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  1. I think DA is beyond most MP's though, so far down the competency list, and I wouldn't care if she wasn't a potential Home Secretary. There are a lot of competent MP's but for some reason they do not get the limelight they deserve.
  2. Seems to be the done thing is to photo your dog in front of a polling station according to social media...
  3. No I meant it when I said she was stealing a living, you have to have red tinted glasses on to think otherwise, and no point attacking the Tories as a response, I think half of them are doing the same too! None of the above takes away from the fact that she is a liability and incompetent, and possibly could be Home Secretary which is terrifying. I haven't seen such a poor Tory Labour option in living memory, I really cannot remember it being such a circus full of clowns to the left and jokers to the right...
  4. To be fair pretty much all the economists listed are left leaning and were in effect canvased to support Labour, not to give an objective assessment of the manifesto. To use this as a piece of evidence to show that the manifesto costings are sound are in effect being asked to mark your own homework and therefore unreliable.
  5. You see this is where the 'attack the opposition' approach falls over, I agree we shouldnt be sending go home vans around...so back on point, she is an utter liability and should be nowhere near an MP seat let alone in the cabinet. Who in their right mind after her unmitigated disasters keeps her that close.
  6. At least she can be incompetent away from the public eye, rather than incompetent in full view of it. Home Secretary, I mean what could possibly go wrong...
  7. Thats a very politicians style response Ade! She is for all intents and purposes the shadow home secretary, ignoring the technicality that parliament was dissolved for the election. To assume she will have no role if Labour got in, is simply conjecture and most likely to be untrue. Plenty of other MPs haven't been in front of the cameras also, it doesn't mean they are all being binned off. There is a very good chance if Labour got in she would be Home Secretary, I guess anyone voting Labour has to take that chance.
  8. Diane Abbot is one that is definitely stealing a living, astonishing that someone so error prone continues to be in such a senior role.
  9. I think historically, the Tories seem more capable of running the country, Labour just appear to me to always have clowns in their cabinet (well more buffonish than the Tories who are not exempt from that either). The Labour manifesto shouts of a desperation that their leadership isn't strong enough so the spending pledges have to be substantial - raises in taxes to cover the spending would be higher than seen for half a century, even when they point at corporation tax increases what is obvious to those that understand, is that businesses wont just pay those out their own pockets, that cost gets passed straight onto the customer, that's all of us, double whammy. Corrbyn is untrustworthy, not anywhere near the pathological liar that is Boris, but still has a fair few skeletons in the closet. But as I have said, I would not vote for either party this time around.
  10. I lived next to an artist (Peter Griffin), saw him everyday working so appreciate there is thought processes, effort, skill and desire that goes into it - but sometimes that line just gets crossed and it becomes something of ridicule - basically because it deserves to be. This banana thing, reminds me of Mr Beans Holiday, where you have Willem Dafoe's movie at the end taking the pish.
  11. The clever bit is convincing morons with too much money that they are being clever by buying this. Fools and their money soon parted!
  12. Apparently another artist went in and ate the banana, but its ok, the bananas are easily replaceable according to the gallery. What an utter farce. A silly bubble of stupidity.
  13. I love that the banana is actually replaceable, so you are only really buying the duct tape A fool and their money are soon parted.
  14. $120k? And it took a year... https://news.sky.com/story/banana-duct-taped-to-wall-art-installation-sells-for-120k-in-miami-11879272



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