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  1. Another great Zed reading and looking at pics and in best colour Azure Blue my favourite but everyone knows Iam biased..!!! Lol GLWTS I would think sell fairly qwick as said before lot of car for the money
  2. Welcome along to the forum as said great place to get into from, happy Zedding
  3. Hi Ewan I'll have the Roadster boot mat if you still got..?
  4. Welcome along to the forum the Zeds are great cars
  5. Sorry to hear your moving on Wendy..!! but a cracking car for somebody in the best colour..!!! GLWTS
  6. Bl**dy nice 370z and lovely modified,Glwts
  7. I bought me self a Ctek charger and even though not left on the stand by mode find it great charger to be far the only charger I've had.
  8. along good to hear gone for a Zed enjoy
  9. along exact same as mine,and also must say bought at bargain price..!! but there great with the sun down
  10. Welcome along enjoy the Zed Must say the Mini does look very Mini size not like the modern mini..!!
  11. Lovely Azure Roadster the best..!! But Ian biased as have the same
  12. Welcome along best colour Azure Blue



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