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  1. Good job done today, @zippypooz wrapping the windscreen surround. Before and after. I have black wheels so turning this black really sets the car off nicely.
  2. Forgot to report back on this. The Sonax headlight coating was very easy to use. It has ten sachets in it each with enough liquid for two lamps. I cleaned the lamps to within an inch of their life, wiped it all down, then carefully put the Profiline on before wiping down the residue. Was very easy, no obvious change in look of the lamps but assume having followed the instructions my lights should be free of any yellowing for 12 months. Great thing is, £20 bought me ten sachets, which will last years great value.
  3. My mate set himself a challenge to get a fun car for a grand that he can tinker with. Got an NB last week I spent all day polishing cleaning it and it looks awesome! Love sitting in it great position and drivability all for a grand!
  4. Little jobs for today. Window glass coating, plus the headlight lenses. Headlight lenses are known to suffer with the UV and with my car stored outside thought it would be a good job. Both easy to use I am sure I will get the chance to test the efficacy of G5 at some point
  5. coldel

    A sad day

    ‘Tis sad but think of the next car...
  6. 800 bucks for a badge All looks great Martin, look forwards to a drive down your way to see it up close.
  7. Just purchased one of these - highly recommended if you cannot get your own vac near the car. Great design for getting to all nooks and crevices. It is a bit noisy but one of my best purchases of late! https://www.blackanddecker.co.uk/products/home-products/handheld-vacuums/18v-lithiumion-dustbuster-flexi-hand-vacuum/pd1820l
  8. I’m sure illogical will be along soon but from what I have read wax is not designed to be colour specific get a really good well recommended one and crack on.
  9. This is by far the best product I have used to clean and protect my fabric roof - A303
  10. My brother and dad were very calm, I was absolutely raging. Hence why they are both mechanics and I work on a laptop
  11. Jeeezusss Chryyyyst. If the bolts just came off, we could have had that front clam off in about 30 minutes. but no, TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Why did Lotus think using screws and allen bolts directly into fibreglass is a good way to build a car I will never know. Anyway. Some good jobs done today. Radiator changed and new fan installed. I also bought a new set of rad hoses which went on. Also a full set of new bolts and washers etc for the clam and rad surround. I also installed a new tow post at the front with much thicker walls etc. and also a tow eye bolted to the rear subframe at the back. We didn't have enough time to change out the oil or change the air filter. That can be done in the next week or so. Clam off, two bloody bolts, just two little bolts...causing so much pain. A few quids worth of stuff New rad and hoses Rear tow eye and fastners Tow post in, and rad installed
  12. Any aftermarket bumper will require some fitment, don't think I have ever seen one that just bolts on Have you got a quad exhaust? Might look odd otherwise?
  13. coldel

    New Mats

    Great outcome when I got mine a few years back when they first started up they were super supportive, good to see they haven't lost that.
  14. Great work on the polishing of the exhaust, you must have loved watching it shine up like that. PS, I think I have been to that Hooters in Nottingham, must have been 15 years ago now with my old uni mates on a stag do!





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