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  1. I'm all for the development. Sure, he's a slippery character but some of the opposing residents were total fools. Oh and as for who plays golf...... Trumps course here has waiting lists for tee times at £200 a round. So the answer to that would be lots of people.
  2. I've always gone on about the 370Z Nismo and seeing them in the flesh in the US confirmed my opinion. It is BADASS! Red would be my colour of choice.
  3. My mum says I'm the handsomest boy in my class!
  4. Get a pm sent with the details, I've been a guitarist for two weeks (mid life crisis) so I'm taking an interest in guitars right now!
  5. Thanks for the wishes. I'm old now - hence the Volvo in my avatar! Was in London for the weekend with my wife and some of our friends, had a ball! Back to the real world now though!
  6. Really sorry to hear this. Keith was a great, enthusiastic member that enjoyed his zed to the fullest by attending meets and having a laugh on the club forum. Very sad news, you'll be missed.
  7. Fizzy stuff in the morning, tiger beer in the afternoon and evening.
  8. Online vendors will value it and market it for you however a lot of plates they put up are too expensive and don't sell. It's difficult to value them as how many people want a plate that looks like Nismo bu not quite....
  9. My 'shed' is a 170. Haven't had it long enough to comment really though! Filled it up 300 miles ago and still have over half a tank though.....
  10. I still want a Shiba Inu. Love them! I also really like Golden Retrievers. My wife really wants a Chow Chow but looks like too much fluff for me! Or a french Bulldog! A few of my friends have Pugs. They seem quite cool but they aren't for me! I don't think any of them (4 in total) have had any issues with them at all but have all come from good breeders. Ians looks an absolute cracker!
  11. My deposit is in place, I need to speak to you after Christmas Soon I keep looking after seeing a comment on FB......
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