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  1. Spent a day and a half with Wasso polishing my old black zed, you can get stunning results...then 30 mins later it’s filthy again!
  2. If you are going to see one, let people on here know some will go along with you in exchange for some beer tokens
  3. I dont think the VXR was standard and probably running a bit more power than the norm, the guy that owned it has two VXs he brought two along on the day the VXR and a SC one. Yeah keeping the mag in case I sell the VX at some point and will stick it in with all the other paperwork!
  4. Yes to be honest the journo just posted on the FB page asking for volunteers, I could easily have missed it! Was just luck really! I had just refurbed the entire interior which I think might have swung it! But as he says the power at the moment is spot on it is very quick but not scarily quick perfect for me
  5. I think if you are looking for a project car, go for the early DE, get a good one well documented i.e. off here and start your mods. The facelift had more power but less torque so very little in it performance wise as far as I remember. There are guys I believe on the US forum driving zeds with 250k on the clock, so wouldnt get too hung up on miles (unless you have plans to sell it after a year or two the UK market is a fickle place) and make sure you get one with all the work done.
  6. ...and to be honest I wouldnt even consider the VED cost in your decision, buy the best car you can get for the money. The extra cost is equivalent to a pint of beer in the pub per week, so just cut back a touch honestly, if you are spending thousands on a sports car, dont worry about the VED, especially if you are planning on spending a fair amount on modification which will cost an arm and a leg anyway.
  7. They posted me a copy through in advance No wonder the journo kept plugging me for info after he drove it. It was a terrible day though, rained all day and bitterly cold!
  8. Its a GT car, not really a sports car. Its built for comfort rather than out and out corner hugging performance. Most people go for a respected brand of coilovers (available from the traders on here) and get a set to their ride expectations. On the modification front, best go in with your eyes wide open. CAI as far as I believe, really adds little to the car, if anything many of them are warmer than the stock box. Most people just buy a decent performance drop in panel filter. HFCs are a good addition, note most will rasp. The maps you can get for these cars are by UPREV or ECUTEK again reference the traders on here all experts in this. For reference my 2004 DE when I had it back in 2010 had plenum spacer, milltek cat back exhaust, Berks HFCs and a stillen intake (only on because I got it pretty much for peanuts) resulted in an additional 16bhp - the drive however was much improved with flat spots removed. You are going to be wasting a lot of money chasing numbers with these cars unless you go FI.
  9. So the article was an 8 car shoot out, a standard (as standard as you can get i.e no big power numbers) turbo (mine) and a standard NA. Then there was the black track car which is rated at 500bhp+ (pretty much unbeatable on track) along with a Saab engine conversion, supercharged ones and an NA turbo charged conversion. Anyway, here is the write up on mine... ...and, ahem, the summary and winner
  10. 8 car VX220 shootout in Absolute Lotus magazine now available in all good, and bad, bookstores. My pretty much standard VX did surprisingly well...
  11. coldel

    HFC Gaskets needed .

    I would pop PMs to the traders on here in the trading sub forum, one will be able to help
  12. Gotta be a V8 before the time is up and we are all silently ghosting around in dull as dishwater EV's! Or do the right thing and get an Elise/VX
  13. I could be wrong but pretty sure you cannot select cruise at 30mph or below (for obvious safety reasons you wouldnt want to be on cruise when in town centres etc) - does it happen at higher speeds. Again, could be wrong but 5th gear at 30mph sounds too high a gear and labouring the engine, from memory?
  14. Where does it say that, pop the link up so we can take a look. The link I posted shows you pay an up front fee for a classified listing then no further fees, if you do it as an auction it clearly states the maximum you would pay is £45. No one would sell cars on ebay if you paid them up to £250 to sell it, yet its the biggest listing of cars for sale in the UK. I have sold 3 cars on ebay just posted them up as a listed car for sale in the motors section then when someone came over and bought it I just updated it as sold.





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