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  1. 2021 Supra anyone? Supposedly Toyota have come out and made some gains, offer a 4 cylinder variant and have stiffened up the chassis.
  2. Umster

    370z boot mat

    @ZMANALEX anything you have to offer?
  3. Might be an idea to support our local seller and fellow Z owner @G1en@waxandshine and grab stuff from https://waxandshine.co.uk/ He did have a clearing sale a while back.. .
  4. Following this for sure! I really loved what you did with your 350z and can't wait to see what you do here. You going to be at the national meets this year Valy?
  5. Ecutek or UpRev? Which maps? Glad you went down and hopefully you get some good weather to enjoy the performance very soon!
  6. Welcome and hope you enjoy the Z more than the TT
  7. Cobra has more roar, its loud from 0 all the way to the max. It also pops and burbles on the downshift - as close as you can get to pops and bangs without a remap/decats. ARK doesn't really get loud till 3.5k rpm and then it really does sing. Seems like the resonators do a good job on removing tinny sounds and any rasp. Both seem to have fitment issues, though the Cobra is easier to chop, repair and move about (lots of clamps and slots).
  8. Things have softened down, with a few serious miles and a little spirited driving. Steering feels more direct, gear changes feel smoother and throttle response matches any modern German car. Probably won't be for everyone (people with bad backs or sensitive butt's), but if you want to get all the horses down to the ground, it's definitely worthwhile.
  9. For Sale - £950 ono Full Cobra exhaust system, will replace OEM catalytic converters and exhaust. Will NOT sell separately. No gaskets and some hardware included (would always recommend fresh gaskets, thermal paste and bolts when fitting exhaust). Collection preferred from B68, delivery at buyers costs can be arranged - PM me with details. Taken off 2011 GT with 33k miles. Was fitted by previous owner, unsure of age/mileage. Note, the car is lowered so the flexi's have scraped the floor. Been checked by 2 different garages and never failed MOT, though I would suggest repairing the flexi's to save hassle in the long run.
  10. Umster

    370z boot mat

    As in the title, after a 370Z boot mat. Cheapest, mankiest mats will be fine too Drop me a PM with prices.
  11. I've got my Cobra HFC and CBE coming off tomorrow. Getting Tarmac HFC and ARK GRiP going on. I'll drop a comment here to give my 2 pence on the change in sound. I'll also be selling my Cobra system so ping me if anyone is interested.
  12. I'll give a +1 to Horsham, I always drive down from the Midlands. Worth every single penny, most knowledgeable and hospitable guys in the game. To be honest the money you spend on petrol is recouped on the fact that they will get the job done right the first time around and the fun driving back on the one motorway without average speed cameras (M40). Take it for a remap and service, maybe even an alignment too if your budget stretches. Make sure you pick people's brains about the maps to put on the car too and what order! (can't mess with the maps after they've been put on from what I've been told)





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