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  1. I’m literally in the process of getting my jr32s, 3dsm and 7twenty do some really nice alloys for the z, depends on the budget and your personal preference
  2. I think you misinterpret my cynical nature towards new cars, the technology of cars in this day and age is humongously better than that of cars been and gone, I just mean with response to the chap saying about buying cars past 100k, there are so many more reasons that buying new cars are way more tricky because there’s so much more you need to look out for and the fact that people can’t even be asked to change the simplest things or do their screenwash, with regards to rust haha all cars will eventually rust, we are now seeing a large quantities of newer cars rusting from many different manufacturers. In reality all cars are bad in their own ways people are the issues, apart from minis they can do one
  3. Again welcome to you opinion, however on that subject of Dacia, they are decent cars because of their price but they do suffer certain issues which you should not get on newer cars reflecting the mileage, we have had a string of dusters below 15k miles suffer from shaft seals leaking and sump gaskets leaking, they are good cars however, but a huge margin of cars these days are dreadullly made from a mechanics point of view, for instance (I know we have secret renaults) but do you not think it’s ridiculous paying for a new a class or class and paying the price for merc to own a Renault, we had a new cla come in after 5000 miles for a pair of front lower arms which shouldn’t happen.
  4. I should probably add that the guy selling the Lexus runs an sr auto centre that specialises in skyline gtrs and jap exotics, which is probably why I was more swayed
  5. Brilliant example they again are solid aside from rust issues like I had on my type s, a few minor issues but like quite a few cars of that generation are still going strong
  6. Oh yes I know mate, I do love my z and that’s why I feel silly for contemplating it in my line of work I’ve probably driven more cars than most people would get to experience in their lives, unfortunately most of them are German or French shitboxes, Ahh yeah I get what you mean unless it’s a Honda or Volvo v70 which the common peasant know last forever, and then you see a 2jz gte with 266k miles up for 30grand. Sorry lee but I disagree mate, the problem is nowadays companies are looking to make as much money for as little cost as they can, they make a car to sell not to last because t doesn’t benefit them, the golden age of cars has been and gone in my opinion not for technology but for quality I feel as a large majority of cars now just l fail because of the restrictions put on them, and unfortunately companies using each other’s designs to save themselves money and effort designing cause it cheaper. Not saying that a large amount of good quality cars won’t last a stupid mileage if you look after them but however the amount of good quality cars is getting finer, now there’s so many different parts of services which don’t get serviced because people don’t buy the right car for them or just try to limp it through year by year, the amount of idiots we get complaining their gearbox has gone on their 14plate dsg golf with 100k miles and not having the Dsg fluid changed is ridiculous. Atleast with older cars the car is a fair way simpler and lest costly. Obviously you are completely right to have your opinion we have lots of customers who have new cars and they are well looked after and don’t miss a beat! That’s because they are bulletproof aside from the fluid leaks
  7. Obviously if you give me a time frame and keep us updated with progress and info I would be interested however I believe to be a seller there’s certain rules which are mentioned at the top of the traders page just so you know but if it all checks out and you get approved then yes I I’ll be interested
  8. Yes mate driven a vast range is lexus’s Gs and ls so yes I know the different driver style, I wouldn’t say mine is well over 100k as it’s only just 110k but I get what you mean, however with correct servicing these engine do go on a long time surely?
  9. Firstly thanks for the sound a straight to it advise guys I think I might have just had a late night blunder don’t quite know what I was thinking to be completely honest, I’ll just put it down to holiday idiocy and tiredness.
  10. Think there’s two one in middle one by cruise
  11. Thankyou for the responses guys, down on paper it just seemed to a good money saver plus 5 doors etc, Tax was a lot cheaper, insurance was a guesstimate, I only pay £450 atm everything declared, I only guessed at the 6 due to the fact I bought it at 4.7, and the money and bits fitted has already cost me towards 3k , well aware you don’t get back what you buy parts wise but thought 1k was reasonable, the z granted is at 110k didn’t think that was overly high I know it’s not low haha, I am in good contact with getting Lexus parts, the fuel on paper is roughly the same( which I did find strange) I get about 20mpg out of mine atm, visually yes Ian it does look like just wheels and spoiler but I can assure it is not haha, haven’t actually updated this in a while but here’s some of it I guess:
  12. Chap on Facebook is selling his Lexus gs430 and is open to swaps, those of you who already know my build and nature will know my beauty is clean and well looked after, his Lexus IS also nice but cheaper on tax insurance and also gets me some money as his Lexus IS selling at 3k and I’m reckoning my z is about 6k potentially with everything done to it, is this a crazy swap? I’m saving for a house and this I believe would save me money long term etc will attach deets
  13. If Eddie doesn’t have them I will mate





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