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  1. As requested Hugh a couple of pics of Darth Vader and his no1 Stormtrooper
  2. Drop me a PM and then keep me up to date via WhatsApp mate, would be great to make a meet and catch up with the old crowd
  3. Yes all good thanks matey, seem to have lost touch with most on here mainly due to me binning FB I think...
  4. That bloke you video chat with naked every 2nd Sunday...
  5. And I have come out of retirement to say it was very nice to meet you finally Hugh after all these years and great to chat with another petrol head
  6. Cheers Andy, will see what I can do about the 14th hopefully...
  7. No it got bored with the roads and decided central reservations were better! Hope to catch up with you at a SW Brekkie meet sometime soon Chris!
  8. So turned out Azure wasn't my colour after all... But I found an even better car so turned out ok in the end...
  9. Hope to make the next meet up, any idea of dates yet? Hopefully 7th or 21st as working the other weekends in April
  10. Looks famtastic still, remember it from Wales many years ago
  11. 1.Payco - PA04YCO - Nismo 370z - PAID 2.Panman - P44 AAN - bagged 350z - PAID 3.Olly350z - KD53 DGZ - Facelifted DE - PAID 4.Louis350z - HR - PAID  5.reeceybeaney - RB03 BOY - 350z DE - PAID x2  6.lukewilde - OV54 OWE - 350z DE - PAID 7.DeK_350 - CU04 RCY - 350z DE - PAID 8.Stuggerz - S7UG V - 350z DE - about to pay 9.Adi (Team Stuggerz) - PO11 UGN - R35 GTR - about to pay 10.DrMurderDeath - FV05FKG - 350Z DE - PAID 11.Dday - CF54 VGL - 350z -Paid 12. Dunks - Bog Standard Ginger - PAID 13.
  12. Never intended to go on the stand, how much is it on the gate?
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