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  1. Yeah you'll need to reset it. Assume the 350z is the same as the 370z on this little niche. But to add to the thread, I find the longer the drive, the more satisfying the feeling and better the numbers. Personally love just coasting in the left hand lane, soaking up attention and every once in a while dropping down a few gears and letting it roar for my own satisfaction.
  2. For Sale from a 2011 370z with 30k miles on the clock (pads have done circa 10k miles by the looks of the paperwork) £240 for everything, will only sell as a set. Happy to entertain offers. Collection from either B68 or UB7 only, buyer can arrange for postage if required. More details to follow once the weather is better and will try to clean them up if time allows. OEM discs (2x front and 2x rear) OEM pads (2x front and 2x rear, all with hardware set) OEM brake hoses (2x front and 2x rear)
  3. Bumping this as I'm interested to see what gains, if any, are made on a NA VQ. Be nice to see any photos showing the before/during/after installation.
  4. What a way to make a comeback eh? Nismo 370z. Very very nice!
  5. If you've got compressed air and electric/sensor cleaning spray, could blast the whole section with it and see if any dust/dirt is causing an interference. I'd also double check all the connections, give any connectors a push together and check for any frayed wires/casings. Screen obviously works, sounds like something isn't quite sitting right.
  6. Car is now garaged and will not be back on the road till March 1st. No viewings/test drives till then!
  7. I think with a nice front and rear bodykit it's actually good to go. Really want to test drive one, supposedly a chap in West London has already remapped it. After seeing it in the flesh, I've started to warm to it.
  8. This! Nobody but yourself will know your situation. Hours of the day you work, how many cars in the house, how much you earn, do you rent or have a mortgage to service, are you handy with a wrench, would you be happy with a £300 Micra with 120k on the clock, do you have a family to look after, how do you finance your car etc etc. Go do the math but don't forget, life ain't all about the bills, one way or another you need to have some fun.
  9. If you can't do 2 cars for logistical reasons, I'd have to recommend switching to either the i30N or the mk7.5 Golf R. Driven both and genuinely think they tick every box for daily and for pleasure. Splash a little cash and you can also tick the box for road presence (hit Instagram and check out jacob7r and blacki30n for ideas). Pretty sure a few people have left the Zed fold, some for bigger cars and others for more convenience, a few of them have switched back and a few haven't looked back. Guess they are the ones who need to comment on this thread. Be interested to hear what you decide to do next!
  10. Buy a daily snot box to take the grunt and enjoy the Z on weekends, evenings and events! Running 2 cars is the way forward and in my case is cheaper than just running the Z (initial outlay aside) If you do replace it there's so many good cars on the market that do everything pretty well. Zee Germans have a remedy for any ailemt it seems.
  11. Welcome and glad to hear you bought from a fellow member. Hope you enjoy the Z!



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