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  1. Can’t be many of those! Spotted in St Margaret’s Sunday afternoon … I was in the Tavern watching football and saw it cruise by
  2. Popped a zunsport grille on the front to tidy it up a little
  3. Yes I move about a lot within 5-6 companies I’ve used over the years. I used A Plan once for my Skyline they were far and away the best option … but they haven’t been much use for my other cars always overpriced and they exited conversations pretty quickly/lost interest in me whilst on the phone. Maybe it’s a Nissan thing 😅
  4. And was super happy with the outcome
  5. This is such an improvement 15/20mm front and back Before After Had to borrow my mates driveway as there is a bit of camber on the road outside the house 😆
  6. Had another go at the headlights today, this time with the machine polisher. Finished it with Sonax Profoline sealant. Definitely another step better
  7. Yes thats it. I bought the 50ml little bottle and it was more than enough. Just put some on a spare polishing pad (they recommend a sponge) and wiped it on. Make sure to use a cleaner on the seats first so you dont pick up any bits of grime etc. Its great stuff, literally wipe it on and its done. Job is jobbed!
  8. Thanks guys, absolutely loving the car, even more so than the coupe version. Me and fellow local Zed friend at a classic car meet the other weekend
  9. I tried all that and more. Forum advised that these need pullers. I soaked it in wd40, and needed a leverage with a socket wrench to get it off. Absolutely mental.
  10. More stuff done! Wipers looked very worn… Decided to buy some premium sapphire black plastidip. Then needed to pull the arms off…no budging…so had to buy this little chap Popped the arms off with a bit of an alarming bang when they popped but did the job! A quick tidy up, sprayed, and some AG tr gel on the scuttle and everything put back together The steering wheel when new has a soft touch covering to the plastics which over the years wears and looks generally a bit crap. So out came some panel wipe and some energetic rubbing later (Ooo err) and all tidied up Engine bay generally is in good nick for 100k+ miles no leaks from valve cover gasket but the oil cap gasket was a bit worse for wear. Anyway cleaned up and looking better with a replacement.
  11. I do like the manual box on the Z4, its definitely a smoother tighter shift than the 350z was. I got a few more bits arrive this week so when the weather sorts itself out will get those done...oil cap and valvetronic motor gaskets. Also a new bonnet badge but need to get some rubber grommits to hold it on. Also bought some metallic black plastidip, the wiper arms are in a sorry state so going to take them off and spray them.
  12. Good guesses, Umster with the cigar though! Sits behind the clutch pedal so it stops the clutch travel in the dead zone. Forever tinkering...
  13. Oooo this arrived will have to install it today see what difference it makes Feel free to guess what it is just for fun
  14. A few more little jobs done Bluetooth unit installed. it’sa plug and play that sits behind the head unit, so keeps the OEM look whilst still being able to stream music. Is a bit of a faff to remove the vents and head unit but being a veteran at this as I did it on the previous Z managed to knock this job off in about 30 mins The bolster was looking every bit it’s 114k miles so some Furniture Clinic All in One Paint ordered and applied Before After
  15. ...and the alarm beeping problem came back 🤯 A quick question posted on the FB page and someone suggested unplugging the bonnet alarm switch (you can see it in the photos above where the engine bay struts meet at the back of the bay, anyway pulled it and bingo seems to have resolved the problem. OEM BMW replacement switch £34 🤑
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