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  1. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I guess its a point of how much do you generate on site vs via the energy companies. Scottish Power now generates all its electricity via wind power and announced this week they are investing in solar. Forcing people to buy solar panels on houses is not really sensible when energy companies can purchase at scale for much less. Its a shame the government spins such a negative story around energy companies around pricing - they don't tell you that they force energy companies to reinvest most of their profit into developing renewables of course leaving the companies having to charge more to stay afloat - but that wouldnt suit politicians eh easier for them to say 'hey we are going to cap those robbing energy suppliers' I would say the future is not now but we cannot sit around and wait, which is why fears about lithium supply etc are a bit of a red herring as of course demand goes up, supply goes up, then 40 years down the line something else is invented to replace it. But we kind of do need to do keep innovating, changing, moving forwards when the opportunity arises. All that said, I would never trade in my ICE for an EV for my fun car just see ourselves as the lucky ones who still get to enjoy them whilst they are still around.
  2. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    The government never said diesel was clean fuel, the global directive was to reduce CO2 emissions which were prevalent in petrol cars - switching to diesel cars achieved this goal. Surely its clear that anything that emits pollution in the immediate vicinity of human life is going to have some sort of detrimental effect. There will need to be a process for old batteries, again I am by no means an expert but Lithium can be recycled into other uses (happy to be told otherwise) once it has expired there just is no infrastructure for doing this at scale at the moment.
  3. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    From my basic understanding of Lithium is that prices have skyrocketed lately because of supply and demand - car makers demanding it but the supply industry not reacting to it. Bizarrely Lithium mainly comes from a brine process out of South America, those countries have seen demand multiply hundreds of times over but havent increased their own capacity to match it. They are reacting now, as soon as lithium supplies become more available prices will fall inevitably again. I think from memory its Chile that has the biggest supplies of Lithium, play their cards right and they could be the next Saudi Arabia of the energy world..!
  4. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    ...and to add, the government and local councils need to sort their politics out. How we can have an ULEZ being extended around west and south west London at the same time they sign off on an extra runway at Heathrow to fly an extra 700 planes over the same area just shows how being 'Green' only suits them when they want to.
  5. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I think also we are just at the very beginning of the EV development in relative terms. I was out having a few beers last week with a guy heavily involved in renewable energy and it was an interesting chat. Many power companies moving to renewables and their technology advances are huge, lots of developments around batteries i.e. batteries as we know it now are not the future, in ten years a battery as we know it will be gone and something much better would be in its place. Technology improvement around collecting, transferring, storing and distributing energy is changing at quite a frantic pace in the energy sector. I think for your average commuting, plod along, shopping run car an EV is quite acceptable, which actually is the majority of drivers out there. The main problems are price of EVs is still well above average and out of reach for the majority affecting take up, infrastructure isnt accelerating at required rate and the whole perception of the EV still scares most people. A model 3 is still going to be more expensive than the average price of a car, other manufacturers are looking at Teslas horrendous P&L which is propped up by the US government and treading carefully. Like any business they wont jump in two footed until there is a market there, this is what sales looked like up to last year - dieselgate and other government decisions smashing into diesel sales but people are still shifting to petrol not just EV The government has a massive role to play but are clearly in these times of penny pinching not putting the finance into the infrastructure, their policy is generally to allow private companies to lead but no one is stepping up. They need to support companies in building methods of charging cars, doesnt have to be a cable from a house, could be a pack that is charged in the house then taken out to your car parked up the road and plugged in or whatever. But like our favourite chicken and egg, who is going to invest when sales are so low relative to a wider market. Also I think companies need to invest in showing EV can work for your average joe plodding about - the fear of just running out of electric is always there. What if for instance there was a service like the AA but for supercharging cars stuck out on the road if in the event people do run out of juice for instance. Anyway, just some points of view me and this chap discussed the other night...that I remember...beer permitting...although he did accept my argument that ultimately if you are a proper car enthusiast the ICE is a better option
  6. coldel

    New TG presenters

    Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45937945 At least they pushed Rory Reid back off the main programme, he was definitely the weak link in the previous three. Really though, seems like anyone and his dog can become a TG presenter nowadays just because they claim they have liked cars.
  7. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    The US government has invested tens of billions into Tesla keeping it afloat, if they had instead invested in plutonium vending machines we would be all driving time machines by now
  8. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Why the hell aren't they using Flux Capacitors yet? They have been around since 1985...
  9. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Its the way its going - clearly we are going to run out of material to burn in cars as well as reducing environmental impact so it does need to be electric in future. 99% of people drive cars to just get around and do not care about the actual theatre of driving so moving electric will not bother them one bit - the rest of us that are more interested in the experience are just not on the governments radar unfortunately! The challenges though in short are: Building batteries at scale Reducing the price of electric vehicles Creating an infrastructure to charge electric vehicles There are the political and economic factors to manage also. The government recently reduced the grant for buying an EV, this means that its going only one way and that is down until it disappears altogether. There has been free charging points up until now, these will all become a charged service once electric cars are mainstream. The VED charged on cars brings in a substantial amount of tax, this will need to be recovered by the government, either by passing it direct to electric cars (currently they pay nothing) or via a taxation against the population in some other format. Petrol is also heavily taxed by the government, this will also need to be recovered in some form of other taxation. So on and so forth. In terms of cars which sound great etc. really that is only for the minority, we will just have to make sure we keep these cars in great condition and have deep pockets to fill them with petrol we probably have to import ourselves
  10. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    There is usually an excess of energy available at night, things like wind turbines run day and night whilst we sleep. It just means people need to charge overnight. But then that leads to infrastructure discussions which clearly if you drive around London the charging infrastructure is absent, in that 90% of people cannot charge from home due to lack of driveway access. And as above, its the sales of new cars that the ban reflects, not banning people driving petrol cars.
  11. coldel

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    Come on Stu, drop everything and get on with providing this free service in your own time for other peoples benefit for a car marque you don't even own...
  12. Sim, you sound like a decent chap and I hope you take this the right way - I am not on the mod group anymore but to replay back the general consensus of the team and how the forum is run. The 100 post limit is not a box ticking exercise. Its there to ensure that members that actively post, contribute to and support other members of this car enthusiasts group consistently are rightly rewarded with the capability to sell their car towards a highly targeted audience. Have a look at the posts in the Zed for Sale section and see people selling are not just over the 100 post limit, they are well past it at 300 posts and above, many people in to the thousands. The limit is set at 100 to stop people misusing this opportunity but also the team will be watching for spamming which is where a member effectively puts up dozens of posts in a short period of time to get towards 100 - they will knock post counts down if they feel you are just trawling the site in a short space of time to just get your count up which is probably what you are seeing with your post count going down. Hope this helps, focus on normal posting practices, put a few considered posts up each day on recent posts instead of just spamming old ones. If you reach 100 in a couple of weeks and car is still for sale, then bingo try selling again.
  13. Just to clarify Sim posts in the welcome section do not count towards your post count no. Plenty of forums have rules around posting stuff for sale...I had a look on one the other day and couldn't even look at the for sale sub forum without first making a set of posts. Each forum has its own rules - it's a simple value exchange, the forum is free to use, people sign up here who potentially could be buying a car, the value exchange is that people actively participate towards the forum with posts over a period of time. If everyone sat lurking (I believe that is the phrase!) there would be no forum. Additionally these cars are generally a reasonable investment of cash for someone...being able to look at the history and good upkeep is a great benefit too.
  14. I believe it was approved in error and subsequently taken down.
  15. coldel


    My knob is straight...took a little fiddle but all good! Also drove it for the first time with it and really makes a difference, better throw, feels easier to shift very happy.