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  1. Ironically I feel like there's more on the market now than ever before. OEM, OEM+ and fully modified ones. Sure there's a (maybe 2?) supercharged Zs on AutoTrader atm too. Think @Payco might be onto something here.
  2. Take the boot weight out and add a few pennies into the spring mechanism even my spoiler doesn't stop my hatch from opening one handed now.
  3. I've already been back several times to check the track photos out MK1 Nismo on track is a sight to behold.
  4. Ditto - I want the ecutek tune but bought the car with an uprev tune. Doesn't make financial sense to get another tune.
  5. 370z track toy. This is a thread I'm gonna follow with a passion. TJ Hunt on YouTube might be worth a follow. He's fitted a larger baffled oil sump, holds an extra quart of oil which has helped his engine temps massively.
  6. Peppermint and citrus smells repel them. See if you've got anything to spray on? Mint tea leaves? Orange peel might be a good shout like Davey said.
  7. Hey and welcome. Nice motor there, be great to see your journey in picture form on IG. Enjoy!
  8. Welcome to the OC! Drop a few photos of your new pride and joy. Glad to hear you're enjoying it.
  9. The car is at least 10 years old and priced like a Nissan
  10. Surely just makes more sense to scrap road tax and add a penny extra to the price of fuel at the pump, the current road tax system makes zero sense in my eyes. Tax people on usage and actually pump that money back into the system. The opposite of what they did with the railways, more expensive than its ever been to get the train to work. They're forcing diesels off in London and all its done is let all us Northerners pick up a bargain diesel BMW. Probably be a nice export business if they continue down this ULEZ route. Though saying all this, I still haven't seen an eco-friendly initiative take off from the various tax pots (VED, ULEZ, Congestion etc). Problem gonna be when they do it could be like these "smart" motorways all over again
  11. This is golden advice. Let the flexi be the sacrificial lamb otherwise you'll just engineer a more expensive point to become your point of failure. Any half decent exhaust shop can weld new flexis in for you.
  12. Nismo V1 Welcome my man, hope you enjoy the Z life! You've got a beauty there.
  13. Bumping, accepting any offers else its off into the bin.
  14. 370z Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mounts Z1 Motorsports Urethane Motor Mount Set for all Nissan 370Z, GT-R (R35), Infiniti G37, Q50, & Q60 models. £180 delivered.





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