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  1. StarTrek and Expanse

    I just finished watching series 1 its pretty good actually, very edgy.
  2. StarTrek and Expanse

    It does give you that feeling that at any point the ships they are in could just fall to pieces, like being in space is actually dangerous and life hangs in the balance. Takes some getting used to Martians being humans though haha.
  3. Tapatalk problems

    Tapatalk is inherently littered with weaknesses which can be exposed by hackers. We took the decision to remove the forum from tapatalk to prevent further danger to the databases and instead invested in a new platform that is VERY mobile friendly.
  4. StarTrek and Expanse

    Yes Expanse does away with all the invented stuff on Star Trek (inertial dampers etc.) and that a big blast across space does actually cause people to feel sick and have a few issues! Takes a while to get to grips with the three or four sub stories all going on at once but now on episode 8 and its all coming together now.
  5. There is an app called Vehicle Smart on my iPhone which when you put the number plate in gives MOT history back to 2006. Given this is a 2006 car, its unlikely it would have been imported the year it was made, pop the number plate in and if the history goes back to then chances are its a UK car.
  6. What engine do I have??

    Needs decatting, or sports cat? I'll get my coat...
  7. StarTrek and Expanse

    Yes GT2 coming soon - although not holding my breath I thought the first one was downright terrible and just used to skip to the driving bits which meant about 15 minutes worth of footage each episode. I also watched The Mist, it was a bit daft and as one reviewer put it 'he ended up rooting for the mist rather than the characters' and yes its been binned. I watched it all the way through in the hope it would improve but was left disappointed. And yes Klingons, those in the films (new and old) looked different to those in NG, to those in the original and so on - they always look different depending on what make up/technology is on offer at the time
  8. StarTrek and Expanse

    Oh and watching Expanse now...into episode 4 and its pretty good!
  9. StarTrek and Expanse

    Stranger Things 2 out on Netflix on 27th of October First series was awesome.
  10. Another question about oil

    Website http://www.mobil.co.uk/UK-English-LCW/carengineoils_products_mobil-super-3000-xe-5w30.aspx# http://www.mobil.co.uk/UK-English-LCW/carengineoils_products_mobil-super-3000-x1-formula-fe-5w30.aspx# One seems more premium than the other citing better protection over wider temperature conditions?
  11. How many miles is too many?

    I do love the way the number 100,000 strikes fear into mainstream UK car owners. Its not like cars are programmed to self destruct at that mileage, or that a car on 100,000 miles would be so much worse than one on 90,000 miles. A funny fickle bunch on our little island
  12. [SOLD]Mishimoto Induction Kit 350zDE

    Sold - thread locked
  13. marks on my new 370z.... why?

    Could be bits of any old crap coming up off the road and sticking to the car? Clean it off and see if it happens again - if not then problem solved.
  14. DE vs HR engines

    You lot in your V6s are all talk...(see what I did there)
  15. GT-Four

    Cheers pal, its hard work! I have also decided COMPLETELY not to get an EBC - its so tempting to easily up the boost to around 310bhp but the amount of stories of ringland failure due to old age are so rife I have decided to keep her quite stock and focus on other areas. Few things on the list are replacing front indicator lenses, going to replace some of the suspension components that are looking a bit old, maybe a new head unit. Also on the lookout for a used Blitz or HKS exhaust, apparently my current set up is a 'bit loud' I have been told by people that have driven behind me...