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  1. The diff has a peg that sticks down lower though that’s designed to be the jacking point, so that you don’t jack on the actual diff casing and damage the fins.
  2. Hi, yes these are still available Hi, £150 is a little low to be fair so no. Not desperate to sell them so don’t wanna give them away.
  3. I’ll be camping over with some mates. Will be in my Stagea, but we haven’t organised a stand so just in the public area.
  4. Right guys, my Stagea runs the touring brakes but I’m struggling to find discs and pads for it. All the ones on Tarmac are listed for Brembo setups. Eventually I want to upgrade to the Akebono setup but currently don’t have the £3k spare to do so (£2k on brake setup and £1k on suitable 19s and tyres to go over them) and the discs and pads currently are worn beyond my liking so need changing soon. So who’s got good recommendations for disc and pad setups for the touring/import setup and where did you find them please?
  5. I’d second a recommendation for String Theory. Used them back in November and had a full corner weight and alignment done on my 350Z at the time and cost me £400, definitely money well spent and that was just with HSD Dualtechs and standard arms
  6. Well after the meet the other day I’ve decided to go a different route with the Stagea so now no longer need to keep hold of the 350Z Rays I have. Now be prepared, they are in no way mint! They’ll definitely need a refurb as whoever’s done them before was terrible at it as the lacquer has peeled on them (they came like this when I bought the 350Z but as I went aftermarket it didn’t bother me at the time, I planned to eventually get them refurbed). The fronts are loose as the good tyres from them carried over onto my aftermarket wheels. The rears have mismatched tyres on
  7. No problem, thanks for the reply. I’m after a pair of rear 8.5Js to go with the pair I have to run a square setup on my Stagea.
  8. Are they the rear 8.5J or front 8j please?
  9. As it’s a JDM would it not be for your rear fog as they don’t come fitted as standard in Japan.
  10. Well been what feels like an eternity since I washed it, sadly had the father in law diagnosed with cancer and shortly after pass away so not really done much on the car other that trips to and from the hospital. But anyway, here’s some pics of when she was clean, but currently she’s looking like the first set of pictures now again, so due another good bath.
  11. I’ve got a pair of each size spacers here, both 2nd hand sets but never got round to using them myself as I went with aftermarket wheels. 350Z is now moved on and they’re no use to me on the Stagea. Will grab some pics and details later today/tomorrow morning on the 25mms as they’re in the garage. 20mm Eibachs as pictured below:
  12. Shunter8

    BC 15% off

    There’s a brand called BC Racing that make coilovers for many cars that are decent quality, so when saying BC most people would relate to them before Black Circles as this is the first time I’ve heard Black Circles referred to as BC.
  13. From what I can see you’ve said “That’s not what I said” when Doc has literally quoted you word for word. What I believe you meant to say was “That’s not what I meant” and that is a far more acceptable response. On an online forum there’s no context, tone, facial expressions etc to back up what you’re saying. So how you write it from your point can easily be read and understood a different way by someone else. So if what you’ve written has not been understood correctly then please do try and reword it so we understand your side and opinion. I’d hazard a guess that like Ek
  14. Tyre lettering is the bottom of the list on that cars list of offences
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