed fan and I figured if you have gone to the effort to join the community here to look for a good example, then you would be a good person to pass her on to. If there are no takers over the course of a few weeks then I'll advertise in the usual places.
  13. Possibly selling these JR6 if your interested. Looking for around 300 including Falken Fk510s but they could do with being replaced and the wheels would need a refurb. Based near Chester.
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