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  1. Totally can vouch for this man and the garage , always brilliant service and care taken with my car 👌👍
  2. They usually put more up for sale before the event don’t they ?
  3. 1.andy James. 1x club ticket Tracktime 09.40 2. Andy_Muxlow. 1 x club ticket. 3. Neil mcnab, 1 X club ticket Tracktime 15.40 4. Tauvp, 1 x club ticket 5. Defacake (Owen), 1 x club ticket 6. Blacklist_Nismo, 1 x club ticket 7. Clacksonator, 1 x club ticket 8. Buptaboy (Rob), 1 x Club Ticket 9. H44KRS 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 10. Tori370z x1 club ticket 11. HEADPHONES 1x club ticket 12. Berkcan 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 13. daveo132 (Dave) 1x Club ticket 14. nismoandy,1 x club ticket 15. Johnathan Leverton 1x Club ticket 16. SmithRC (Russell Smith) 1x Club Ticket + 1x Passenger 17.Plan370z 1x club ticket passenger ticket x1 Tracktime 9.20 18. andymac183 1 x club ticket 19. davey_83 1 x club ticket 20. Monkey1983 ( Sam ) 1x club ticket
  4. For sale tomei extreme ti exhaust £900 torqen catted Y pipe £300 berk resonated decats £200 tarmac sportz y pipe £150 all items are practically brand new as a change of plans I’ve decided not to run it and have got my old system back on . postage can be arranged at buyers cost but obviously collection preferred. Many thanks Sam
  5. Monkey1983

    350z HR cats

    Wanted cats for a 350z HR. many thanks sam
  6. Fair play Davey this is awesome thanks for all the hard work to arrange meets for us ! 👍
  7. 1. davey_83 2. Andy_Muxlow 3. HEADPHONES 4. Monkey1983
  8. Ok cool see you in the morning , I’ve sent you a message
  9. A few of us are meeting at the Swan pub at Whittington Worcester at 5.45 if you want to join us mate 👍 it’s just off junction 7 m5
  10. We are aiming for 7.15 arrival but I think they will let you in later . Weather looks terrible as well 😞
  11. It should say ‘ I used to own a more reliable car like these ones I’m parked with ‘
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