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  1. I don't think you're alone nor do I think you're wrong for doing that. I see your point of view and understand why you'd vote for them. It's fair enough.
  2. Door knocked today by a Labour campaigner. Had they not been trying to drum up support, I honestly feel I would have been called a Tory The whole Jezza takeover of Labour really has scared me. You're either with them or against them. Don't even dare question the Jezza manifesto. Never had that feeling from any other party campaigner.
  3. Umster


    No doubt, its your pride and joy and you do what you think is best. Fingers crossed its easy and cheap to get back to enjoying!
  4. Umster


    @ZMANALEX Listen to what he has to say and give it due credit. He will probably be able to supply the parts you're after too. You got a good rapport with the garage doing the work? Might be worthwhile to speak to your local Z specialist. Do it right, or do it twice.
  5. After the Andrew Neil malarkey, not sure how anyone could justify voting for Boris. Andrew has raised some valid points and is probably the first person to hold our PM to account, but he's too busy taking selfies will day time TV presenters. BJs behaviour has made my mind up, I know which of the 2 evils is lesser.
  6. OK, a question to turn the conversation in a different direction. Has the divide between the North and South grown more? Is this in any way related to SNP making gains in recent times? Is it related to how the Tories "paid" for DUP support? Has Brexit changed the dynamic?
  7. Trump and Boris deciding on a trade deal post Brexit. I'm not sure how much of a compromise we will see there in the grand context of these characters, their goals and the manner in which they conduct themselves. Maybe that's what was meant on his NHS battle bus all those years ago.
  8. Could also read up on Jeffrey Sachs and how he's gone 180. Free markets have a place but when investors are telling you to invest in critical public utilities because the ROI has stayed in the right place and the CEOs have been pocketing millions in bonuses after sending dirty water or no water to Wales, Yorkshire and/or London, it does make you think twice about capitalism and where it does work.
  9. No but I've used transport outside of London. . . Same thing no? Having lived in every major city in the UK I can easily say if you've never left London, you can't understand the Corbyn way. But it all, for me, goes back to my previous point. I agree with his end goals but how he goes about them isn't the way. Yes nationalise key infrastructure because its a shared interest to keep it going but don't stop capital markets. Bit like the NHS and private healthcare, nothing wrong with a bit of both. For the last 9 years it's been cheaper for me to run a car or two than it has been to get a season travel pass on the buses/trains. I'd also genuinely consider moving anything public sector outside London. BBC left and it didn't capitulate. Sure we can spread the opportunity outside of London and reduce the burden on the taxpayer. My 2p. . and some haha
  10. It's just typical British culture, he's lived the reality most in the country have and he's as principled as we want them to be but we're a fickle bunch. Never happy and always pessimistic. I have to admit I don't like him because as much as he means well, his execution of his ideas seems terrible. Had he been an option at another election then maybe he'd get my vote but for now we need common sense and someone not so polarising.
  11. I thought we were meant to be eliminating our deficit? After all the cuts, we're no better on in terms of finances and/or the ability to pay back our debts. Labour might have a magic money tree but the Tories sure do have some roundabout policies. Think NHS nursing bursaries, police officers, Grenfell, student finance and GDP, £500m a week for the NHS, immigration targets. . . They're as bad as one another but at least Corbyn is offering us the choice that Cameron should have originally.
  12. I still can't get over how many Northerners would flip to vote Tory just on the premise of Brexit. I'm sure the last time the North was so unified, it had to do with Margaret Thatcher passing away. The irony!
  13. Umster


    I miss the days of "Forum Help and Suggestions". . .
  14. Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy the Z in all its glory. I'd recommend getting a new undertray if that's what you mean by the plastic, otherwise you'll be best uploading a photo. The aluminium undertray are a good buy, make servicing easier too. Check the traders on here for more info.



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