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  1. spursmaddave

    Back to 2 seats!

    Look forward to seeing it very soon and joining You, June & Porker jnr on many more trips away!
  2. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    Will get some better pics up when I can, yeah much better now, been a rough few years, lost my job and both parents inside 12 months but all good now at last
  3. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    Thanks x
  4. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    Very nearly bought some 2nd hand ones but thought they are best bought new I will be getting some at some point
  5. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    I had a Leon FR before the Zed, I just fancied a change, loved the Jag but time for a change, loving the R and the DSG box so far
  6. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    Still in VW warranty so not making any major changes, might add some small spacers possibly
  7. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    Any better?
  8. spursmaddave

    Back in an Azure

    Kind of...
  9. Might be able to make this Martin, be good to catch up maybe send me a reminder nearer the time
  10. spursmaddave

    Dab Headunit replace help

    ...or switch to a mobile network that has unlimited data and use internet radio which is FAR superior in terms of quality than DAB (apart from BBC channels) But if you must have DAB listen to GLR as he knows his stuff
  11. spursmaddave

    I've Got Wood!! (Woodworking Thread)

    We can all hang out together and compare our wood
  12. spursmaddave

    I've Got Wood!! (Woodworking Thread)

    I have some SoundStage speakers . . that you won't have herd of since I think they are only sold in Canada. They are not anywhere near the quality of my old KEF's . . but that being said, they have a decent sound . . more so for the price I paid for them No Richer Sounds in Canada? Look great, must admit I was a little worried when you said you wanted to show me your wood on FT at the weekend....
  13. spursmaddave

    What Game are you currently playing ?

    Trouble with being a PC gamer is you have to put up with Windows of one variety or another.... something I avoid at all costs!