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  1. Haha well a you know Im all about ownership experiences, good and bad!
  2. Yes took 9 days to sell first viewer bought it. Had quite a few watchers on eBay as soon as I took the ad down had messages coming through asking if it was sold as they were interested! Duh. Yes I’m not sure what next…some pork is tempting but the potential bills are not!
  3. I was thinking about it, then stuck it up for sale about 10 days ago just to see what happens and boom someone came swooping right in and offered the cash, so I took it. Happened so fast I have no idea what to get next! But yes, time for the next ownership experience!
  4. Well I was umming and urring, so I stuck it on a couple of sites for sale...and...it sold! The Coupe is gone...what next...
  5. I personally would give the Porsche a go. Worth trying the 2.9 engine maybe the Porkers on here can tell us but I think that comes much less likely to bork than the other engines.
  6. Yep what a load of crap. Apparently there are 20 from 2014 still out there...
  7. Definitely give the Cayman a try OP. My car history shows I like to swap out every couple of years, so dont tend to have a fans hat on when giving an opinion on cars. I think if there wasnt so many horror stories around about the 987 engine issues they would be priced much higher. So take advantage. Mid-engined driving is a whole different experience, to have that engine literally in the car with you roaring away behind your head, awesome stuff. Don't worry about lap times or the like its really quite irrelevant in the grand scheme of things...unless you plan to do some serious track time! I am now in a Z4 3.0si which is probably the most comparable car I have owned since the 350z I had over ten years ago. I have to say I prefer the Z4. The engine revs out better and the gearbox is no where near as agricultural, much smoother, short throw, very tight. Obviously the interior is significantly better, well put together more leather less plastic. It has though the much maligned EPS but given I had spent two years hauling a VX220 about without any, I am more than happy to not feel every crease in the road every second! If you are set on moving away from a 350z and worry you are going to get borked on a Porsche, the Z4 is a decent alternative to consider.
  8. Yes I am. I have actually now got a hose that reaches out to the road from an outside tap, so before I rushed out and landed £100 on a pressure washer I tried connecting the normal hose pipe from the tap to the Worx and it did fit! When I used it to snow foam it worked great! Actually is a lot more mobile than dragging a pressure washer unit around the car.
  9. Well, a week on a one interesting purchase and one day spent cleaning the old girl. Was on the Zed forum (see what I did there) and some guy posts up a ECP link to some rear brake discs. Pagid, £8.49 each! Now I dont need them, but for £8.49 each I thought why not. I almost bought about a dozen but didn't want to take away this potential bargain from others. Stuck it through on the website, got a confirmation email! Went and picked them up, they handed them over, boom back at the house in the shed for whenever I need them. Total legit Pagid rear brake disc set for a touch under 17 quid. I checked the website this morning, and it looks like the typo has been found...they are priced at £68.99 each 🤣 Anyway second thing was a whole clean up job, spent 5 hours on the paintwork and detailing...detailed pics coming but for now... https://youtu.be/YAyJGWWgWOo
  10. Interesting watch. I remember the 5th Gear video all that time ago too. We do still have variables in there that cannot be accounted for i.e. tuned car vs standard car, turbo vs NA, even what order the fuels were used in (even with tank draining the car will be warmed up by the time the 3rd/4th fuel is in the car), so on and so forth. Would be interesting to repeat the test same car different order. Likelihood is we will see varying results in top end BHP wins possibly as the differences are so small. Also he said it was a 460bhp car that he detuned for the test to make it more stable but it easily made 460bhp on the fuels except the 95, I wonder what the detune was? I didnt see the power delivery graphs in detail, I think those would have been useful to see, the guy just throws a number out there but I doubt its 15bhp consistently and probably only momentarily. Would in real world driving you noticed these differences? Hard to say. Strange given how much stick Tesco has had over the years where people think that its rubbish quality fuel (even though it all comes from the same place as everyone else's!) the tuner recommends it. I must admit I am lazy I have a Shell literally 1 min away and use that, the Tesco is about 7-8 mins depending on traffic, I got my backside over to it this morning and the price difference is pretty big now.
  11. Well been a while since I updated this! Haven't driven it as much as I wanted, but have given it a few good runs and still love it. Revs out so well and howls so good. It has needed some work though! There was a little oil making its way out so bought a load of gaskets. Rocker cover and the valvetronic both replaced. The gaskets that came off were brittle as anything, literally cracked in my hands. Also replaced the handbrake pads and cleaned up the hubs. When getting in and out the car it squeaked at the back like crazy which was the handbrake pad springs. Put all back together and cleaned up the engine bay. I went and lifted the boot this week when it was below zero outside and heard some cracking...struts failed. The boot is a lot heavier than you give it credit for! New struts from SGS installed. Car is still going great, such a brilliant car, so under rated.
  12. Awesome and very left field! I used to love these as a kid, looked very Ferrari!
  13. So a bloke sacked from the role by his own party, who is still subject to an investigation, who still did all the things the party got rid of him for, can run again. World is mad.
  14. There was also a 4 door Skyline R34 GTT if I remember correctly
  15. Payco - Sausage and Mash Rick - Beef Burger with bacon and cheese Keith (Loadmaster) Beer-battered fish n chips (full-fat non-GF option if there is one! Nismoandy - Beer-battered fish and chips zippypooz - Sausage and Mash with side order of chips The Bounty Bar Kid - Parma ham pizza Seb - 2x Beer-battered fish and chips coldel Parma ham pizza
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