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  1. Welcome, those wheels defintely suit a black z, just got rid of mine they make want to have kept them now 🤣
  2. Same as what everyone else said, wil cost you the rest of budget to get it sorted
  3. Get into those arches and check them out as soon as you can to make sure you don’t get any surprises! If it’s been looked after should be okay but can’t hurt to be sure
  4. Welcome chap she looks really nice! The enkeis make it look super evil!
  5. After the drilling I used an air circular saw to cut out a pre drawn out rectangle as you can see, and then an air die grinder to widen out the separate squares not too much though, following this I used a small flat file to meet the outer edges of the squares etc- next step will be the Perspex!
  6. So far I’ve realised this material is an absolute bastard if you don’t treat it right, I started off by carefully drilling out the separate squares with a 7mm drill bit, being very careful and letting it make its own path otherwise it just splits and chips
  7. So I saw someone who had done a similar mod on one of the Facebook groups so I thought why not give it a go!
  8. She’s a dream mate, I’ve always wanted an ep3 prem in the cosmic grey because of depth and details but went to the z instead aha, haha need some pink marigolds now hah
  9. And it looks gorgeous btw, I’ve not been a fan of silver/light grey cars for most of my years but I swear to god this definitely changes my stand on the z along with a few other members on here! good work
  10. Is magnum a good way to strip back sealants? I’ve heard fairy liquid is haha
  11. I run hsd monopros with a softer spring rate and I was very impressed with the money otherwise I would have gone with bc tbh
  12. The write up was an absolute pleasure to read what a nice looking car and one so carefully looked after, I have a real soft spot for these think they’re probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars in my eyes. GLWS, what ls the rough estimate on price currently?
  13. You sir are a true connoisseur of cars, I think I’ve fallen even more in love with the mk4 now appreciating how well it’s aged, but such a sucker for the 5 😆
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