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  1. Big wing! Colchester

    Just saw a 350z with a big wing parked up near the fish and chip shop in Colchester, not sure if you saw me or not but I stuck my thumb up as I turned down the road! Lovely Zed!
  2. Spotted today at around 1:45pm turning out of Canhams road. Black 350 with aftermarket exhaust, sounded awesome!
  3. Blue 350z in Colchester

    Second this! I've seen a couple parked up in drives and at the side of the road but very rarely ever see them being driven! Do you live around the Colchester area too? You aren't GT_Injection's friend by any chance are you?
  4. Blue 350z in Colchester

    Haha that's awesome! Seen a couple of Zeds around Colchester but they are a rarity! Does your mate live around the Colchester area too? I've seen one parked up in West Bergholt before but it's always sweet when you see another on the road! Definitely be good to get some photos at some point for sure!
  5. Blue 350z in Colchester

    No way?! So glad you checked on here, I was with my brother in my car (Dad was in the GTR) and I said I'll make a post on the 350 forum and see if the owner of the blue Zed was on here - we had our fingers crossed but knew it was abit of a long shot! Im from the Sudbury area but work in Colchester and my Zed is my daily so you'll see us around that area and Stanway. Where abouts are you from? Haven't seen your Zed around Colchester before? Only caught a glimpse but she looked good! I was going to give you a wave when I saw you the first time but I was manouvering around the carousel (I can't be the only one who calls that banked corner the carousel, right?) so had both hands on the wheel!
  6. Blue 350z in Colchester

    Spotted a blue 350z with aftermarket front bumper in Colchester today near the big Sainsbury's. I was following a grey GTR! Followed us onto the A12 for a little bit and then turned off :-)
  7. Any more updates with this awesome build chaps?
  8. Sh#t Magnet

    Hahaha it's so funny you should post this! I was cleaning my car a few days back and as I was drying her off a bird shat all over the front of my car! Only benefit was that because it was juicy and fresh it came off nice and easy, but it's the first time I've ever had a bird drop it's guts over my car while cleaning or drying it! Genuinely think they aim for the clean cars though!
  9. Exhaust upgrade

    Motordyne TDX2 paired with some ART pipes!
  10. 350z & R35 GTR

    Ahh that's a shame! Have you replaced the 350 for anything else yet? There isn't a huge amount on the market which is similar in terms of power and looks for the kind of money 350s are going for. Some of those Triumphs are going for a pretty penny these days! Especially the Dolomite Sprints! Hi coldel, only thing that I done (which is probably the culprit) is bracketed either side of the correct exposure and merged the images to HDR, because of how blue and bright the sky was on the day mixed with the darker area we were parked in to take the photo's. The actual colour of the cars and details came out perfect and really true to life, it was just the sky that seemed to take a hit. Ideally you would probably mask the sky out during post and bring it down a couple of notches, but I was abit short for time haha!
  11. 350z TDX2 & ART Pipes

    Haha I've got to say I do like to change to the pops and bangs map every so often just to hear how ridiculously loud some of them can be! It is surprising how deep it can be up to about 3k RPM and how it starts to absolutely scream over about 5k, the TDX2 is a superb bit of kit. The V8 must sound incredible once you're getting on it though! What exhaust set up are you running on it now? Still decat? Thanks mate, I was surprised how well the GoPro picked up the audio yet removed the road and wind noise. Definitely the best recording of my exhaust I've had so far from any phone or video camera I've tried.
  12. *** TORQEN *** 350z Nismo 380RS Acceleration pedal

    PM sent!
  13. Headlamp washer covers

    Might be worth contacting some of the guys who break cars on here mate like Emperor. Failing that have a sift through the 9 cars on this website and see if any of them have the covers you're after (The black 350 that's the 5th one down seems to have them) and ping them an email. http://www.partshark.co.uk/used-car-parts-breaking-vehicles/nissan/350%2Bz/
  14. 350z TDX2 & ART Pipes

    Would love to hear that V8 in person with the TDX2! Must sound the nuts! I was surprised with the sound from the camera to be fair, was expecting alot more wind and road noise, I'm sure you can tweak the sound settings before and after you've recorded but I wouldn't have a clue! There is almost zero drone on mine which is weird considering you had some on yours? Only thing I must say about the exhaust is the fitting was a little fiddly to get everything to clear the respective parts so nothing is touching. We had to pack the centre box up that meets with Y pipe and tighten everything up before removing the packers, otherwise it just sat on the brace which caused some vibration in the cabin. But now I've got a solid 8mm of clearance which is perfect.
  15. 350z TDX2 & ART Pipes

    Thank you mate, camera still doesn't do it justice but it does sound incredible. I'll get myself a proper GoPro mount so I can record horizontally and give it another go I think. I was slightly concerned whether the GoPro was even going to be still on my bumper when I got back home ! Obviously the App was playing havoc and wouldn't connect to the camera so I couldn't even check from inside the car!