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  1. I’m alright thanks mate, cheers anyway, having my plenum done soon 😊
  2. A very tiny update today, but big changes are coming I promise! after the meet decided to do a little in the engine bay as I’ve been trying edge more down the functional route, decided a few bits of paint and some additions were needed
  3. Stick to the de don’t conform to the masses 😂😂 I genuinely prefer de bonnets, you might be lucky but may aswell go second hand
  4. Azurez33


    Do you mean the pedal didn’t retract fully? and what age is your z? Clutch slaves are notorious on earlier models so an upgrade kit is recommended from tarmac, You could always start there and work forwards, tbh having your clutch replaced shouldn’t be that expensive the parts are more of the burden than the labour as the booktime is about 3.80 or so auto data says( depends if you need the dual mass replacing) when you turn it off or start it up do you hear a prominent knocking? When I lift my foot off the clutch I can hear the rotational movement from the box
  5. I know more about hondas than the ol Z, they usually recommend 100k valve clearances and 200k replacement of the chain because I guess they see life of the car being around there, I imagine similar for most cars, apart from BMWs/minis and range rovers they’re about 100k 😂😂 but the same as everything, regular servicing should see it last as long as possible
  6. Yeah our emissions target/ restriction and everything has basically killed off our chances of getting a lot of “cool” cars, whether it’s down to that or the fact Nissan have just pulled out of investing more into car sales here is another matter, for my garage getting actual Nissan parts is a bloody nightmare!
  7. Hello and welcome, finding the right example for you can be tricky but most of the time you just have to be patient. Don’t rush and make sure if you’re willing to make a sacrifice on something that you’re willing to live with it. As far as the transmission swap goes it should be fairly straightforward however I imagine a jdm z you might have electrical issues if someone supplies a uk box I believe, as people seem to have a couple of issues with simpler jdm electric compared to an auto box swap. but I will say the manual box definitely is of a better quality than the auto atleast in the
  8. Saw people videoing “cough” exits “cough” anyone seen any of these 😂
  9. Didn’t feature much in the photos but plenty in the vid haha good job guys 👍🏼
  10. I’m so invested in this project it’s just amazing mate, keep smashing the hard work
  11. Azurez33

    Tick Over

    About right mate
  12. I quite like the way it fills out the bumper a little bit and doesn’t leave too much space
  13. The car was hella clean! And the chap who owns it was defintely 80+ could only give them the respect because the veilside kid was beautiful
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