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  1. What about those Braniac tablet installs? They do something for the base 370z which doesn't come with the multimedia unit. I assume that would be one avenue to follow?
  2. Is it worth buying an Android unit to fit in behind the stock unit? It usually runs in parallel to the OEM unit on the OEM display and I'd guess give you access to SatNav, MMI etc. I appreciate this won't solve your issue but I wouldn't let stress fog your thoughts here. Why pay a small fortune to fix the system? With enough time, someone will appear who can help sort it out. I mean does anyone even use the stock system? Does it offer any value? (doesn't store service logs etc)
  3. It's literally this decision. Either supercharge a 370z or get a GTR. Prices on GTR has creeped up a little and there's always a bargain to be had on 370z. Only makes sense to try something new but let's see if I can find a fair deal on a GTR.
  4. So getting a 370z again is becoming a tempting option for me. Excited to see what you guys do!
  5. Still waiting to see what parts can be pulled from the new Z and ported into a Z34. Feel like another wave of aftermarket parts will be coming to the Z34 off the back of this new Z. Anyone know if someone silly enough has imported one into the UK?
  6. Android 13 has known Bluetooth issues - anyone who's updated to Android 13 has the known issue. Google have released a hot fix for the Pixel devices. You can also try changing the AVRCP version as the Nissan protocol is pretty old and would work better with an older one. Back go the thread at hand, I don't have Consult and don't know anyone who does. Have you tried any local audio specialists? It's a unique problem but I'm sure an indie will be able to help instead of being bound by stupid rules (Main Stealers I'm looking at you)
  7. Deposit taken, in case in a wild twist, someone from the Z forum now wants this BMW 😝 For anyone who moves on from a Z and needs 5 seats and 4 doors, an E90 with DCT has been the best upgrade ever, and at a sensible price considering the competition. Anyone ever in need of advice on the E9X, happy to DM 👍
  8. Anyone got any good advice for track insurance? And what happens for car insurance which states no track coverage? I've heard rumours that some insurance companies check some tracks for photos of cars on track
  9. Umster

    R8 would you?

    One thing I've learned with cars, if you've got half a chance to step into a great car. Do it. Every time I waited in the hope that prices dropped, I've failed. Every time I've thought maintenance costs would put me off, I've ended up spending money on the current car anyway. If you're lucky enough to work from home, there really is no better time to step into a silly car.
  10. Price dropped to £24,895 - brand new Pilot Sport 5s fitted all around, will also include stock trim and retrimmed OEM wheel and paddles. You get the car as is, and all the trim I've stored to take it back to OEM (if you want)
  11. This. E9x M3 and F8x M3 owner. Easily see how better the drive is with a DCT. Manual is nice but ruins the drive, the performance, the ability to drift.
  12. The Z was made with the manual in mind, so go manual. There are other cars where they focused on the auto, and for those I'd suggest you go auto. Ultimately though it depends on what you want? Comfort and ease - auto. Weekend fun and engagement - manual.
  13. It's less the power and more the torque and instant torque delivery. Sadly means you have to ditch the manual and be sure to keep all the sensors in check. One sensor goes, and the car bings and bongs and limps till you fix em. Instant torque is also a game changer and I'm not sure our driving test prepares you for it.
  14. 🐢 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Skyline
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