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  1. Have clippers, am keeping the back and sides short but might let the top grow (as much as it can imagine Zinedine Zidane )
  2. Good work guys, and thanks for a great quote last week, I took you up on it
  3. Cheers mate. Also note the new handbrake. Much bigger and more comfortable than the OEM one small things make all the difference!
  4. Perfect situation to try a bit of home made modding. Bought an offcut of the blue alcantara that was used for my seats and door cards, and lined the inside of the fabric roof with it! Gorilla tape worked fine, lets see how long it lasts given you have to roll on and off the roof each time. It does change the interior feel as it being a brighter colour reflects light back down into the cabin.
  5. It is heaven for cyclists they are out in force around here. Saw some police cars heading for Richmond Park so imagine they are heading there to try and sort out the idiocy
  6. Sorry not Zed related but one I think we can all relate to - Car Throttle is my fav channel at the moment https://youtu.be/tJSl1meE-6w
  7. coldel

    Sprint booster

    Haha refer to other thread
  8. Walked to the top of my road to the little super market to get milk etc this morning and literally hundreds of cyclists out enmasse on their way to start do circuits of Richmond Park. Then you read this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52172035 and to be honest I cannot blame the government because despite everything, all the extra deaths, the appeals from NHS including our very own gangzoom that they are contributing to the problem, there are still a minority that just dont give a @*!# because they have invented their own rules in their own heads that makes it all alright. Can really see us heading the way of Spain, strict lockdown, laws put in place to heavily fine and arrest people. And it will be the above that will be the first to moan.
  9. Top to bottom also, in my layman understanding of things, if I went bottom up I would be rinsing dirty foam down onto previously rinsed panels.
  10. I have had quite a lot pop up on my YT home page lately, will drop the links in when I see another! Good idea
  11. Spoke to my Dad this morning, 1:30am cars were tearing up and down outside his house playing loud music - they could all be keyworkers for sure, but I highly doubt it. Tomorrow is the biggie with the sun coming out and 20 degrees of heat in the south, some people who feel they have nothing to lose i.e. those that are younger, will be out in force - how much of a negative impact that has on the progress made we will see by the following weekend.
  12. How quickly does a K4 get through a bucket vs say a Hydroshot? The pressure is obviously higher, would that result in the bucket going empty very quickly?
  13. Thanks for helping out, I am sure no one had a clue what I was on about
  14. Myself and the management team (5 of us) are having friday drinks at 3:30 today over skype





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