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  1. Love the Southbend
  2. YEAH!
  3. I was looking at these myself so will be watching this post for the replies to come in!
  4. I don't mind it to be honest, a bit easier to use on phones and simple enough to navigate just takes a good few hours to adjust out of old habits
  5. Bump!
  6. I use something called peek and it works well, link here:
  7. Evening all, I noticed a few weeks ago when slowly moving on full lock there's a clicking noise coming from the front of the car. I only do this manuver when reversing onto the drive so as its not done that oftern i thought I'd wait and get it checked by my local garage when I have some free time. This week however I've noticed it does it when doing any sharp turns at low speeds (for example a T junction turn). I did fit some spacers about 2 months back so im not sure if this will have somethibg to do with it (like need tightening or something) or if its the C.V joint / ball thing / banana peel or one of the other many things that click and knock according to the search option but if anyone else has experienced similar and can shed some light it would help!
  8. Now I see why this is funny
  9. Erm.... think I'd better get a brew for this! Shame about the photos not being available but still loads of Info!
  10. Drippin
  11. Oh right, lol!
  12. Now that would defo be handy! Maybe I'll wax the wife's car first and see how I get on!
  13. What do you use just out of curiosity?
  14. Ha! Im quite sure they have one on there somewhere but as above ive never tried waxing so can't recommend sorry!
  15. I've tried a couple of others in the past (gtechnique, bilthamber, angelwax) and the usual turtlewax and demon shine (never again) but none seem to hold the clean look for as long in my opinion.