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  1. If they are still going yes please!
  2. There is a demand for it, we had our combine cleaned this year, took him a week, it's worth looking after tractors etc, our big tractor was a cheap one and it was over 80k to buy
  3. I'm the same, I've had nearly all the great 90s jap cars and still my s14 has not been beaten in my mind and heart!
  4. I'm getting married next year and she knows there will be no wedding if she asks me to sell my car!
  5. Good results, I think by hand is best, you have more control and can easily see what's happening and can get into the corners without worrying about paint
  6. I used this kit in past: Mookis DIY Vehicle Headlight Restoration Kit Heavy Duty Drill Based, Headlight Restore with UV Protection (Headlight Restoration Kit) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GYQT7CS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6czqEbEBRA3CV Its cheap which is nice but comes with some uv protection stuff that goes on like a ceramic coat, wrong time of year for it at moment as any moisture near it and it messes it up, has to remain dry for 12 or 24 hours. The sand paper can be a bit delicate but it works
  7. How does it drive now as remaps, especially na ones, are more than numbers, even though they are good ones!
  8. You will not regret that decision
  9. Does the deal set or is it Always gloopy, for want of a better word. If gloopy when the car sits it will settle at bottom and throw wheels out of balance. I always think sealants are good in certain emergencies but would get the tyre sorted soon after using one. I prefer using a plug kit
  10. I'm about to pull the trigger on those, good coilovers and dw have good service. Good to see you on here Doc thought there would be more sxoc people knocking around
  11. Clubsport is a good seat, for fast road toy I wouldn't hesitate in buying one but if you want if for track days I would be a bit cautious. My seat is a corbeau Pro series kevlar in xl and love it, I've had it in a few cars and in most cases is more comfortable than stock
  12. I would give Jez at Horsham developments a message, he will know all!
  13. I've had them on cars in the past and loved them, it all comes down to how you drive. I was finding on track I didn't like the pedal travel so these things shorten that and tighten it all up, means getting your foot to the brake pedal is a bit quicker. Basically helps set the car up how you want it. On some cars around town its made them jerkey to drive due to how they work, but you don't really need them around town!
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