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  1. The Grand Tour

    Holly Thread Revival! Did anyone take in S2? I watched the last episode last night and found it very good fun, properly had me belly laughing. In terms of the rest of the series a few highlights but quite a lot of lowlights. I have taken to just skipping the chatter in the studio and forwarding to the actual car footage. Liked the Jaaaags episode and loved the episode where they caught the frisky couple in their car for real up a mountain road! An improvement on S1 but not by much?
  2. British Motor Museum & Evening - National Event

    I wont be able to make this unfortunately as already have a road trip in the diary but do enjoy everyone, if its anything like Coventry last year it will be a cracking day and evening and a great chance to meet your fellow car enthusiast
  3. Update

    If they are not the original factory wheels then yes they are a mod and must be declared.
  4. And so it ends...........

    Was only joking on the Celica front They are good for about 330bhp on a standard block beyond that they get a bit unhappy so would need an engine rebuild with stronger internals. R33 GTR is massively tunable and still affordable. R32s are still skyrocketing in price. If you could sneak in a TT Supra that would be a tremendous!
  5. And so it ends...........

    Wow look forward to the next project Bri. Celica ST205 for the win
  6. Scottish 500

    Look in the Scotland area of the Events forum you should see a few trips organised previously with details - I attended the one organised by Irn Bru in 2016
  7. Colour.

    Haha FB all over again. Definitely Orange
  8. Mars next stop :)

    Look for the maps of that voyage he didn't circumnavigate anything in those three years he visited a number of islands and other lands to restock etc (they couldn't carry three years of water on board) some of his trips in that three years took him very north such as south Africa and new Zealand. Sure if you ignore the 10+ landfills he made which were well documented ignore all the witnesses at the time ignore his own logs unless it suits the story) then yes what was he doing at sea for three years...or he wasn't...
  9. Mars next stop :)

    In terms of orders, his orders (quite clearly outlined on many sites dedicated to this issue) were to discover the great southern continent, the fact he never got there meant mapping it was never done because you kind of have to get there first. Anyway, again conspiracy theorists lean on one piece of information, taken out of context, ignoring conflicting evidence, evidence even conflicting from their own source, and ignore everything else such as expeditions that have met in the south pole after starting on opposite sides, ignore everything and keep going with the convoluted theory of a 300 year old ship. That the stars in the sky are consistent with globe theory over flat theory, that they cant explain a lunar eclipse, that they can only explain gravity by inventing something with absolutely no practical evidence the list is endless that cannot be explained other than inventing something with no evidence. So, dear old Elon Musk and all the staff on Space X are also now a paid off members of the global conspiracy to tell us the world is round. The reach of this organisation is amazing
  10. Mars next stop :)

    OK so flat earthers are just making assumptions without any knowledge or proper scientific tests. I think that sums up the majority of what I have seen so far. Easiest way to settle it is for the FE society to put their money where their mouth is and fly up there privately and photograph what they see.
  11. Mars next stop :)

    So heres a chap that flew from the West Indies and didn't see land at all, so who is right, how can that be? https://www.pprune.org/passengers-slf-self-loading-freight/99724-flight-paths-uk-wi.html They also rightly call out ETOPS which states in law that certain types of aircraft have to be within an hour of an airport during any flight and that some do hug the coastline when crossing the atlantic for this reason. When looking up a flat earth map there are so many variations, you would think being 2D this should be a doddle to map but seems its very difficult. Anyway I picked one and given my experience of travel having lived in Japan where I flew between the UK and Japan (12 hour flight) and Japan and Australia (10 hour flight) can you explain (other than all the airline companies staff also being paid up members of the secret NASA cover up) why one arrow is less than half the length of the other? Having read a few Captain Cook websites now associated with his south pole exploration, at no point does it mention he was attempting to circumnavigate it. His direction it would seem was always southwards, he would retreat north a number of times to find a better way to navigate through the ice. There is no mention of an attempt to circle the south pole only to reach it?
  12. Mars next stop :)

    Project high jump was about aliens, everyone knows that...
  13. Black Revup

    I managed to wrap the silver parts of my old zeds steering wheel (presume thats what you meant?) in situ. Just sat in the car with a hair dryer, some good vinyl and a credit card and it was relatively simple and took about 20-30 mins.
  14. StarTrek and Expanse

    Oooooh liked that last episode, and the ending, great touch!
  15. Mars next stop :)

    Again this is all confirmation bias looking at tiny pieces of information without objectivity. The lake experiment is a classic example of a badly performed experiment missing vital tests such as measuring a trend or straight line needs three points, but hey if it kind of works to support a theory forget about the basics and take it at face value right For a lunar eclipse, even with basic viewing equipment you can see its a shadow and not a planet, if the moon and sun are orbiting the middle of a flat earth above us, where does the shadow come from? What is it that's between the earth and the moon? I read up on the FE idea of gravity, apparently the flat earth is constantly accelerating which gives us a feeling of gravity. This is done by something called dark energy and the explanation is simple apparently: "Dark Energy This model proposes that the disk of our Earth is lifted by dark energy, an unknown form of energy which, according to globularist physicists, makes up about 70% of the universe. The origin of this energy is unknown." So without actually proving anything and just giving it a name its manages to overcome a key issue of how gravity works and push it aside. Even curvatures of the earth in high level aircraft flight they brush aside due to 'curved plastic windows' in planes. As said, just go up and take a photo and be done with it. Or just use a thermal imaging camera to look at something 50 miles away? There are lots of ways of doing this, much easier than scouring the internet for any obscure bit of footage (which is much easier to fake than paying off every single pilot, astronaut, scientist etc etc not to say anything and fake every single photo by the way!) - I also presume our beloved Elon Musk is in on it too and now a paid up member of government black ops not to say anything