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  1. Great pics mate. Paddy’s porker! What happened?
  2. Ah sorry Davey I didn’t see this post. The plate doesn’t look too bad actually, my mate is going to change his out for something stick on so will wait for him to be the test subject! Today I popped off the dash plates as they are silver aluminium colour and I wanted to try wrap them in alcantara. I popped off the drivers side part and found it’s a fully cut piece of aluminium metal and quite weighty. I honestly thought it was a thin bendy metal, but it was pretty chunky and great quality. So decided to keep as it is. I have to say the build quality of the Z4 is pretty good even though the first ones were coming out now 20 years ago. Every dial and every switch just has that solid smooth feel to the movement. Am very impressed overall sitting in the car. Something that bothered me was under the handbrake was a plastic surface all scratched and nasty so got some fabric vinyl and measured up a piece to go in there, rather pleases with the cheap mod! I also discovered something rather cool. The battery in the key charges up whilst it’s in the ignition barrel. Clever. I guess I’ve been far to used to driving cars built in the 80s! Just getting prices for refurbishing the wheels at the moment, they are split rim so not cheap! …but a couple of months in and still loving that straight six, it’s a beast. I do need to change out the clutch delay valve next time it’s up in the air as that ruins the lower gear changes.
  3. Gave the old girl a clean up and added the 15mm spacers .. took it down by the river for a very quick photo shoot this morning
  4. What tends to hit the value of heavily modded cars is a mix of: Has it been done properly or have short cuts been taken I didn't do it myself so don't know what issues have come up as the car was modded Insurance costs Cosmetic mods often reduce your potential buying audience making it less sought after and harder to sell Future potential value where unmodded cars are generally more sought after When modding a car you have to go in eyes wide open that every penny you spend is likely to never come back - unless you set back to standard and sell parts used. All that said, I had a reasonably modified 350z years ago and was told I would never sell it at the premium price I put it up for, I sold it within a couple of weeks at the asking price. I think I was quite lucky in that respect and wouldn't say thats the norm! If you have the time, price it a little above the going rate for an unmodded one and try your luck. If nothing bites, drop some value off or offer up some sort of deal i.e. buy it cheaper but you dont get the easy to replace value items like wheels/intake etc. just pick up some standard items cheap off ebay and sell wheels etc separately.
  5. Can’t help but stare at this out the window when working at home. The side profile is just 🤩
  6. Complete non-article and 100% click bait, this was doing the rounds months ago and is not new news. Also aligns quite nicely with the Mail agenda on politics. I always find it interesting that people worry about it and claim it shouldn't be an offence/civil liberties...yet probably 9 out of 10 fights in the UK start with the line 'oi who you lookin at [insert expletive]'.
  7. Few little cosmetic bits. I sourced the oil cooler cover, installing was a pain ITB but got it on with a bit of force! Two other bits, the stock gear knob is a plastic chrome affair, aside from looking crap it’s also not great to handle. Have been looking at the genuine weighted M knob for a while and saw a deal on eBay so snapped one up. I think it definitely suits much better and being three times the weight of the previous one and a good inch and a half shorter makes shifting soo much more engaging Next job, spacers. Again saw a money off deal and snapped up a set of 12mm and 15mm for front and rear. The difference really sets the car off, looks so much more imposing and stanced. Before and after. It’s subtle but in the metal looks so much better. And before you ask…yes it was Esso Supreme 99 E5! All the local Shells were sold out!
  8. If you can fit a Z of the German variety… Payco - Datsun 510 SSS - WWU 276J andy James 350Z - AJ07 ZZZ nismoandy 350Z - WP06FNX George1966 350Z CK06ACK Andy_Muxlow 350Z A20 MUX Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo - RK67 DZZ GranTurismoEra - 370Z- RA62DXH gnarly - 370z GT - LM18TGU TommZ - 370z Nismo - VV66TOM coldel - z4 - KT09JDO
  9. Staying at a B&B just down the road!
  10. TGM in Fleet did some amazing work on my previous cars, they can be a bit pricey but the work will be spot on. Worth a call see what they can do.
  11. As we most cars heavily modified you will have significantly reduced your potential buyers market, I am sure a buyer is out there somewhere but you might have to wait a while for them to turn up - this will affect your pricing. You could find something equivalent in terms of mileage/colour which is an unmolested one on AutoTrader/Ebay (generally well maintained unmolested are premium) and price it alongside that and go from there, if you don't get any bites and depending on how long you want it sat outside the house for, slowly drop the price until you get a nibble.
  12. Good job done today, serviced! Air oil and cabin filters all done. Spar plugs, oil change. Total cost of parts £160. Not too bad at all. Also sourced an oil cooler cover which was missing (that’s the silver box to the front of the engine) and put that on. Other good job is plugging in a diagnostic tool to check the parking sensor issues and believe we have identified offender rear right, ordering a replacement as we speak.
  13. Well I found out the other day that these cars come with a “noise pipe” effectively a plastic pipe that runs from the air box area of the car into the cabin firewall into the passenger footwell. It has two foam plugs at each end. I removed one. So now I hear the engine inside the cabin a bit louder…and it’s wonderful!
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