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  1. Are you able to package them up safely for a courier? Might take these as a new set of winters for my 350!
  2. Lol! I'll give them a message and see what they say!
  3. Finally! Reduction in camber back down to 2 degrees from four and some new bolts/bushes to stop some knocking and she is sat perfect! Such a pain in the ass having to cut and roll the arches, but we cleaned and sealed them fully so Just have to be extra careful for the rust spots not but hopefully that will be her done for a little bit now.
  4. im currently on Falken FK510 tyres and the spec is: Front 18x9.5 et12 tyres 225/45/18 Rear 18x10.5 et 15 tyres 285/35/18 With a 25-30mm drop on coilovers, some camber (about 3-4 degrees) and rolled arches. On my JR6 wheels they were: 18x9.5 et22 18x10.5 et25 Tyres were the same spec and they fitters perfectly. Sat in to the arch about 1cm more so no rubbing ever and you could always throw a 5mm spacer on if you wanted to push them a bit more. I think et23 all round on 9.5/10.5 should be fine, but please don't take my word for it! I had to get my arches rolled after all!
  5. One more then I'll stop I promise!
  6. Cheers mate the drawing is epic can't wait to get it framed and on the wall! Yea the fitment is down to the offset. It's just that tiny bit too pokey! I wanted to push it to the limit with the offset as I much prefer a flush/poke fitment to a tucked one but looks like I over pushed slightly! Good news is the car is drivable just need to be a little careful on certain corners etc until we get the arches cut or rolled a little more.
  7. Treated myself to a little doodle of my car, its from "modified artworks" on Facebook and if you want one doing mention "Tom with the silver 350z" and he may be able to do you a deal depending on what sort of thing you want doing.
  8. So chuffed with them! They are however rubbing a tiny bit on higher speed sharp turns so going back to have another mm shaved off the arches or have them rolled a tad or have the rear coil overs tightened a bit. Or all 3! Either way it looks and drives great bar the little bit of rubbing. Need to make sure they are off for winter though can't be doing with lacquer peel and corrosion on these beauty's! Been quoted 150 to have them ceramic coated so may well go for this.
  9. However, eventually they were on and my god do they look sexy!
  10. So the tyres took a lifetime to arrive after the courier lost them but eventually got everything to Tuned UK in Chester. Fronts went on a dream, rears not so much! Needed to cut the arches a little and add another 2 degrees of camber span widgetspan widget
  11. Yep.... Incomiiiiiiing!!!!!!!
  12. Wiper was easy, the interior trim was also surprisingly easy but the washer at the top was a right bugger to get out lol! This was the guide I followed: The pack I got was from a chap on Facebook but the top bung was too small so popped to Halfords & got a bigger one. Also picked up a primer, paint & lacquer spray to spray the boot lid bung. Doesn't match perfectly but it's close enough for me.
  13. Wiper removed, spray nozzle removed, 350z badge removed, new "Z" badges en route from @Tarmac@TarmacSportz so will pop them on next week.
  14. Ha! I was the same mate had them in for ages "umming and arrhing" over them! The Works are: Front - 18 x 9.5 et12 Rear - 18 x 10.5 et15 Current setup for my JR6's is: Front - 18 x 9.5 et22 Rear - 18 x 10.5 et25 So if my maths adds up (and Driftworks are on the ball) the wheels should poke out 10mm more, so i'll have to either have a little stretch on the tyres, or a little extra camber (currently about 1 degree) or raise the car a tad, or a bit of all, but none of this overstretched over camber crap I still want to drive the car lol! Either way Tuned UK will be having a look and working out what would be best, then i'll get some rubber ordered and hopefully have them on in a few weeks. Also need to see if the current lugs will fit, or if i'm gonna splash on some nice work ones and the same with the air valves





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