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  1. My entire gaming pc including monitor cost less than their stand
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/apple-charging-999-for-its-new-computer-stand-11734484
  3. have the same problem - not got in touch with nissan yet, starts and drives like nothing is wrong.
  4. my bad i posted in the wrong forum, oops
  5. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/nissan/370z/106615/new-nissan-370z-50th-anniversary-edition-unveiled-at-new-york
  6. Hi Guys, Had some family stuff to sort out hence no replies here, car still driving and starting as if nothing is wrong, haven't got in touch with Nissan as yet either, will get round to trying to get something sorted soon. Cheers
  7. yeah dolby atmos is great, we have a showcase cinema de lux at nottigham, different video, still shows off the awesome audio . all the seats, no matter the screen number, are large lazy boy recliners, if the film is dull you can have a great nap
  8. neo

    donut muppet

  9. just been out to the car, seems like it does have the housing for the steering lock, there are no sounds when pushing the start/stop button, there is lock illuminated, then acc then on, just tried the car 4 times and every time it started
  10. Guess i could just put some black tape over the light
  11. Thx colin, Anton the master technician, swears that all 370z have a steering lock, he said it could be sticking on 1 of the 2 pins that lock it, hence the fault, i did mention why there are no lights on the fobgina, said it could be part of the same fault yeah car drives perfectly every time since the light came on, not paying £679.20 to just have the light turned off, the steering lock fuse as been back in just over a week as well and still it works apart from the damn yellow light on the dash.
  12. dropped car off this morning to nissan, they just phoned back, it is the steering lock that as caused the fault, they can clear it but comes straight back on, for the diag and a new part its around £730 any ideas how to fix it cheaper or have i gotta bite the bullet ??
  13. Bugger - should have listened to Alex and took it to Nissan, they couldn't find anything wrong apart from some low voltage faults that they cleared, light still on, they seem to think its the steering solenoid, yes they googled the problem lol, now booked in for 1st Feb at Nissan where i purchased it from and see what they say. Hopefully its not a £1300 fix thats been suggested else where on the net, my local garage did say to inform nissan uk about the problem if the dealership can't find the problem and they may be able to help further.
  14. Thanks Colin, thats what i thought, pulled the fuse anyways, can easily put it back in
  15. Car still working fine, booked car into my local garage on Wednesday, hopefully they can get to the bottom of the light problem



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