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  1. The z is no longer for sale... cant face selling her Please lock
  2. Due to losing our company car scheme and the wife being pregnant the time has come to sell my pride and joy so we can buy something with more doors and seats... owned since 2012 i am the second owner. 2008 HR non gt. (private plate can be removed) Mileage sits at 87170 wont increase much as she will be SORN in October for the winter months. Brakes DBA discs on the front with OEM brembo pads (covered around 1000 miles) OEM discs on the back with OEM pads (covered around 8000 miles) Car Very good condition all round, a couple of age related small marks and stone chips. 75% of the mileage has been covered in 6th gear going up and down the a1 or m1. Rays are spotless, refurbished around 2 years ago. Interior very clean smoke free. Engine Always ran on V power or equivalent. Engine has had the oil gallery gaskets replaced by Sly at Kaizer motors a few years ago as a preventative measure. The new gaskets fitted were the revised Nissan parts. Uprev remap carried out by Abbey motorsport around 5 years ago. Cobra resonated cat back exhaust (also have original exhaust) Tyres Michelin pilot super sports. (Covered around 10,000 miles mainly motorway) Service Full service history, i have serviced the car for the last couple of years (aircraft engineer trained) All fluids changed last year, and engine oil replaced again a few months ago. Literally covered around 3000 miles between engine oil services. All Nissan fluids used. Also comes with storm force car cover made for the 350z. Fits like a glove. Normally used over the winter months while she’s parked up. Located in Flitwick, Bedfordshire.
  3. For sale 4 Eibach spacers. £120 + £12 postage. or located in Bedfordshire if you would like to collect.
  4. Sorry have been on holiday for two weeks. These are now sold as of 27/9/18
  5. Roscoe

    What oil to use!

    5w40 is fine if anything probably a little better once fully warmed up.
  6. 2 x 25mm eibach spacers. Covered around 5000 motorway miles. Been sat in garage for a couple of months. Selling due to wheel change. £50 pickup (I can meet up to a 20 mile radius from ampthill Bedfordshire) Or posted £60
  7. Roscoe

    Z racing

  8. As others have said, day to day on the road not much difference in performance. On a track a hr with like for like mods as a de is a quicker car. As Ekona mentioned, the difference in the higher rev limit makes a more exciting drive in the hr they really do love to rev where the de feels as though it's much happier around the lower rev range. Ross
  9. I had no other mods to mine apart from cosworth filters. HR engine and it made a nice difference to overall driveability. I would definitely recommend it even on a standard car
  10. Welcome to the forum! An uprev remap will improve 1st and 2nd gear as I'm sure in OEM settings these are slightly restricted. I've had the uprev remap on mine, it has transformed the throttle response
  11. Attending a wedding last week in the old girl. Still looks good parked up next to more expensive metal.





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