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  2. Apologies for the very delayed response guys, was on this and then a motorbike opportunity arose so the car has sat unloved since whilst I sold a bike and bought a new one (I commute on a bike daily hence becoming the priority). Along with MOTing another one of my bikes and some maintenance to it while it bridges the gap as my daily. So that’s almost sorted now and the new bike should be on the road in the next few days then can look back towards the car in the near future. However, surprisingly the wife has told me not to scrimp and just do it properly and go for the Brembo conversion so at some point I’ll be doing that once my bank balance has recovered a bit from the bike purchase and all the tax, insurance and maintenance outlays 😅🤑
  3. Anyone breaking an import or upgraded one to Brembos and have the old calipers knocking around? I’m assured by the M35 community that they’re the same all round as the ones on my Stagea so after at least a rear pair with carriers or full front and rear set so I can send them away to be refurbed without having the car immobile on stands as I have a sticking rear one at the moment so need to sort it. Seeing if there’s a cheap enough set that I can then get rebuilt and colour coated at the same time before buying new ones and just running the OEM finish. Thanks in advance.
  4. Slow progress on this old girl as bike life has taken priority at the moment but decided to have to original set of wheels refurbed and put back on rather than the faff of running spacers. Colour was an off the cuff decision when I landed at the refurb shop but I love it. And no I wasn’t going for the budget TE37 look 🙈 unhappy accident.
  5. Having unexpectedly taken on another car alongside my Stagea my brake upgrade plans are currently on the back burner so have at it if either set are still available 👍
  6. Hi all, Slightly off topic as it’s a Stagea interior but I’ve bolted in a manual fabric 350Z drivers seat but the wiring is different. I know the big yellow plug must be something to do with airbags as it was plugged in on my OEM seat and now the airbag light is on as it’s not the same plug as on the 350Z seat so is unplugged. The seat belt clasp has been carried over and so that’s wired in fine. Then I have the white plug left over (which also wasn’t plugged in on my OEM seat). Any one recognise it? Could it be for powered seats or maybe heated seats? Anyone seen the same plugs on 350Z seats? Lastly, does anyone have the car side wiring plugs to suit 350Z seats (the yellow plug so I can hopefully pop the connectors out and into the right shaped plug as I don’t wanna bastardise either the OEM wiring or seat wiring if I can help it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yea that’s not too bad I can live with that. Worth the punt if it gets me sitting lower in the Stagea as the seats are really tall and no way to lower them as standard and they’re immaculate so don’t wanna mess with them and potentially ruin them. I’ll drop you a PM to arrange collecting
  8. You mean they’re manually adjustable seats. Most 350Z seats are electric adjustment which are no good to me when not going in a 350Z. Been waiting for a good set of these to show up as they *should* be a direct bolt in to my Stagea according to multiple sources who have done so before 🤞
  9. Brill, have you got any better pictures of the bolster wear on the drivers seat please? Really interested and I’m only in Coventry so not a million miles away. If the bolster wear isn’t too bad then I’d come collect them Sunday/Monday next week if you’re about then?
  10. Interested in the rear calipers if they’re by any chance still available?
  11. How have I missed these?! 😱 Are they still available and whereabouts are you please?
  12. Well goes to show how reliable the Stagea has been so far as I’ve not done a fat lot to it other than drive it and enjoy it. Done about 7000km in it now (Odo still in Km and planning on keeping it that way for simplicity) Other than an engine oil and filter change, a machine polish and an MOT I’ve not really done a fat lot until today. Sourced these wheels (OEM 2011 STI Enkeis) off FB Marketplace about 5 months ago now and only just got round to getting them on the car. Had to have the bores machined out and then had them refurbed for good measure then had to sort tyres, spacers and wheel nuts to suit. Not normally a fan of coloured wheel nuts but figured it needed something to break up all the monochrome. Thankfully they’re not too offensive now they’re on. I’m trying to track down some genuine Enkei centre caps for them but most I find are a lot bigger (68mm when I need 56/52mm) so for now I’m running the STI centres with the added bonus of confusing people even more as to what it is 😆 Still got a list as long as my arm of plans for it (OEM+ style) and slowly accumulating parts at home both mods and maintenance. If anyone has experience importing parts I’m all ears, a few people have recommended Jauce for used parts but trying to get my head around what I can and can’t bid on and all the fees is confusing as hell!
  13. Welcome along buddy! I’m a former 350Z owner and current fellow M35 owner, although mines got the VQ25DET in it. But it’s also an Autech model (Autech Aero Selection T Series 1) according to its VIN. Totally get what you mean about all the Aussies in the UK groups though!
  14. Would be interesting to see what the Stagea is pumping out after all these years but sadly I work Saturdays 😔 Have fun guys
  15. I think it’s more the wording that’s the confusion. A “non fault claim” would be someone else’s insurance is paying for your cars repair or replacement, so although your insurance would be doing some legwork, the 3rd party is the one footing the bill. An “at fault claim” means you’re choosing to claim on your own policy for a payout from your insurance company and as such they’re footing the bill.
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