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  1. Umster

    Insurance quotes doubled

    If it's a weekend car, try asking for a quote on social and pleasure only? The commuting/business travel on insurance is a big risk that insurers charge for.
  2. Umster

    Write off or Not?

    Don't cut your nose off. Just look online and show the insurer how much your car would be to buy in the current market. You're never going to get every penny back on the car, it's the way the world works. I'm also with Admiral and I know they won't pay out the full amount on additional extras, but that's what you get for buying the cheapest policy on the market.
  3. Umster

    Wanted: 370z nismo

    Where did your advert go? I am so sure it was in the Zeds for Sale section?
  4. Umster


    Count me in.
  5. Umster

    Tyre Query

    It's your car and your hard earned money, do what you want. I'd love MPS4S but I can't afford them. I've kept the money to service my car with Horsham and maintain the schedule and to get the best service parts possible. Always remember you need to afford one extra tyre, god forbid you puncture it.
  6. You'll have to excuse the finger Registration:°°°TAL
  7. Umster

    Wheel Offset Query

    Thanks! Ended up reading up through the FAQ on tyreleader and learned a little more. https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/tyres-advices/tyre-zr-or-r In case anyone else is a novice and wants to get answers to FAQs
  8. Umster

    Wheel Offset Query

    So I'm no wheel/alloys/tyres expert but I've tried to use the interweb and the gogle to enlighten me. I'm now going to hijack this thread and clarify I'm on the right tracks. I have the alloys pictured above, 19x9.5J ET 35 on the front and 19x10.5J ET 20 on the rear. This means my front alloys are 19 inch diameter with 9.5 inches width with a "natural" 35mm offset and my rears are 19 inch diameter, slightly wider at 10.5 inches and a smaller offset. If I'm replacing the rear tyres on my car, they will need to be a width of at least 10.5 inches or 267mm. I'm currently running 285/35ZR19 which means they are 285mm wide, a low profile of 35% (of the tyre width) and a diameter of 19 inches. I'm also assuming my current tyres are stretched out and on willtheyfit.com it tells me the change in gaps and speedo if I change the tyre size so I'm happy with that. Where I need help. 1. I'm not sure what the ZR stands for, supposedly the speed rating? 2. What is the minimum and maximum tyre width I can use on these alloys safely?
  9. Umster

    Wheel Offset Query

    I bought my 370z with these alloys on, I'm happy to have a look/tinker if you know what you need. I'm no wheel expert so can't comment but will say my speedo (and assume mileometer) all run with a 5%ish error and the ride is a little rough compared to stock. Handling is fine considering I'm only running Hankook Ventus S1.
  10. I didn't buy from Paul but he was pretty decent to deal with when I went for a viewing, let me get under the hood, car and in the drivers seat for a decent length of time. Midwest also owned a 370Z I went to look at last year. He seems to specialise in the Z's so match your expectations accordingly.
  11. Umster


    https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/vrm-checker-ulez I assume you're not driving a Z? Just checked my 370z and I wouldn't be subject to the ULEZ charge. Trying to read through the page and it's all a little confusing - feel like cars are the new cigarettes, government are happy to let you buy them but not happy to let you use them!
  12. Umster

    Potential new 370Z owner

    There will be a sticker near the driver side kick plate - open the door and have a look at the latch area. It will tell you what model it is and will tell you if it's a GT. Might be worthwhile taking a mechanic down with you to check the car over, especially if you're moving abroad with it. Could also go down the route of getting it checked via a 3rd party for history etc. Check the boot latch, common issue (with a simple fix) is the boot sticking when the button is pressed. I'd recommend getting under the car and checking for rust, especially in the rear wheel arches. Do a MOT history check. Check the tyres for tread, anything less than 4mm and you can haggle for a discount - not cheap tyres to replace. Ask what engine oil they're running - quickest way to tell if they know about the car. Good luck with it all!
  13. Umster

    Better late than never ...

    I'm GRZ370Z. Hoping we get to see this beauty at a few meets!
  14. Umster

    Better late than never ...

    Nice! Welcome to the club. You on Instagram? Be good to see what you do with the car from here!
  15. Umster

    Limp mode after heavy breaking/stall

    Can't see the error code but try swapping the MAF from one bank to the other and see if the error codes flip over too? If they do then definitely a faulty sensor, if not then you've got a different but smaller issue.