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  1. Guess the car part

    Its just a squashed 405 right?
  2. Guess the car part

    Is it something like a Dakar rally car or something?
  3. Guess the car part

    The 405 Turbo?
  4. Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    Moved from Zed, to VX220, to R33 now in an ST205! Actually have stuck it out with the Celica longer than I expected I love changing cars also but it ticks many boxes (more than the Zed unfortunately) - I do have my eye on a few alternatives in the future though, but for now happy in my old Toyota!
  5. 350z to E46 M3, what do you think?

    One of the all time classic shapes on a car, still looks fantastic.
  6. Arthritis Charity Effort!

    Thanks Modo, it is horrible, my knees are the weak points and totally needed my pal to help me through the last 3km or so of it. Am on methotrexate and various other supplements but they seem to do the job most of the time - unless I am crawling through mud, lakes, and various other horrible bits of crap! Cannot even describe the pain at the end, despite looking like am smiling away
  7. Arthritis Charity Effort!

    Up to £400 now, very chuffed.
  8. Arthritis Charity Effort!

    As promised! Amazing experience but HARD WORK given my arthritis left me with bad knees last 3 weeks I couldn't do any exercise leading up to it. Very hot as well, a couple of people passed out on the course. Still we did it. And for you entertainment the final fun easy obstacle on video...!
  9. GT-Four

    The Nico mates are brilliant. I drive the car on weekends only but to keep clean and look after are miles better than carpeted style mats. Miles better.
  10. Guess the car part

    Is it another Studebaker?
  11. Third Party Advertisement Photographs

    You could argue they are falsely advertising work/services/products that are not their own. So misselling their own products?
  12. Guess the car part

    Or Mclaren Senna?
  13. Guess the car part

    Viper of some sort with a big wing?
  14. Guess the car part

    Run out of cars yet chaps?