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  1. yes . that's why i thought about the plug on the bottom.. but mine had problems starting as a result of the loose sensor .. Camshaft Position Sensor
  2. I think you have a coil pack out.. also try the fly wheel position sensor. its on the bottom of the gearbox (out side) . check if its connected firmly.. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the Update @reeceybeaney
  4. Gutted.. i just replaced all of those parts minus the engine brace lol..
  5. The lower ball joint can cause the Clunking knocking sound. replaced drop-links and banana bushings. still had the knock. replacing lower ball joints didn't solve this. but was tough at home on a 2002 car..
  6. Another silver Z with wing.. nice model sounded sweet. had a little moment on the peddle lol.. Another friendly z driver
  7. Had a great day out. will defo have to do talking to people next time lol... was my firsts meet and show.. loved it
  8. Booked and paid. coming from stroud..
  9. Pulled up behind at BnQ trafic lights and gave you a wave.. Love the sound . was in a silver z..
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAGE-2-CLUTCH-KIT-AND-LUK-DMF-FOR-A-NISSAN-350-Z-ROADSTER-CONVERTIBLE-3-5/263375021988?epid=4011084866&hash=item3d525fe7a4:g:mWoAAOSwz~paKoXQ I have seen some really bad stuff about this company so sent it back any way..
  11. Hi all, Can i put a 2005 ROADSTER clutch and fly wheel in a 2003 350z coupe??dose any one know. or should i send the clutch back and get a correct one??Thanks guys





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