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  1. was just about to post the same thing, WTF is the world coming to, when this is "art" i'll selotape a pear to the fridge door , can i have my 100k then ?
  2. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/nissan/370z/108218/new-nissan-370z-replacement-spotted
  3. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/nissan/370z/108218/new-nissan-370z-replacement-spotted
  4. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/nissan/370z/108218/new-nissan-370z-replacement-for-ageing-z-car-on-the-cards
  5. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/toyota/gt-86/108019/all-new-toyota-gt86-and-subaru-brz-confirmed hopefully might have some more power to go with the handling
  6. Awesome, thanks for taking the time to post,hopefully should be useful for someone
  7. Thanks for the info with mine it still drove as normal, with or without the fuse, so i left it in i did have a quick look at the new lock, it's looks like its just oblong plastic box, does sound louder than before but then again i haven't heard it for 7 months
  8. OP, did you get your lock fixed ? Just had mine fixed,just took a few simple phone calls to Nissan UK -
  9. Car went in today to nissan, they checked it over again, still the same fault as before. Long story short it's all fixed, as a good will gesture Nissan paid 100% of the part and i paid the labour, sure i could have haggled and pushed for it all for free but i'm more than happy its finally sorted, phoning Nissan customer service was painless, my case manager was wonderful, couldn't be more helpful was a little surprised they had a lock in stock tho as they were all fixed back in 2010 At some point i will take pictures of the new steering lock.
  10. Car is booked back in with Nissan next week so they can check it again as its been a while,nothing as changed, then wait again it seems, fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks for the info, sadly mine is an automatic.
  12. neo

    5th year service

    Hi Guys, my Z is coming up to it's fifth service, only done just over 20k miles , will it still need the spark plugs changing ? anything else that will also need changing ?? will be using my local independent, who i trust.
  13. Had a call back on wednesday, seemed very positive that they (Nissan) can help in some way,liaisoning with the Nissan dealer i used, should hear something back early part of next week
  14. will have to double check with the garage
  15. Finally got my act together and phoned Nissan customer service, got a case number, just waiting for a call back, in the next few days. its due for it MOT in about a month, guess if the light is still lit it will fail ???





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