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  1. Very nice Stuart, I really fance a Porsche one day
  2. They get under your blood the Zeds, looks a very clean 350z
  3. Welcome along the Zeds are a good car enjoy
  4. Absoultly beautiful looking 370z superb finish
  5. Yes I wish I done that with mine..!! But getting there slowly with mine got Zeditus it catchs easy..!!
  6. All best with the search, always worth a look at the for sale section on the forum
  7. Welcome along I wanted a sunset when looking but I went for Azure Blue both nice colours in there way, you got a very low mileage one there I thought mine was low but high in comparison enjoy your zed
  8. Snap I have a Roadster and been twice to Scotland and love the roads people and most of all the scenery not forgetting the great company and fond memories I have of it and would go back in heartbeat
  9. Welcome a long looks like another nice 350z nice to see and welcome along
  10. Hi welcome along Jim it's a great forum to be part of





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