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  1. Umster

    370z headlights

    Hey, yeah still looking and not really had much luck in my search. To be fair it's been on the back burner with a few other things getting in the way.
  2. Umster

    Hi guys..

    Speak to the owner and ask them what work they've had done. It's obviously needed TLC and if they have the receipts and service history then you needn't worry. It's only when the paperwork is missing and they say "never been a problem with the car, I've never done any work to it". Could also ask a friend/mechanic to go down or AA and RAC do a 100 point check on the car for approx 40 quid. Make sure you check the rear wheel arches for rust/dirt - good indicator of how much the owner has cared for the car. Just remember all Zs are gonna need that little more work done to them than the usual cars but if it's a bargain and you've got a rainy day pot for the car then it's all good.
  3. Umster

    370z in Berkshire

    Any recommendations for car detailing in the Berkshire area?
  4. Umster

    limited edition! 370z Nismo key rings

    I'll take any if you've got one?
  5. Umster

    Check Engine Light - p2a03

    I'll post an update in a few weeks in case anyone has the same problem.
  6. Umster

    Check Engine Light - p2a03

  7. Umster

    limited edition! 370z Nismo key rings

    Are these still going?
  8. Umster

    370z headlights

    Looking for 370z headlights, new or used, stock or custom. Looking for the best price so I can play around with some halo additions. Tempted by the "demon eyes" look. Appreciate anyone looking to do the same and giving/getting help on this one.
  9. Umster

    370z in Berkshire

    Appreciate the responses all! Forum looks good but there's so much to catch up on.
  10. Hey, Wanna introduce myself to the club. Own a 2011 370z and would love to meet some owners nearby. Looking to do some work to my car though it seems all the good parts are out in the States. Thanks Umster