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  1. Yea they are not cheap, especially as there is not much to it, but what is there is really nicely made
  2. Quick Google bought this up: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WORKSBELL-CARBON-PADDLE-COLUMN-SHIFTER-KIT-FOR-NISSAN-350Z-G35-AT-STEERING-WHEEL-/291998055935?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 So looks like they are still about
  3. It looks like the night pager is if you remove a wheel that has paddle shifters integrated into it. I have the works bell kit and love it, I never have the car in full auto anymore. £345 sounds expensive but I'd say its worth it
  4. Basic fuel will prob all be the same but different companies add different additives so chances are esso will be better than tesco
  5. I have an HKS sld on my v35 parts car if you are interested?
  6. Just in time, headunit arrived yesterday, harnesses will be here Tuesday, I'm like you and struggle with some online guides this makes it a lot simpler to decifer, cheers!
  7. I had a track specced bridgeported rx8 that on track was amazing, far more capable than the 350z buuuuut fuel economy was awful cooling was bad no matter what I did and just general maintanace was a bit much. The 350 is not as agile or as quick but I just drove to nur getting 30mpg on journey out, cooling temps never went over 99 (I have a bigger rad) and was still good on track, I wouldn't go back to an 8 now
  8. Have you replaced the rear lower shock bushing as the oem ones can weld themselves to the bolt which is always a fun time
  9. Absolutely nothing, Jez is one of the best
  10. Is your mirrors switch on door card set to open?
  11. Is your mirrors switch on door card set to open?
  12. Mine was doing the same after my mot and pressing that sorted it, I will have a play around and see if its a specific sequence the buttons need to be in
  13. Mine has a button by my right knee that i press to turn that in
  14. I'm a bit jealous, my s14 is my favourite car I have owned, only sold it as I got into skylines, really regret selling it now
  15. Could be a reaction, always best to use same brand primer, colour and clear just in case





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