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  1. 8 is a dti to test for run out which you’ll then need to specs for maximum allowance but you obviously want as little as possible, just test the bearing whilst jacked up it’s less likely the flange than the bearing, bearing will cause excess vibration and noise and potentially abs/tc light depending how bad if it is a bearing
  2. Hello and welcome! It doesn’t happen to be kings old one is it?
  3. How much are you asking Alex? and is there a difference between de and hr?
  4. Can you send me a picture of this panel please? if you’ve got one to hand haha
  5. Thanks for the reply Alex but Supposedly though mate it’s within 12” of structural components eg. W brace? so surely it is a fail? So it’s not the rear body etc it’s just purely a panel for dirt and moisture to protect the tank ?
  6. So from the title of you know you know, on my pride and joy I’ve found that bastarding spot where the V brace bolts to the body just behind the saddle tank and in front of the diff has started to rust, a friend of mine on here is also suffering this issue, I’m under no illusion it’s everything out on the back: exhaust, diff, subframe fuel tank to try and sort it... how much have you been quoted if you’ve had this issue or know of this issue?
  7. Azurez33

    Wheel suggestions?

    What this man said but get your wallet out
  8. Azurez33

    Wheel suggestions?

    I’ve got xxrs 18” from previous owner 9.5 on the front and 10 on the back they’re nice but I want to get rid of them and put my own choice of alloys on.
  9. Might be the release fork not properly put back into position or the spring detention not pushed on properly but sounds too loud to be that, yeah go back to the garage if they’re letting stuff like that go out
  10. Don’t worry chap, doesn’t take long to get used to it but so many people on here know their stuff and always willing to help! Welcome mate
  11. Yeah that’s what I was going to say check or change the fluid as you’ve said most likely the fluid has boiled but go from there Mate





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