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  1. Beautiful! Honestly glad to hear you got this done and felt an immediate improvement. Have you changed any bushings or other mounts? Think you would be open to changing any more of them?
  2. I actually enjoyed that video, the guy seems very down to earth. I'm jealous of the iPad install! If only it was easy and cheap enough to do yourself.
  3. Bumping - now selling at £600 ono and delivery to be arranged at buyers cost (no collection due to lockdown - self evident I hope). Need to free up space ASAP.
  4. Looks amazing! Keep up the nice work.
  5. +1 on the worx hydroshot. It's decent for those who genuinely can't get a pressure washer out to their car. You'll still have to lug a few buckets of water out so consider that. I think it's best placed for top up washes, for those who've got access to a pressure washer at a petrol station, a mobile detailer etc. Everyone's situation is different.
  6. I can't wait to see if someone has used Royal Purple! Assume most stick to Nissan OEM as part of the standard service schedule.
  7. Count me in for a group buy - will also happily pay for installation once the lockdown is over.
  8. My bad Though massive thanks on the quick response. Time to bargain hunt and scope out YouTube tutorials!
  9. Amazon are quoting long delivery times but they actually deliver much sooner than they state. Has to do with priority on vulnerable customers and non urgent items.
  10. I think I need to invest in an orbital polisher and related kit. Anyone recommend anything? Any good videos to teach me the technique? Car is always given a 2 bucket wash but with the extra time it'd be good to learn to detail it myself and restore the paint.
  11. Any recommendations on an orbital polisher and polish?
  12. Following this with massive interest!
  13. Good old Donut Media
  14. I found my first loaf of bread in 2 weeks god bless WhatsApp.





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