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  1. We have a winner! Yes the old switch set are from an old Vectra, if they fail you basically are left paying upwards of thirty quid on eBay auctions to try and secure an old plastic switch. So went for it and bought a new switch set a trader has developed. But if a faff as you have to modify the switch housing with a dremel but got there until he end ...and yes offset steering wheels are all the rage, you haven’t tried it yet?
  2. New mod just installed, glory awaits the winner that spots it
  3. Good to see on another thread that the Import ECU is an £80 fix thats readily available.
  4. Was going through the mountains of stuff I have bought for a clear out and found this, opened up and had a read of the instructions and I think I will give it a go. Maybe wait till Monday when the chance of rain is nil though. Anyone tried this or a product like it?
  5. Second on the S20 that’s what I use generally and it’s great stuff. As above hand polishing with AG or the like you are just putting fillers in, you aren’t fixing it.
  6. Welcome along, I would recommend you speak to one of the traders in the trading section on the forum. They will advise you on what to go for that suits your needs.
  7. Cheers guys, I kinda expected you both to reply! I'm not so sure on that video, the fact he writes off Bathe Essence because the cap was broken and he cant buy in bulk but still a great effort at reviewing so many products in one go.
  8. If you can get a good deal on an import that's been in the country a while with a decent history then go for it. Check how it was imported and came through a reputable importer who did all the work on making it good for UK roads and to be honest its no different to any other car UK or otherwise. Just note that imports have a number of different specs, they are not just GT and non GT so check each on their individual specs. The insurance thing is a myth, I have owned an imported Celica GT4 and an imported R33 Skyline and both when I was getting them insured and chatting with the specialist insu
  9. My tried and trusted Gyeon Bathe+ is coming to the end of its bottle, I chucked another into my shopping cart but did a quick google before checking out to see what competitors are out there and came across the Angelwax range in particular the Si02 Enigma Shampoo https://angelwax.com/enigma-ceramic-infused-shampoo/ - has anyone tried this out? Any views? There seems to be a shortage of decent reviews online and nothing on Detailingworld I could find.
  10. SOP (Save Our Petrolheads) Apologies if I am late to the party on this, with Porsche getting in on the act. But an interesting read. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/technology-news/under-skin-synthetic-fuels-now-make-more-sense-ever EVs, yes good if you want a car to pop to the shops, have your own driveway to charge it, and dont mind paying a massive premium to get something equivalent to say a Ford Focus. But for having a sports car, the theatre, excitement and noise that comes with it, potentially could retrospectively change government thinking (which
  11. Done a few road trips with Stu in his stubaru and his was pretty nippy enough on the B roads, faster than me, but Im slow as **** so no real comparison I think a used price of £10k is a pretty good deal for the first gen, at £30k for that hideous looking thing above that doesnt give you both the grunt and the driving dynamics (when it quite clearly could!) seems a bit of a wrong 'un to me.
  12. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS. Reg WWU 276J 2) KBAD - 350z . Reg J44SUS 3) nismoandy- 350z - WP06FNX 4) Nino - 370z - Reg. SK12 XZZ 5) Olly350z - 370z Nismo - GM16 JBX 6) Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Reg. A20MUX 7) andy james. 350z reg AJ07 ZZZ 8) Humpy - 370z N12 SRA 9) Richn370 - 370Z CX59OKP 10) ColDel - vx220 - VK05XEU
  13. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS. Reg WWU 276J 2) KBAD - 350z . Reg J44SUS 3) nismoandy- 350z - WP06FNX little wee Vauxhall parked off to the side out of sight if thats okay - VX220T - VK05XEU
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