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  1. GT_Injection

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    Hi Everyone! Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday, November has been a manic month! Shall we arrange a date for January? Cheers, Grant
  2. GT_Injection

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    Perhaps the following Month then gives everyone more time
  3. GT_Injection

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    You're right it is the 22nd this month the bungalow diner is just located past copford. It's near the big food store in Markstey
  4. GT_Injection

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    Sounds good! Where do you all fancy meeting before hand? Is markstey a good point? Then we can all head down the motor way. there the bungalow diner there for breakfast! Let me know your thoughts.
  5. GT_Injection

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    So everyone, we're looking at the 29th of October. Would you all be interested in meeting at a location and convoying in?
  6. GT_Injection

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    I was thinking perhaps on a Sunday morning? They do a cars and coffee in Maldon at the museum of power, on the last Sunday of each month.. might be a good location
  7. Hello! I have noticed a couple of Zeds around the Colchester/Clacton area. Be good to perhaps get together, and see what you've all done to your pride, and joys! Let me know your thoughts, and perhaps this can arranged! Cheers, Grant
  8. GT_Injection

    Blue 350z in Colchester

    A mate of mine has a 350 also, and mentioned to me about this post last night! Thought I need to reply to that! Awesome! Keeping it Japanese in the family haha. Oh nice! I'm from Colchester, had my Zed nearly a year now. Well I did think that, but it's worth keeping both hands on the wheel when going round that tight bend Be good to get the Zed's together, and get some photos!
  9. GT_Injection

    Blue 350z in Colchester

    Hello mate, that would be me! You from the Colchester area? Your zee sounded good while you headed towards Sainsbury's!
  10. GT_Injection

    Taking my 350z on a journey!

    Awesome glad you enjoyed it! It was my first year, are you planning on going next year? I think it was about 11am, we had got to LE Mans early in the morning. Perhaps the Z owners should organise a roadtrip event!
  11. What's going on everyone! Over the past couple of months, I have started my own youtube channel called GT Injection. I'm doing daily vlogs, and my 350z is going to be involved in various road trips/projects! If you love your cars, then you will enjoy! My latest one is now live, as I come back from LE Mans the other weekend. Check out my channel, be great to have all your support! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBwtiKcDOwZuAf_w8zY-BGA
  12. GT_Injection

    Looking to buy 350z BGW

    Evening, I have a 2004 350z, and am looking to buy a BGW for it, anyone selling? Many thanks, Grant
  13. GT_Injection

    Looking to buy Coilovers

    Hello, Does anyone have a good set of second hand Coilovers for sale?
  14. Just hit 1k @GT_Injection_Photography

  15. GT_Injection

    Japfest Sunday 30th April 2017 @Silverstone

    Hi Everyone, I have not been to Japfest before. So regarding clubs stand, and ticket's for entry do I just order online? Car is undergoing some work over next couple months, Lets get them Zeds standing out! Cheers.