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  1. HR is worth the premium in my opinion. Better engine, gearbox than the DE’s. Interior on 06 onwards was also slightly improved. Look out for low oil pressure on warm idle. Anything lower than about 25 psi would be signs of the gallery gaskets failing (common issue for the HR engined cars and early 370z)
  2. Lovely car. I’m in exact same situation as you. My little boy is 20 months old now and my z gets very little use. Been parked in my garage for the last 18 months. I keep talking myself out of it. It’s just not going to get used anymore. Think it’s done about 200 miles since last MOT. Will be putting her up for sale in the new year 🙁
  3. Just out of pure interest. Does anyone know the weight difference between the UK HR GT (leather heated seats, sub etc) vs the UK HR non GT model (cloth seats no heat etc) 🙂
  4. Sounds pretty normal to me for a HR variant. The HRs do tend to have a slightly more supercharged sounding gearbox than the DE’s 😄 Mine has always had a similar noise to that, I purchased it at 40,000 miles. Now on 85,000 miles and gearbox feels as smooth as it did back then.
  5. Woke her up from a bit more hibernation 🥰
  6. Just popped up on my YouTube. Good little Nurburgring lap. Impreza vs Z
  7. I’ve had similar smell on my old 200sx after track days. Ended up being the gearbox oil getting too hot. Fluid change sorted it.
  8. Personally I would opt for a good condition 350 HR. Good HR’s will now depreciate less than a 370z and unless your buying one of the later Nismo versions there is no difference in performance over the HR and an early 370z. Unless you just prefer the 370z overall of course... Good luck with the search
  9. She’s been hibernating since November. Opened the garage up today to have a peak and check she’s all ok Oil change and aux belt + full wheels off detail to be done soon ready for when the sun comes out again
  10. Due to the current uncertainty at work around new rules regarding personal use on company vehicles I have decided to keep the z in case I need a car for daily use again. Thanks for looking. Ross.
  11. Very nice. This takes me back to my s14a. Had it before the 350z. Was fully setup for track use.
  12. Good afternoon, for sale is an oem 350z HR exhaust. I believe these will also fit the DE model cars. Removed from a 2008 car at around 50,000 miles about 5 years ago. Has been in my garage collecting dust. Price is £100 collected from flitwick.
  13. I’m having a clear out of all the bits I’ve collected over the years. I bought these a few years ago from a low mileage 370z (30k) at about 5 years old. They have been sat in my garage for a few years but are in good condition. These will also fit the HR 350Z but not the 350z DE. Unless i have been misinformed. Have some gaskets included. Price for these is £300 collected.
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