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  1. coldel

    Milltek exhaust East Sussex

    I dont have a zed now but I had one on my old zed, its relatively pretty quiet only just louder than OEM I would say. I added some Berks HFCs though and it really came on, quiet at slow pace on full chat gave out a good noise.
  2. coldel

    My new car mats

    Which is what I did. Carpets are still carpets and they wear quickly no matter how much you spend on them. I bought some nicomats at £60 and 4 months later they still look like new and look very smart in the footwells.
  3. coldel

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    The Celicas are creeping up but are not going to give you returns like you are seeing with Supras and GTRs. To your last point, the cost of keeping the car outweighs the gains in price and removing inflation I would say I could easily get £7k - £8k for my Celica, I paid £5k 3 years ago. It is difficult to price the market though as so few are ever for sale in the UK. Love the thread though! Before I bought the Celica a few years back my wife and I sold her flat and I suggested for a laugh to use some of the profit to buy a £25k R34 GTR as an investment, she actually said yes and I bottled it
  4. coldel

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Aye fair enough, maybe not all Jap cars but certainly within WRC the non-Jap cars are higher valued it seems. R34s are priced as silly money, but do seem to see the same ones constantly for sale. I wonder what they actually sell for? Anyway in terms of the humble 350z, as above think you are at least a decade away from any sort of classic status that would push values up to levels that you can honestly say you made a few quid on it.
  5. coldel

    Azure Blue 350z Roadster £7500

    A gentle bump, still for sale.
  6. coldel

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Well the WRC is interesting, as most people throw superlatives at Subaru but they won it less than the Celica and they competed over a longer period of time. The ST165 won it in 1990 and the ST185 won it three consecutive years 92,93,94. When the ST205 came along it was smashing its way through the stages only to be done over for having a restrictor in the turbo or something which allowed more power (which it didnt actually need!) so they were booted out and never returned, funny enough thats when the Evo suddenly appeared in versions 3,4,5 appeared and won loads after their Evo 1 and 2 was blown away previously by the equivalent Celicas. Anyway, the upshot is that it was as goodas its contemporaries on track, but too expensive to buy on the road (about 30% more than a Cosworth). All these Jap cars funny enough are not as expensive to buy as the Integrale or Cosworth, the Cosworth has no rally heritage to speak of, yet now at stupid prices in the UK due to some very rose tinted glasses You do wonder if there is a resistance to Japanese cars here vs the Italian or Ford bias...
  7. coldel

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    I know I am going to be unpopular for saying it but I cannot see 350z values going up any time soon. In 10-20 years time there will still be a few kicking around and they might start to look like going for x2 to x3 what they are going for now. I think 370z's will always be a touch higher in price as the interior is better and refinements but anyone owning a 350z right now is going to be looking at the long game in terms of seeing prices go up due to classic status. 300zx's were Ferrari money new, and are now very rare and aged at over 25 years old but good ones still can be had for £5k-£8k. Even my own Celica is knocking on the door of 24 years old, has rally heritage, even had its own game on Sega but are pretty cheap to buy. I am not sure the Z badge has the kudos of something like the GTR badge to be pushing silly money. Anyway that's my tuppence worth.
  8. So, from the top. Last year I developed a nasty form of arthritis which meant I couldn't drive, walk etc. fortunately some medication sorted it out I was very lucky. My wife said to me, what about that European Road trip you always spoke about doing, why keep putting it off, you can never take for granted a healthy future. So on that rather somber note, albeit with full endorsement from the other half, I started dreaming up what it might look like. Usually on a road trip you hop from one place to the next so I thought I might do it differently... The plan turned into this: Drive to France and stop in Strasbourg Drive through Switzerland and into Italy and stay for four nights in Cernobbio at Lake Como Drive back up to Metz for a night Then drive back to blighty So the idea was that we didnt have to pack up and check in and out each day but have a base camp we would venture out from. The location was a nice spot as Monza, Modena, the Swiss Alps and Stelvio were all within reasonable distance to pop out in the cars for the day and get back. So with that in mind I set about finding some recruits. The dream team ended up lining up as my friend Martin (Boxster), @SuperStu (BRZ), @Spatt & Damian (C63 AMG) and @Paddy78 (911) along with myself in the old Celica. We did as much prep as possible, planning routes, getting paperwork in order from the Swiss vignette to the French toll tags. We all met in Canterbury for a bonding session the night before the ferry and possibly had a beer too many which led to some weary heads the next morning on the ferry! Once in Strasbourg we were lucky enough to stumble across and see an amazing light show over the river by pure chance which blew us all away. Then on to Cernobbio via the stunning Gotthards Pass where we found the villa had just enough space for five cars outside, the area itself is stunning and lake views out of this world. It became the perfect haven for us each night after a long day out in the cars. I wont go into too much depth about the next 5 days but the highlights were certainly: Monza F1 Circuit where we got a tour which included seeing the press rooms, sitting in the drivers press chairs (which you will see the top three sitting in a couple of weeks!), going on to the podium, seeing all the race control rooms as well as a visit to Bernie Ecclestones 'special room' he had built there... A drive out over the San Bernardino Pass, through Davos, Stelvio Pass and back to the villa - again stunning views and driving Heading down to Modena and Maranello to see the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums - the absolute highlight though was visiting Pagani and talking our way (with best puppy dog eyes with the receptionist) into the factory tour to see these wondrous machines being made Drove back up to Metz, the guys went via Interlaken whilst I took the motorway due to a top mount that failed on my car - Metz was, erm an experience as we found the hotel car park less secure than it appeared with random scooters buzzing through it so we parked our cars up by the hotel front door instead of the car park On the way to Calais we stopped by in Reims to sample the Pommery Champagne Caves - we all spent a bit too much money there to be honest! Overall it was a great trip, lots of nice unexpected things discovered along the way and we all had a great laugh over the radios. I will drop some photos below for your enjoyment of course as otherwise and I am sure some of the other guys will chip in (Matt, chip in, maybe a pizza photo?) with their own. Strasbourg Petit France The Villa Cernobbio Monza F1 Circuit Drive through the Alps Museum visits Also finding a disused circuit in Reims before we went on the champagne tour! We discovered so many different locations and routes over the week, if you are planning your first road trip out this way please do shout as I can offer some informed advice! Col
  9. coldel


    Well as the old girl is going to carry me nigh on 2500-3000 miles to Lake Como and back next week thought I would do the honourable thing and give the car a polish and change of oil/sparks, replaced the passenger window motor which had failed and an upper ball joint that was getting a bit of a wiggle on... So some TLC of a snow foam, wash, clay, and then some Scholl S20 with a DA followed up with some Soft99 wax Followed by the grease monkey work (known as my dad the retired mechanic) - that joint took some effort with the press, and a large hammer...
  10. coldel

    Only 332bhp after tune, mid pipe and short tails

    Exactly if the mapper has got consistent gains across the rev range it will feel faster which is what you want. The number 332 is largely irrelevant as you do not have 332 at all times only for that fleeting moment when you are at those particular revs. Does the graph look improved? Ideally you will also see flattening, removes any troughs etc.
  11. coldel

    Only 332bhp after tune, mid pipe and short tails

    As always, area under the line is more important than peak BHP improvement which really doesn't show anything. You want to see daylight between pre and post tune lines all through the rev range, a car with a bigger peak BHP increase than another might not necessarily be faster or better to drive if the overall curve is poor.
  12. coldel

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Aye, it glosses up like liquid
  13. coldel

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Looks great. I bought a Worx portable pressure washer it's brilliant as you don't need to be near a tap or power point.
  14. Good to see some numbers for this now. Have fun everyone and we'll done Andy for organising
  15. coldel

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Wheels look spot on - nicely done