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  1. Ah that's makes sense thank you. The oil is just under the H mark so not overfilled
  2. Thank you both. There is just under half a litre left out of 5 litres so oil should be spot on but will check shortly. Just strange it started straight after service unless it was knocked
  3. Thank you. How many of litres of oil does it take?
  4. Hi, My oil pressure gauge was working correctly until my service... I bought 5W40 instead of 5W30 not sure if that would have caused this or if it's sensor/wiring issue. When I turn the key to position 1 (i.e. engine not on) it goes all the way up to max. Should I change the oil back to 5W30? Cheers
  5. Cheers I'm not really bothered about saving weight just want the least hassle if I get a puncture. Do you know the reason for two different 17 inch space saver sizes if they neither won't fit over the brembos at the front? Cheers
  6. Thank you all. Does anyone know which one I need to clear the brembos? Door card says T145/80D17 but not sure car originally came with brembos. I can find two on eBay, one is above and other is T155/80R17 100M. I assume bigger is better (as I have 19inch wheels) but want to make sure it fits in the boot as well. cheers
  7. Great thank you! So any 350z space saver will fit on the rears?
  8. Hi, My imported 350 didn't come with a space saver and sods law I'm going to have a puncture at some point. My car has brembos and currently running 275/35/Y19 on the rears. My speedo is out more than normal so I use a GPS one (not sure if this is resolvable with current alloys). Will a standard space saver fit? Two on eBay from 2015 and 2017 (my car is 2016 rev up) I'm not bothered about saving weight or bigger boot so space saver seems less hassle than tyre weld. Cheers
  9. Cheers, it's my daily so needs to be comfortable ish!
  10. Cheers. I've checked the resistors as well as changing the horn fuse and it all seems fine (although this is the first time I've ever looked at them) I've attached some pictures hopefully someone can see a issue. I assume if it was a resistor issue it wouldn't effect the horn?
  11. Thank you for you reply. Yeah I originally thought that too and the horn issue was unrelated but a reset didn't work. Yeah got the car a year ago and it already had aftermarket seats and wheel and had no issues until now. A few months ago I installed the quick release and all was fine. I decided to change wheel from Nardi deep dish to Sparco but I never bothered with the horn straight away but I checked and it worked. I hooked the horn up last week and it didn't work and then the airbag light started flashing...can't be a coincidence! Thanks for the tip, will make mechanic aware if I do change the clock spring! Some pics attached! Cheers
  12. Hi, As above my DE's airbag light has been flashing for the last few days and i've also noticed horn isnt working. I have a non airbag wheel with quick release and after market seats (not sure if original seats had airbags). Does this sound like the clock spring? anyway to be sure before ordering a replacement? Cheers
  13. Mine is the same, did you get your sorted?
  14. True, they do work but suppose difficult to tell how accurate they are. I thought they might be linked and had to replace all three if changing to a different make. Cheers
  15. Thank you both, was just about to spend £95.00 on a replacement from eBay! It also has auto gauge water and oil temp alongside it (the volts had been moved) so I assume I need to replace all three together?
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