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  1. Umster

    Seibon Carbon Fibre UV damage issues

    I've been fortunate enough to get some of the marking away from the top layer with polish. Risky but worked on the top coat. I've got some discolouration deeper down on my spoiler and it's just the nature of the beast? Some people recommend wet sanding it down and even redoing the clear coat. Not sure how much sense that makes.
  2. Umster

    AlloyGators (Expires 09/01/2017)

    Did anyone ever use this code and do a DIY job? I've been quoted 165 GBP to apply alloygators onto 4 alloys. Not sure it's worth that money. . .
  3. Would love to know who owns the car in the photos. Looks an absolute beauty.
  4. Umster


    But where did the Sub go? I'm doing a copy and paste of this but not sure if I wanna put the sub where you have your tools. I'm sure you've got a sensible idea to share.
  5. I hope you've bought some Zociety decals back! Looking forward to seeing what you're gonna stock.
  6. Umster

    Bracknell meetup

    So after my recent dramas with tax and insurance, I've decided to keep the car on the road and out the garage. Shall we retry organising this?
  7. Hey, I'm on GRZ370Z or. . . https://www.instagram.com/GRZ370Z/
  8. Umster

    Zeds of Instagram

    Wonder if this idea ever took off? As reeceybeaney said, follow me and I'll follow back. GRZ370Z https://www.instagram.com/GRZ370Z/
  9. Umster

    SORN / Laid Up insurance

    Now just to time setting up my road tax DD! Silly me jumping the gun and cancelling it, don't wanna be hit twice
  10. Umster

    SORN / Laid Up insurance

    So these are the terms and conditions of the policy. As mentioned above no explicit comment on road tax status so my worries are unnecessary. Got to admit its reassuring to see so many responses in such a short time. AD-003-019-Your-Cover-with-Admiral.pdf
  11. Umster

    SORN / Laid Up insurance

    Hey all, Won't be able to upload a copy of Ts and Cs till I get home tonight. I haven't reached out to anyone who offers laid up insurance but overwhelming opinion is that its a car to enjoy and if I've paid so much already, why would I leave it on the driveway covered up? I'm young and I need to build up the NCB as well so enough of me worrying. I should enjoy the car while I still can! It's interesting to work out if insurance companies do check the tax status of a car.
  12. Umster

    SORN / Laid Up insurance

    So I'm currently with Admiral on a multi car policy. I only have 1 year NCB (was on the tube for last few years so never needed a car) and I've had the policy for 3 months now. Admiral have said (over the phone albeit) that I would lose anything I'd gained towards my next year NCB. Quick Google says that Admiral are the worst for this type of stuff but I'm getting what I paid for so no massive gripes. My other half is the policy holder for the other car and she wants to build her NCB too, so no chance of me transferring to that car. Thinking it's probably best just keeping the Z parked up and paying tax and insurance, just in case we do need it and to build up the NCB. I can afford to do that but it's wasted hard earned money in the short term.
  13. Umster

    SORN / Laid Up insurance

    All, What advice do fellow members have for insuring a car that's SORN. Spoke to my current insurance provider and according to their Ts and Cs they cancel any policy on a vehicle which is SORN. It'll save me in the region of 500 GBP for insurance and approx 50 GBP a month in road tax while its parked up over the winter. Do we have any recommended providers? Is it worth saving the pennies over the winter to plough back into the car before Japfest? Who has done something similar? Umster
  14. @Sim that's what I was expecting but in my very brief conversation with them on WhatsApp they seem a little busy. I'm not sure where your canards are atm. Reached out to Payco about his setup and he's due to send me a few photos so will probably go down that avenue.
  15. Spoke with them and they said they're not doing carbon copies and are booked out for the next month? Gutted.