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  1. Good practice to do both as why wouldn’t you if the tensioner has started to fail
  2. Can vouch for Alex and you’ll get it a lot quicker!
  3. Looks good mate, didn’t think they did white on white so that’s a nice win there! Hr in white is also a win? FairPlay have fun!
  4. As Alex has mentioned sounds like you’ve got a few issues here which could be different symptoms, * unfortunately it’s fairly common that some garages clean the carriers too aggressively and take away the carrier material itself allowing the pads to move too freely in the carriers - also another point, does it have the shims installed correctly? sometimes when they’re missing or thrown away you get that click noise. * the squeaky bed sound as Alex suggested seems to be possible mot related to the handbrake shoes, I would have thought that the garage would have adjusted these when replacing discs and pads. However sometimes the shoes wear unevenly and can sometimes interfere with the mating surface, another thing to note is if the shoes are catching there’s only the two spring retainers holding the shoes in which could be your creaky noise id suggest removing the discs and assessing the state of the shoes and adjustment to rule out of the equation. when you are low speed braking, have you used the handbrake slowly to see if the noise stops or becomes worse? we’ve had it before where someone takes the old discs off without de adjusting the handbrake pulls the spring retainer through the crusty backing plate and then the spring then goes into the hamster wheel also making an annoying terrible noise?
  5. I may not be here by choice of car, but I am here for the awesome people and great team we have on this forum so credit to you guys!
  6. Would also like to thank the team and Stu for doing another amazing job this year thankyou!
  7. I also have to thank @Andy_Muxlow for the great shots again
  8. Thankyou sir thankyou! it’s not mine anymore unfortunately 😂 what do I win? that’s really nice as there’s some bloody lovely competition here!
  9. That is some jdm porn right there
  10. Good choice 😂 I used to daily my 350 know the feeling, nice work though!
  11. So this is why I was wanting a 370 Nismo 😂 looks really nice and tasteful mate, would you swap for an rx? 😂
  12. Also, is your multimeter auto ranging just got to ask the question
  13. Not to scare you or anything this is completely a horror story, we’ve had a 15 plate merc at work with a bad power drain similar to this level, had it in for a while, found out the module for the in tank fuel pump one of the transistors had bit the bullet and was allowing a constant feed for the intake fuel pump for about 10-15mins after car had been turned off and left so it was running the pump until it burned the pump out. only reason I mention this is you’re not going crazy, have you had anything else non Oem electrical done to the car? also when you say non start do you mean it’s slow and sluggish or literally nothing?
  14. There’s also clear tail lights if you’re really wanting them 😂I do love @Olly350z beauty
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