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  1. Therein is the problem. Clearly for you 'fast cars' is pointing it in a straight line and planting your foot. For me its more directed at lightweight, low slung, racing position driving and of course with the lovely noise that comes with it. Hence why I couldn't resist going back to a VX. I agree with you, if you are into straight line power then a weighty overpowered EV is the way to go - if driving for someone is about something else, then EVs really are not a simple next step they are anti what a lot of people love about performance cars. I am sure once EVs come down to practical prices in 5-10 years for used ones then I will probably get one for the school run and shopping etc. but for me personally, performance cars are not just about how fast you can drive it down an airstrip - and before you mention it, I have driven a model s and was not impressed by its handling at all, in fact I would say my old Celica GT4 was better with its 25 year old tech.
  2. Hugely chuffed, I wondered if I was doing the right thing sinking a fair few quid into the interior but it makes the whole car feel different. Even the replaced padding makes a huge difference. I am considering getting a little mat that I can take out the car, wipe my feet on it, before climbing in
  3. Haha yes thought you might not like it given your previous comments Quality is fantastic though, the soft material throughout, new padding in the seats, it feels such a better place to be.
  4. ahem, battery check comment on the first response
  5. Given its cheaper now to produce wind power than nuclear or fossil fuel stations you would think Hong Kong would be perfectly placed to tap some of that?
  6. coldel

    Next Project

    Have to say I was tempted by a Celica RA28 GT2000 before plumping for a VX again - might well join you in the 70s in a few years with one!
  7. Maybe a better description will help, what did you plug in exactly, what app did you use, what did you press etc. Is the battery flat? Flat batteries will cause the car to click when you try and start it. A video will usually help also otherwise people are going to be guessing a bit blind...
  8. What most people miss is that the end to end process has to be Green. No point having an EV if you are burning stuff to create electricity and when it gets to a higher point on the S curve of adoption that we suddenly have tens of million of unchargable batteries, there is a process for smelting down and reusing the metals but the rest is still waste (and the disposal process requires huge amounts of energy again has to come from renewables not burning stuff). At the moment you have the US pulling out of the Paris agreement and shutting down renewable energy projects whilst 'saving' miners jobs and Russia/China who just don't give two hoots. Yes, get excited about the next shiny Tesla or BMW but there is much more work end to end to be done than in the car design sector as far as I can see.
  9. Unfortunately concepts always ignore things like road regs, realistic aero, etc. so always look better than the finished product. I have to say in a couple of colours the Supra looks a bit tasty, loving the red.
  10. I managed to squeeze a Buster Bob into it when at the Keyser BBQ recently
  11. The chap doing the work also happens to work as a trimmer for a car company beginning with B and rhymes with sently He owns a VX220 hence how I came to find out about him
  12. Sneak preview of the seats and some of the door work
  13. To be honest its taken me 6 minutes to read all of the responses back and forth, so you got the equivalent of another 4 minutes worth of posts to go ...
  14. Welcome along Wayne, have a browse of the forum plenty of posts already exist to help with your questions



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