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  1. When you say plugs and coils are fine how were they checked? if the cars not running at all, your either getting no fuel or no spark and maybe no air- I doubt it’s air unless you’ve got a rag and n the intake, doubt it’s timing otherwise it would log a code with cam or crank sensors - so realistically something mechanical or something else is doing it’s job properly, like mentioned NATS can be an absolute paint and cause this issue, you need to be certain you’re getting spark and fuel to eliminate this
  2. A bit vague, also will be worth getting a diag san on it as it will have most likely logged a code, start there a come up with a diag plan
  3. At work we buy the sets which will more than certainly have the style or type of clips you require here, they run different edges, thickness, fitment style, Center bore width and arms. If you go to your local spurious parts suppliers ie auto stores euros they will sell the big multiple boxes, I’ve done numerous Zs and had the clips needed, will see if I can get the box number for you whilst at work today
  4. So as much I was planning n coming to this in the race golf, I now have to remove the 7s Doritos machine and take it down to Essex so unfortunately I won’t be making this one 😢
  5. It’s still here I can’t believe nobody wants this at the price, if you’re questioning it’s genuine I can put you in touch with Chris at tarmac sportz
  6. I bought literally what Coz has described here! Was really good quality top of the field and a really good kit however, if you’re changing your flywheel (you should) you’ll have a softer and nicer clutch by sticking to the dual mass however - dual mass flywheels have such a high fail rate you’d be wise to get rid of it whilst doing it as it’ll be a silly way to waste the clutch when it shits itself! you can always go for a clutch kit with a fairly Oem clamping force, replace the clutch slave whilst you are there and replace and bleed the fluid!
  7. Get somewhere to diag scan it so you know where the issue roughly is then go from there, could a simple fix like a WSS gone down but check first, You could just do the srs reset before the mot then address the issue later if you want to save money and store it, the diag san should do a full system sweep so you’ll get rough answers then.
  8. I am still surprised this is here with how clean and well maintained it is!
  9. Sorry davey mines come through a bit weird, if you can find one let me know so I can ask him how he got there 😂 I’d like to also laugh how my previous statement has been copied in everytime someone else is coming 😂
  10. I used to run falken 510s on mine never had any issues, fair price for the quality, they did good for me on the wet and dry and held well whilst round the corners. Got a fairly good mileage out of them also but maybe not as good as some other tyres but hey ho.
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