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  1. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    I'll make sure to stay away from there then!
  2. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    Feels strange touching a screen rather than using buttons! i actually miss the whopping volume knob off the OEM unit!
  3. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    Out with the old.......
  4. m4nn13

    Tonneau cover fitment

    Ive just picked up an OEM and have exactly the same issue! Did you manage to get yours sorted and if so an you upload some pics?
  5. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    Cheers mate - the chap who did the work said the exact same thing
  6. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    I do need to replace the W brace but he cleaned it up so i can atleast get another year or so out if it. Have to say the work was brilliant and he got into as many small areas as possible swith a mix of wet gloop painted on and some areas sprayed.
  7. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    Decided to treat the Zed to a full clean and underseal this week. Dropped her off at Tuned UK in Chester and picked her up the next day. The car was a bit grotty underneath but nothing compared to some cars he has worked on aparantly, so that made me feel better knowing it wasnt a complete rotbox to start with! managed to get a few pics from.him through the process but on collection completely forgot to take one of the whole car, but i'm sure you'll get the idea:
  8. m4nn13

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    Tidy, will check in again on this in a few weeks but if you decide to go ahead just pop it on here
  9. m4nn13

    Rear Diffuser Opinions

    Top. i want the same setup tho so im always gonna say that!
  10. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    need to wrap the orange reflectors black and get some lip/skirt/diffuser/spat action next but have to watch the pennies for a while!
  11. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    but, still managed to get a couple of good shots from a few meets etc:
  12. m4nn13

    08 HR Build

    Not managed to get much done since earlier this year due to the arrival of this little monster:
  13. m4nn13

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    Cheeky bump - i'll be getting back in touch with them soon in case anyone else wants to jump aboard!
  14. m4nn13

    Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    Nothing set in stone yet but i think certainly by September at the latest
  15. m4nn13

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    mint! What diffuser is that?