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  1. You could easily salvage that W brace. Surprised its that healthy, is it a JDM import?
  2. Thank you but no thank you 🤣 forced my Mrs to hand hers back in cause its an overpriced piece of slush. Hate cars with 4 seats that fit 2 humans and 2 legless manikins. 2 seats, silly looks and something that isn't overpopulating every car park. Yes please!
  3. Totally right. However, I was a big fan of the Z. Its old school enough to enjoy but now with a refresh inside, the car might be a bundle of fun all over again. Engine was bulletproof, parts were easy and cheap to come by and you didn't have to keep them OEM+. People liked modding them as they saw fit. There are better cars than the Z but they cost plenty to buy, to service and/or to enjoy daily. No performance turbo gassed car gets 35mpg on a run like the Z. ECP/Torqen/Tarmac don't expect a small fortune for pads/fluids/dispensables.
  4. Exhaust prices these days are becoming a joke. Guess the market knows with all the noise/emissions regulations that there is a cash cow of a market. Granted, I have no issue paying a small fee towards the large research costs on some of the aftermarket exhausts but jheeze. Again, I guess I'm happy to judge knowing I won't buy one brand new, especially not until a face-lift model with all the little easy fixes comes out 😇
  5. Mehhh for the price point, I don't expect the auto to be a game changer, it's just got to work. It'd be great to see dyno charts and how the engine behaves over the rev range. I mean even BMW struggled with launch control on their last iterations of DCT. Auto boxes have so much info going into them to process, they can fall over pretty easily. The Holy Grail atm is the ZF transmission and Nissan don't have it. It'll be nice to see how easy it is to remap the gearbox and tune out the niggles. There's always been an issue (cheap and/or small tbf) with the Z and the aftermarket has always come to the rescue.
  6. Definitely the gaskets then. I bought a car with Cobra HFC and exhaust. The gaskets were blown to ashes - spray some soapy water onto the exhaust flanges and anywhere an exhaust leak might be before you turn the car on. Once on the ramp you'll see the water spitting if there's a leak/blown gasket. Get an exhaust shop to make gaskets or as H Dev told me, just buy and use Nissan OEM gaskets. They're miles better than the ones supplied with aftermarket exhausts.
  7. Exhaust. Get the car on a ramp/jack and take a peek under. If you can't see anything obvious, it could be a cat/cat heat shield or a blown gasket. Doesn't sound like a gasket but I'm not sure what exhaust you're running and how old the car is.
  8. Agreed. Not even OEM fits perfectly, cars change with time and as much as you think money means quality, it doesn't add up for cars IMO. Not unless you've owned the car from new and know of all the issues/dings/weird panel gaps from factory. Speak to a few bodyshops and get their recommendations.
  9. Anyone here able to recommend someone to refurbish 4 brake calipers (including seals)? Goes without saying that I can get them sent off to any workshop via post in the country. Google has a few recommendations but I don't trust some of the reviews out there.
  10. I'm confused why everyone thinks it'll be categorised. I've had 2 cars hit into whilst parked up and both times their insurance sorted my car out without any change on my premium or policy or V5C. Yes you'll have to declare it on any future insurance quotes but if you're not at fault then it changes little to nothing. It may also get registered on insurance systems but 9/10 it doesn't. Only time it's guaranteed to be registered on the system is if insurance claim it as a write off. Provided you can drive it and no electronics were damaged then its not a write off. Personally find it easier letting their insurance sort stuff out because if you can request OEM parts without having to source them and you get a lifetime guarantee on work. You'll also (if applicable) get a courtesy car to tide you over.
  11. Just because you claim on insurance doesn't mean it'll put a mark on the V5C. If it is just the bumper then their insurance should cover it easily. Remember you're not claiming on yours, they should be claiming on theirs for hitting you. If the electrics or taillights are broke then yeah they will probably just write it off, though not guaranteed. Would have to be a big accident imo. Personally I'd get a quote from Nissan and invoice it back to the guy who hit you. No point getting a dodgy part or doing them any favours.
  12. Thanks all, for anyone else who needs recommendations, I was also told to check out TGM Fleet Autoworks Maidenhead Wrench Ashford Robert MG Windsor
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