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  1. Reflector Thread Hunting

    Cheers guys
  2. Reflector Thread Hunting

    Allo! So I'm SURE there's a thread somewhere showing how to remover the orange front reflectors on a HR but i've spend an entire lunch hunting for it and while there's plenty of pics of the new ones on the cars after installing there's nothing show how to get to the buggers in the first place! Anyone got a link?! Ta!
  3. Headlight Washer Jets

    That's insane! To be honest i've always thought its a pointless bit of kit, if mine went pop id jut leave them as long as they stayed "in" the hole lol! but yea try @Zmanalex he should be able to help
  4. 08 HR Build

    Cheers buddy - on the drive the rear lifts slightly due to the incline but on the flat it looks epic!
  5. 08 HR Build

    Ok so after handing over to Tuned UK she now looks ALOT better! In the process of fitting these they noticed that the exhaust had come loose slightly and was banging the underside and that the rear left bearing has gone! Needless to say new part on the way from @Adrian@TORQEN and they'l fix up that loose section while replacing the bearing. Can't believe how much better it looks and certainly feels tighter in the corners now!
  6. Coilovers BC or HSD? Reviews

    Ive got some BC'S going on mine on Sat so i'd go with them!
  7. 08 HR Build

    I haven't, I've booked in to have the lot done with Tuned UK in Chester. I wouldn't have all the tools for DIY and with a little baby due in March won't have the time or money for fixing it if there was something wrong so I decided to play it safe on this one! However I might sit alongside and watch just so I know for the future what's involved / how to do it. I'll be honest when I ordered them I didn't know there were different rates, so I don't know! But I'm sure @Tarmac@TarmacSportz will have kept me in safe hands!
  8. 08 HR Build

    Ok so after what seems like endless hunting finally settled on a set of BC BR Coliovers from Chris @Tarmac@TarmacSportz along with a couple of other bits and pieces to keep everything nice & new. Got to get a price for fitting and it will likely be either Tuned UK or Demon Tweeks depending on price (lucky I'm not far from either of them)! So once they are on, i'll also look at the bumper tuck & wiper delete, then report bac to y'all
  9. 08 HR Build

    Hi Mate, sorry I've only just seen this message! I honestly can't remember the tyre size, i'll try and dig out the paperwork and let you know later on, If I remember @Tarmac@TarmacSportz had one set of these going cheapo but they might have been all silver?
  10. Driver Door Stuck Shut

  11. Driver Door Stuck Shut

    Defo not, especial when the handbrake and gear shifter go up the wrong-un while your straddling over from the passenger seat!
  12. Driver Door Stuck Shut

    Thanks mate might well get some so I don't have to go through that nonsense again!
  13. Driver Door Stuck Shut

    Wow - so it was frozen shut! I've never had a car door freeze that much that's crazy!!!!
  14. Driver Door Stuck Shut

    Morning all! So typically we have a cold snap and now my driver door locks up completely! Have to do the scramble over the handbrake to get in & out at the moment! Just wondered if there was a quick fix / reset or if its off to the garage jobby? And its definitely not frozen shut
  15. 350Z Mines Style Front Lip SOLD

    How come your selling buddy?