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  1. Thanks for replies good to know that it's just not me.!! Plus good to have friendly and helpful Insurance Company
  2. Welcome a long to the Zed Club Best Colour Azure Blue can't beat it in my eyes but Iam Biased..!!!
  3. I think modifications are personal preference, but yours for me and a rare colour that suits the mods my personal opion they look spot on even the wheels some good work. I see your in Worstershire Iam just across the border in Shropshire
  4. Just thought I would post up a high recomondation for a Insurance Company that I have re-new with for the 2nd Year, A-Plan Insurance they do modified vehicles, but I really would like to recommend them as they are exceptionally good, I don't normally go out my way to recommend Companies but this Company deserve a mention. I know Insurance is a personal thing so what's good for one person might not be for another, but with the dealing I have had with the Local Branch and there Branch at Thatcham who do specialise with modified cars over the phone first class service
  5. Very nice and still a rare site in the UK and last year of the Z34 limited numbers because of supply and end of production, so enjoy very much indeed
  6. Thanks for reply Mikey_S for your reply, good Idea I but I don't do fleabay lol but I think Iam going for a mat finish..!!
  7. Hi Rob, Just called and went through my details and cosmetic mods and had a quote of £900..!! the lady said it was to do with the millage I do no more at the most 8,000 and she said it was because specialise on low mileage. So on this occasion I won't be go with this Insurance Co
  8. Thanks for reply yes was thinking of the Zunsport grille but Iam going to look at something elese behind if it will work, but with the gloss black a possibility
  9. Hi fellow Zedders, Iam after some advise personal preference this I know, but Iam having me front bumper painted due to me scrapping the kerb some years ago but I thought the times come to get the bumper resprayed now as to the usual stone chips. My question is Iam going to get the lower centre painted in black I was thinking of going for Matt black But the bodyshop that I went to suggested gloss black, so got me thinking what colour I should go for.?.
  10. Welcome along and enjoy Iam sure you will get it to a standard your happy with
  11. Welcome along enjoy there great cars
  12. Nice looking mk1 Nismo I was unsure some years back on the looks of these compared to mk2,but the mk 1 has got it's own look and dare I say it look better in my opion to the mk2 Nismo not an ugly car by all means but the Mk1 Nismo just looks the beans plus in the UK there a lot less than Mk2 Nismo, neither are over popular. Oulton Park and Anglesey are cracking tracks never been brave enough to do a track day but would like to Welcome along as well
  13. Azure best colour welcome along and look brill with the Rays wheels on, I had my Rays done in standardish Sparkle Silver but I organial was going to go for Shadow Chrome bit won't go down their long story
  14. Welcome along nice to see a 350z in red as don't see many





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