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  1. 350Z Mines Style Front Lip

    How come your selling buddy?
  2. Still representing the Welsh Chapter

    I'm a gog, am I allowed to play?
  3. Cray Z 2017 Nismo - Brand Spankers!

    Great news! Hope it's not too damaged!
  4. True coilovers that will slam

    Did you get any further with this mate as im looking at HSD's at the mo
  5. Its that time...

    Sounds like an epic journey bud, I've had the privilege of going to Hong Kong 3 times and it's amazing. If you get chance these would be my top things to do: Go to Victoria peak to see the whole of Hong Kong, take the tram up and walk back down. Go to the Giant Buddha via the cablecar it's amazing! The lazer/music show is on everynight at the harbour, worth seeing atleast once. Go to Aberdeen harbour and take the ferry over to llama island for a good adventure trail! Safe trip.
  6. Agreed it's an amazing setting and I'm loving exploring it!
  7. Depends how you play bud,if you run and gun on easy I reckon 6 hours and you will smash it. I play as realistic as I can and fully explore the maps and look at all the little details cos I'm a sad ww2 nerd Lol! Im on second to last mission and it's taken me about 8 hours but loving it all the way! Can't wait for another go on veteran.
  8. So, assassins creed origins is getting a good thrashing from me at the mo and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! New combat system is a bit strange to get used to but can see many hours roaming Egypt over the next few months! Also, COD WW2. I'm a huge ww2 fan and have studied it in many different areas as well as collected endless sort of sets, ww2 memorabilia and of course games. Medal of honour was first and really got me hooked on shooters, followed by the rest of the series, then jumped to COD (originals) battlefield 1942 and then WW2 took a bit of a back burner while modern warfare/futuristic shooters arrived. Well while the multiplayer is still your usual fast paced run and gun, the base camp is really cool being able to walk around and do things rather than being in a pause menu, but for me I'll go back to battlefield for the multiplayer as in my opinion, its much better. The COD WW2 campaign however is absolutely bloody fantastic! Its looks stunning, keeps you hooked and the story is so exciting! Literally is band of bros meets saving private Ryan,the game. Can't recommend the campaign enough and I can see me playing it start to finish many many MANY times over!
  9. 08 HR Build

    Cheers for the feedback - I'm still going for the drop as I think it would be the difference from it looking nice to looking seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexy but I know what you mean about them being low already, most people who sit in it say how low it is! As for the bumper tuck I'm 50/50 on it so I think I'll have to do it and see (can always switch back easy enough), but I think your the only person who's said to not do it most advise to as it's got an ark grip system so there's loads of shiny pipes underneath to show off!
  10. Upgrading Suspension - Recommendations?

    So many kits! So when looking at things like the tein street basis vs twin flex z, is the twin flex actually worth twice the dosh? Or, with the ark performance, are you paying for the name or is it actually worth three times the price of the street basis (I've got the ark grip exhaust and it is amazing so I'm guessing it is worth it but not sure how hight their suspension is rated). Sorry for questions but I want to get it right first time and as mentioned before I do t really want to spend £800 on an "ok" system when I could spend £1000 on a really great system!
  11. Following, I'm looking at upgrading mine so want to know what others recommend, i don't wanna spend 800 on an "ok" setup if I can get a "great" setup for 1000.
  12. Happy 100K to my HR!

    Congrats! Random question, the 90 underneath, how do you reset it to zero?! Was having a fiddle last night in traffic and couldnt get it to reset!
  13. Upgrading Suspension - Recommendations?

    Ha! Yea If I had the dosh id love air but defo no air for me yet! Budget i'd say £500 - £800, but could push £1000 if it would make a huge difference in end results.
  14. Rozzers pull a Z struggling for traction

    Looks like a normal Friday/Saturday night in Wrexham to me Whatcha think @Ollydykins @Jay.1r