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  1. Top of page 1 all the details are there 👍
  2. I think the rule of thumb is you can bring any car as long as your not a absolute dick. ( we’re all a little dicky , myself included) 🤣
  3. When is the next meet ? Im still gutted I missed it
  4. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t come 😩
  5. Im Afraid I have come down with some kind of bug and won’t be able to make this now. I’m gutted I love the meets and drive outs but I’m not in a good way 😩🤮
  6. Somebody remind me to book a day off work after next years please I’m knackered 🤣🤣
  7. Epic day , all the cars looked mint on our stand and thanks @AndyJames for organising. I’m tired and a little sunburnt now but smiling 🤣
  8. No he’s Just coming as my passenger so no showing or track etc just general admission
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