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  1. November 26th. Sounds good, how many of us are we expecting?
  2. Just caught up with this, phenomenal build mate. Really excited for its completion for you!
  3. Sounds good, I’d be up for something like this
  4. Nice to see this properly in person and good speaking to you mate. Thought you may like this:
  5. "Older than Moses" haha Welcome along mate
  6. Should you wish to go down the oil cooler route, I would 100% recommend getting the thermostatic. As mentioned on our mishimoto thread, and as Rob mentioned, without the thermostat, your car may run colder than it should, with the UK weather and casual road driving. A thermostat basically helps regulate the temperatures keeping them in the optimal range, as opposed to the 'always on' option of a non thermostatic. (an application suited to track only cars that are always on the limit or hot climates)
  7. designed and made by oneself! Good work, like it a lot mate
  8. Love the expansion tank cover, great idea. Where did you get that from?
  9. Hi MrEVo, Do you have a printout from your alignment out of interest? With the drop from the eibach springs I would think you will be ok up front, just in the upper end of oem tolerance. I would recommend, and this is all I have on my 370z (and on my eibach spring 350z) lowered originally on coil overs and now air, is a set of rear camber arms and rear toe bolts/traction rod. We are HardRace suppliers so of course should you wish to get front arms too, you can see whats available here: http://www.hardrace.com/VEHICLE_Search.asp Personally I think all you will need is: Camber arms (also available in pillowball) - http://www.hardrace.com/Product_detail.asp?id=257&Car_Make=16&Car_Model=47&Car_Type=89 Toe Arms - http://www.hardrace.com/Product_detail.asp?id=3673&Car_Make=16&Car_Model=47&Car_Type=89 A cheaper alternative to the toe arms (traction rod) would be the eccentric bolt available from torqen. This requires elongating the hole it goes through for more adjustment.
  10. Had a good night last night guys. Thanks to everyone that came, was nice to see/meet everyone. Think we should maybe do this as a Bi-monthly thing, maybe alternating between locations..? Hope the Kent guys got back ok?
  11. I dont think anyone will hold you against it! lol





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