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  1. I’ll be honest I’ve not heard of one until now, just googled the original one and can see why it didn’t sell in big numbers, pretty hideous looking thing. But that new one looks very smart indeed. It actually looks like a £50k car now at least, how they expected to sell the old one looking like it did at £66k I’ll never know.
  2. See that’s the thing, I love them, and the idea of having one, but I trawled through loads for sale at the time and had the same feeling, none of them screamed at me “that’s the car!” Then ironically I went onto FB marketplace to look for other cars and came across my 350 and it did exactly that, leapt out at me and screamed “that’s the car!” and as they say the rest is history. The bigger irony was, I’d signed up to here about 8 months before that when I was first trying to sell the Mini in the hope someone may have miraculously fancied a swap but to no avail. So yea subconsciously came back around to a 350 without intentionally thinking about it.
  3. Welcome aboard. FN2 is still on my list of cars to own, it was a toss up between one of those and the 350 I have now when I sold my R53 Mini, but clearly the 350 won. Be interesting to find out what you think between the FN2 and 350 once you’re settled in with it, although I know they’re not exactly comparable models of course.
  4. If I’m being honest, can’t say I’m a massive fan of it. Not saying it’s a bad looking car, but doesn’t reach out and grab my attention. Tail lights/boot lid just reminds me of the USDM Civics (not sure what Gen) but looking at it that’s just the first thing that comes to mind....Civic. Although can also see some Lexus-esque styling notes too, which again Lexus are nice cars but this is meant to be a Subaru, doesn’t really stand out as one to me. Not that my opinion matters as I’ll never be a potential customer buying one new anyway as way out of my budget. But if I was, it wouldn’t be the one I’d be running for, I’d be browsing about for what else is in a similar price range instead.
  5. Gotta admit I do enjoy watching videos like this go up in flames as idiots like this don’t deserve nice things
  6. No longer available, been taken to the local tip for recycling.
  7. Feel like I’m forever cleaning it, joys of a big construction site behind us which couldn’t care less about the dust and crap the spew out
  8. didn’t even realise this one was on and looks like on my doorstep as well
  9. But the police don’t even have the time or resources to respond and chase down actual criminals committing more serious crimes. So do you really expect them to send officers out to every call of someone not wearing a mask? Don't get me wrong I’m all for and happy to wear masks in public as it’s not for my benefit but to potentially save someone more vulnerable catching anything I may transmit. But yea I’d say you’re a little off the mark if you expect them to have the police time and resources to respond to the probably millions of calls they’d get because lots of careless or ignorant people won’t wear a mask even if it is illegal. I’ve witnessed and reported multiple crimes being committed out in public, mostly on the road with video evidence some times and the police couldn’t give 2 hoots as there’s still not enough to get CPS to have faith in a conviction so not wearing a mask being illegal will be absolutely pointless.
  10. As far as I see it you pay insurance to get your car back the way it should be, so what you’re asking for is not unreasonable. It shouldn’t come back with flaws, it should come back with those areas essentially like brand new but blended in to match the rest of the car. If you’re not happy with it you’re well within your rights to ask for it to be corrected.
  11. On the absolute long shot the first pair drop out then I’ll take 3rd in the queue please
  12. Sometimes I feel like I don’t earn anywhere near enough money to be part of this forum With my lowly 350Z DE Gorgeous car
  13. Been with them for about 10 years now. Have used them since finding them via an old forum I used to help run. Superb customer service, especially when I was involved in an accident, couldn’t have done any better with how they looked after me through the awkward circumstances.
  14. Bose headunits are coded to the ECU of the car from factory. They don’t have a code like other factory headunits do despite the Code message coming up. So pretty sure it’s a book in with Nissan job to have them resync it with your ECU
  15. Do you know how big of a job it is to do them? Is it a drop the tank job or can they be accessed from the top inside the car? Just trying to work out if it’s something I could attack myself in a spare hour or two or whether it’s garage job as with starting back to work next week my jobs list already screams zero spare time is imminent.





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