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  1. Yes, still available 👍
  2. Hi everyone, after the sale of my Z I have a few bits that I will be selling. OEM exhaust from 2008 HR. Covered around 40-45,000 miles. Removed from car as I replaced with a cobra system. Comes with some gaskets as seen in pics. Price is £200 collected from Ampthill. Thanks Ross
  3. Sold ☹️ I will be on here occasionally still as it’s a great forum and we still have a 370z nismo in the family that may need members knowledge and advice in the coming years 👍🏼 Thanks everyone for the help over the years! It’s been great!
  4. She passed MOT today. See description in original post 👍🏼
  5. No plans to get anything just yet. Really fancy a Yaris GR but they are slightly out my budget 😩
  6. Roscoe

    Door windows

    This ^^ sometimes it’s worth taking the micro switch off as it’s earthed through the car and giving the mating surfaces a clean 👍🏼
  7. Good evening everyone, I finally had some time today to get the z cleaned and some pictures taken. UPDATE 28/3/22 MOT expires 27 March 2023. - Advisory for ageing tyres (still plenty of rubber left so all ok) - Advisory for corrosion on the flexi pipe welds on the Y pipe. (Have OEM Y pipe that is in good condition if this concerns the buyer) Most importantly the tester commented on how clean she was for the age. Almost felt like he was looking very hard for something to write in the advisory section. So I have been pushing this back and back for some time now due to the attachment I have to this car. Owned for 9 years. It’s literally been the perfect car over that time. I have embarked on many long trips over the years and up until 2018 she was used daily for my 40 mile commute and weekends away. Never been a car that’s sat in stop start traffic for its daily duties. So the majority of the miles have been covered either on the motorway or longer drives to our holiday home in Norfolk. Since 2018 she has been in and out of dry storage as and when I have wanted to go for a quick drive or drive up to Norfolk. Then in 2020 our first little boy was born so the z was put into dry storage and plugged into a battery conditioner as I just didn't have any spare time to use her. She was started every couple of months and driven to keep things moving. Kept her serviced (last few years I have serviced myself with Nissan parts) Total of 11 garage stamps in book and 6 extra services (also shown in service record) carried out by myself during her life so far. Now my little boy and work commitments have taken over the majority of my spare time, I have a company vehicle so can’t even use her for work anymore. I would really like to see her go to an enthusiast and looked after as I have done the last 9 years 🙂 Spec as follows; 2008 HR in black. Always ran on Shell V power in my ownership. 3 owners in log book including myself but the first 2 owners are the same person as they brought the z through their company then changed in into their name after a few years. I brought it from them. So realistically its only 2 owners. 3 keys, and lots of paperwork for various bits over the years. Bodywork; Very good condition overall. Do be mindful however this is not a new car at 14 years old. Front bumper was re sprayed about 5 years ago due to stone chips. Stone chips have re occurred since then again. I have not touched these in as I think sometimes this can look worse. New OEM Nissan W brace. Brakes; DBA discs on front with OEM brembo pads OEM rear discs, OEM pads Braided brake hoses Brake fluid changed every 3 years. Engine/Gearbox; This is the HR version, Gallery gaskets have been replaced by Kaizer motors as a preventative r measure. The new gaskets installed are the revised Nissan item so will never fail. Uprev remap carried out by Abbey motorsport (really brings the HR engine to life) HKS hybrid air filters. (Very clean covered very little miles) Original clutch, and gearbox. Gear change nice and positive. Clutch still feels good. Engine oil has always been changed between 3 - 6k intervals in my ownership. The engine is in great condition as the oil is still golden after 6000 miles. Gearbox oil changed at 67k, 85k to keep it nice and clean. Dif oil changed at 85k Coolant changed at 67k and 85k (again probably ott but I do like to keep it clean) Aux belt changed last year. Cobra cat back exhaust. Tyres; Michelin pilot super sports. (These have been on here for sometime now but still strangely have fair amount of rubber left on them) Wheels; OEM rays refurbished, pretty spotless to be honest. Services; 9416 miles - P1 18474 miles - P2 27569 miles - P1 36312 miles - P3 45198 miles - P1 52466 miles - P2 62153 miles - P1 67443 miles - P3 71420 miles - P1 73010 miles - P1 76010 miles - P1 78373 miles - P3 82642 miles - P1 85170 miles - P3 86408 miles - P1 86920 miles - P3 87470 miles - P1 Included in the sale if asking price is met as follows; OEM exhaust. Removed when the cobra went on. (Cat back) only covered 40,000 miles or so. Stormforce all weather 4 layer 350z fitted cover. Private plate Nissan coolant premix (un opened, brought too much when i changed the coolant a few years back) Nissan gearbox oil Nissan dif oil Price is £10,900 As mentioned she will have a full year MOT from the end of March. Just to let people know in case I do get any, I am not interested in swapping it for Honda Civic type r’s or focus st’s or any other car. Thank you for the interest. It will break my heart when she is driven away by the new owner but the time has come to let someone else have the enjoyment it has given me in owning this great car 😊
  8. Unlikely to be gallery gaskets on a DE. More likely the piston rings.
  9. Cute little beads on the Z today 🙂
  10. My 2008 HR will be up for sale in next week or so.
  11. Got her out the garage in preparation for the upcoming sale ad. Never get bored of looking at it 😢
  12. HR is worth the premium in my opinion. Better engine, gearbox than the DE’s. Interior on 06 onwards was also slightly improved. Look out for low oil pressure on warm idle. Anything lower than about 25 psi would be signs of the gallery gaskets failing (common issue for the HR engined cars and early 370z)
  13. Lovely car. I’m in exact same situation as you. My little boy is 20 months old now and my z gets very little use. Been parked in my garage for the last 18 months. I keep talking myself out of it. It’s just not going to get used anymore. Think it’s done about 200 miles since last MOT. Will be putting her up for sale in the new year 🙁
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