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  1. Finally got these fitted today over twelve months sat on me coffee table..!! They look great
  2. Finally fitted my Boot Mat today Brings the boot up and matches me front mats as well
  3. Sounds a great result Justin nice upgrade and nice horse power Iam using my 350z on daily bases now and got to say love it, might look at doing mine at some stage
  4. Welcome along sorry to hear about bad experience with some issue hope you manage to sort out, with not to much hassle
  5. Welcome along to the Zed Club enjoy
  6. Welcome along some nice little MX5 there,but good looking Zed
  7. I thought that was yours Shezza still looking spot on..!!
  8. Welcome along to the Forum go on condition and service history and receipts there great cars, I have a DE Roadster love this time of year
  9. Just thought this was worth a plug seems to be some of our club members cars, if not mistaken
  10. God not to sound rude but they look a mess as they are hope you didn't pay to much first time around, mad to think theres Co out there turning out work like that..!! Iam sure the Co doing them now will look a lot lot better..!! I had a similar experience a few yr back with me Rays alloys that I have fitted now but to be far the one man Co but he was very reasonable
  11. I think I seen the new owner put new member post, that's two Azure Blue Zeds in the last fortnight that have sold in a very short period, the others been Wendy who had an advert on here. To me there 3 reasons well looked after and loved and sensible prices and finally the best the Azure Blue Colour..!!



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