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  1. Some serous work on the brakes this week. Motul 600 brake fluid change. And then a rather expensive upgrade to the discs and pads with mintex discs and mintex 1155 pads going on. Very highly recommended in Lotus circles these pads, a good cheaper alternative to Carbon Lorraine - all on and now just needs a bedding in at the weekend (hard to do 70 down to 30 in zone 3 London)
  2. Alpine just doesn’t have the provenance - it was never going to succeed here in particular. Certainly if you were previously thinking cayman you didn’t really have much else to compete with it at that money, now you have the masters of handling and control putting a car out there that has strong cues from both the Evija and the Evora and subsequently has looks that let’s be frank makes Porsche aesthetically very ordinary to look at. I think you are right Colin, Alpibe might see their sales drop from 5 a year to about 2 or 3! But Porsche should be worried as it has owned t
  3. https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/amp/car-news/first-official-pictures/lotus/emira/ And a very pretty thing it is too A V6 400bhp supercharged (very lotus) to be followed by an AMG 4 cylinder 355bhp A little porky at 1400kgs but the new world has left lightweight road going track cars behind But just how pretty…
  4. Stunning, makes me want to do it again also…
  5. Glad you got something it’s not even close to fitting!
  6. Often come up with great deals like this nicely spotted. And absolutely nothing wrong with OEM discs big brand names aren’t necessary in most cases, throw your money at the pads!
  7. Just spending a few days here and saw you parked up near the Barge Inn (great pub name)
  8. It will have been driven to Bath and back by the time I get to Ace so will probably be a bit grotty
  9. The machine polishing definitely makes the difference though, close up. Managed to get some swirls out on the more visible parts of the bodywork then after its hard to see from the video but the paintwork has some really nice flecks in it
  10. So I have plenty of detailing regulars in there Worx cordless pressure washer Auto Finesse Avalanche WD40 Grease Wheel brushes and loads of microfibres Bathe+ Sonax QSD Megs wool mitt AG Tyre black Car Chem Interior cleaner Sonax clay pad Megs headlight polish GTechniq metal polish Gyeon Q2M last stage polish Scholl Concepts G20 Black Lake Valley polishing pads and DAS-6 machine Sonax profoline headlight coating Megs tyre sponge Bilt Hamber Double Speed wax A303 fabric guard GTechniq G5 g
  11. Car lives outside so I decided with the half term and a week off work next week to really have a go at it - will definitely need a beer afterwards. I think I have everything I need…
  12. https://www.bromleypageant.com/ its cancelled this year and tickets all being rolled into next year
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