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  1. Ahh okay mate, if you get stuck you can come down to me, I’m in Worcester/ Malvern and can’t take the diag far! Get it scanned and we’ll go from there!
  2. Anything that’ll do a full system sweep, where abouts are you based if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. I bought mine three years ago at 106k 2005 de fairly standard for 4750 purely because I do work for the salesman, but now when I come to sell mine I’m looking at around 7ish, demand is higher for used cars as supply is not able to keep up!
  4. Just trying to eliminate certain bits as we’ve had a few whacky racers on here, just purely from what you’ve described I’d say you might have an abs component failing ie “wheel speed sensor, abs ring” realistically you’d be best to get it hooked up to a diag scan tool to give you more details, Sometimes the Eml comes on because there’s a fault with the abs and vice versa. Get it scanned then come back to use, how handy are you?
  5. That’s exactly what my other half wants next and the same colour too! 😍
  6. So this is one of those ones where you can replace it so you can sleep at night, realistically right at the top you won’t get many coolant leaks as the water ways are in the middle of the filaments, however if you get a massive gauge then obviously this will be a problem. If you think about where the filler is and how easy it is spill it and for the water to run down the top - because of how hot it gets it’ll just cook the coolant on. My advice would be to get a pressure tester, clamp off the overflow pipe and make sure you know where it’s coming from! Sometimes over time the pressure caps fail to release and cause the coolant to just go Everywhere so again you could just replace the cap for the sake of £20 but saying that Oem rads are way way too thin for how big and hot the engine gets, go big or go home! where are you based?
  7. Have you spoken to torqen to see if this is normal? the quality on their parts is usually top notch, @Coz@TORQEN advise? But yeah putting some spacers on shouldn’t drastically affect anything aslong as you don’t add a silly amount on 😂
  8. Last picture before big changes happen!
  9. I’ve asked him before and he won’t post bumper anymore which is fairenough
  10. Honestly, when I bought the car the front and back had already had a respray which you could notice so I’ll take it he risk 😂
  11. Has anyone got an azure blue front bumper 2005? Don’t want to be travelling too far but can come pick it up- Youll probably guess why…. I’m missing some of mine
  12. So it’s been a while that I’ve been staring at my gear gaiter thinking “it doesn’t do the knob justice” so I thought I’d give it a shave 😂 bought a cheap knock off purple Bride gaiter and hoped to make it fit! there’s a lot of excess material however I think it does do it a bit more justice than the lost on leather look!
  13. A really wet date with @Monkey1983 at wheels on Wednesday, we were the committed few that actually turned up
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