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  1. EV Thread

    ...Oi! Go easy on those 4 pot turbos!
  2. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    All your EV car updates in future can be placed here
  3. EV Thread

    Rather than have multiple threads about every update to EV cars, all your wonderful EV thoughts can be posted here, I have pinned it to make it easier to find - please keep it dignified and constructive.
  4. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    No not at all I don't know what you mean...and that the successful entrepreneur Musk announced earlier this year that they will be skipping beta testing for the Model 3 to try and get it out on the shelf and actually earn the company some money. And that NASA saved SpaceX from extinction ten years ago with a near $2bn contract to keep it going. Yes, he's done it all on his own, that showed everyone
  5. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    Its amazing what $5bn of state funding (along with funding from NASA ironically) can help you achieve as a commercial business
  6. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    I would imagine the roadster would be an awesome track car if they can get it to handle, I wonder though with the range, Harris noted that it lost 40 miles of range after a bit of spirited driving, maybe I missed it but how much spirited driving was that? Was that after 3 or 4 miles of putting his foot down or much more? It would have been useful to know.
  7. Snow and more snow

    Blimey, check the oil pressure too!
  8. Snow and more snow

    Same here, just freezing rain - although we had a dusting yesterday. The wonders of the protective pollution shield put up across London that prevents snow
  9. Stubaru BRZ

    Just make sure you get on to them quick. The onus is on companies nowadays to not hold personal information for what is deemed 'longer than required' so it could easily be deleted in a few days if the retailer operates that way. But gutted for you, its my one big fear - also agree its plausible it was deliberate but could easily have been an elderly person who slipped as exiting the car and leant the door against it, or a younger child, or even someone who walked around the car to open the door, it was frozen shut, so gave it a tug and... Either way if you can get video evidence and a number plate you are quids in.
  10. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    Chris does sum it up like many a petrolhead on here at the end - its brutally fast, but it doesn't excite, it 'doesnt light the fuse' and the ride is a bit poor as it tries to deal with the weight. It destroyed that 911 but thats what 600bhp and 700lbft of equivalent power does. Interior looked a bit meh - not a fan of the big screen but can imagine a technogeek would love it.
  11. [SOLD]New silenced decats 350z

    Sold - thread locked
  12. Fair few V8 F-Types for sale under 50k ?
  13. Could you squeak in a 360 Fezza for under 50k?
  14. F-Type? Mustang?
  15. Sold - thread locked