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  1. How many allowed on the stand? If its not full come the time and its ok to have non-zeds on it will sign up. Also noticed on the ticket link there are two 350z selections, one is 350z-uk and another www.350z-uk.com but the first one seemed to work when I tried it.
  2. Superstu’s BRZ was brilliant on the Euro road trip last year took in the mountains with ease
  3. Thanks, I got Ricey's number but feel like I bother him far too much for advice Do follow them on FB though they have some great cars in.
  4. Well done Andy great work sorting this out, brunch was spot on too! Glad to catch up with a few old faces (yes Chris, thats your old face!)
  5. I was going to say the Porsches step into this zone...and I don't really like them, but they are a step on in terms of that list from what I have experienced. Even sitting in an old 986 Boxster S when on a road trip last year it was tight, fast, responsive, and doused in leather a much nicer place than a 370z I begrudgingly admit. And I would say my VX220 turbo wins on 5 out of that list of 6 vs a zed, you can probably guess what the missing 6th one is, and it misses by a country mile
  6. Has anyone had a go at this, as in like a homemade full colour change? I am wondering in the short term recolouring my 'tan' leather seats in the VX. Is there a decent kit out there that does a good job?
  7. I think its pretty common knowledge that these cars are effectively made to be driven then thrown away (much like American culture in general) which is why anything comparable performance wise is so much cheaper than the Euro/Japanese counterparts. They pay less, but more people get into V8 legends over there, which is no bad thing. Not sure about Nismo 370z being best bang for buck, depends whether you are looking at new or used, depends if you are after straight line grunt or handling and I think its more of a GT car than a Sports car.
  8. To confirm what time is everyone arriving? 9:30ish? Or are we only allowed in the car park at 10:30?
  9. Well we could, but flat earthers say that everything else in the universe is round because they can observe that, except of course the earth, which is flat, because that makes sense
  10. https://youtu.be/QeEmc7b-tLk?t=165
  11. But is infinity / 2 = infinity?
  12. But if the universe is infinite then you expand the earth to the size of the universe then the hole would also be infinite, wouldn’t it?
  13. To be quite frank saving a tenner here and there after spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds on fuel doesn't really motivate me. I wonder how many people who religiously drive that bit further for Shell vs a nearer Tesco then say 'ha look I saved a tenner' after 50 trips Then again I probably stick £20 worth in every 2 or 3 weeks as I only use my car for fun!
  14. Yes watch his stuff. He can be quite sarcastic but beautifully explains why all the ridiculous conspiracies are just that, ridiculous!



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