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  1. Better off with a stoplock and RFID blocker and keeping the battery connected.
  2. Could also think about getting the car remapped and putting a 95 Ron map on? Not a good idea in the long run but would help when you've got no choice. Always stick to 98 or above where you can. I know it's easier said than done when it's 45 miles to your nearest adequate station.
  3. I'm really enjoying it. It's about time Top Gear had a refresh and got modern. Looking forward to the rest of the season but you are right, there's been a few awkward moments but I'm hoping with a few new ideas they can finish walking in the shadows. I liked hearing Freddie talk about how his cricket career struggled when he bought his Porsche, also glad to see the casual unpolitcal grandad jokes have disappeared.
  4. Umster

    Strut Brace

    That's relatively speaking not too bad. Bit of elbow grease and sealing/coating and it'll be good to go. Check out Tarmac Sportz, Torqen or FaceBay though if you want OEM or aftermarket. There's also a few other threads, check this one out below. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/113845-w-brace-replacement-which-one-to-go-for/
  5. @Adrian@TORQEN can explain it best of all but you'll need to use both and declare it to insurance. Issue is the UK safety feature which pops the bonnet up when a front on collision occurs with a pedestrian. Bonnet needs to pop up etc., also think it causes a check engine light/error code if you decide to remove it. Most UK users have avoided doing the mod. Unless you're showing off your engine bay, I'd say its worth spending time and money else where.
  6. I'd be keen to hear more about this too! I've got a 370Z that I need the diff bushings replaced. See if they'll sort a price knowing they could get 2 cars in. I'm based in the Midlands but frequently in Berkshire and West London too. Tarmac surprisingly said they don't do it. Horsham quoted more than I could reasonably expect to pay.
  7. I've got a Cobra HFC and CBE that I'd happily sell. Drop me a pm if you're interested.
  8. GLWS, looks like a beauty of a car and surprised at how low the mileage is!
  9. I know right! Though I think the age and location are big factors in pricing. I've got a low mileage 8 year old 370z for a decent price. A newer one with same miles shoots straight up!
  10. I do find it ironic that baby boomers are talking about consequences. . . Taking this off topic but I have to say it. Millennials didn't sell housing, utilities or Royal Mail for under market rate then complain about price hikes, nor are Millennials the ones who trashed the environment. Give the young generation credit where its due and avoid trash talking a group over the actions of one individual. Back to the point, I do wanna see his next video and find out what happens
  11. Mehhh we're a services driven capitalist economy, with a known boom and bust cycle. Don't think many generations have been taught, but they've definitely been burnt. Either way, it's his mess and I'm glad I can show this video to all my friends and family who pass their driving test and/or look to buy expensive cars. They will definitely understand the message in the way he delivers it, better than they will when the salesman says "just sign here, you can read the T and Cs if you want to". Reminds me when I was asked over the phone if I wanted to listen to the terms and conditions recording of my car insurance. Estimated run time of 122 mins.



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