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  1. Decats would fail a visual inspection no? I mean if the tester is willing to fail on emissions, they'd also point out if its due to lack of cats. I'm tempted to ask you to share your registration plate. Wonder if it's failed before on emissions?
  2. Start with finding out what the error code is using an OBD scanner. Can't fix what you don't know. I'd also check for any exhaust leaks. You're failing on emissions, so if there's an exhaust leak that won't help and you'll need to get your cats hot when doing your emissions test.
  3. I must admit Nissan paint on the whole is not upto modern standards but their pearlescent white is easily the best of the bunch. Silver requires the least maintenance.
  4. Nudge 🤭 what's been happening with this Z?! I'm craving for an update.
  5. Bronze or copper with a little fleck. Works so well with white or black cars imo.
  6. I don't see anything on the inner black strip of the lights, were the DRL's halo lights? Were they circular/ring like you get on the older BMWs?
  7. Wonder if the doorsill sticker would have the Nismo badging on it? Easiest way to marry up the VIN with the Nismo trim but get the dealer to validate it with Nissan for you. With the Nismo tachometer and trim, I doubt its a "fake". I'm sure the DRL's are technically a MOT failure. If a car has had DRL's, it's meant to keep them permanently, removing them is a MOT failure. Not sure when DRL's became a legal requirement on newly registered cars?
  8. It's a wax based coating, everyone has it and whilst it looks terrible, it's functional. So don't remove it unless you plan on replacing it with something a little more transparent.
  9. Question is, does it feel as good as the other Z you drove? Feel like you've been on an eternal mission to get a more direct feel in your Z but to no avail. Has this finally solved the issue?
  10. @ZMANALEX is your best bet. Curious though if any Nissan/Infiniti key will work? It's the same fob across the range and years. I'd also bug everyone at the dealership, it's an item that could easily be discounted if you find the right person.
  11. You have to prove any import is in line with the manufacturers guidance - emissions is one of those things, with the different fuels and maps used outside the UK/EU, they wanna make sure you ain't jamming the rules. Won't ever get a discount, emissions are emissions, VED is VED.
  12. Tried and trusted I assume?! This would be a cheaper alternative and one I already have in the garage lol
  13. Question is, what is everyone using to protect their exhaust tips? As much as I love cleaning them, I'm not interested in cleaning them often.
  14. Check the spark plugs and coil packs. Known issue with the Z. See if there is any oil or burning. How much engine oil are you getting through atm? Maybe a compression test is in order too?
  15. Really mugged me off. Tried buying a loaf of bread with my 0.00005 bitcoin today but when it tanked by 25%, I had to cough up some more. Now it's turned out to be an expensive loaf of bread. Dammit.
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