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  1. Morning all, I've been quoted for a replacement bonnet for my 2005 350z but its located nowhere near me and delivery is not possible as these items can get damaged easily. Is there anyone in the Hereford/Wed Midlands/Wales area that sells these? It would be a tad closer and then I can collect.
  2. Hello everyone, got an advisory on my MOT today and I need some new brake discs as mine are pitted. I do almost no mileage on my car now as she is getting on so I don't need super high performance. Hints and tips greatly appreciated!!
  3. Morning all, I live down a nasty potholed country lane and PKAT has not long had new wheel bearings and a new exhaust this year, so I want to put her away for the winter apart from the odd dry day. I don't have a suitable garage or car port, so will need to get a cover. I've heard that covers can make things worse as there is no breathability so she will sweat? Is that a thing? Looking for recommendations. I thought about a wooden floor to drive her onto then a canvas cover and finally a waterproof one . Any ideas folks?
  4. Tyre time again - I have RE050 Potenzas on all four paws. Time for a new rear pair and wondering about a change... Can I mix manufacturers?
  5. I understand Andy. Its a long way to go so I'll say no at this time
  6. PKAT

    Oil sump needed

    Hi folks anyone know where I can get a replacement oil sump which isn't going to break the bank? Lin
  7. PKAT

    new exhaust needed

    well i'm back home in plenty of time with a shiny new Miltek exhaust from Tarmac Sportz. Fitted, supplied with coffee, even put replacement gas posts on my boot and did the penny hatch trick for me. Totally brilliant.
  8. Buster these are the rims I was telling you about this morning...
  9. PKAT

    new exhaust needed

    Thanks guys, I’m confused with the choice already! I don’t need the back (from the cat back I think but sounds like you recommend a complete replacement?
  10. Thanks Andy, they look nice but that’s a big mark!! lin
  11. Mine has never cleared the latch. Always had to press the boot latch twice to get it to open!
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