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  1. Aaaayyyyyy 😍 best rear end - sorry to all the lovely ladies but the angles, curves and lines are perfect here. Nice work my man!
  2. Give yourself plenty of time next year. I've always found quotes to be cheaper 20-30 days out from the policy renewal. You can always get insurers to compete with one another too - grab a screenshot or copy of the best quotes, it will help you no end when trying to drive down prices.
  3. The good old "need work experience before you can work" paradox. There's a few bespoke insurance brokers who might be better for you. I'm sure there's a list in the 350z side of the forum, it's a pain having to go over everything on the phone but the end price is usually worth it. Again, insurance is a dark art so not everyone's advice will be the same for you. I'd also give A plan a shout too.
  4. Yeah it's tech is outdated but it's still fairly reliable provided you keep the GTR stock or if you avoid launching it. If the new Z isn't a daily then definitely got to be manual.
  5. What type of auto is it? Aside from the GTR, Nissan have some really terrible auto transmissions. DCT would be great but at that price point it's gonna have to be CVT no?
  6. Has the registration been changed on the vehicle before? Any idea if the plate has been blacklisted on Admiral (and its sister companies)? I have a sneaky feeling it's to do with a changed plate.
  7. I suspect electric cars will get found out before we totally ditch petrol engines. Think we're all sceptical after the diesel debacle. That being said, I'm eager to get a hybrid or electric daily ASAP. Seeing Corollas getting 70mpg makes my pocket jealous. But yes, if you can afford a sporty car then do it whilst you can. More and more people want one and there are less and less of them about. 2009 GTRs were going for 25k not too long ago and now they creeping upwards.
  8. Makes too much money for the central government for them to bow down to local government. V6, V8 and V10 engines aren't gonna be pushed off the road that easy whilst the government let electric drivers get away with road tax.
  9. It's more diesels that are in scope for clean air zone. These charges make our road tax look like pocket change.
  10. Considering how many times someone has urinated on this parade, I'm very surprised it still hasn't died 🤣 Gunmetal picture looks epic, pretty sure someone will make it happen. JDM always had a big and fun aftermarket scene, much more fun than the "downpipe and remap my VW" crew.
  11. Yeah that's fair, I only did it for the weight loss, wasn't too bothered with the immune system etc. Be interested to get your take on it all - what works, what doesn't, why it does, why it doesn't.
  12. I've tried intermittent fasting and I'd have to agree. I don't believe that I was burning/using fat for energy. I got onto the band wagon when someone mentioned they mix keto with intermittent fasting but after my experience, it's just a reduction in calories that leads to weight loss. IF sounds glamorous but the constant hormone and energy imbalance really does make it crap for everyone around you. I'd also say that people I've seen do keto or IF (2 very different things) have tended to yo-yo diet more. The one guy I know who's stuck to keto has lost lots of weight an
  13. I'm assuming the NA ones (not sure if everyone just SC them now) are a pretty fair comparison to the Z when given a few fair mods. I know the M suspension is pretty good and they don't use as many cheap bushes at the Z. I do remember my Z being OK low down in comparison to other high revving engines. Driven an E92 and S5 and for V8s I was expecting a little more low down. Amazing photos and posts - keep em coming.
  14. Would love to know how the Z squares up to the M3s behind you.
  15. America will always be a big market, they don't have the appetite for electric, I mean they haven't even bothered with diesels. Granted they aren't "green" (anymore) - I'm one of them guys who remembers the hype and push to diesels but meh. The US market will always be different and will always have cars we wouldn't even dream of here. UK is outside of the EU now so rule changes might help but I guess if they aren't running these sorts of cars on the production line here then they won't be interested in the logistics of shipping them here. Maybe a hydrogen powered car would hit th
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