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  1. Umster

    E90 M3

    Still for sale.
  2. For £400 let me know what colour seat belts you want and I'll sort a pair out for you. If you want to spend £800 I can also get them fitted for you.
  3. This. If all things are equal in terms of monthly repayments, then it's all down to what you want to do at the end. PCP isn't as good as it used to be in terms of rates. I wouldn't stress over scratches and dings. If it's in a condition that you'd buy the car at the end of the agreement then you won't get hit with fees. Kerbed alloys, dents or scratches obviously incur a fee.
  4. Cheers all, time to start a new expensive hobby ha! Will come back with updates when I get out onto track.
  5. Tuition is definitely on the cards. Shoes and gloves weren't top of the list but I'll change that. I'll avoid the trailer and just stick to keeping things fresh and hoping for the best. F82 M4.
  6. Wonder if anyone is going to try retrofit the 400z cluster into a 370z 🤓
  7. For someone who's just got his hands onto a track toy, what should I worry about from a logistics point of view? I want to drive the car to and from my local track, I've got some funds to make it a once a month habit but aside from a helmet, I'm a little naive to it all. Anyone care to help a noob?
  8. Umster

    E90 M3

    For Sale - £27,495 - non negotiable. 2010 4 door saloon M3 with timeless/private registration (M-- --3). Currently at 85,000 miles but will increase with time. This is my weekend car. Alpine White with Fox Red extended interior leather and sunroof. LCI with CIC iDrive. Full service history, with running in service. In my 2 years of ownership, Swift Performance have serviced the car and replaced DCT Sump and DCT fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, new front discs and pads, 2x engine oil and filter change. Inconel M Performance exhaust (purchased and fitted by BMW when I purchased the car - none of that cheap tacky 2 pipe mod) , Carbon Fibre vents, Carbon Fibre side repeaters, Carbon Fibre spoiler. Steering wheel retrimmed (will also provide retrimmed OEM wheel). Split seats, with Easy Access option (pull rear seats using toggles in boot), keyless entry, 2 keys, alcantara retrimmed interior, red M button, red start button and carbon fibre DCT paddles (not fitted yet). Included in sale are original trim and spoiler. Options at new purchase include: Skii Storage Sunroof Rear privacy blinds Easy Access (keyless entry) Easy Access Rear Split Seats PDC front and rear 7 speed DCT EDC (variable suspension) Common issues rectified. Rod bearings, throttle actuators and ABS sensors all replaced. Usual stone chips for age of car. Windscreen has been replaced. Wing mirror covers could do with a refresh. 5+ owners. I have other car parts to come with the car (including engine oil, oil bottle and carry case, DCT fluid). I have and will continue to spend money on the car - if it doesn't sell, I will continue to baby it. DM for further photos and with any questions. No test drives unless proof of insurance and proof of funds. (more photos coming soon)
  9. I've just taken snaps of my E90 M3 - will post it later but well within your budget. Fun, sporty and actually practical.
  10. I went with big red in the end.
  11. If you're after power, practicality and quick shifts, I have an E90 M3 that I'd be open to part with. Will be a post on here once I have a free day to take photos.
  12. I'm curious to see what WBAC say - rumours are that the gravy train has been and gone and trade in prices have returned to "normal" offensive rates
  13. VED, fuel duty, income tax, insurance premium tax etc. All goes into the big pot and gets divvyed up. Quite a few taxes there that cyclists don't have to pay but mehh I won't debate that anymore here. I don't dispute leaving distances but points and a large fine. The points are deterrent enough, I mean heck, for speeding you get given a chance to do a speed awareness course. To me, its just a cash making exercise. Better ways to educate the public and drivers on how the share the road then milking cash.
  14. I think that's the crux of it. He was in the wrong and could have nipped it in the bud. He stuck to his principles and paid the price. Just worries me how big these fines can be, especially when you consider the amount of tax paid by the driver to keep the car on the road in the first place. Not sure the cyclist has had to pay as much to stay on the road. I don't believe the government changed the rules for anyone's benefit but HMRC's. But that's another debate.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-61815609 Looks like the government needs more money, and this is the way its going to do it.
  16. Umster

    First Mods

    Depends. Do you want stance? Fast road? Track? Drift?
  17. I guess if you can convince someone the car is one of one then you can demand whatever price you want.
  18. You could easily salvage that W brace. Surprised its that healthy, is it a JDM import?
  19. Thank you but no thank you 🤣 forced my Mrs to hand hers back in cause its an overpriced piece of slush. Hate cars with 4 seats that fit 2 humans and 2 legless manikins. 2 seats, silly looks and something that isn't overpopulating every car park. Yes please!
  20. Totally right. However, I was a big fan of the Z. Its old school enough to enjoy but now with a refresh inside, the car might be a bundle of fun all over again. Engine was bulletproof, parts were easy and cheap to come by and you didn't have to keep them OEM+. People liked modding them as they saw fit. There are better cars than the Z but they cost plenty to buy, to service and/or to enjoy daily. No performance turbo gassed car gets 35mpg on a run like the Z. ECP/Torqen/Tarmac don't expect a small fortune for pads/fluids/dispensables.
  21. Exhaust prices these days are becoming a joke. Guess the market knows with all the noise/emissions regulations that there is a cash cow of a market. Granted, I have no issue paying a small fee towards the large research costs on some of the aftermarket exhausts but jheeze. Again, I guess I'm happy to judge knowing I won't buy one brand new, especially not until a face-lift model with all the little easy fixes comes out 😇
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