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  1. A zed in today for some love, with those lovely wheels that’s me & @davey_83 had a lovely debate about 😂
  2. West Midlands bud, I can’t say too much at this point
  3. Hi Guys, A fair few of you will know me through the forum and maybe in person too. I am currently a senior Vehicle tech at a reputable garage in the midlands which I am looking to try and open my arms to the Z family, i have been a member here for a good long while now, I’ve honestly never had a better family and I want to try and return that kindness as best I can by looking after you as best I can! As an ex Z owner I know these cars pretty damn well so can help advise my Mot testers to avoid some of the common misconceptions. I have also had a word with the owner of the garage and he would be willing to offer a discount if enough people were interested on certain common maintenance elements. We are currently in process of a half a million pound extension including a tyre centre thus tyres and tracking etc. My main point is that in our community we have a fair few reputable companies/ garages that we trust, I would like to throw our hat in the ring and give some of you another option is some of these other places are a bit too far to travel. It would also be good to note we do rust repairs too and are incredibly friendly with an incredibly talented body shop that commonly do paintwork for Morgan motors. I can’t be too detailed as instructed by admin but just wondering if people would be up to giving us a go! A little bit about myself is that I’ve been doing this now for 8 or so years, my specialty is Japanese performance cars, been brought up around jap cars my entire life and always owned one, currently got an FdRx7 Hillclimber. I currently look after 4 Zs personally and another 3/4 through the customers at work. Here is a pic of my FD, let me know what you think and I’ll do my best to answer
  4. If that’s the case then you pretty much have your choice of the picks, most reasonable brands and products you can get at this sort of cost, in reality they will all probably be more than suitable, some offer more adjustment than others, some have longer warranty and some have a better feel to them, I’ve personally had meister, brc and hsds can say they were all good products, I guess some of its research vs preference-
  5. What is your current goal? main reason I don’t generally tend to advise springs on Oem dampers is that people often go too crazy and more often that not the old dampeners aren’t capable of holding up and usually end up needing replacement sooner. I believe usually you’ll find Oem dampers are capable of a 20mm drop without an issue, some aftermarket shockers actually say they are compatible with lowering springs- the main thing you need to do is figure out your budget and why you are going down this road- much easier to narrow down your options - I had hsd true mono pros on mine and thought the value for money was good, I have had cabin the past and had issues with their setups
  6. Whoever told you springs and Oem shocks are better than midrange coilovers probably didn’t know what they’re talking about, with the weight of the Z not really being on its side it’s fair to consider that updating the suspension will change the car drastically- it all depends on your budget and application- 800+ is where I’d roughly say the lower limit is for these cars and dependant on the manufacturer ie meister, hsd, teon, yellow speed brc are all in this price range- do your research and compare to what you think you can afford
  7. Haha I deffo agree there 😂 but this is the car that comes into my work so defo seen them 😂
  8. Does this mean I’m right? 😂 yeah and have the Nismo decals featured on mr Thompsons 380rs
  9. Shock horror, this is the customer in question 😂😂
  10. So further digging shows they were available on the 2007 models but only as an optional extra on the Gts. They were a complete redesign of the Oem gt rays to show a redesign of style for the car. Apparently they are in the original brochure
  11. Nope 100% seen these mate…. Like I said had to order tyres for them and didn’t realise they were 19” on the back as I was surprised as it’s more a German style. sorry davey Unless you prove me wrong I don’t agree, they’re for sure rare as **** though, I believed they were an optional extra
  12. Well either way I’ve seen these in real life and had to deal with the pain of ordering tyres for them 😂 The Nismos have a line on them not the dots believe they’re called rays grand touring track what you laughing about @davey_83 😂
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