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  1. Im sure an EV if you have a driveway to charge up on each evening and do little around town stuff is perfect. People that say they tour the country in it and use it all the time and there is no difference to petrol cars in terms of convenience are just making stuff up to justify the car in my humble opinion. I am not going to waste money now on an EV which I cant charge at home and have insufficient infrastructure for to charge it anyway so will stick to the ICE until they become practical.
  2. coldel

    Wrapping my alloys

    Thats no mean feat, wrapping is definitely an art, well done! Be interesting to see how long they hold up.
  3. Must admit was looking forwards to seeing what they looked like on. Whiteline are popular for ARBs on the Celica community and a must have for the GT4s. Never realised they did springs though.
  4. Although appreciate you have already bought something else and booked in fitting!
  5. I think you need to ignore the measurements and look at photos of the cars on the actual springs, Teins are widely regarded as a great drop and ride.
  6. Grabbed a random pic off the internet of a 350z lowered on Tein S Tech springs on 19 inch wheels, looks perfect drop in my humble opinion
  7. You could get tugged for doing 15mph in a 30 zone
  8. Saw you reversing tentatively into a parking space just off the high street - did rumble by in the the VX but you looked very focused on not kerbing it!
  9. I dont remember seeing anyone mention whiteline, plenty of good reviews for teins on here though. I would google 350z whiteline springs and read what comes up
  10. Feedback is collated for them here
  11. I never really got hostility but certainly if you think boy racers wanting to race you in a 350z is bad you haven't even lived! My white R33 Skyline with bodykit attracted them like maggots to a carcass! Funny enough my Celica GT4 didnt at all. The VX220 gets no bother as everyone thinks its a Ferrari
  12. Any reason you are interested in them? Tried and tested routes are Tein and Eibach for a bigger drop.
  13. Never had any problems when owning my zed, or my R33, VX220 etc. all been fine. Maybe move to a nicer area
  14. Tarmac Sportz are in Derby and a trader on here (look in the pro trader section) about an hour from you by the looks of things @Tarmac@TarmacSportz @buster
  15. Terrible really, the residents literally had minutes to grab what they could and leave and not allowed back. I can imagine their property prices are dirt cheap, which was the incentive to buy houses there.



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