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  1. Why doesn't anyone actually do any research on that statement. The tories voted down a blanket public services pay rise, so everyone who works for councils, NHS etc, does every council worker you meet deserve a pay rise, no they don't. Not long after this the tories gave the nurses a 10% pay rise
  2. Just because somewhere is closed doesn't mean they don't have expenses still
  3. Always gotta be careful with ECP, they are the dfs of the car world with their sales, if you need delivery carparts4less are same company but a bit cheaper
  4. Us mere mortals who can't get a trade card have to pay more
  5. They are called speed clips no idea on sizes though I'm afraid
  6. Yep a quick rebed could sort you out, drilled and grooved are a bit pointless as pads don't generate the gasses they used to (even though I have grooved). Anything midrange will sort you out, blue print and up. With braking it's the pads that do the bulk of the work so that's where you should spend your money when replacing pads and brakes.
  7. Eddie_r32

    Hi low z

    2nd season has been on for a while, they release on Facebook first then YouTube
  8. We just got 30kg of flour delivered yesterday, insert smug face. Apparently the shortage of flour is due to the building trade stopping, bulk lorries delivered sand to merchants then on back load took wheat to Mills but the haulage companies are not willing to run empty loads as they lose money.
  9. Tim Shaw came up with this idea years ago and patented it iirc, he made bulbs which had sensors in them that flashed, I remember them being advertised years ago but no idea if still available
  10. I'm a farmer so not really noticed what's going on outside of the postcode, just lots more people walking along our footpaths, I think when drilling is done it may start to sink in. Feel sorry for people stuck in small houses and flats without a garden as I can go for nice long walks with the dogs no problem at all
  11. Why can't we just tax having more than 2 kids? There is so much misinformation going around. The farmer bashing annoys me, as I am one. We produce carbon but we also use a shed load of carbon. Also we produce food, the stuff that keeps you alive, UK agriculture also can only feed around 50% of the population, get rid animals and that will drop again. I can feel a rant coming on so I shall stop there!
  12. As its an auto it will have an lsd, the. Ukage probably still reads in km so the seller has done the conversion but all mots will read the odomoter so you will be fine there. Doesn't look like you have brembos but it's it a tricky or excessively expensive swap.
  13. I would call Horsham up and have a chat, he's not in the business of ripping people off or selling them something that's not right, I've known Jez for 17 years and there are not many people you can trust more than him
  14. It is all to do with the NI thing, it was registered in N and there is sea between us and NI. The same would be done for Jersey or Isle of Man





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