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  1. A pair of 45 year old twins are happily living their lives both in office jobs earning a decent salary. On day one of them is exposed to an element which some months later causes a cell mutation and cancer. He goes to hospital and is successfully treated, but he needs to take drugs ongoing for the rest of his life, but otherwise he can live exactly as he did prior to his disease. As he leaves hospital his twin comes to meet him. They happily walk off down the road with one of them carrying his bag of meds. Davey walks by and passes judgement on one of them. Minutes after
  2. Then go work it out, because the data clearly shows that having the vaccine on top of natural immunity gives significantly improved protection based on a U.K. wide sample of 4m+ done over a significant period of time Actually will save you the time, the first link (to yet another editorial/non source data link) shows sample sizes to be just a few tens of thousands and from the first link to the Israel Times there is text that says. "But experts are stressing that the results shouldn’t be interpreted as discouragement from vaccinating. Immunologist Prof. Cyrille Cohen of
  3. In very simple terms your chance of reinfection having had covid is multiples higher than if you have the vaccine on top of your natural immunity. A vaccine is not a force field no but it’s much more effective than natural immunity alone, by not taking it you increase the chances of getting it again and by inference increase the likelihood you will be taking up resource in a hospital or NHS system. So I’m short, natural immunity is yet to be proven as better than vaccine, in fact it looks to be significantly less effective.
  4. Well that's been a fun catch up, good grief. In terms of data for FYI the Kings College has been running the Zoe app on over 4m+ users, yes there will be biases to who uses the app and data logging but some findings here - its clear you can catch it more than once from the data, that really isn't in dispute. It does though suggest vaccinations increase protection over and above natural immunity if you had already caught COVID, and the number is pretty significant. https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/do-i-need-a-covid-vaccine-if-ive-had-covid#part_2 For some that
  5. No Stu was on the wind up 😆
  6. Car is being collected Weds so cash in the bank from then…and the next car hunt properly starts!
  7. Maybe I could consider an EV…
  8. I thought about a Jag but I’m thinking more a smaller coupe I did like Ekonas advice though. Don’t try get something similar because I will be disappointed - I might even go FWD
  9. Deposit taken on the car, so its going to be gone by the middle of the week... So I am wondering if I hold back a little while, try buy something else in the winter when prices fall back a bit and supply outstrips demand
  10. SOLD! Its getting picked up in the week...onto the next chapter of car ownership!
  11. I’m talking about cause of death, in the death certificate, and how that was decided and recorded in real data not cherry picking media articles (which at best are 20% fact the rest editorial opinion) Find data Davey, and use critical thinking. Following a conspiracy theory and only relating your debate to cherry picked media reports is not critical thinking nor is it understanding data. And on that, I’m out.
  12. Thats not how it works Davey - they don’t just pick a reason at random if you looked at the data objectively and the underlying approach to classification you would realise your observation above is false. Covid was the main reason for excess deaths in the U.K. in 2020. Look I get it, you have this theory in your head and you are cherry picking stories to suit your narrative. I don’t see any thought processes from you other than “look at this link answer this” and the fact I had to explain to you why more data is better at understanding a situation than less data honestly,
  13. Actually here you go, data from the ONS which was published this year. You can see there were many more (not less) COVID related deaths that coincided with an increase in excess deaths over that time period of April/May. It doesn't corroborate the headline in the BMJ in May 2020. Looking at the below, its interesting to see that non covid related deaths go up in April 2020 but no where near to the same degree as they do in January 2021. Which would make me wonder about both the reporting of the data at the time in April i.e. mis-reporting, lack of testing, identification etc. The s
  14. I might have a dig into the reasoning for it later if I have time, no doubt further reporting later in the year brought more clarity. But you are not correct in your assumption that analysis done in the moment gives better findings, without the benefit of hindsight when we have time to speak to professionals involved in the process of allocating cause of death on the certificate post the event above. You are also using data at a time when little was known about the virus which can influence the conclusions. I am though going to take a punt that it was a combination of misdiagnosis,
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