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  1. Might be able to make this Martin, be good to catch up maybe send me a reminder nearer the time
  2. Zed Shed II - Annual BBQ

    A blast from the past yes but this is more like finding out dinosaurs still walk the earth Be great to see you again mate To be honest I'm only coming for the kneel down hug from the brains ( o )( o )
  3. Zed Shed II - Annual BBQ

    Any room for a blast from the past?
  4. Dab Headunit replace help

    ...or switch to a mobile network that has unlimited data and use internet radio which is FAR superior in terms of quality than DAB (apart from BBC channels) But if you must have DAB listen to GLR as he knows his stuff
  5. I've Got Wood!! (Woodworking Thread)

    We can all hang out together and compare our wood
  6. I've Got Wood!! (Woodworking Thread)

    I have some SoundStage speakers . . that you won't have herd of since I think they are only sold in Canada. They are not anywhere near the quality of my old KEF's . . but that being said, they have a decent sound . . more so for the price I paid for them No Richer Sounds in Canada? Look great, must admit I was a little worried when you said you wanted to show me your wood on FT at the weekend....
  7. What Game are you currently playing ?

    Trouble with being a PC gamer is you have to put up with Windows of one variety or another.... something I avoid at all costs!

    Actually youll find we are the only people that call is a 350 Zed, its a Zee in all of Europe, US, Australia - call it a Zed and they just look at you a bit confused. Yep Zed Zed Top were a great band
  9. Photoshop Guru please

    Why you so mean! Although I must admit, I do aspire to be like him one day As do many x
  10. Centre dash cubby rubber mat

    If you don't get lucky - https://conceptzperformance.com/search.php?search=350z+cubby
  11. Nissan: autonomous GT-R could race you round the ‘Ring

    At least you would be safer than if you had a Romanian at the wheel :scare:
  12. glrnet

    Can't stand the bloke personally 😜
  13. Andyjames Supercharged Silver Pheonix Rebuild

    No I'm Spartacus! We both know that I am Spartacus! I just use it as a term of affection for Mr James Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Another new car

    Missus has another new (to her) car, 3rd one in 3 years! She loved her old MX-5 but had to change it for something more practical, that need is no more so she wanted another MX-5 Had to be a 2l m, 6 speed box and a hard top Found a Sport Black Edition which is nicely kitted out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk