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  1. Got exactly the same issue with mine, side to side rear wobble and a rear end which feels it's made of jelly whenever you try and push the car on a bit. I'm just short of 100k on mine now and since I've had it 10 years I'm going to do a full rear suspension refresh. In the past couple of years it's had a set of bc racing coilovers , eibach camber arms and spl droplinks (plus updated arb) and a recent alignment so I'm thinking it's a bush but again, nothing is obvious. I'm just holding off for the January sales in case i can get any bargain parts then will be cracking early jan with the refresh of all the bushes and arms. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. Hi all Car booked in to the garage to get some shiny new bilstien b8 dampers fitted and I can't seem to get hold of some new top mounts without a 3-4 week lead time . As I have a broken shock I can't wait. just the standard mounts I'm after, not the pillowball ones Can anybody help?
  3. Very interested in this, has anyone had a kit fitted yet?
  4. Im also looking to recover the headlining in my Zed and this sounds like a really good guide. Real shame the pictures no longer seem to be working ......
  5. as i said, ive read the previous posts already. a couple of people have posted their good experience with them true, there again more then a few post about how much quicker their cars are with 2bhp air filter mods. not saying they are wrong, just saying i will wait till i see more evidence and hear more peoples experiences with them before making my mind up
  6. despite having read alot of posts about them plus a bit of internet research too im still failing to understand the benefits of a winter tyre on a UK road. granted they have a different tread pattern and the rubber has different properties compared to higher temp tyres, i understand all that - probably far too much being trained in polymer chemistry I understand how tyres work (provide a sacrificial bond with the surface) and i understand that the tyres perform better in cold temperatures due to these properties so will give you more grip on the road in cold temps but in my experience, snow,ice and rubber just dont mix - as anyone who has tried to walk on an icy pavement in trainers/whatever will tell you. So i cant see how winter tyres will give any advantage over normal tyres if you hit black ice. Indeed not even 4wd copes with this, as the tit who flew round an icy corner in his landrover discovery earlier this year and ended up crashing into a wall near my house will testify. Ive not long come back from switzerland where its the law to fit winter tyres, but when it really starts snowing then out come the tyre chains, which everyone carries and is the only way people keep moving. so, to sum, winter tyres provide more grip in cold conditions, agree winter tyres enable you to drive normally/as near as in bad ice or snow - confused! It will be interesting to hear how everyone who has ordered winter tyres gets on with them - a few pictures of zeds driving about in snow will prove beyond their value beyond doubt and probably convert us all; though now ive said that we will probably get a mild rainy and snowless winter but keep us posted on how you get on with them.
  7. I had an email back from KR after i told them i was rejecting the skirts for not being fit for purpose. They were very apologetic and courteous, not only agreeing to a full refund but also said they would arrange collection of the old side skirts from the bodyshop. Cant say fairer then that. Taras is going to package them up for me and im moving forward with another skirt solution - one which will hopefully fit. The car will be another week at RT-P now but hopefully all finished for next sat. I will post a few piccies up when its all finished
  8. Hi Guys thanks for all the opinions and feedback. RT-P have been pretty good over this, keeping me informed throughout. Ive spoken to Taras at length over the skirts and he has said they are pretty much the worst he has ever seen - and he's seen some shockers! Oh, and i forgot to mention they are also 2cm too short. I will be getting in touch with knight racer re full refund for supplying goods that are not fit for purpose. Not to mention the extra ball ache of having the car in the bodyshop longer then planned while this is sorted out. Since it seems almost impossible (at the moment) to get good quality nismo skirts ive gone down another avenue,
  9. I got them from Knight racer - a fairly well known company
  10. And this is the response i got back from the suppliers after i sent them the pictures... Hi Thanks for the photos. The side skirts dont look that bad at all, i was expecting them to have warpped or something. But i think i see the problem All aftermarket side skirts do not come with poppers like the factory ones. So the bodyshop will have to drill small holes to fix these tight against the sills. They should know this anyway. I have attached 1 photo to show where these can go. We have sold near 100 sets of these side skirts and similar for 350z and no one has ever given up on fitting them, although they can be a little fiddly. I do know however that most bodyshops will avoid fitting aftermarket parts due to more hassle and labour. Please let me know how you get on.
  11. Hi All My Z is currently at RT Performance to get a few bits and pieces done to it; one of which is to fit some Nismo side skirts. I had to source some replica ones and steering away from the Russian Roulette fit quality of ebay i got some from a fairly well known bodykit dealer Taras and the lads are having some issues fitting them (as in they can't) and have sent me a few pictures. I would be very interested to hear what people think, as the feedback i have had so far from the dealer (who has seen the same pictures) isnt filling me with hope cheers Ceaser
  12. heat might not be too much of a problem for me as i dont have the normal large back box/silencer setup which most oem or aftermarket systems have. The system i have, hks super sound master, is a bit of a strange design. I guess i will have to take the wheel out, go for a drive and see. I also have some inch thick dense foam im using for sound insulation which would also help. you have me thinking now on to make that area useable, if that spare wheel attachment point could be removed then it would be simple to bond the foam in, then carpet the area.Hmmmm possibilities.......
  13. If you lose the spare, is there any way of getting rid of the fixed 'hub' protruding from the floor which the wheel sits on? other then cut it out? As the make the boot useable ideally the floor would need to be completely flat
  14. well good luck with it, im picking mine up saturday so i will see how he's getting on with it i know what you mean about the older generation, the old man is constantly bemused as to why i would want a car which can't tow a caravan. Mind you, my condesending attitude to his 'not practical' comments soon disappeared when i was setting off to the airport and tried to put my suitcase in the boot not a situation you want to find yourself in - plane taking off in a few hours and no way to get your luggage to the airport......
  15. i see what you mean about the colour, to me it was the front and the skirts which were most noticable, but im sure they could be easily matched to the main body of the car. Incidentally I took the old man down to RT so i could get a lift back - he's retired which has its advantages and he couldnt tear himself away from your car; he kept staring at it and saying how much he liked the front - he didnt even notice the colour match! he didnt like the chargespeed rear though- his comment was "how would you put a tow hitch on that?"
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