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  1. Can't help but I used to have one on my old auto v35 and the z33 and they are well worth getting!
  2. The new owner is on the vq skyline Facebook group!
  3. Colin, was lovely to meet you and thank you very much was super appreciated and a reminder of why forums are good!
  4. I have thus jwt set up I just removed from my 370 as my slave went so went back to dual mass flywheel, you are welcome to it all for £100 as everyone has been so generous to me recently on the forum, happy to meet around Silverstone area.
  5. Since fitting my high flow cats my cobra system is a bit too loud for track which is a shame as it sounds glorious so looking for a stock or ideally Nismo exhaust, happy to do a deal with my cobra system!
  6. I'd also pack a spare coil pack or two, if you haven't recently replaced them some cam and crank sensors electronic failure can be a real pita
  7. Horsham developments is where you want to go
  8. Today I went car shopping and spent a bit more than I was meant to if I wanted to keep my zed so here it is for sale, it a 2003 auto import, it shows 119k on the clock but I think it's actually less than this as uk clocks were swapped into it when it arrived in UK, it drives too well for 119k anyway I bought it in May relatively stock then I started putting my parts on the car. The mods are: Motordyne plenum spacer Jwt intake Jwt sump spacer Catch can Mishimoto radiator Oil cooler Trans cooler Power steering cooler Works bell paddle shifter Remap? Torqen hfc Milltek y pipe Isr single exit Dba discs Brembo hp2000 front pads Braided lines Motul rbf600 Hsd monopro coilovers Gktech lockout bolts Driftworks camber arm Whiteline front and rear arbs Gktech toe arm D1 spec throttle controller Blitz brain Pioneer double din Carbon mines style front lip Carbon nismo style spats 370z wheels with 275 35 19, 255 40 19 Eagle f1 supersports 25mm front spacer Recently fitted hitachi cam sensors New spark plugs not fitted New Hitachi crank sensor not fitted Just had oil change Samco coolant hoses Boot divider UK clocks Tarmac sportz undertray As you can see its had some money thrown at it all it really needs now is an alignment and a remap to get the most out of it. Yes it is an auto but the works bell paddle shifters really make it fun to drive apparently the gearbox can shift faster than a human and I belive it. One of the best bits of it being an auto aside from the power folding mirrors is the complete lack of any bad rust, yes there is some light surface rust underneath here and there but nothing to even get remotely worried about, arches are stupidly clean. Bad points few marks on bodywork here and there as to be expected with the age of the car, seat switches don't work that well, exhaust may have a slight blow. I'm afraid I'm firm on the price at £5.5k as I'm sure you know some of the parts are not cheap, the wheels and tyres alone owe me around £1200!
  9. Did the Hitachi sensor sort this?
  10. Nice car mate, can't beat an import
  11. Nice car, did you go auto in the end, its a surprisingly good box isn't it?
  12. If I ever went to Japan I have to leave the credit card at home!
  13. Glws that is a good investment for someone prices are only going one way
  14. Was the coil pack also unbranded? Mine is jdm and I run uk parts on it with no problem. I'd try hitachi cam sensors then see if you have an issue
  15. What brand sensor did you fit? I hear they can be a bit sensitive
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