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  1. coldel

    Shemima Begum?

    I am somewhat split on this, but as others have mentioned we have to abide by the laws that we have created for ourselves. Retrospectively introducing a law for something because people hate an individual based on a TV interview and their actions is somewhat bizarre behaviour, but as the MPs that have split from Labour and Tory have said, Tories are now really right wing and are starting to behave with a mindset of such extreme groups rather than abiding by law. I am a bit on the fence with the whole 'child' thing. Of course technically she is in the eyes of the law but I don't agree that she is completely out of control of her own actions. The law here is daft, in that a child/juvenile is someone who is 17 years and 364 days old who is still deemed suggestible and growing up, but then two days later they are an adult that is fully responsible for all their actions - that in itself makes no sense at all. The real danger here is the source, Facebook, Google, YouTube etc. who have a blasé approach to content control - their platforms are being used to create these people yet they refuse to accept its their issue to deal with as it would cost their profit margins to control it. I guess my view is what if this was a 15 year old that killed someone here and fled abroad, would we not bring that person back and put them on trial? If she has done something illegal then in the same way now she is heading back its up to us to deal with our citizen in a court of law and punish/rehabilitate accordingly.
  2. coldel

    Time to go GT-Four

    So true! Been a lot of fun though!
  3. coldel

    Time to go GT-Four

    * Deposit taken
  4. coldel


    Sorry to hear this Steve (on all fronts). Good luck with everything mate. And don't worry about getting back into a two seater, my Alfie is now 6 years old and I am hopefully buying another VX220 soon - he is car mad and cannot wait to go out in daddies sports car
  5. coldel

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    Would you spray paint onto a dirty car when spraying it? It has to be properly prepped for the job, every crevice cleaned then dried then descaled, any loose paint and rust removed, then any rust spots remaining treated before even thinking about putting the under seal on. I am sure someone might do it for £100 and just spray it on, but you live with the problems it will no doubt create further down the line.
  6. coldel

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    I wonder if the technician just said waxoyl as its such an industry word? Bit like sticking something down with 'sellotape' or buying a 'hoover' - brand names that are bywords for a product type.
  7. coldel

    Buying tyres from online marketplaces

    Rolling radius to be correct for 18s has to be a 45 profile? I think?
  8. coldel

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    Yes watched that also (have to say best TGT episode for some time!) and you could tell within 10 seconds how the whole review would play out. May never really slates a car unless its got a Nurburgring association. Still think the car is hideous, although I can see the attraction of getting something different from a big run production car like a beemer, but for me at starting price of £50k there is way too much competition out there.
  9. coldel


    Definitely, dont make it easy for people by publicising your reg, VIN etc.
  10. coldel

    Experience of 'budget' brakes and self fitting

    For an occasional driver this will be fine, I am sure if cars were crashing off the road frequently due to dodgy cardepot discs we would know about it.
  11. coldel

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    £7k might even stretch to a decent HR 350z
  12. coldel

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    To be honest, go for a much more cared for one for more money. This screams money pit. Google 'I bought the cheapest [insert car name here] on the internet and it cost me..." see what comes back up Did you check to see if he had receipts for the new brakes, tyres, tie rods, wipers, bulbs etc. which were all fails/advisories on the Nov 2017 MOT fail which disappeared in 2018?
  13. coldel

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    The App doesn't do that for free, if you select the box it comes up with a page telling you what it will check for you if you select the payment option further down.
  14. coldel

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    Download Vehicle Smart app on your phone. You can check MOT history/tax etc on it
  15. coldel

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    You could just contact them via ebay (not the phone number) and ask them some questions, if they come back asking for deposits or any other sort of rubbish like 'my friend is away, the car is in storage' blah blah just forget about it. A look at the number plate and its not been taxed since Nov last year and has an awful mot history with loads of issues with brakes/exhaust/tyres driven to beyond legal limit etc. Sounds like an uncared for car which will have lived a hard 96,000 miles...