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  1. To be honest the power figures are quoted all over the internet incorrectly. Price guide is a bit optimistic but otherwise a decent enough very high level write up with the odd nugget, hardly a buyers guide, but worth a look!
  2. Depends on your start point, but with a miltek, sports cats, spacer, stillen intake I got +16bhp pre to post remap. But in effect its pointless as you wont notice that day to day, the big improvement was area under the line and the removal of flat spots, that was definitely noticeable. If you search there is a huge thread on here of people posting remap numbers and mods with them.
  3. And we all go on to the YT video and tell them what a pile of tat they have built in the comments for all to see lol
  4. In answer to the question, no. Look at some of the media on here over the years and see some proper work done rather than just a body kit paint job some suspension and a cheap eBay exhaust. Appreciate it’s subjective though
  5. If you go 2 door make sure you are decently flexible to be able to sit in the rear footwell propped up against the back of the front seat. I managed it ok in my R33 but that was when the little chavy was 1 year old and could be picked up no problem! Have to say 4 doors is a godsend.
  6. I bought a set of fully refurbed diamond cut 2 piece Volks GTVs off here back in 2010 for £1k they were super light and pretty awesome.
  7. I would suggest that they are rare here because you can buy more locally produced wheels of similar or better quality for less money? Good luck if you do sell though.
  8. I would be more concerned about the cost of problems on an M4 than an R34 to be honest!
  9. R33/R32 GTR. When you come to sell it in a few years you will make a tidy profit!
  10. Zippy +1 tends to all my wrapping needs! @zippypooz Do bear in mind it’s not as easy as it looks and a bad wrap will result in it peeling away all over the car in a few months. If you find my VX220 project thread he recently did the screen surround, just that part done correctly with cleaning, prep, cutting, fitting and curing took best part of 3 hours, in terms of your question I believe he uses Avery vinyl.
  11. How have we not had a “best looking tyre” thread on here yet?
  12. We hit a couple of roads in Wales like this, seeing us four crawling along at 10mph was funny
  13. coldel

    w brace

    Try google it - or just buy something new it’s not a bank breaker
  14. TMS used to do a lot of VX220 stuff, not so much any more from what I understand. Yes the shaker plates look like they are going to pull the wheels and tyres off the car! My dad always reassures me that they get it a lot worse on the road and not to worry!





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