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  1. Hi guys, zed sold back on December - said times but it's time to close the chapter on this story and start to explore another. I've now got myself a 435d gran coupe so I can have the little one in the back and load the boot up too
  2. Ah Colin, you know how much I love this car, I've been toying with the idea of keeping it or selling it since my little one was born. Now that he's 20 months there's more activities we can do together as a family so the zed is getting less and less use. Only 400 miles since the last MOT, which definitely means it's time for it to go to someone who will enjoy it just as much as I did, and time for me to get a family car!
  3. It is with a heavy heart that I put my beloved 350z finally up for sale. The reason for selling is I am now a proud father and 2 seats just doesn't work for us, even as my weekend toy, I've not had as much opportunity to use the zed as I would have liked and I'd rather it go to another enthusiast who will long continue the smiles per gallon that I received. You can see the full build thread on the link below - I bought the car totally stock and then had some mods done to it, including an Uprev with pops & bangs map as well as valet mode. I have been servicing it myself the last few years, however in the most recent service, the oil was still fairly golden when I changed it, as I had done less than 1000 miles in 1 year. It has the usual wear and tear you'd expect from a 2008 car, it's also seen a lot of beautiful roads, including Wales and the Scottish NC500 and so had the peppered bumper which could do with a once over. The rear bumper is an original Chargespeed, which you'll be able to see from my build thread. Also the original number plate will be going back on the car. I'm looking for £9500 ONO.
  4. Official list time lads . 1: Irn Bru + 1 booked 2: ShaunRS +1 booked 3. Rob350 + 1 booked/paid 4: TomBorehamUK +1 Booked 5: Bigjimg + 1 Booked/paid. 6.Brummiestormer+1 booked 7.Miss_Dani350z 8.Hrma+1 9. Nugget AKA - Griff ( son has a Z as well, will let him know) 10. Chirag1988 - booked 11. Sai AKA Serial Vapist - booked
  5. I'm in and with my Mrs! Let's hope it's as good as the previous trip, if not better!
  6. I just have the standard plastic undertray mate and I'll either use Shell or Castrol 5w30
  7. Another year gone, another service completed...not done anything new for a long time so just keeping my maintenance log updated here. Car has only done 58,705 miles so far and running sweet as if brand new Changed the oil and oil filter - cleaned out the HKS air filters and popped them back in. MVIMG_20171226_135546 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr 2017-12-26_03-23-44 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr MVIMG_20171226_135842 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr MVIMG_20171226_144526 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr
  8. I think I was probably the last one to buy from Chris at Tarmac. It did take a fair bit of work to fit properly, but have had no problem since it's been on and I love the look of it!
  9. This was the only half decent one I managed to pull out. That lamp post behind us was over-exposing the shot too much IMG_1971.jpg by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr
  10. Yeah not gonna have a chance to wash mine too, but looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  11. I'm in whichever location -Scott -Dunks -Steve -GnarlyDingo -Dal -flyn -Paul K -Slydog -Gradders - Chirag1988
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