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  1. Aaaahhh my mate just told me I'm wrong, you do mention the diff bushings at the start. I've watched it a third time now 🤣 what a freaking lap
  2. Thanks for sharing this, I've watched it twice. Gutted there was no floor or rear view cameras. I'd love to do something like this and glad to see another Z owner on the forum has. What an experience, he's done so many laps around the ring and driven so many cars, that whatever advice and praise he gives is on a more comprehensive scale than anyone on the internet. I'm assuming with the rear axle complaints, the suspension and Z1 inserts have helped but I don't recall any comments on your differential bushings? If you haven't done them then I know for my next Z I'll prioritise the differential bushings over the Z1 inserts or motor mounts. Again thanks for sharing, happy to see you enjoy a lap around the ring in your very nice Z.
  3. I'm a big fan of Gyeon Can Coat - apply this once a year on a fully detailed car, and you can jet wash a lot of the muck off instead of doing a true 2 bucket clean. You can't do much about the rainwater landing and sticking to the car, but you can make it easier to wash off.
  4. Get some Hawk or Ferodo pads, and personally I'd invest in some DBA discs. What's your budget?
  5. @GranTurismoEra had a for sale thread for a working replacement - might want to nab it on the cheap before someone else does.
  6. The Z is so prone to this. Is your car lowered? Do you have spacers? When was the last alignment done? I'll also say, how old are the tyres? After 5 years you'll start to see the rubber age regardless so they won't be as good as they were. I've learned that if you can't afford 5 tyres comfortably, go down the price point until you can. Sods law is you'll buy 4 new tyres and get a nail in 1 a few weeks in.
  7. Agreed, the Z is king for value and for an entry point into 2 door RWD coupes. But that's not what I want in my weekend car. I'd love to get into Ferrari territory but I'll have to settle with BMW M Performance. @GranTurismoEra yeah the market is OK if you're happy with the hybrid but the top end 3L engines are so hard to find. I asked around and nobody in the UK remaps the hybrid. I'm not sold on the 4 seat 2 door setup, I want a door per passenger so I've avoided the Q60.
  8. Blasphemous to say around here, but there's a few cars better than the Z. If you want an upgrade on the V6, the V8 naturally makes sense. Granted if you want a high revving engine, be sure to appreciate BMW want you to rev it out and enjoy it. Back to topic, I missed out on an Infiniti Q50 a few months back, with the new Z engine. Anyone here driven that 3L turbo charged engine? Thoughts if you have?
  9. Having just left behind an E90 M3, I'll have to say it was a level above the Z. What it lacked in head turning appeal, it made up with pure driving joy. Whilst I wasn't keen on finally getting an auto, the DCT and high revving engine made it pure joy blasting on motorways and B roads. It was more fun being able to comfortably take 3 other adults with me on my journeys. The V8, with an aftermarket intake and M performance exhaust was the best experience for my soul. If you can afford to buy and weekend one, do it. Well worth every sweet penny. The Z was good, but it needs too much tinkering to sort the suspension and wheel hopping out. The BMW works fresh out the box.
  10. If you've got the time and patience, try the smaller and more direct insurers. Keith Michaels were really good when I insured my modified Z. I've heard A plan are pretty good too, Admiral and Direct Line can be good for multi car policies.
  11. I'm really intrigued, did they tamper with the car at all? Fudge around with the canbus? I wonder if it's another flaw in Kia and their cheap approach to security - maybe it's easy to use the Reg/VIN to guess the transcoder? Mind if I ask what area/part of the country? I'm always paranoid so steering lock as well as a Faraday box. Granted, I've just seen someone smash a car window to steal a bag, so no matter how much you try, there's always a moron who will take what's not theirs.
  12. I was in the market for a Z and did enquire about this one. Unfortunately it was SORN and the instructions to come see and purchase the car was confusing. No single cost (if you want seats it's X amount, if you want the exhaust its X amount etc.) I personally don't think this car is genuinely for sale - I've worked deals with reluctant sellers but couldn't quite figure out if the OP wanted to sell or was just testing the market. I've since bought something else.
  13. Buy a tyre that you can afford 5 of, sod's law says you'll stretch your budget for tyres and you'll get a nail in one a few weeks in.
  14. Diff bushings were the best thing I did to my Z - if I ever bought a Z again, it'd be the first job I'd do.
  15. Manual BMWs do need the tinkering though it's all worth it in the end. I've always preferred a German auto or a Japanese manual. Germans are terrible with sloshy manuals and the Japanese do sloshy auto's 😆 look forward to a few more updates
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