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  1. Got exactly the same issue with mine, side to side rear wobble and a rear end which feels it's made of jelly whenever you try and push the car on a bit. I'm just short of 100k on mine now and since I've had it 10 years I'm going to do a full rear suspension refresh. In the past couple of years it's had a set of bc racing coilovers , eibach camber arms and spl droplinks (plus updated arb) and a recent alignment so I'm thinking it's a bush but again, nothing is obvious. I'm just holding off for the January sales in case i can get any bargain parts then will be cracking early jan with the refresh of all the bushes and arms. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. Hi all Car booked in to the garage to get some shiny new bilstien b8 dampers fitted and I can't seem to get hold of some new top mounts without a 3-4 week lead time . As I have a broken shock I can't wait. just the standard mounts I'm after, not the pillowball ones Can anybody help?
  3. Very interested in this, has anyone had a kit fitted yet?
  4. Folks I can confirm the effectiveness of this package on a DE non revup car the package listed by Abbey and including the resonated decats option has given me 263 WHP and 242 torques





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