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  1. Mehh it's cropped up in conversation a few times, how easy it is to clone a key and getting a Ghost immobiliser to kill power until your code is put in. Unfortunately it seems like the Ghost system is expensive and doesn't reduce insurance premiums. Going Thatcham 5/6/7 gives you a tracker, which is cheaper initially but requires a subscription. This however does help with premiums. Only reason I'm curious is, my car is more expensive than my Z, its also been harder to insure (due to theft in my postcode) and its cropped up in too many conversations to not just ignore
  2. Random question, has anyone here fitted an aftermarket alarm/immobiliser system? It used to (and as far as I know still is) a market where Thatcham rules. However more and more people are going down the Ghost route which is part of TASSA (yeah I have never heard of em either). I'm interested in getting something fitted for peace of mind but trying to weigh up costs, security and just general ease of use. Google spews the usual biased crap and I'm after 1st hand experience or what turned people off going down the Thatcham/TASSA route.
  3. Was the registration tied to the car? Or do you think its been given a new plate and the plates on retention?
  4. Yeah I really didn't want to share this as he's really irritating but the car looks like an interesting one and the owner seems like a down to earth guy. Hopefully get chance to see it once the project is complete, the show season begins and lockdown ends!
  5. Yianni finally got his hands on a Nissan 300zx. I've been waiting for this for ages.
  6. Alfa Romeo Giulia has the best wheels. Has the best everything tbf
  7. One of the people in this scenario was driving their vehicle perpendicular to the flow of traffic. If you want to CROSS the road, you find a safe and sensible place and go over by foot.
  8. Let's not talk about long Covid. Or that people who die might be on the front line, might be guardians/carers etc. Pray nobody ever has to see someone on a ventilator in the hospital, or someone who can't walk their dog anymore. It's honestly heartbreaking but echo chambers won't tell you that.
  9. Mehhh if I challenged a professional about their field and blurted out convenient truths, and they didn't get frustrated or loud, I'd be worried about how much they care. Pretty sure the Doc is a Doctor and they've been on the front line for a year. They can be as rude as they want to be - no different to a soldier protecting us in a war.
  10. @Andy_Muxlowit was the M5 right?
  11. I bet that's a foreign language for someone who recently had a V10 BMW
  12. Happy for you @EcoFriendlyAL! Car looks a treat and you've managed to find a few Z forum members who know a thing or two about your BMW. Hope it a gorgeous summer for you and you get to enjoy your new toy! Photos look very nice.
  13. Horsham Developments in Newbury/Reading
  14. Says it all really Stick around on the forum and see what pops up here, pretty sure @Mike k-g is selling up.
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