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  1. Welcome along to the,Sorry to hear of your problem hope you get sorted and somebody replies with advise for you soon
  2. Finally had these fitted on Friday and fitted with no issues, spent a lot of money on me 350z on Friday..!! thanks again Alex for your service and help
  3. Can't beat a Roadster when the sun is shining Good looking 370z
  4. Cracking pictures and some nice cars the scenery is to die for up in Scotland done it twice clockwise and Anti clockwise and I agree the West coast and the scenery just gets better and better
  5. Hi there fellow Roadster Snap I got a blue Azure one as well, had for 6 years great cars, when I first had mine I was looking for a spoiler and struggled I gave up in the end Would be interested if you find one suitable I did see a very Suttle one on a members car on here I think they sold the car plus sorry forget there user name not helpful but thought it looked nice in pics lol
  6. As said above nice looking Zed, welcome along
  7. Thanks Alex Will send you a pm as got me Zed in for service next month and time for plug change on time as millage
  8. Somebody going to have a very cared for and good looking Zed
  9. I also remmber yours at the Wales meet as you bought yours around same time as my Azure Blue Roadster which still have and enjoy, Looked at changing but not seen anything to go to as yet Wish you well with the sale GLWTS
  10. A lovely Azure Blue the best colour in my opion not biased in anyway GLWTS
  11. I do like an orange Zed I was looking for an Orange zed before I bought me azure Blue not bad substitute..!!
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