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  1. So what do you expect the pharmas selling at cost to do? Artificially keep their share price down? I’m not sure what more you can ask of them, they have sunk billions into this, selling it at cost, what do you think they can do on top of that?
  2. I can imagine the incident with your daughter was harrowing and to be honest I don’t blame you for feeling like veering away. That said, objectively, flu vaccinations are not causing mass child hospitalisation and are very rare. Paramedics are not an objective source of truth, it’s their job to see sick people all day. How many perfectly fine children who had it are they benchmarking their “counts” against? Vaccinations aren’t the be all and end all, they are part of a bigger thing. That is wash your hands, wear masks, get tested, be sensible. In fact I think having hand sanitiser at shop doors should be just a normal thing even post-covid, it makes so much sense.
  3. We all have personal choice on this, which we have to respect. As usual there is a lot of misinformation out there that you have to navigate - that means your own research isn’t typing something into Google then skipping everything you see until you get to an article that corroborates your own initial thoughts. Dave sorry to hear about your kid mate, but if it helps my sons class of 20 odd kids all had flu done and none got sick, I suspect yours was an outlier and not representative of flu or any vaccine. AstraZaneca are charging the vaccine out at cost, if it helps you decide to take a vaccine that isn’t a profiteering exercise. I will be getting it, even though I had it over Christmas. A recent study of 24k health workers showed immunity only lasts on average 5 months so worth getting it done.
  4. With the VX living outside I need to take any dry days in winter as an opportunity to keep it clean and remove winter debris. Just a basic rinse down and wash with my favoured Bathe+ Also a good opportunity for some car pic porn
  5. I guess for me, you said he has to work stupid hours and doesn't have a great salary yet wants to throw a ton of cash at a car he doesn't drive and is even less likely to drive once it gets even more power. You hinted about you tube but is this purely a willy waving exercise and he is after more the notoriety in car circles than actually building a well sorted car that will lay down the power properly and he drive?
  6. I’m bringing my engine bay over! Great result mate!
  7. This ^ Im so glad I jumped from one car to the next - the 350z when I had it made me think wow what a car, but then moving around other cars have me such a better appreciation of where it sits in terms of dynamics and performance.
  8. Started watching Rev, about 20 mins in, nice cars so far although yes acting is pretty budget, I will persevere - any other recommendations?
  9. coldel

    GT Pack vs GT

    Any rust and it’s too much money. You can buy a 100k mile 370z for that. I don’t think I’ve seen a DE go for £10k for quite some time The W brace underneath will be rusty but if you are seeing it elsewhere then there could be plenty of hidden rust elsewhere One lesson I have learned over the years is that low miles does not equal good quality in this mileage obsessed car market in the UK
  10. coldel

    GT Pack vs GT

    That feels, pretty expensive It says on the site that you have to do the purchase via the site?
  11. coldel

    GT Pack vs GT

    Rays were an optional extra. GT pack had the seats, cruise, Bose etc. You can have a GT without Rays wheels. Is it a U.K. car or an import? Imports had multiple variants not just GT and non-GT.
  12. Don't envy you Martin! Just trying to get your rear lights working was a pain!





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