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  1. From experience it will be along the lines that mods are approving disproving these on their mobiles wedged between work and life commitments. To then have time to follow up with a description/discussion is sometimes not feasible, you will be surprised with how many issues around for sale ads have to be dealt with each week on top of all the other administration work they have to do that goes largely unseen by the community. This isn't aimed at you specifically Rob, the rules are very black and white, when creating an advert make sure you tick all the boxes on your before submitting and it will go through. If you feel it did, then PM a few mods with your advert, demonstrate it ticks all the boxes and I am sure one will try get back to you.
  2. Man up. I drive a VX220 around London no problem
  3. I kind of wonder if the three of them spent a few months down the pub together before filming as they really get on well. It is a great start though and if they can work some changes into the format even better.
  4. Yes I think Clarkson et al have hit the end, they do look terrible and their humour is out of date. Additionally they seem to lack any energy, they just lumber about slowly requiring a fork lift to get them in and out of sports cars. It's quite embarrassing now.
  5. I agree the formula is still the same, but have given up expecting TG to be anything else, they aren't going to change it.
  6. There is an instagram post of Clarkson May Hammond sat on bikes in some Asian city, I saw it and honestly thought they looked old and past it still trying to do something they were doing 20 years ago. It looked a bit sad really.
  7. Watched the first 25 mins of last nights episode and honestly was in tears with the handling course. It was puerile stuff but for some reason entertaining. I do think McGuinness is a better on screen character than Flintoff you can tell the TV training makes a difference. Harris seems to be enjoying himself more too and is much less playing the small angry man character he has played previously.
  8. Not sure if anyone has been watching but a good start - surprisingly good cohesion between the three, a few cringe-worthy moments but overall pretty good. The second episode of Flintoff and Harris shocking McGuinness had me literally in stitches. Loving the McLaren Ferrari reviews too - think I would prefer the Ferrari though.
  9. On the drive up from London to Edinburgh the guys in the zeds were doing it on one tank. And there was some fun driving there too.
  10. 90% of the time I drive my cars in daylight!
  11. 1. Keyser 2. andy James + Doris 3. Stephanie  4. buster and netti 5. Coldel
  12. Looks a bit chavvy to me as a guy in his mid forties but it’s all personal preferences!



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