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  1. Awesome and very left field! I used to love these as a kid, looked very Ferrari!
  2. So a bloke sacked from the role by his own party, who is still subject to an investigation, who still did all the things the party got rid of him for, can run again. World is mad.
  3. There was also a 4 door Skyline R34 GTT if I remember correctly
  4. Payco - Sausage and Mash Rick - Beef Burger with bacon and cheese Keith (Loadmaster) Beer-battered fish n chips (full-fat non-GF option if there is one! Nismoandy - Beer-battered fish and chips zippypooz - Sausage and Mash with side order of chips The Bounty Bar Kid - Parma ham pizza Seb - 2x Beer-battered fish and chips coldel Parma ham pizza
  5. 1.Payco (No car) 2.NismoAndy LS1 350 3. Rick - club catering manager - Audi 4. The Bounty Bar Kid - Cayman S 5 .Seb + 2 Kids - Mitsubishi Outlander 6. Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo 7. coldel - z4
  6. As above. Their rules not ours. Ace is very different to monthly pub meets etc they have club meets literally every day and the calendar is full, it’s massively popular as a venue and they have not just us to contend with but 100+ other clubs they allow in - absolutely makes sense to take regs and limit numbers (number limits are most likely agreed with the local council who don’t want queues of cars sitting on the A406) and again that’s not our fault that’s the rules of the venue. In the same way you cannot rock up at caffeine and machine and have to book in advance for certain days. And so on. Yes there were two sets of no shows Saturday, those that had extenuating circumstances and let Martin know (which is fine) and those that just didn’t bother. As for being able to contact him, I don’t believe for one second that he is uncontactable. If I posted on the forum on Saturday that anyone sending me a PM got £1000 I guarantee those that no showed with no comms would find a way to contact me and claim the cash. It comes back to what I said above, respect the efforts of people who put their time aside to help other people have a great ownership experience. Try and attend if you put your name down and let them know if you can’t.
  7. And another plus one to Andy's post. To be clear, what Andy is asking is that people communicate non attendance in advance. Respect the time and effort our REOs put in by putting in a few minutes of your own time to let them know. Having organised events in the past where I have had more than 50% no shows at limited number events its massively frustrating. Standing in a mostly empty Ace car park on Saturday was very frustrating and all those that came agreed something had to be said. Especially as I can imagine we now have a black mark against our club at Ace, I wouldn't be surprised if they dont let us back next year. Additionally (and dont take this the wrong way Olly its just I noticed your valid point about driving miles in crap weather to stand in the rain is no fun) I would suggest that at limited number events that are over subscribed where you are unlikely to show depending on the weather or any other reason and decide on the morning of the event not to come, I would consider having a think about whether you should really be putting your name down, or at least volunteering to go on a reserve list, let someone else grab a spot who is willing to go out come rain or shine.
  8. Anyone going do bear in mind that the hanger lane roundabout gets incredibly busy - you can easily be sat there queuing for a significant amount of time. Especially if coming up through Ealing etc on the north circular. Check your google maps before setting off!
  9. Personally, my experience, I would say that the Red Stuffs I put on my Celica GT4 were not that great if I am honest. I bought the car with standard discs and some Pagid (not premium) pads. I wanted to change both before a big road trip and found a deal on grooved EBC discs and redstuff pads, it was a significant price saving so went for it. Changing out the old discs and Pagids the new EBC package did not demonstrate the sort of significant change I was expecting, it improved of course, but I was pretty disappointed if I am honest. When I compare the difference to when I swapped out some old brakes on my VX220 into Mintex 1155 pads (with no rotor change) the difference was huge. 1155s are definitely more track orientated (it says on the pad backing not for road use lol) and for sure when cold there was a little bit of warming needed but not to any sort of point that without some subtle adjustment to how I used the brakes would make it an issue. What is interesting that when moving from car to car and going into different groups of owners, how the views alter. Mintex 1155s are really well respected for the VX220 lads with their pad of choice was always CL. No one touched EBC. Same for the Celica guys, never touch EBC. I have seen here though EBC used a fair bit. I think its pretty safe to say you get what you pay for. CL are fantastic pads from what I have read and a serious upgrade from anything EBC does.
  10. Just took delivery of mine and have to say for the money a good haul!
  11. I log in for a quick look, and minutes later I am seventeen quid down 🤣
  12. Not sure you read that right Azure? The gearbox had no engagement issues prior to going in for a clutch, it was slipping in gears but thats to be expected, but it looks like Steph could engage all the gears. They have put a new clutch in and now 6th is not available, so the car is not being returned as arrived. I do remember adjusting the gate on mine (this was over ten years ago now so memory is hazy) on the advice of Zmanalex who I bought a clutch from. Edit: sounds similar to what young Colin said above...definitely see if you can get Zman on for a chat.
  13. It most definitely is! It needs a few more passes for sure.
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