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  1. Won't happen till graphene batteries are commonplace
  2. Considering I'm happy to shove processed food into my mouth and cigarettes that will ultimately kill me, I'm happy to take the vaccine. I'd rather die bungee jumping or whatever than in a hospital bed on a ventilator. I'd also not like to see my friends or family go out with Corona.
  3. Don't get me wrong the grass is always greener but unless you keep the Nismo stock, it won't hold value as much as you'd like. Either way, I hope you do what makes you happy - all the opinions count for nothing! Wish I still had my Z!
  4. "insert kermit GIF here" Personally I'd like to see the journey on a vlog. 1000 ponies sounds fun, I know a garage in London that I'd recommend (though you're on YT as much as me so you must know of it already) We all wanna accomplish something and if your brother puts the graft in to live the dream then fair enough - I'd be a fan/follower if it gets onto social media.
  5. Save yourself the money and hassle. You've got a car that you know inside and out, with all the mods you wanted etc. If you've got the extra money, spend it on a bike or a few more mods.
  6. lol then what's the point of paying insurance? It's a shame but insurance is to pay out for the unexpected. The damage doesn't look too bad tbh but not sure if it's had any structural damage.
  7. Everyone's a baller till it catches up with them. We all know a goon, shame that there's always a bigger goon waiting for them.
  8. Pretty sure most ICE car makers were involved in aviation or heavy metal industries at some point - not too far fetched to say software companies could be involved with "SMART" cars. Heck I'd trust Apple and Google to make a better autonomous car than Jaguar or Bentley.
  9. Talk to the Nissan garage that initially sold the car, then try again and speak to the management. Send the same email again but include any top brass (Google search em or ask about on this forum). If none of this works, then post photos of the car, the rust and screenshots of your emails to their Google reviews. Simples.
  10. Umster

    Evo r

    Save yourself the money and don't buy them if you're worried about using the manual key. I doubt I'll need to use both hands to count the number of people on this forum who've used the manual key to get into their car.
  11. I like it. I like it more than my neighbours BMW and their neighbours VW and their neighbours Audi and. . .
  12. I suspect this is more to do with the fact that the car already had a full Nissan service history, than the fact that a reputable mechanic is required.
  13. This is probably the most likely thing to happen in the entirety of this thread lol.





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