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  1. You sir are Defintely an artist! And makes a lot of sense your parents being involved with lotus! sure seems passion has been passed down! Keep up the hard work we are all eagerly awaiting the finished result but also a pleasure along the road
  2. Very true! Better save the pennies on the other hand! So I’ll give it a miss this time thanks 🙏
  3. That’s very kind of you @davey_83! I would be well up but only just been sorted out by @Jez @ H-Dev have fun all that attend though!
  4. Welcome to the forum mate good luck you’ll be fine!
  5. Yeah it doesn’t mix well or spread well, I’ve moved into ez artic meltdown in the current day and it’s bloody good!
  6. I’ll send you a video at some point tomorrow, If you pm me it’ll be easier
  7. Finally sat down after a long day…. So story time! Cleaning- decided at this point to do some more intrusive cleaning, removed all the wheels so I could get stuck into the arches and clean out where those horrible “arch liners” on the rear keep all the soil so Alan titchmarsh can do a show about it. Every wash I have to pull them back and remove whatever’s hiding in there! anyway moving on, I adopted a new kit “I’ve had in the garage for a while but didn’t feel my civic was the right canvas” got the poor boys deluxe kit with all the bits and bobs including the nicest sme
  8. Basically you’ll need to have a few posts/ interactions first before doing any of that sort of stuff, once you’ve had a few posts etc then you’ll be able to sell stuff but will just need to have a picture with your forum name written down also in the picture to verify
  9. How many snickers and blowjobs would that equate to? These wheels are pure beauties
  10. As long as the car doesn’t throw you out you’ll be fine 😂
  11. Thanks mate, they’ll be coming! Trying to find the time! Cheers bud, I know you want the good stuff it’s coming! especially now I’m waiting for parts from torqen which I’ve been told need to come from overseas 😂
  12. That thing is a work of art! It’s like Mona Lisa!
  13. If you’ve spent the money and done the work don’t take the risk mate, trailer hire shouldn’t be dreadful for a piece of mind,
  14. I’ll say no on that one mate, as Ekona said try to disconnect/ immobilise the turbo to reduce any possible damage, problem is if you drive it over there you’ll be running it incredibly lean
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