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  1. @Bam Thanks for saying so mate. The songs are written by me solely as background music for the videos.
  2. @davey_83 Thanks mate. Not too sure what performance mod next, possibly a new exhaust or poly bush. Gonna try and tackle the surface rust under the car before it gets any worse next though I think, that's a good winter job.
  3. Thanks @da.murf Would have loved to have given the plenum a thorough polish but just didn't have time. I will at some stage.
  4. Obviously many guides on how to do this but here's my step by step video tutorial on how to fit a plenum spacer to your 350Z.
  5. I'm back! After a break to have a child and build a garage this is my next 350Z video. I fit a plenum spacer. Obviously a common mod but hopefully you'll like the way I've shot the video.
  6. I used a company called Shipito to buy stuff from the US.
  7. @msitpro Thanks mate. Was aware of Z1 but not ConceptZ, will check them out.
  8. Evening all, I may have the opportunity to get some 350Z parts from the USA. Most aftermarket parts for the Z can be bought over here and they are not any cheaper from the USA so I was wondering if there's any parts worth getting that can ONLY be bought in the USA? Thanks, Neil
  9. Many thanks @JAllen28 and @Tauvp for your advice.
  10. Was wondering if anyone had lowered their car and experienced any problems? I fitted Whiteline lowering springs to the standard shocks which gave a 25mm drop all round. Took it to get a wheel alignment and the before and after figures are the picture below. I'm no suspension expert but a few things stand out to me: A. Front wheel camber is now -1.32' and -0.56'. I know camber is not adjustable on the front without aftermarket parts but if you drop both sides by the same amount you'd expect the same amount of camber change each side not different amounts? B. Rear wheel camber was -2.34' and -2.17' after lowering and the shop adjusted it to -2.25' and 2.24'. Nissan Service Manual advises no more than 2.05'. I believe rear camber is adjustable somewhat via eccentric bolts but why these final values were chosen alludes me? Anyway, onto the real problem. After just a few hundred miles I've worn out the inside edge of both my rear tyres. Treads were about 2.3mm all round before lowering but now the outside is 2.2mm, middle 1.6mm but inside just 0.7mm. Can anyone help me out with my questions below please? 1. I assume the gain in rear camber have caused the wear problems. Has anyone else experienced this after lowering? If so how did you fix it? 2. I though lowering the car would make it roll less (lower center of gravity) but it actually rolls more now. Doing a bit of research i think this could be because the lowering springs have caused the car's roll center to increase thus causing a larger roll moment. Anyone else experience this? If so how did you fix it. I see Hardrace sell Roll Centre Kits, do these work? 3. I'm assuming to sort the suspension geometry out I'm going to need adjustable camber arms at the front and adjustable rear camber and toe arms? Big thanks everyone. Neil.
  11. I belive it's option two. Max fence height is 2m from street level.
  12. HI Martin, I'd be interested in buying a airbox mod kit if any are still available? Many thanks, Neil.
  13. Thanks Andy. He's maybe unaware how he comes across. Hes a nice chap in person.





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