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  1. But the police don’t even have the time or resources to respond and chase down actual criminals committing more serious crimes. So do you really expect them to send officers out to every call of someone not wearing a mask? Don't get me wrong I’m all for and happy to wear masks in public as it’s not for my benefit but to potentially save someone more vulnerable catching anything I may transmit. But yea I’d say you’re a little off the mark if you expect them to have the police time and resources to respond to the probably millions of calls they’d get because lots of careless or ignorant people won’t wear a mask even if it is illegal. I’ve witnessed and reported multiple crimes being committed out in public, mostly on the road with video evidence some times and the police couldn’t give 2 hoots as there’s still not enough to get CPS to have faith in a conviction so not wearing a mask being illegal will be absolutely pointless.
  2. As far as I see it you pay insurance to get your car back the way it should be, so what you’re asking for is not unreasonable. It shouldn’t come back with flaws, it should come back with those areas essentially like brand new but blended in to match the rest of the car. If you’re not happy with it you’re well within your rights to ask for it to be corrected.
  3. On the absolute long shot the first pair drop out then I’ll take 3rd in the queue please
  4. Sometimes I feel like I don’t earn anywhere near enough money to be part of this forum With my lowly 350Z DE Gorgeous car
  5. Been with them for about 10 years now. Have used them since finding them via an old forum I used to help run. Superb customer service, especially when I was involved in an accident, couldn’t have done any better with how they looked after me through the awkward circumstances.
  6. Bose headunits are coded to the ECU of the car from factory. They don’t have a code like other factory headunits do despite the Code message coming up. So pretty sure it’s a book in with Nissan job to have them resync it with your ECU
  7. Do you know how big of a job it is to do them? Is it a drop the tank job or can they be accessed from the top inside the car? Just trying to work out if it’s something I could attack myself in a spare hour or two or whether it’s garage job as with starting back to work next week my jobs list already screams zero spare time is imminent.
  8. Anyone had a fuel leak from the petrol tank area before? Had the car jacked up doing an exhaust gasket and could smell fuel, turned round to spot this leak dripping off the edge of the tank. I don’t think it’s a split tank unless it’s at the top as have never noticed it leaking when the car is flat, so maybe where the fuel pump/filter bolts in???? seems to be leaking down the side of the tank from up that direction so any common/known failures from that area? Any help on ideas greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi sorry for the slow reply. Ideally collection is easier as it’s pretty sizeable, I haven’t got anything here to wrap it with and would probably cost £20-25 to post due to size and weight. Thanks Steve
  10. Back available again as sadly Rob has now got more pressing issues to rectify first so is no longer in a position to collect.
  11. Hi @rkasc4 Any day and time is fine as I’m currently on furlough so can work around whatever suits you considering you’re travelling. Thanks Steve
  12. FREE TO COLLECTOR Standard exhaust removed from my ‘54 plate 350Z due to upgrade to a Scorpion I got a deal on. No use to me anymore so if it does someone else a good turn they’re welcome to it. It’s an OEM exhaust but has had the resonator box removed and straight pipe fitted by a previous owner. Removed due to my lack of patience to try recover the state of the tips to their former glory and the fact I got a bargain Scorpion exhaust. FREE TO COLLECTOR COLLECTION ONLY from Coventry CV8 due to size and weight.
  13. Apologies to burst the bubble
  14. That thread was from 2014 and it’s been sold.
  15. Best place I found was eBay, search for spigot rings. If you have a micrometer measure the inside diameter of your wheel centre and then what size you need to reduce down to for your car.





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