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  1. Still for sale. Will be going onto eBay today as well.
  2. @Zees are good Yes the exhaust is still for sale so happy to offer it to you. I've sent you a message.
  3. Price drop to £99. Mainland postage is roughly £33 if you don't want to collect from Stamford (near Peterborough).
  4. I'd start with a breaker bar and if they don't move use an impact as a last resort. I've snapped bolts using an impact. The key for me was lots of penetrating fluid the day before. I use a 50/50 mix of acetone and transmission fluid as a penetrating fluid. I find it better than anything yo can buy. You just need to gve it a shake before every application as it unmixes.
  5. I removed my rear subframe last year to treat the rust. I'd say trying to re-fit it without a level suface would be difficult. Maybe with a few extra people to help it might be possible depending on how bad the slope was. I've a video on my YouTube channel if that helps but I used a lift. Taylor Ray used a trolley jack
  6. I use EBC slotted discs and Bluestuff pads. Great bite and no fade on track even under heavy breaking.
  7. Thanks for the offer but I'm in no hurry to sell so I'm gonna try to hold out for the £150 for a bit longer.
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