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  1. 1. davey_83 - LUNCH 2. 14N - LUNCH 3. Andy_Muxlow +1 maybe - LUNCH 4. SHEZZA +1 maybe - LUNCH 5. AntelopeSam - LUNCH 6. Justthejedi LUNCH 7. Buster +1 - LUNCH 8. Charlie Boy 9. Jazz + 1 maybe 10. MoNsTaaRz + 1 maybe 11. Mopedmark + 1 - LUNCH 12. robman23 13. Face_Eator 14. bhupz350 + 1 maybe 15. tom Mckay (not on forum) + 1 maybe 16. Monekybrain 17. cob1980 18. StormtrooperZ + 0.5 - LUNCH 19. Silverthorn - LUNCH 20. Whitevanman. 21. Valy - LUNCH 22. Chris Kleiser (banged up 350z black) - LUNCH 23. SmudgerByName 24. Umster (will meet at C&M, maybe lunch and maybe with stock 370z discs/pads to sell )
  2. Did these ever sell? I'm taking my stock setup off next week and will be selling discs and pads, wonder if it's worth posting them on here or not?
  3. Gonna hijack this thread and just give Glen a shout out. Very quick service and well packaged goodies. Fair price, though I didn't realise it was free delivery on orders over £30. Happy to do my part for a forum member but also happy they've done what the big boys do. Top stuff, will be ordering more soon!
  4. Umster

    400 Zed

    To be fair it's only gonna get more expensive with China, US, UK and EU all stepping up tariffs, never mind the exchange rates.
  5. Umster

    400 Zed

    See I need a daily runner which is fun/cheap and a little different. The old Micra was so cheap to repair, it made easy to smash it around and then just clean it up.
  6. Umster

    400 Zed

    Side track but the Nismo Micra, worth importing from Japan?
  7. Umster

    400 Zed

    Bit of a shame but it's true, the 370Z will most likely be the last Z (naturally aspirated rear wheel drive 2 seater coupe) Do wonder if Nissan will try mass produce a sports electric car? Only way in the future market.
  8. Carchem Revolt, is it safe enough to use on car panels? Someone told me I could double up on it but not so sure. Google didn't offer me much conclusive help.
  9. Will we have more Torqen sales than heatwaves this year?
  10. Umster

    feel the urge

    Check the usual buyers guides out in the forum. Service history, diff bushes, rust on the rear arches, tyres, clutch slave cylinder.
  11. I prefer if without the sweep cut. See an awkward bit at the bottom instead. Meh either way it's a nice idea and a nice look.
  12. You'll have more luck than most considering it's a white roadster. It's the one everyone wants however prices have dropped and there's more on auto trader atm than I've ever seen. I've always been told selling a 370Z is a patience game, only people who want one will seek one out.
  13. Village hotel Dudley 370z roadster in black



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