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  1. Official list time lads . 1: Irn Bru + 1 booked 2: ShaunRS +1 booked 3. Rob350 + 1 booked/paid 4: TomBorehamUK +1 Booked 5: Bigjimg + 1 Booked/paid. 6.Brummiestormer+1 booked 7.Miss_Dani350z 8.Hrma+1 9. Nugget AKA - Griff ( son has a Z as well, will let him know) 10. Chirag1988 - booked 11. Sai AKA Serial Vapist - booked
  2. I'm in and with my Mrs! Let's hope it's as good as the previous trip, if not better!
  3. I just have the standard plastic undertray mate and I'll either use Shell or Castrol 5w30
  4. Another year gone, another service completed...not done anything new for a long time so just keeping my maintenance log updated here. Car has only done 58,705 miles so far and running sweet as if brand new Changed the oil and oil filter - cleaned out the HKS air filters and popped them back in. MVIMG_20171226_135546 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr 2017-12-26_03-23-44 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr MVIMG_20171226_135842 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr MVIMG_20171226_144526 by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr
  5. I think I was probably the last one to buy from Chris at Tarmac. It did take a fair bit of work to fit properly, but have had no problem since it's been on and I love the look of it!
  6. This was the only half decent one I managed to pull out. That lamp post behind us was over-exposing the shot too much IMG_1971.jpg by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr
  7. Yeah not gonna have a chance to wash mine too, but looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  8. I'm in whichever location -Scott -Dunks -Steve -GnarlyDingo -Dal -flyn -Paul K -Slydog -Gradders - Chirag1988
  9. I think your colour looks spot on as it is! If you want to change the look, like others said do it with a standard car if poss. Would be a shame to see such a nice looking zed get cut up
  10. Can vouch for Moog - got my driver side wheel bearing replaced with a Moog one
  11. Finally I'll look forward to watching top gear again
  12. So had the Uprev done yesterday by Jez at Horsham and pleased with the results. Car drives smoother and picks up better through all the lower gears. Also had the "Pops and Bangs" map added which is fun around town Model: 2008 GT 313 VQ35HR (56000 miles) Mods: HKS Super Hybrid panel air filters, Berks HFCs, Stillen Y Pipe, Cobra Resonated backbox Dyno: Dyno Dynamics - Horsham Developments BHP: 310.5 whp (+12) 18/02/2017 18:31 Office Lens by Chirag Panchal, on Flickr
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