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  1. Im on way home from it, really is an awesome show only 43 supras on show
  2. I had them on my old rx8, cooling was awful, went back to stock fans.
  3. Yea but he ignored you and listened to me
  4. I use a blitz BRAIN, bit expensive but works well and givs me lots of data and cool graphs, it's also jdm so that makes it doubly cool on my jdm 350gt
  5. Just an idea but what if the eml was caused by low voltage somewhere, have you checked your battery or tried to jump/charge the car? Also check battery terminals
  6. I had that feeling with my last car so bought a 350gt, so nice to be in the 20s for mpg, it's all about perspective
  7. I don't know what chassis and cooling mods you have but I would start with brakes, suspension, cooling and bushings as 400bhp will quickly find the limits of stock! I've done power first before and its a great way to hate and resent a car.
  8. Hi Alex, you will be hearing from me soon, I need stuff!
  9. Thanks for having me, I recently bought a 350gt (as an ex r32 owner I refuse to call it a skyline). Had a full bridge port rx8 for about 4 years and thought it was time to move on to something with torque. The car does need some tweeks, suspension arms and lots of the normal stuff but looks like all the info I need is here! One thing I need to admit is it is an auto and I like it, that's mainly down to the works bell paddle kit the car has on it



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