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  1. Thanks Andy. He's maybe unaware how he comes across. Hes a nice chap in person.
  2. Thanks @SuperStu Yes, he does like to chat but i was happy just to sit there and listen to be fair.
  3. A bit off topic but I got the chance to interview Mike Brewer this weekend at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show. We talked about the reality of making Wheeler Dealers, the cars that he thought he'd love but hated after having them on the show, how he met Ant Anstead and his two new TV shows. He comes across very much as a "salesman" always highlighting his achievements but in person he was a really nice guy and was very generous with his time. Anyway, would love to know your thoughts.
  4. My step by step guide is here:
  5. My next mod was fitting sports lowering springs from Whiteline. Drop the car by about 25mm and am pleased to report does improve the handling quite a bit. A lot of bodyroll in the corners has been reduced and it feel like the car has more grip. As usual a guide on to how to fit the springs and my thoughts on how they perform is below.
  6. Wanted to try out ceramic coating my Z. Was pleasantly surprised. Here's a video detailing how I did it and my results after 3 months.
  7. The revenue is much less than you'd think from the ads. It's done via an auction system (like Adsense) - advertisers bid for their adverts to be shown based on a number of criteria, mainly keywords and who the youtuber is. Pewdiepie for instance can command a much higher rate for his ads because his audience is massive. If you're small you get very little. Rickie has done remarkably well and gained a large audience in a small amount of time. Socialblade claims his income is between $5k and £85k a year. (https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UC0S5w-TQJywcsni8ZMzgqkg) It's probably around the £30k to £40k. I think he's doing Youtube full time so it must be enough to live on. I'm not saying the BMW are not repossessing his M4 but he is an influencer so that makes things different - they may decide to come to an arrangement with him. Also content like this is gold for a Youtuber - this video alone has done a massive 640K views already, with his follow up one doing nearly 300k view - nearly 1 million views which would get him roughly £2000 in ad revenue.
  8. Yeah, surprised me too. They are better than stock but not massively so. Maybe they'll show their potential after other mods.
  9. Thanks mate. Yes, I believe so. Really good ramps, tall and lightweight.
  10. Thanks mate. The phone holder is by RAM Mounts. I've a video on how I installed it on my channel if that helps. Next up its the lowering springs then I'm testing to see if ceramic coating the car is any good. A few mods on my list but not sue which will be next such as brake ducts, plenum spacer, rust repair and poly bushes.
  11. Front springs are in and the drop looks good. Got the rears to do tomorrow.



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