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  1. Wheel Nuts Recommendation

    here you go @biggzi
  2. Wheel Nuts Recommendation

    you beat me to it!
  3. Air cups

    I'm trying to see if these will fit the BC Br's but no luck with the shaft size at the mo (sneaky peeks on phone in work!)
  4. HR induction kit comparison

    As above mate I've got K&N drop ins on my HR, I do like the bling effect of Induction kits but they can get rammy if not kept on top of and have possible heat soak etc, so up to you really! Maybe go half way and tart up your existing boxes?
  5. Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    BUMP! Won't have many chances as getting quality like this with such a discount so get on board guyz & girlz !!!!!!!
  6. Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    I've gone polished, just because if I change wheels in the future they should match any colour going.
  7. Wheel Nuts

    should be working now matey
  8. Wheel Nuts

    Hi Guys, new thread for this here:
  9. Forged Titanium Wheel Nuts

    This was just an idea floating round but having had positive feedback thought i'd start an actual thread for this as it may well go ahead! So as we know wheel nuts are touch and go, some are great and last ages, others rust & corrode after a few months. Fourty Four Wheel Co. make some beautiful but quite pricey Forged Titanium nuts. Prices start from £250 for 16 and £300 for 20, but after speaking with them they agreed to come up with a little discount for the Zed community (and these guys rarely discount anything)! So, minimum of 10 sets & we get 30% off - the sets can be any combination, and any fitment. For example: 5 x sets of polished 3 x sets of spectrum 2 x sets of gold Because of the different sets & number of bolts available what I will propose to Fourty Four is we give them a list of what we require & then all pay for each order individually but at the same time to ensure there are no issues. Product info here: http://www.fourtyfourwheelcompany.com/gr5-v2-ti-lugs Shop / Price Info Here: http://www.fourtyfourwheelcompany.com/product-page/fourtyfour-gr5-v2-titanium-wheel-lugs PEOPLE IN SO FAR: m4nn13 x 20 Polished @valy x 20 Spectrum Burnt @taybo x 20 Spectrum TBC @AbiiPow x TBC If you fancy some extra bling for your rim, pop your name, number of bolts & finish below & ill add you to the list.
  10. Wheel Nuts

    awezoooome, 6 left!
  11. Wheel Nuts

    ok no worries, your in, 7 slots left!
  12. Wheel Nuts

    Tidy, your first on the list! 8 slots left!
  13. 350Z wheel nut choice / options - RPF1s

    they are ok, but i doubt they would last till the end of the year before getting manky. Im part way through organising a group buy of those titanium ones with 30% off if you want to hold of a little longer?
  14. Wheel Nuts

    sorry got delayed with the rest if this post! Anyway he said if i can get 10 people onboard he will do them at 30% off and any combo (for example 5 sets of polished, 3 sets of gold and 2 sets of spectrum). Not half a bad discount i dont think!
  15. Wheel Nuts

    Spoke to him earlier today, hes up and running again aparantly