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  1. Ok cool we will come have a look 👍
  2. So me and Deano @Azurez33 will be at this Saturday in the paddock if anybody’s coming down !
  3. Looking good Deano , stop with the mechanics and show us the flashy bits 🤣 ( you know I’m a flashy bits whore )
  4. Ok cool I’m looking forward to next years shows as well I’m going to try and attend as many as I can
  5. I’ve just checked and I’m at the NFL that day so I can’t make it !
  6. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it I love the drive out meets there the best ! let me know the dates of any more before the season end davey !
  7. Actually might come to the fownes the drive over would be fun
  8. I’ll meet you all there I only live 15 miles away !
  9. A few photos from the meet , great morning with great people.
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