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  1. Hi all, 2004 JDM has some rust worm going on... Including flaking dog eared transmission sump. Any spares going? Thanks, Zal.
  2. Eibach Front and Rear Adjustable Anti roll bars with White line drop links - £150 Collected Still available? Does "collected" mean they've already been collected?
  3. Hi Rob, Did you have any update on that y-pipe sat in your garage? Thanks, Alastair.
  4. Thanks to @ZMANALEX for the new pin, and Torqen for the brace and brackets. Question: Removing the outermost nuts from the brace seems to be wanting to drop the ENTIRE subframe. Can I use a strategically placed jack on the subframe to support it and stop it from dropping too much? I'm mildly concerned about the alignment to the diff etc. Is there any way to reduce the pressure on the jack? Would removing the road springs on the rear help? I really want to avoid dropping the subframe as it's seemingly a total ballache. The FSM steps for subframe are: Removal and Installa
  5. From a related link via google I think the call about 'towing point' is almost correct: Thanks for the tip, Jason. Since posting my original message, I discovered that hook. But, it's not actually a tow hook. It's used to tie the car down for transport. It will bend if a significant side load is put on it, although it is stout enough to use when pulling the car straight back. That's what I'm told, anyway. Both sound plausible - either way it's going to come off for strip and paint rather than replace... That's what AA is for Al,
  6. Bah, pin stay. Subframe? Not that important then 😂😂
  7. Welcome along! As an aside - keep those floormats safe - those with the 'z' on are like gold-dust. Have mine squirreled away and have a set of generic replacements... A
  8. Thanks for the update, Alex. Sticking with OEM as per your DM recommendation.
  9. Trying to identify a couple of parts for the back of the Zed that have seen better days. Have tracked down the exhaust brackets from Torqen but struggling to identify the other bits: This bracket: seemingly not supporting anything? And this brace? Can't really see what it's doing... crusty! It's a long ££ road ahead I feel.
  10. Gotta be better than the split that's in my JDM exhaust. Photos sound great, please.
  11. Looking for y-pipe to go with existing Cobra y-pipe back system. Either Cobra (ideally) or other alternative, used or new.
  12. Hi Coz, thread jump... are the Ultra racing designed to replace the OEM brace or (as was called out in separate threads) designed to be used as-well-as/in addition to OEM?
  13. Trying to work out if I can justify the Stag, the Zed, the beemer and a runaround... as well as my motorbike; the stag is the constant as it's got sentimental value for t'other half otherwise that would have been gone.... Really don't want to lose the Zed! On a related note looked at a CLK this weekend over in Kings Langley (TradeLink / Prestige and Performance, behind JZM Porsche) -- it's like a zed halfway house: must have had 8-10 zeds there including a gorgeous azure blue.
  14. you and me both ;-) Was interesting - the packs that came off had no bubbling or any other issues and had good resistance on the multimeter.... I can only imagine it was a "dodgy connection" within the gubbins of the big black square bit on top...
  15. Hi, Well put in a nice new set of coils (thanks, Ewen!) and started her up - she was running on all 6 but not very smoothly so I performed the various sensor resets and hey presto! Nice and smooth now with no engine warning light (it turned itself off for some reason)... took her on a nice long run in to London to aquire another steed for my fleet (2006 330d SE) as the Zeds time is unfortunately limited due to a "family expansion"...
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