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  1. Is doctors4covidethics.Medium.Com an unbiased source?...
  2. Umm... What?! Or its beacause they are weaker as they are older the same way getting a flu as an 80 year old is known to be bad compared to a 20 year old.
  3. The vaccine reduces the risk of you getting covid and passing it on, you could pass it on to someone who has a real medical reason not to take the vaccine, it's up to everyone who can to protect the vulnerable which inclide pregnant women who can't have the vaccine not just the ones about to drop off the pearch.
  4. Horsham developments is where you want to go
  5. Today I went car shopping and spent a bit more than I was meant to if I wanted to keep my zed so here it is for sale, it a 2003 auto import, it shows 119k on the clock but I think it's actually less than this as uk clocks were swapped into it when it arrived in UK, it drives too well for 119k anyway I bought it in May relatively stock then I started putting my parts on the car. The mods are: Motordyne plenum spacer Jwt intake Jwt sump spacer Catch can Mishimoto radiator Oil cooler Trans cooler Power steering cooler Works bell paddle shifter Remap? Torqen h
  6. Did the Hitachi sensor sort this?
  7. Nice car mate, can't beat an import
  8. Nice car, did you go auto in the end, its a surprisingly good box isn't it?
  9. If I ever went to Japan I have to leave the credit card at home!
  10. Glws that is a good investment for someone prices are only going one way
  11. Was the coil pack also unbranded? Mine is jdm and I run uk parts on it with no problem. I'd try hitachi cam sensors then see if you have an issue
  12. What brand sensor did you fit? I hear they can be a bit sensitive
  13. I'd think the main stealer are the only ones who will touch the wheels and only as they have to, they will also damage them of course. I can't see any regular tyre shop willing to touch them, if they get damaged they can't just send them round the corner to their mats Daves shop to be repaired.
  14. Ceramic suds is not a foamy wash, there is an autobrite video on ceramic shampoos, which is probably the same as the car chem version, with regards to snow foam, thick foam doesn't really do that much, it foamed up as I'd expect on my car, shifted a bit of dirt, about the same level as polar blast does. I am happy with the results I got rained overnight and had some good beading for a quick wash
  15. Im liking the stuff so far, using it on my truck, ceramic suds is bizarre, really grabby which I don't like but immediately gets water sheeting from the car, I then used the waterless lotus, there was still a film of dirty on the bodywork so used the lotus and its come up gleaming, the z will get a bit more attention, still dk t trust waterless washed on a car that I care about the bodywork.
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