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  1. Bobs not in at tarmac for a while, he’s not very well but believe he’s on the road to recovery 👍🏼
  2. Dude I sold my z last year 😂 thanks for getting back to me though!
  3. Please excuse sams dreadful position 😂 one from coffee and chrome this morning
  4. You need to check the door wiring bud then eliminate that from the equation, don’t think of too much at once, Japanese cars always suffer with door wiring in door jams 😂 fuses are inside the car and under the battery cover trim so would be surprised if it was water related if you’ve eliminated the motor and the switch in the door
  5. So from that is read it as w brace or kidney brackets, the front w brace has become holy, and your front sills have apparently got holes, I am currently doing similar ish repairs to a customers 350, w brace kidney brackets, fitting kit from tarmac sports and the parts are in the region of £450-500, add the other w brace on you’ll be looking at over a grand easily tbf without the emissions or brake pipes depending on if the bolts come out niceley
  6. It’s sams with the carbon wrap 😂
  7. Another lovely number in today! shame I haven’t got one in for tomorrow 😂
  8. Wasted on me mate just a Ford in my eyes, prefer the sapphire we had in Monday
  9. Might be a wire break in the door joint, had this before and it would operate my door locks 😂
  10. Had this lovely looking Chilly red in today! Thought it was nice looking and sounded nice, blokes just bought it and it’s a shed 😭 we’re going to do the best to give him a nice car once it’s Done!
  11. Thanks Andy for sorting it out and organising! we will try and get more Z involved 😂
  12. Was a good day despite the weather being on and off, 7s first public appearance for a show, was good haha
  13. I miss my Z 😭 shame it’s dying somewhere failed mot
  14. So I have a question- what would we prefer the paper to say? “ I identify as a 350z” Or “had to bring the daily because the Zs on the shop” I’m half tempted to put a Tommy kaira badge on it too 😂
  15. Sorry this one - tired and didn’t check
  16. That’s the front w brace available from tarmac sportz
  17. 1. andy James x1 ticket PAID. track time TBA 2. Monkey1983 x1 ticket PAID no track 3. Coz@TORQEN - 1 x Ticket PAID, no track time 4. Jamah_Zed x1 ticket PAID, No track time 5. Harrm x1 PAID 6.Humpy - 1 X Ticket PAID and no track time 7. PhilT x1 ticket PAID, plus Julie 8. Harvers x 1 ticket PAID Track time 10:45 9. BiggieJDM x 1 ticket PAID No track time (yet) 10. Tiffy350z x1 ticket PAID no track time 11. steven.b x1 ticket PAID, track time 13.00 12. Monkey Nuts x1 ticket PAID, Track time 12.00 13. MicktZZZ x1 ticket PAID, no track this year 14. Olly350z + 1 ticket PAID, no track time 15. Killick.z x1 ticket PAID, no track time 16. Ben350 x1 ticket PAID, no track time (might noise test car and add later) 17. Lewis Schwier x1 PAID 18. ShortPaul x 1 PAID 19. SHEZZA x 1 PAID 20. Azurez33 Paid (in an undercover Z)
  18. Personally, and I say this with a professional opinion also, if you have something like this and it’s saying you have low oil pressure then that means somewhere in the engine isn’t going to be getting its oil…. don’t leave it down to chance, like the others say just go for a different one if you’re not willing to take the risk
  19. It’s all depends, but realistically you should never drive something at all with low oil pressure, let alone something like this. The main questions I’d be asking is exactly how long ago did the low oil pressure start occurring - this must have been going on for atleast a fair while. Secondary what’s the service history like? if the service history is on point and it hasn’t been driven far or hard you might be alright- if it’s been ages and driven loads I’d personally avoid it. Your main issue is information - you’d both be best to meet in the middle on price if you are willing to buy it and just suck it up if worst comes to worse- but depending on mileage be prepared for worst case scenario
  20. Excuse me one of those pics is upside down 😂 also make your bloody mind up 😂
  21. I’ve asked this before and also no you are not new hurry up and get it on the build section 😂
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