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  1. Thanks mate. I rang and Beverly sorted me out one.
  2. vroom811


    I've now paid. 1. andy James +1 - Paid Track time 12.20/13.40 2. Humpy - Paid 3. Nso93 4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow - Paid 6. Chippychip123 +1 - Paid 7. Jay84 8. Coopen87 - Paid 9. Vroom811 - Paid 10. 14N 11. reeceybeaney +1
  3. Drivers side weatherstip fixing has snapped so I guess I need a whole new one as it not repairable? Also drivers side front wheel arch lining sort of disappeared. It went missing after I got my tyres fitted. The garage said they didn't steal it. Weird for it to just fall off though? Anyway need one now. Nissan want stupid money for new ones so anyone got used ones or know of a good breaker?
  4. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Thanks mate. Kumho PS91 tyres fitted all round now. Will post my thoughts in a few days. Agreed. Great seating position, makes finding those apexes a joy.
  5. vroom811

    Road and Race 350Z

    Episode 4 of my 350Z repair and modding series is now live. This week it's all about fitting performance brake parts and seeing what the differences are.
  6. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Fitted EBC Bluestuff pads, BSD discs, braided steel brake hose and flushed with racing brake fluid. Here's a pic. I think the BSD discs look ace. The latest video shows the differences between the stock 350Z brake setup and the EBC setup.
  7. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Just a quick pic of the Z on track at Bedford.
  8. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Thanks Rob. I always appreciate a sub! Next mod is a bucket seat. Something to hold me when on track but, as I still drive the car on the road for hours, it needs to be comfortable. Not sure if to go down the harness route too at this stage. I need to check if a harness is recommended for day to day driving fro a safety point of view.
  9. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Lol, I'm gonna have to do that too now!
  10. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    The exhaust tips looked like the hadn't been cleaned, ever. Took ages and not quite perfect yet but a whole heap better.
  11. vroom811

    New remap/flashing option - FREE AND OPENSOURCE

    Looks interesting. I'll keep my eye on this and may even attempt it if I'm feeling brave! Thanks for sharing.
  12. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Cool. Track day on Monday so my video review will be out in a few weeks. Will post my thoughts here in the mean time.
  13. vroom811

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    Thanks mate, glad you liked it. My Patreon account will always be happy for a donation....
  14. Hi all, I'm giving my Z a blast around Bedford on Monday. A bit short notice but tickets are still available if you're free. Be good to put a face to the name! http://www.javelintrackdays.co.uk/trackdays/Bedford-Autodrome/Bedford-Autodrome-6th-August-2018