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  1. If you know Jez you know he won't sell anything just to get money. Our cars are getting on now and earth points and leads are getting on a bit, no harm in spending a few quid to make sure everything is right. I tend to earth the block, throttle body and alternator. You probably get more gains from re grounding everything than a £140 induction kit
  2. Try re bedding them in, more often it's pad deposits rather than warping
  3. Just put oil in till the dipstick says its full, depending how its mounted depends if it will drain out when you drain the sump
  4. The sidewall is why I went for them over the mp4s, I like a stiff sidewall, that's basically what the choice comes down to according to most reviews, do you like a stiff sidewall or a weaker one...
  5. I'm on about 600 miles now, 250 off those is on track, for the last ten years or so I have always run semi slicks, either ad08r, r888/r or 595rsr, the f1s have nearly the same grip levels of a good semi slick in dry and when it rains they have an insane amount of grip
  6. I have the supersports and love them, the decision apparently comes down to how stiff you like your sidewalls, I like a stiff sidewall so went for the supersports, if you want a more comfortable tyre go for the mp4s, you won't be dissaponted with either
  7. I have the kit from cs2000 looks daunting but really is not that bad, I use a Bluetooth remote from amazon to skip, pause etc etc
  8. Will get them done by 2pm at latest mate
  9. Yep how many you need?
  10. Also worth putting some grease around the base of hose as that can help seal it up
  11. I've become a fan of madcow products some are good some are OK but what they are is good value for money, every month they do a box with pretty much everything you need to clean a car for about 30 quid, it's a good way to start to build up an arsenal of cleaning gear
  12. I have an airbox and not that far from horsham buuuuttttttt, if its only temporary Jez may have one also you want to map it with the set up you will keep so if you want the cone filter make that work for you
  13. I have just put supersports on and I am seriously impressed with them, my last track day at Blyton with caria Le conditions the car just gripped, I was pushing hard for 20 minute sessions and grip levels stayed the same
  14. I have the f1 supersports, highly recommend





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