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  1. This is probably the most likely thing to happen in the entirety of this thread lol.
  2. Not sold on the front end but everything else looks exciting. Looks better than the 370z and the god awful 350z vert.
  3. Mehhh personally I'd never touch a 350z. The 240z and the 370z are the best of the Zs in terms of aesthetics. This new Z looks good, aside from the front grill, I'm happy with the look so far.
  4. I wouldn't touch it. I'd be living in the hope that I could pick up a decent used example of the Z.
  5. Most modern automatics (bar the CVT) are actually more efficient in regards to fuel and speed than manuals. Performance depends on how aggressive its "tuned" and how acceptable its service schedule is. Golf R DSG gave me the education and experience I needed to be happy to go auto.
  6. Nissan transmission At least manuals are easier/cheaper to fix. . . Curious if this will be the first time a Z is quicker in auto than in manual. The 370 was fairly close in 0 to 60 times.
  7. I do like the 370z lights but I wouldn't want them like that again. That style has been and gone, these days it's all about the eyebrows and fancy matrix LED lights. Were also a PITA to polish the haze from and wrap. Not expecting fancy German lights but something with integrated DRL instead of the bolt ons that came along.
  8. Sold to the only person willing to pick it up Please lock this thread
  9. It's a take it all scenario. Happy to hear out any offers if you're willing to take it ASAP (needs to be gone by the weekend)
  10. Make me an offer - else it'll have to go in the bin to make space for the new motor
  11. BMW is simple. Them (and Audi's) are stolen so quickly and easily these days. Out of the country, stripped down or just random expensive parts stolen and car left in a ditch. I wouldn't think that'd be the only reason but I'd have to borrow a hand to count the number of BMW owners I know who've had their car stolen. Also Greenlight are very picky with postcodes too. Guess they aren't interested in high risk policies (different business models for the various insurers and underwriters)
  12. Umster

    Infiniti Q

    Mehhh considering they're so few and far between, I guess I'll stick to being a snake and snap up a German whip. All the reviews seem decent for a Q60 and I have a local example which I can test drive. Just one eye on that comment about importing parts and it's not worth the headache.





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